WCR Video: Interactive: Barnaby Jones

On the #121st episode of Wrestlecrap Radio in 2008, one of the 12 listeners sent in a "Question of the Week" that asked "Who would win in a fight between Buddy Ebsen vs Jed Clampett?"...I don't think that either RD Reynolds nor Blade Braxton actually gave an answer to the question? However, it did prompt them to do another "Interactive" segment and watch the opening to Buddy Ebsen's 1970's television detective series "Barnaby Jones".

(Video Title: "WCR Commentary Season 1, Episode 2: Barnaby Jones" by FSinWCR)

And also be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives! And you can hear the "Barnaby Jones" theme by Jerry Goldsmith in full today over on The Mike Check Show!

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