301 Another Christmas CaRoss: December 22, 2020

"Guilty as charged!"

112 minutes

Blade does not know who Bing Crosby is.

The Co-Christmas-Fruitcakes pondered being on Cameo. Blade made an OnlyFans account with an Only Fan. RD wants him to make burping fetish content. (:05)

Blade was on this very site before recording to check on mentions of his Big Announcement. RD rightfully responds with crickets. (:12)

Blade has a "network of fans" informing him that Christmas Monster cereals are on sale. (:14) RD finally went to Cincinnati to (safely) see the in-laws. On the way back he went to the United Dairy Farmers to try their seasonal pumpkin pie ice cream with crust and whipped cream. He presently tries out Homemade's Santa's Cookies ice cream with sugar cookie chunks and red and green icing. He enjoys it immediately and immensely, putting it as one of his top 5. Blade has trouble hearing. Again.

Jim calls. (:23) He is once again making holiday beats, not BEETS, although maybe they would go well with BBQ sauce. Things go as expected.

Mattel is finally giving Chyna her first action figure. (:30) RD is confused on why they're doing so now, some years after her final HOF induction and many years more after her passing. I'm confused why they're pairing her in some offers with Triple H, and all the confusion that entails in today's world. 

Blade has his own confusion. "They'll put like, a body part -" What he means in his nonsensical way is that some figures have separate extra parts to configure the model like open or closed hand grips or accessories. (For example one time RD sent Blade a James T. Kirk figure with four extra hands for long winded speeches.)  For some reason Chyna comes with Paul Ellering's eyes ventriloquist dummy Rocco. Blade wishes Demolition had their own hand puppet in that feud. RD makes a bawdy joke for once.

RD chatted amicably with good friend Vince Russo the other day. (:38) He also has his first officially licensed action figure. Blade wants to buy an autographed one from his site.

WWE is selling Hogan, Warrior, and Savage hair gel, since they are of course known for the quality of their hair. Are they expecting Ed Leslie to shill them on their behalf?

Piper returns to gush lovingly about Santa. (:44)

Trish Stratus will appear on the GAW video podcast hosted by Mickie James, Victoria, and SoCal Val.

Tam spent her birthday in jail. (:47) Sad News: Someone provided Blade her prison address for some reason. Sadder News: she now has only 8 Only Fans. RD: "We have more listeners than she has fans." Saddest News: Marty Jannety was asking for help to contact "Lady Sunny AKA Sunny". Either he's once again extremely drunk to not know of her state, or he wants advice on how to survive prison.

RD reprinted a whole bunch of bumper stickers to sell on Mike Check's behalf. (:54) He was once in Orem, Utah's 105.3 CUTE "The Ute". He was Oscar "The Big O" Johnson, and together with Danny "Fucking" Kaye they did O-Kaye in the Morning. He plays John Pine's Christmas in Prison as Marty's long distance request for Tam.  

Piper reminds you to put them gifts under that tree.

Jim is called back for some reason. (:61) He continues to ramble sing.

Blade reuses the People's Court theme (AKA The Big One) for their own forum: the Crapper's Court, revisiting old inductions to see if they are still worthy to remain. (:66) Eli Iffert, second on Facebook, brings forth Double J. Blade rambles on for a minute about crossover potential before RD shuts him up by reminding him that such a way did not exist in the 90s. Verdict: Guilty.

Chad Ecto Young, fifth on Facebook (:72): What is RD's favorite Outback Jack memory? It would be when he drank beer with a cow.

What are some action figures yet to be made that the two would want? RD wants Big Josh with bear, Phantasio, and the Ding Dongs. Blade has his Black Scorpion, Midajah and Shakira, and Mr. X. He's still confused by why original Haku did not come with crown and outfit as illustrated.

Jim is called back for some reason. (:85) He continues to have fun by himself. The two make fun of him and thus themselves for not calling up his employees as musical back-ups.

SPEAKING OF things to make fun of, USA is unhappy with WWE's recent rock bottom ratings and how they're being beaten by old reruns, let alone AEW. (:90) The two mock WWE's excuses short of them blaming the seasonal weather. RD would prefer to talk about old games. I don't blame him. He laughs at Blade's Eastern European accent. I don't blame him either.

Piper will always ensure Santy Claus remains as long as he's around.

