Minisode #021 Russo Interview, part 2

by iggy

February 24, 2006

Vince Russo speaks to WrestleCrap Radio.

021 Vince Russo Interview Part II: February 24, 2006

Vince Russo Interview Part II
(70 minutes)

Vince Russo interview, part two. We focus on his WCW days this time as well as answer a few questions from the audience.

Minisode #020 Russo Interview, part 1

by iggy

February 17, 2006

Vince Russo speaks to WrestleCrap Radio.

#very long #two parts

020 Vince Russo Interview Part I: February 17, 2006

Vince Russo Interview Part I
(57 minutes)

A new WrestleCrap book is being written and it will be in your hands in about eighteen months.

Vince Russo interview, part one. We focus on Vince's time in the WWF.

019 Boogeyman M.D.: February 3, 2006

Boogeyman M.D.
(26 minutes)

RD has a cold but he will man-up for all twenty-five minutes of show.

Vince Russo will be a WrestleCrap guest in two weeks.

Obscure Wrestling News: The Viking's son is ranked third in the nation among amateur wrestlers. Tatanka-brand multivitamins.

Question of the Week from Dwarf Action (2): Boogeyman should bite more people including the Tranny; perhaps he would turn her back into a woman.

Rey Mysterio Jr won the Royal Rumble, where Goldust and Tatanka came back. He's not going to Wrestlemania however, though Randy Orton is, going up against Kurt Angle. RD remembers when Orton had a bad arm and wore his father's cast.

Seventeen Syllables:
So Edge lost the belt.
He may be Rated R but
his reign gets an F.