258 Apter Crap: January 14, 2016

Pictured: RD Reynolds & Bill Apter (Note: Not holding his new book)
54 minutes

RD & Blade fondly remember John Thomas/Harry Simon. (:00 - :04)

They then get straight to interviewing legendary wrestling icon Eddie Elner Bill Apter. He has a new book out you see.

Some highlights of the conversation:

  • Many people at Pro Wrestling Illustrated were in fact real folks and not someone with a badpun pseudonym. Sadly he had yet to 'meet' Liz Hunter in person or remember Rita M. Budda.
  • While working in the WWE the idea of a physical Hall of Fame was brought up. Blade still wants to loan his Katie Vick outfit to it.
  • When he talks with Jerry Lawler he always has to do a bad Stubby impression. He demonstrates it to the progrem's 15 Listeners.
  • He still didn't know why Haku didn't come with crown as illustrated. At least he's not scared of Harley Race who he considers a good man when they were on the road.
  • He HATES the term "Apter Mag" as it discounts all the other good men and women he worked with back in the publishing office.
  • He relates his entry and first few days in Stanley Wesson.
  • He and Paul Heyman (when he was still a wrestling photographer with them) would often get into arguments about their work. According to Bill Paul got bald thanks to the intense wrestling lights.
  • He really wanted to interview Antonio Rocco but he sadly never got the chance to.
  • RD teases Bill's book by mentioning his (Bill's) penis.
  • Larry Holmes once told him: "I didn't know you could make a kid with a stick."
  • His favorite cereal is Cheerios thanks to The Lone Ranger.
  • He discusses more about apartment wrestling than anyone should healthily talk about it.
  • He was once a carnival barker. Shilling ensues.  

Then he pulls a Commander Shepard and goes.

$28.50 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right

[Side Note: One of the Wrestlecrapradio.com crew met Bill Apter a long time ago. When I was writing for another website I went to one of these conventions Bill Apter mentioned. Ran into my buddy Christy Hemme. Also that's where I met Wrestlecrap Radio's favorite Becky, Becky Bayless (Cookie in TNA) and started my hatred for ODB. I ran into Bill Apter by accident. We talked for a bit and he was exactly like the interview. Apter asked for a business card which sadly at the time I was stupid enough to bring. Aw the potential that could had been done there. --Raging_Demons]

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WCR Video: Blade and Stubby at the WrestleCrap Roast (Alternate Take)

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One video that you can download from the archives is The 2010 WrestleCrap Radio Roast (originally only available on DVD). As a preview, here's an unused alternate angle clip where you can now see the view of 'Stubby The Hobo Dummy' roasting the Co-Fruitcakes with Blade's hand up his posterior (he must have been searching for some hidden contraband perhaps?):

(Video by Blade Braxton)

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You Can't Stop The Gooker, The Gooker Lives On!

A little Tenacious D to stomach what's about to happen.

Raging_Demons here and once again kiddies we here at WrestlecrapRadio DOT Com as we take a look at the only award that most places recognize as the "WORST" In Pro Wrestling today as the 2015 Gooker Award Nominations are out today.

2015 was...was...Basically horrific in train wreck epic proportions. There wasn't particularly a lot of good that happened that year (I'm looking at you New Day). Instead it was piles upon piles of utter pile of monkey-flinging poo that I rather go hide out in my cave than watch any of it. In fact I literally did that in 2015. Everything pro wrestling wise in short of a Joey Ryan Penis Slam turned me off as a fan & unlike Road Dogg who thinks I'll be back to WWE one day just shows how at times pro wrestling promotions are SO out of touch.

How bad was 2015? Well lets take a look at the nominations and hear the opinions from us over here at WrestlecrapRadio.com

The Nominations are....

1. The Divas Revolution: In 2015 WWE's farm system NXT were at times even better than WWE. While WWE went off to do "sports entertainment" NXT did what some fans actually wanted. A little concept called...PRO WRESTLING! NXT had legit women wrestlers, an occasional Un-Diva that was from Ric Flair's loins (Charlotte), & Snoop Dogg's cousin (Sasha Banks) to do things and wonder that WWE could never do with its craptasitc roster of Divas like The Bella Twins & Alicia Fox. Seriously if you type in "Alicia Fox Botch" on YouTube there's a couple of pages of her botching all over the place. So what did WWE do? Well they left them alone to continue to build the NXT Brand of course. KIDDING! KIDDING! WWE exploited the hell of the NXT Divas and brought then to the RAW/Smackdown roster. Next thing you know the NXT Divas were regulated to mini-factions, given the usual dumbass storylines, and most of them were buried to Super-Whore herself Nikki Bella. Mick Foley tried to spread the gospel of The Divas Revolution on Social Media and that failed. If Mankind himself couldn't do it then YEESH!

[In a rather unexpected coincidence, this comes around the news of Linda McMahon creating a new company for..."promoting leadership opportunities for women." 

No, really. I can't make this stuff up if I tried. 

