WCR Video: Interactive: Desperately Geeking Virgil

On Wrestlecrap Radio episode #162 (in 2009), RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton watched a rather bizarre interview with Ted Dibiase's former man-servant, Virgil, at some random comic convention. Here, it seemed that the "self-proclaimed wrestling superstar" was a little too excited at the fact that a female (or an actual person, for that matter) actually showed up within 10 feet of his usually "lonely" gimmick table and looked to want a little (to make another "Madonna" reference:) "Hanky Panky" with his interviewers...but he ends up looking more like a certain "Little River Band" song (that can be heard on The Mike Check Show today).

And speaking of "perverts"; Sir Alec Heineken then calls in, after the Interactive segment ended, to read the bizarre YouTube comments.

(Video Title: "WCR Commentary Season 2, Episode 10: Desperately Geeking Virgil" by FSin WCR)

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