Minisode #077 Triple Kelly Dozes Off

by iggy

September 28, 2007

Triple Kelly co-co-hosts
Sound effects
Kelly dozes off
A pregnant squirrel chews on Blade's cable.

#jazz #overnight

077 Co-Hosss Cher-Off: September 28, 2007

Co-Hosss Cher-Off
(85 minutes)

SPEAKING OF Gookers...
Co-Host Contest "winner" Kelly is on the line. Smooth Jazz Blade returns once again thanks to some behind the neck microphone for $5.99.

Blade wanted to get a Black Scorpion tattoo. RD will miss his 20th High School Reunion for the Legends show. Marty Jannety called him asking for chicks.

Obscure Wrestling News (:21): Dawn Marie wants to return to WWE. RD can't hear properly. Gangrel is now directing porn, though without Kevin or Ariel. (:29) Sex with Greg Valentine falling down on you. Johnny Fairplay is a better bull-rider than Vanilla Ice. SPEAKING OF Ariel she wants to be the next Elvira. (:39)

Question of the Week (:42): Tom Insley wants Missy Hyatt inflatable dolls. Blade doesn't know who Bob Crane is. More 'fun' with the Diva Search, "The World Series of Bimbos." (:46)

Clocktrolla: 10076 days. (:53)

"Current Wrestling News" is music-less so we instead sing Cher with RD. (:56 - :64)

Smackdown wedding with Tommy Dreamer's hat. Blade didn't watch it so he makes excuses. The love story of Kelly Kelly and Balls Mahoney. Midgets. Wrestlers drugging women. (Midget wrestlers drugging women?)

These Seventeen Syllables:
The contest's over.
I've only got one more syl-
lable to add: (gong).

Minisode #076 Blade's Wal-Mart Clerk

by iggy

September 21, 2007

RD went to Disney World and Epcot
Blade talks wrestling with a Wal-Mart clerk again.
"Sad News" Morton is back in jail.

#horn #swoggle

076 Musical Sad Balls: September 21, 2007

Musical Sad Balls
(89 minutes)

RD and Blade wonder what to do with Vince's new son Hornswaggle.

Blade once put shoe polish in his hair to imitate Hall and Oates.

New temporary sponsor: Come see them at the Dream Reunion Show at Kokomo!

RD's Trip to Disney World II (:15): RD ate at all the world restaurants in Epcot. Blade's Trip to Wal-Mart: A check-out lady is a mark. Blade is highly aroused. (:30)

Obscure Wrestling Sad News (:35): Rickey Morton is in jail once again for failure to pay child support. A rap about Ric Flair by a former Detroit Lion. (:42) Kamala topped his rocking chair song with a song about molestation. (:44) Random music invites for an 'all-ages show' by random idiots on MySpace.

Question of the Week (:55): Asker The Ravishing One gets Rick Rude's theme song. Clocktrolla: 10083 days. (:62) Candice beat the Glamazon.

Abe Lincoln is an avid time-traveller. (:67) Sad Balls. (:70) Raw made Blade hit the bottle because Phoebe Cates got cut. (:69) The Diva Search is so bad now that its contestants all look like girls that are already Divas and it's only available on the Internet. HHH came back and destroyed like Godzilla.

Seventeen Unstoppable, Deadly, and Lethal Syllables:
Unstoppable Trips.
Call him the UnderHunter,
King of Burials.

Minisode #075 Wellness

by iggy

September 5, 2007

RD & Blade watch ECW

#limited #what a show

075 EWC Radio: September 5, 2007

Anonymous Exposé
EWC Radio
(74 minutes)

ECW simulcast. Unlike the last and equally disastrous time RD and Blade tried a simulcast, they at least have the courtesy to warn before hand so you can skip listening this week. It's still terrible though.

The Wellness Policy has removed several wrestlers from WWE rosters. Singing. Jessica Alba drops ice into a man's groin. CM Punk should throw the belt in the trash after he wins it. Art Donovan sound clip. BM Punk calls at the telecast's end.

[Mrs. Deal! Get Forgotten Sin on the line right now, he needs to make an extended commentated video of this! - PB]

Minisode #074 RD's Hardcore Diet

by iggy

August 31, 2007

RD's hardcore diet

#chafed #full of hatred