Minisode #042 Fired by FaxTrolla

by iggy

September 29, 2006

Bears, dogs, old ladies, and babies
Don't give New Jack a 7-Up.
RD already misses Trish.
The smartest man in the wrestling business is Kevin Nash.
Justin Credible was fired by fax machine.
RD gets serious for a moment about Kurt Angle.

#agitated #phlegmy

042 Fired by FaxTrolla: September 29, 2006

Fired by FaxTrolla
(61 minutes)

Blade has a question about Aquaman. RD has a phlegm disorder and is not in a good mood. Lord Alfred is asleep at the job. A new written feature on the site, Rewriting The Book, looks at 'what if?' wrestling scenarios. The Co-Hosts want you to watch Airplane! (:14)

RD's Trip to the Grocery (:15): Babies and animals are on the shrink-wrapped bag that holds your toilet paper even though they don't use it.

Obscure Wrestling News: Larry Zbysko is seeking to sell the rights to his biography for a movie. (:20) Rikishi was arrested by some US Marshals for not appearing in court for a hearing. RD and Trash Losagain will be at a Legends wrestling show in Kokomo. (:24) New Jack got into a fight at a concession stand due to someone mixing his drink. (:27)

Mail Bag (:35): Corey wonders on Russo's coming to TNA. Blade rambles. Bob thinks the Boogeyman should haunt TNA as the Closet Creature. Erik Majorwitz (2) still hasn't received Blade's prize. Blade makes excuses. (:40) M Lawson wants the Co-Hosts to have new nicknames. (:42)

Sad News: Trish was fired. (:43) RD sings and wants Blade to call him MC Scat Cat.

If Kevin Nash is ever hired by WWE again, RD will pronounce him the smartest man in wrestling. [WHELP, took him seven years.] On the other end of the scale, RD is amazed at how TNA makes some really stupid mistakes and is yet still around. (:47)

Kid Kash was fired. Justin Credible was fired via fax machine. (:51) RD suggests that Super Crazy get rid of his fax machine. Kurt Angle failed too many drug tests for the WWE, of all organizations, but TNA has hired him. RD dislikes that. (So I guess the honeymoon is over then?)

Seventeen Syllables of Kurt for you:
Six sides, one Angle.
Dixie forgot a ramp for
Kurt's future wheelchair.

Minisode #041 Good Friends Cereal

by iggy

September 22, 2006

The Boogeyman was released
Good Friends cereal
The original Repo Man
Vince Russo is back.

#enjoy #twigs

041 Release The Boogeyman!: September 22, 2006

Boogeyman Released
(54 minutes)

Sad News: Boogeyman fired.

Have your friends over for breakfast.
Blade's Trip to the Grocery (:09): Good Friends cereal sucks. Blade eats granola, flakes, and twigs in "fun dildo shapes the kids will enjoy."

Obscure Wrestling News (:17): RVD's comic book store closed. Kamala will sing at an event. WWE is suing rapper The Game for supposedly infringing on Sean Michael's name. Blade is reminded of porn star Sean Michaels, of Sean Bond fame. That is, if he can escape from his pit that is affecting his audio quality.
Mail Bag (:26): OT (2) questions technicalities. Aaron informs us that John Thomas and BM Punk now have Myspace pages too. (:30) "Maybe RD Reynolds wouldn't" let Iron Sheik humble him in the old country way. RD and Trash Losagain once met a drunk off his ass Sheik at WrestleMania VIII. Repo Man Barry Darsow was not the first wrestling repo man, according to Hobo Diablo. (:34)

WWE hired Brad Armstrong, among other old guys. (:36) Too Cold Scorpio has a big penis, "big and round as a dinner plate." (:39) will not update in October so that Blade and RD can write more of the book. Blade hits the bottle out of happiness because Vince Russo is coming to TNA, which may be going head to head against Raw. (:47)

Seventeen Syllable Tribute to Our Good, Our Now Departed Friend, The Boogeyman.
He's the Boogeyman.
And he's...coming to get his
unemployment check.