Due to the rushed schedule and I being unable to send my own in time, RD did not get much gifts in this accursed year. (:96) Jordan did however manage to send him some Herr's chips, some 1989 WWF cards, and some 1991 NFL cards. 

Blade guesses most of them correctly thanks to his Tecmo Bowling experience. RD, damning with faint praise: "That is the most impressive display of intelligence you've ever shown."

The two also got a Hornswoggle Cameo taking them to task for not yet being on the show despite his interest from over 18 months ago. I concur.

Blade hasn't received Jordan's gifts via RD yet. He did receive RD's shirt of Mickie James as Elektra. In return Blade sent him a Tam Rubik's Cube. I hope he sent one to her prison address. She may need something to while away the time; I don't think the folks would help let alone approve her to make erotic content in her cell.

Here we go:
Worst ratings ever.
Network wants adult content.
Vince's ass comeback.

RD: "Thank you for the gift."

$33.00 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right


Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


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  • SPEAKING OFs: 5. Losing your toe in a diabetic accident, things that are horrible that have been drug out of the mothballs, levels, magicians, Christmas. 
  • Dave Meltzer, not talking about: 0.
  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 4. Jim, Mike Check, Jim (2), Jim (3)
  • Mama’s Dishes Broken:  1
  • Blade Time Outs:  12 (2 Real Quick)
  • RD Time Outs:  5 (2 Real Quick)
  • Blade Burps:  1
  • Cricket Chirps:  1
  • Krankor Laughs:  0
  • RJ Fletcher, Yes Man:  1
  • Robot Reindeer Laughs:  4
  • WrestleCrap Gongs:  1
  • Debut: Crapper's Court
    • Case brought by: Eli Iffert
    • Case #001: Crappers v. "Double J" Jeff Jarrett
    • Verdict: Still guilty, induction stands
  • Question of the Week from: Chad “Ecto” Young
    • What is R.D.’s favorite Outback Jack memory? Early 1987 intro vignette. 

  • WrestleCrap 3 Count:  What 3 wrestling figures would you want Santa to put under your tree for Christmas that were never made?
    • RD:  Big Josh, Phantasio, Ding Dongs Tag Team set (non sequentially)
    • Blade:  Mr. X, Scott Steiners Freaks Duo, The Black Scorpion 
  • Blade Braxton’s Weekly Wrestling Haiku: WWE needs to fix their lowest ratings yet:
    Worst ratings ever.
    Network wants adult content.
    Vince's ass comeback.

Episode 55: Chapter 17: The Podcast: December 22, 2020

 32 minutes

The Co-Christmas-Fruitcakes finally listen to me for once and decide to discuss The Mandalorian. I have in fact spoken!

Spoilers abound obviously. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Blade finally decided to listen to reason and watched the whole two seasons so he could catch up with RD, and surprised the two by rediscovering his dormant love of the franchise with it, last seen 15 years ago with Revenge of the Sith. 

While RD liked the show as a whole, he thought every episode was a "video game cut-scene" as Mando and Baby Yoda are sent here and there on fetch quests, which Blade agrees on. Even the inexplicably returned Boba Fett, who was separated from his armor somehow in a sarlacc, found the ability to fully clean and repair it once reunited to look like a cosplayer in the middle of their rescue operation. Blade also agrees. 

RD does like Carl Weathers appearing (and directing) in the show. Blade also agrees. He also likes Michael Biehn appearing in the show. Unfortunately neither likes Sasha Banks appearing in the show. Most wrestlers appearing outside the business do that to Blade though (with the exception of Dwayne Johnson and Dave Bautista since Drax). RD does not personally dislike her, but watching her mishandled in WWE has colored his watching.

RD was hooked ever since the pilot with Mando's bounty mentioning missing Life Day. Blade was hooked with an Ewok movie reference.

Anyway, the season finale with Video Game Luke Skywalker fighting through Iron Man Dark Troopers seemed cartoonish to RD, although he did like it overall. Blade wonders when stormtroopers will finally shoot straight, but he too liked Luke's appearance and his taking over of Baby Yoda, and the post-credits return to Tatooine. RD laughs as his Eastern European prospector accent.

Blade is adamant the sequel trilogy will be Force Retconned by Ahsoka Tano. One has to wait and see.