WCR Video: Wrestlecrap Radio Concert

Here's an animation (created by using goanimate.com) of a promo for Wrestlecrap Radio's own RD and Blade in concert...as also featured on wrestlecrap.com's "It Came From You Tube"

Wrestlecrap Radio Concert (by RVM Kai)

Episode 15: A (One Finger) Salute To Women: May 9, 2013

Get one for Mother's Day!
25 minutes

RD & Blade are saluting women (again) for some reason.

RD wants to (again) reinvent the show to broadcast it to coal miners. I believe Mike Check did that once.

You know Blade is still single because he wants to talk about "feminine" things. (:05)

Blade found some tasty beef jerky at Wal-Mart. (:07) He does not like turkey jerky because "it literally tastes like you're devouring a zombie." You can probably guess what a person would sound like after eating one.

Doritos Taco Bell Doritos are now available. (:09) Blade wanted to try a few, but prematurely ate them before calling. He has mixed feelings about them.

Another damn Divas (reality) show is in the making. (:12) One Diva named Summer Rae "sounded like a douche" according to RD.

Blade wants to auction off something in his freezer because he once again needs the money. (:17)

Mickie James says she's not being used properly by TNA. You don't say. (:20) Blade once again missed a chance to be with her, the poor sap. [Blade could have met her if it didn't take him 2 years to manage to find Raging_Demons' post about it on the forums - RVMKai]
[AND! AND! I met Mickie James a lot quicker than Blade ever did! Mickie James is not a Tim Tebow fan. - Raging_Demons]

Blade is drunk.

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 2. Sweet Baby Ray’s beef jerky, All-American Wrestling


  • RD Time Outs:  1