I know what their first teachable lesson would be to the fine ladies: don't work for WWE. - PB]

2. Roman Reigns in 2015: And you thought John Cena was too cartoonish. 2015 saw WWE literally AND figuratively cram Roman Reigns down our throats so we like him. A little observation here but when you try to force people how to think and act most of the people do not like that. Reigns wins Royal Rumble (BOO!), Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson tries to get people to cheer for Reigns (BOO!), Reigns versus Brock Lesnar (KILL HIM BROCK!), and it just goes on and on and on. WWE even had Reigns basically quoting Looney Toons quotes while Bray Wyatt basically said "Anyone but you". It had to take an act of Vincent Kennedy McMahon to actually make him not loved or even liked but more like apathetic towards him. Oh yeah and "Tater Tots".

3. Throw Mickie James from The Train: Unfortunately this doesn't have Danny DeVito or Billy Crystal in this one. We here at WrestlecrapRadio.com have kept track for over a decade of Blade's obsession to do UNGODLY things to Mickie James. Hell the Co-Fruitcakes made a word up for Mickie's ass (Centaur's Ass or Centaur-licious). So in 2015 when TNA decided to pull off something stupid in having James Storm kill off Mickie James by chucking her in front of a "moving train" it wasn't bad. It was REALLY BAD! It was so bad that TNA had to say that Mickie James was ALIVE after it aired!

[What's funny is that not only did TNA bungle this up while showing it, but James Storm was even called to the police for the angle. I think the bigger crime is that TNA is still "on the air" in the loosest sense of the word. I think that's punishable by the electric chair, no? - PB]

4. Sting's Road to Wrestlemania: It was every wrestling fan's dream from the early days of WWE to the "Monday Night Wars"/"Attitude Era" WWE. After years of anticipation Sting finally debuts in WWE. So WWE decides to give him the epic storyline of WCW versus WWE. Such an epic storyline from 15 years ago! That's almost a generation of fans for Christ Sake! Not only was the storyline bad but Sting's Wrestlemania match was so bad from beginning to end you think Vince Russo scripted the whole thing while drunk and on acid. How bad was it? Over on our sister website "The Mike Check Show" made fun of the entire storyline and Wrestlemania Match.

5. The Rosebush: Take one Adam Rose, who was formerly the life of the party and last year's Gooker Nominee versus a feud with a Bunny so what do you do with him? Well after a heartwarming story from ESPN you give him a mega push right? Or...you give him a very lame TMZ rip-off show that was written by 6th Graders. Take your pick.

6. Jon Stewart Turns Heel: For years Jon Stewart was hated by Politicians, Arby's (*cough* Mickie James *cough*), and FOX News as host of "The Daily Show". Now Jon Stewart has added another bunch of people to hate him, Pro Wrestling Fans. Yes you can all blame Jon Stewart for costing John Cena the match versus Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania but after that...geez! Well at least he had a nice segment with Seth Rollins on his show.

[Now, if WWE had got Stephen Colbert for their show, leading to him taking things over and becoming the new RAW GM  and delivering his own promos in his signature style? License. To. Print. Money. - PB]

7. Mahabali Shera's Dance Party: Take one giant Indian, make him do a dance, make said dance "addictive", and what do you got? The first ever storyline that was ripped off from "The Harlem Shake".

8. The Lana-Ziggler-Rusev Love Triangle of Eternal Torment: With help from Vince McMahon because he thought Rusev "didn't deserve someone as hot as Lana" this love triangle was the result. I mean it's not petty jealousy or anything like say...Lana leaking it out on Social Media that she and Rusev were getting married or whatever Dolph Ziggler did just to piss WWE off that day (I say cutting in line in front of Triple H for Hot Cocoa Day. Gotta get the whipped cream and Marshmallows). A very painful thing to watch especially with the whole "if they did it" deal or not.

9. Authority Kane: Kane getting a job performance review, Kane "leaving" on vacation to become regular Kane, Kane "outwitting" Seth Rollins when the whole point of Rollins in WWE right now is that he's Emo Triple H. I know I like my wrestling rivalries when its like my job. AND SPEAKING OF The Authority!

10. The Authority WILL NOT DIE: Just like "The Metal" The Authority, no matter how much you put it that they need to go away, WILL NOT DIE! Fueled by the prepubescent egos of Triple H (World Heavyweight Title Reigns of Hell anyone) and Stephanie McMahon (like giant ego filled father, like giant ego filled daughter) who wants to have more screen time than anyone in the history of TV; and not even letting the good guys win just ONE thing - it has to be shown that The Authority wins in every way. Entertainment 101 here is if you let The Villain win every single time then no one cares at all. Same for The Hero (and I'm looking at you John Cena AND Roman Reigns). Whether its Triple H's ability to bury Mother Nature and Father Time to Stephy Bear's ability to make everybody on the WWE roster look like crap (yes even the timekeepers). YET thanks to these two they think they are the ratings draw when the honest truth is that they are the opposite.

10 Nominations, HOPEFULLY One Winner. Who do you think was the worst of 2015? Only one way to find out.