Minisode #040 Banana.gif

by iggy

September 15, 2006

Hot dogs with bun.
Stoner Boo Berry is back.
Rafiki had to go eat some bananas.
Dr. Pepper and its imitators

#still enjoy eating it #cheekbones

040 Banana Tapestry: September 15, 2006

Banana Tapestry
(68 minutes)

Sad thing is, she looks
better here than in real life.
RD wonders why there hasn't been a serial killer gimmick. Although, Stone Cold Steve Austin did base his personality on a serial killer. RD has seen an Oklahoma City Bomber gimmick. (:03) RD has a small penis.

Lord Alfred promotional considerations (:04) RD and Blade want you to get a URL from them so that you can get laid, particularly as they also have their entire URLs on large sized condoms.

RD's Trip to the Grocery: (:07) hot dogs packaged with buns. Blade is reminded of monster chili dogs.

Blade's Trip to the Grocery: (:10) Boo Berry's appearance has reverted to a stoner. This is good news for Blade, who had secretly hated the cereal until then.

Mr. Cosby, before Pudding Pops destroyed his soul.
RD tells more Disney World stories. Blade imagines he's with Bill Cosby. RD demonstrates how to eat a banana. (:19)

Mail Bag: (:23) Blade says, "Your bag is always special to me." Something about comic books and superheroes. RD says people on the forums want him to sing.

Nine people sent in messages about their experiences with a Chyna blanket. Marvel Pinguino Dickey "had a friend" buy one for his ex. Chris W made a foolish mistake buying it at Wal-Mart. Zach Harris "knew someone" who bought it to patch their broken down trailer. Terry McCarty has it hanging in his dining room. Timmy K knew a young girl who was a big fan of "the big girl with the belt" and thus bought one for her for $4 Canadian. Jeff "knew someone" who sold it for £1.50. And finally Josh Dunn used it for his unit. (One was disqualified for trying to bring up Bea Arthur's wig. Another vanished into the aether.)

Obscure Wrestling News: (:46) Francine is now attractive again, according to Vince. SPEAKING OF Chyna she made out with a porn star. The ECW Zombie wants booked. Molly Holly and Ivory will drive a Winnebago to Canada for Trish's wedding. Blade calls them tapestry munchers.

Blade hit the bottle when Rambo Greg Gagne was fired from OVW booking. (:53) RD sings a few lines of Dr Feelgood. RD names many Dr Pepper knock-offs. Kelly Kelly is dating Test, who is not a lesbian.

Seventeen Syllable Prescription for Your Andrew Test Martin Question:
Why do chicks dig Test?
Kelly's got the right answer.
He's got foot-long dong.

Minisode #039 RD As Cher

by iggy

September 8, 2006

RD went to Disney World
Ariel stays in her grotto.
RD sings as Cher
The RD & Blade Variety Hour

#seaweed #fish woman

039 The RD & Blade Variety Hour: September 8, 2006

The RD & Blade Variety Hour
(61 minutes)

Cher once accepted an Oscar for Brando.
RD wants you to hate him, so he sings Cher songs.

RD took a Trip to Disney World with his family. (:09) He asks Blade if he'd rather be Mrs Deal or Mrs Trash. Sleepy, so sleepy.

Obscure Wrestling News, 25 minutes in: The Great Collie managed to evade being a police officer for six months. One of the listeners gets off to RD's voice. Bryan Danielson is fighting Kamala at ROH. Will they fight using rocking chairs?

Mail Bag: It's something, I bet. (:34) OT wants an apology from Vince for Katie Vick. RD does not like Ariel much. "I've seen better heads on boils," says he. He's basically in monologue mode today. Mike Paulin wants the Brooklyn Brawler for the Hall of Fame. (:39) Blade wants some guy named 'Aldo Morino' for the place. RD responds to him with a song.

RD was watching a Von Erichs DVD, and all the numerous deaths from that territory. (:45) A 'slave for the day' angle from that gives RD an idea for an Annual Colts' vs Lions' Seasons Bet: the loser will recite phrases sent in by fans.

Kurt Angle is gone from TV. (:56) RD wants to be dictator.

Seventeen Syllable Tribute:
Goodbye, Trish Stratus
It's the final curtain. I'll
miss your meat curtain.