WCR Top 10 List: 10 Further Ideas That WWE Could Borrow From Stone Cold For Becky Lynch

by R.V.M Kai

Since WCR Videos will no longer be a regular feature on wrestlecrapradio.com, I've tried to think of something new to do on on this here website. Now recently, my fellow WCR co-historian, Raging_Demons and I have shocked the world by actually discussing wrestling on Twitter (RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton would be disappointed in us) and we have been in a disagreement over WWE superstar's Becky Lynch's so-called "Stone Cold" persona.

He is not a fan of it since he doesn't enjoy the fact that her look, attitude, etc, is a blatant plagiarism of a certain angry redneck...

...no, not him. I'm referring to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (and even the above's doppelganger agrees).

Actually, if anything I think that Becky takes more after Mrs Brown from BBC comedy "Mrs Brown's Boys"

I mean, they're both Irish, both head-stong, foul mouthed, and are both "The Man"...well you can take that literally in Mrs Brown's case...? Well anyway, speaking of "The Man". My colleague also dislikes that "The Man" moniker seems to be disrespectful to Ric Flair as it is taken directly from his "To be the man, you gotta beat the man" catchphrase. I would agree...kind of...but I would argue that wrestlers copying other wrestlers has been happening for years. Case in point, where do you think the idea for Ric Flair's bleach-blonde hair, figure-four finisher, and "Nature Boy" moniker all came from...hmmm..."The Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers perhaps?

And also, Ric has said it himself that his "Wooo!" was taken from Jerry Lee Lewis. So, let's face it, plagiarism in pro-wrestling has been happening for years. I mean, his daughter Charlotte has taken some of her father's traits...

While Ronda Rousey, who with the Kilt and white top with "Rowdy" written on it, looks like a Roddy Piper cos-player (...I wonder if we should contact her for some Halloween Tips this year?)

I think it was Jim Cornette that said that if you rip-off one guy, it's plagiarism, but if you rip-off multiple guys it's called research. I think he was also the one who taught us the "seven year rule", in that it's okay to copy a previous story-line/gimmick as long as it didn't happen within the last seven years. So where was I? Oh, while I...kinda agree with Raging_Demons, I don't see anything wrong with what Becky Lynch has been doing as of late as long as it's not a 100% carbon copy (like say Jay Lethal's "Black Machismo"), the superstar has the talent to get it over, is entertaining and, to paraphrase Tony Schiavone: can help "put butts in the seats". [Edit: Even Steve Austin thinks "The Man's gimmick is "money"] However, I do agree that Becky's recent interactions with the McMahon family leading into Wrestlemaina 35 does remind me of a "certain feud" between a rebellious wrestler against a certain evil boss. A story-line that I stress has now been done to death at this point!!!

So, getting to the point of this whole post; it has inspired me to come up with this Top 10 list of further ideas that the WWE (un)creative team will steal from Stone Cold Steve Austin and/or his feud with Vince McMahon when it comes to Becky Lynch (and yes...in doing this I am in fact ripping off David Letterman...oh, and also from this little book of lists that you should check out, won't you.):

10. Becky comes out with a new look; shaves her head and wears a false goatee.

9. Becky steals the WWE RAW Women's title and throws it off a bridge.

8. Becky destroys Triple H and Stephanie's bus by filling it with cement.

7. Becky takes Vince McMahon hostage by threatening him with a toy shillelagh (because she's Irish, ya know), which then causes him to piss his pants.

6. Becky saves Aurora Rose Levesque (Trips and Steph's first daughter) from being sacrificed by The Undertaker.

5. Becky wears a knee brace...wait, she's already done that?...okay...two knee braces.

4. WWE creates the "Queen Of The Ring" tournament, Becky wins it and later debuts her new "Becky 3:16" catchphrase.

3. Becky drives a beer truck to the ring and sprays the McMahon family with a hose full of Guinness.

2. Becky dances an Irish Jig...okay that's nothing to do with Steve Austin, but I'm sure the WWE (un)creative team or Vince himself will eventually write her into a "Suffering Succotash" moment and ruin her whole momentum. (But she already did that in NXT and still got cheered, so...???)

And the Number 1 further idea that WWE could steal from Stone Cold for Becky Lynch is:

1. ...What?!

(*Phone Rings*)

Is that the phone?...(*picks up phone*) Hello, wrestlecrapradio.com, R.V.M Kai Speaking?

"Voice Of Chris Jericho": You stupid idiot! Are you stealing my list gimmick, Kai?!

No, I was just...

"Voice Of Chris Jericho": You know what happens when a stupid idiot like you rips off my gimmick? Do ya? Huh?

Well, I...

"Voice Of Chris Jericho": YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!!

(*phone hangs up*)

Well, to rip-off one Mike Check..."Fascinating"?

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