The Other RD Goes Podcasting!

Raging_Demons here kiddies.

For awhile I've been wanting to do something to extend my presence in the Pro Wrestling write-o-sphere (if it is a word) for awhile now. Didn't want to go to YouTube because it has been proven that any dumbass can do that. What do you think all the hate was towards me Internet wise? It was mostly coming from them and other people who "Shoot" on Pro Wrestling if you will with zero, count them ZERO experience.

So after hearing time after time again from "some fat guy" (Hint: "You Want A Podcast...") saying over and over again *in a whiny voice* "well anybody can do a podcast" I figure I'll prove that guy wrong.

The Podcast will cover Pro Wrestling & Pop Culture news & I'll report on the 5 stories that I think should be important with a little opinion from yours truly from time to time.

Couple of Key Points:

1. It won't be "SIX FUCKING HOURS!!!" Only 30-45 minutes. Just short enough to take it on the go.

2. I've just beat Blade to posting his own show when he's been saying forever when his show will be up. How evil is that?!?

It's called...THE RD EXPERIMENT!

iTunes Feed for the Podcast.

Podbean Feed for the Podcast. (RSS)

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