006 Self-urinating ReCrap: September 30, 2005

Self-urinating ReCrap
((( recorded in medium phone-buzzing fidelity ))) (30 minutes)

Boo Berry: The Fetish Ghost
According to RD's calculations the podcast has 37 listeners.

Blade has dreamed of Boo Berry. Some divas were fired but Ashley Massaro, Blue Paint Girl, and Zorak Girl were signed. Kerwin White now has a caddy. RAW on Spike TV requires a lot of censoring. Blade bought WWE's Ultimate Warrior DVD. The Question of the Week from John Knows Best involves Kennedy's orgasms. Mention of a winter solstice is made.

At Blade's Mercy with the Weekly Haiku:
USA Network
[Line censored by Spike TV.]
Jeff Jarrett's cornhole.

Minisode #005 Some Days are "Smokey and the Bandit" and Some Days are "Stroker Ace"

by iggy

September 23, 2005

Tammy Sytch proffers a riddle in RD's dream

#was visited

005 Raw Homecoming: September 23, 2005

Raw Homecoming
(26 minutes)

Tammy Sytch had a walk-on role in RD's dream, saying, "you know, some days are Smokey and the Bandit, and some days are Stroker Ace." Blade dreams that Demolition came back to Raw.

Burt Reynolds makes it all better. At least, back in the 70's.

RD cannot give away the Dusty Rhodes book. Question of the Week from Lildude: shouldn't Carlito hide foreign objects in his hair like Captain Caveman?

Ken Kennedy's gimmick is to talk loudly. Blade wants to call Ashley Massaro "Gung Ho", after the G.I. Joe character. A new Monday Night War is starting as Spike will put UFC shows on at the same time as Raw on USA. RD likes his violence scripted. Raw's homecoming will have a slew of WWF legends who have never been on Raw. WWF's DVD hatchet job on Ultimate Warrior is being released.

Seventeen Syllables of Your Time:
Oh Mr Helwig.
Forget queering. Pray that your
new disc doesn't work.

Minisode #004 The Biographies of Kane and Katie Vick

by iggy

September 16, 2005

Blade tries to read the biography of Kane
Apter mag memories
RD dreams about "Happy Days"

#the man who portrays Kane #Glen Kane

004 Speaking Of...: September 16, 2005

Speaking Of...
((( recorded in high phone-buzzing fidelity ))) (31 minutes)

RD Junior was born and Blade has bought Kane's fictional biography, Journey Into Darkness. It's 315 pages and Kane becomes a wrestler 250 pages into it. Blade reads about Katie Vick. [Why on earth haven't they inducted that yet? - Future PB] [Welp, only took someone else 15 years. - Future Future PB]

The Apter mag is remembered, including all its numerously strange stories.

Raw is coming back to the USA Network with a never-ending four-hour show. RD dreamed he was an extra on Happy Days. Chris Masters has less talent than Lex Luger.

The Question of the Week from Buh Gawd King involves WWE theme songs. Blade and RD reminisce about when WWF superstars could instantly be recognized as soon as the music hits. Nowadays the WWE theme songs sound similar.

Trish is back but she has been placed next to Ashley Massaro.

Blade Braxton's Weekly Wrestling Haiku:
Trish Stratus is back.
Trish I beg you, please, please, please,
ditch the damn (Ashley).