Minisode #053 Blade As The Penguin

by iggy

February 23, 2007

RD returned to the CompuMart
The Jared Promo
Blade's Trip to the Cardiologist

#trying not to cough #the colonel's

053 Linda Love: February 23, 2007

"Worst promo Ever!"
Linda Love
(67 minutes)

Blade is sick and sounds like The Penguin, as played by Burgess Meredith. He promises to be professional. Then he coughs into the microphone.

RD and Misses RD ate Valentine's dinner at White Castle. (:04)

Co-Host Contest Week 3: Thomas DJ does not like Russians. (:11) Niko Blade (:19) misses an important rule: You must answer the question. (Although Blade does admire his balls.) Current Tally: 2 of 6.

RD's Return Trip to the Comp-U-Mart (:22): Salisbury Steak guy is gone. Instead a man smelled like KFC 'extra stenchy'. Blade and RD cut promos against Jared from Subway, nearly five years after South Park's episode entitled, "Jared Has AIDS." (:28)

Blade's Trip to the Cardiologist (:30): Blade was told to store 24 hours' worth of his urine. Blade's Alien Ham story is the most popular WrestleCrap Radio segment.

Obscure Wrestling News (:35): New Jack has opened a wrestling school. Brooke Hogan is moving to LA to become the "next Paris Hilton," says mother Linda Hogan. Blade has a strange attraction to her. (:37)

Horsetrolla: The tail lifts and out comes a coily paper. (:40) Sad News: Mickie James is no longer WWE Women's Champion. Blade loves Robecca, currently Batista's girl.

Wrestling Dream Analysis (:46): Blade might bang Linda Hogan if he was listening to this segment's background music. Lions make the playoffs and a crippled Jackie Gayda gives Blade a shout-out.

Mail Bag (:53): Do people have sex while listening to the show? Lou for Brou wants RD's opinion on great heels. Benjamin Bergman 'totally' listened to the progrem last week. (:57) Ric Flair would die before he could even think of retiring. [Or perhaps become a zombie and still keep wrestling - Future PB]

Mike Awesome died.

Seventeen Syllables All Grown Up WrestleMania Haiki:
All Grown Up, huh? Michael Jack-
son would not approve.

Minisode #052 Too Ashamed to Watch "RAW"

by iggy

February 9, 2007

The Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl.
100-Calorie Packs
Ratty the Goat asks a question.
Blade was too ashamed to watch RAW.

#melting face #17 thumbs up

052 WSX-Plosion: February 9, 2007

Just 1(00) Calories!
(81 minutes)

What's with Candice Michelle's face? For the second time since October, Blade has power-sawed part of a finger. RD calls him a boxcar hobo. What is on White Castle's special Valentine's menu? (:11)

Co-Host Contest at the One-Stop Trolla Shop Week 2: Chris McGuinness is given a trick question. (:14) Jamie "Elimination Chamber" Retallic is rejected because there's already one half-idiotic co-host. (:25) Tally: 1 for 4.

RD's Trip to the Grocery (:28): 100-calorie packs. Lorna Doones make the only really good ones. Granola bars taste terrible.

Obscure Wrestling News (:36): Bischoff challenged Salt Lake Cityians to an arm wrestling contest, beating the first guy but receiving a radial fracture from the second. MIT now has a wrestling history course and a chapter of The Death of WCW is on the syllabus. (:43)

Wrestling Dream-Rapistry: Grocery Store (:46): The Musical! Dusty Rhodes has a white spot due to his masturbation skills. [That should be his logo whenever he opens a butchery. His motto should remain the same: "You can beat my prices, but you can't beat my meat!"]

Mail Bag (:53): Ratty the Goat thinks WCR episodes should begin with a warning/disclaimer to not try this at home. RD is still old.

Blade missed a heavily 'roided Cena on Raw because he kept turning it off out of embarrassment as soon as a nurse would enter his hospital room. (:58) RD missed a heavily 'roided Cena on Raw because the Misses TiVoed a Lifetime movie instead. (What, no James Bond movie?)

However, they didn't miss the greatest wrestling show in years, WSX. (:64) The Balls of Steel Texas Tornado. That 70s Inhaler Man. Explosions, explosions, explosions.

ECW is the antithesis of WSX. Clayface, or Snitsky, appeared. (Boba Clayfoot?) "Have you ever seen Cookie Puss?" RD wants you to ask your co-workers. (:75)

Seventeen Syllables of Snitsky Goodness:
What could be better?
Snitsky's got a great new look.
Mania main event.

Minisode #051 Salisbury Steak Man

by iggy

February 2, 2007

Trump rains money
RD went to the CompuMart
What is that old man smell?
Colossal Froot Loops

#decay #decayed Salisbury steak

051 Gonged with the Wind: February 2, 2007

Now Get The Perfume!
Gonged with the Wind
(62 minutes)

Fruit Loops are being made 'Colossal'.

RD's Trip to the Comp-U-Mart: A man smelled like Salisbury steak. (:07)

Co-Host Contest Week 1: Emmer Provost believes Asian wrestlers are immune to their own toxic mists. (:17) Alex Ewing does not know who Kona Crush is because he's not as old as RD, who could very well pass for his father. This gets RD mad for some reason. (:24) Tally: 1 for 2 'accepted'.

Obscure Wrestling News: Jerry Lawler will draw a Superman comic for DC Comics' website. (:32)

Dream Analysis returns, with music (:35): Blade had a good time in a grocery store. "Just because I like Ax and Smash don't mean I can't fuck." RD asks Blade if he wants to change positions. RD, Mrs RD, and Trash kidnap Stephanie McMahon, but Blade is hopeless at giving an interpretation.

Mail Bag (:42): Yanato thinks Spirit Squad should come back as DEVOtees.(:47)

Xtreme Xpose can't dance to save their lives. (:49) On Raw, Vince McMahon conversed with a pre-recording of Donald Trump. WSX rules because it's like a drug trip where everyone gets electrocuted.

Seventeen Non-Fish-Smelly Syllables:
Dubya S X.
I'd rather piss on their fence
than watch other Vince.