WCR Video: RD Reynolds Was Like: Baby. Baby. Baby. Oh. Oh.

In light of Justin Bieber's recent embarrassing run-ins with the law, WCR Videos would like to interrupt our "Wrestlecrap vs Demento" series to bring you RD Reynolds' embarrassment of being forced to sing the chorus to Da Bieb's "Baby" (among the other stuff that the fellow crappers forced RD to say...& thanks to wrestlecrapradio.com's own raging_demons for this particular one) on the "I've got something to say" edition of Wrestlecrap Radio back in 2011 (episode #197).

(Video by Lannyspermjuice)

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WCR Video: Angry Jim's True Debut

Start the New Year with the very first "true" appearance of Blade Braxton's Jim Ross impression (before he was "Angry") on Wrestlecrap Radio episode #94 (02/22/08):

(Video by ljh7557)

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Vote for the 2013 Gooker...if you want to (live)

Once again our sister site WrestleCrap is opening up voting for the worst in wrestling of the last year, all in the name of a really aweful (fowl?) Thanksgiving related wrestling 'gimmick' - the Gobbeldy Gooker.

You have until the end of the week (January 17) to decide which of these is truly deserving of the dishonor of the worst of the worst to grace the wrestling world of 2013.

And the 'nominees' are:

  • Miz...again: Sigh. Haven't we had enough of him already? No offense to the man, he's just doing what Vince tells him to do. That just about says it all right there.
  • Heel Dixie Carter: Just because Vince makes a great heel does NOT mean every wrestling promotion head in the world has to follow him. (For example, see above.) And they definitely should not even attempt to do so if they'll just make more of an ass of themselves than before...Sugah.
  • Total Divas: A show so bad that Raging Demons couldn't even bring himself to review the last episode, and I for one don't blame him. You know something is bad when it makes you long for the days of the Diva Search. Hell, even a Divas match. Yes, including the PPV ones. Definitely a strong contender for the 'title'.
  • Yodeling Antonio Cesaro: Eh...I don't know. It's an annoying gimmick sure. But then again, I've seen worse. (Again, see above. And above. And above that.)
  • Santino's Snake Charming: Again, see above. (See what I did there?) Both are highly talented professionals saddled with some bad stuff who really deserve better, and yes the Cobra having a mind of its own like that is somewhat embarrassing to look at. Though it could be worse; it could have been made to jump on a cheerleader mannequin in a coffin in an attempt to have sex with it.
  • CM Punk borrows Paul Bearer's Ashes for some reason: A fine example of a wasted opportunity. Even without Punk and Undertaker in the buildup to a damn fine match at WM, the whole thing felt...shoddy at best. Especially with him coming off his whole reality-unreality thing to turn heel and all. It all just seemed silly, even more so than it being 'offensive'. Still it was pretty bad, no complaints there.
  • Brooke Hogan in TNA: 'Nuff said.

Once again, voting lasts to the 17th and our champ will be inducted at the end of the month. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???