WCR Video: Interactive: WCR In Cincinnati

RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton, on episode #133 (2009) of Wrestlecrap Radio, did their brand of commentary on the theme to "WKRP In Cincinnati"...but that's not all! They then also YouTubed the follow up: "The NEW WKRP In Cincinnati" Theme.

(Credits: Opening portion of the video was created by LannysPermJuice. The Interactive portion was created by FSinWCR. Edited and re-uploaded by R.V.M Kai.)

Want more?! You can hear the "WKRP In Cincinnati Main Theme" by Steve Carlisle in full over on The Mike Check Show! And you can also hear Mike going off on a tangent as he retells his story of working the Cincinnati, Ohio market on WEBN: "Spider 103" (from WCR #142), where he failed his stint as a voice actor on the radio version of another 80's sit com: Mr. Belvedere.


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