290 The B Word: February 19, 2020

...I Bet That Url's Not Taken?

85 minutes

Blade has returned from abroad to be further confused by RD himself. Quote one Listener: "You guys just seem to tickle each other."

RD explains to Blade how he got his scar in Gotham City getting pseudo-creampied in his Roselyn Bakery Death Match in his wrestling days by his very excited opponent. (:05) Blade remembers their pie throwing at the end of that Roast of 10 years ago. Was it really that long ago?

Blade is currently in Don's basement with his pet parrot. RD wants to make him the next TNA correspondent. (:12)

RD wants to add years to the site to make it older than it currently is, like WCW did with Goldberg's record. Blade has a forbiddingly bad idea for what he wants for the April anniversary. "I can read a calendar," he proclaims.

As expected, Blade did not listen to last month's show.

RD gave Blade some karmic justice for always being late for their recordings. (:22) Blade had a good time in the UK with his Midnight Rose and Katie Vick outfits in a horror movie without a title. Botchamania's Maffew is also to appear in it. Blade promised a friend he would bring them UK variant Kit Kats, so of course he ate them all himself. That's all the news he can give us.

Blade continues to be drunk. (:28) One of the Iiconics did a photo shoot resulting in an expected deluge of "messages". RD reads a publicized one in his non-Sir Alec/STAN impression.

Jim calls in since he is soon to release another book. He and RD crack each other up unintentionally (for once). (:34)

The Hall of Fame bound Bellas are expecting at the same time. RD pretends to be surprised that it may not be on the straight and narrow. Blade: "I just got up." (:39) Also joining them this year are the original four of the NWO Classic, Bistro Batista, Jushin Liger, and Davey Boy Smith [and JBL].

Robert Sternburg (2) thinks Adam Bomb has bowel issues. (:46) He has to make sure they're alright since he may be imprisoned like his partner Crush was that one day. Blade fails his 'joke'. RD: "Does it really matter?" He tries again. That fails. He tries again. That fails.

Blade also hung out with some Listeners while overseas. The drinking probably helped them against his bad jokes. (:50) Shayna Baszler appeared with a vampire/hound gimmick. RD does not mess up his 'joke' but it still fails also. Blade tries again. That fails.

Speaking of wrestling biters, RD likes Hulk Hogan, the Haiti Kid, and Shelly Martinez (What is she up to these days anyway?). Blade likes Kamala, Gangrel, and Matilda. (No Abdulla the Butcher?)

RD has yet to watch a full match of the new XFL but likes some of their rules, including the different point conversion. (:68) Blade's Hobo Curse has had no effect on the nearby Kansas City Chiefs, since they are not based in Kansas. His XFL team is the also not based in Kansas ST. LOUIS BATTLEHAWKS (to be written only in all caps, like the OTTAWA REDBLACKS. Who are also not based in Kansas).

WWE is currently documenting their years of RUTHLESS AGGRESSION, their period of random activity in the 2000s after they had defeated WCW and had no idea what to do next (sounds like nowadays to be honest). Blade does his old man impression due to being confused by their era dates. (What, does he think this is a game of (Sid Meier's) Civilization or something?) RD is more amused by WWE's hilariously awful attempts to rewrite history, in this case that they 'voluntarily' changed their name just because.

Wipe it clean with Seventeen (Shayna) Syllables:
Shayna likes to bite.
I hope she doesn't get sued.
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  • Question of the Week from: Robert Sternburg (2)
    • Do you think Adam Bomb has explosive diarrhea? Blade distracted RD with a poorly delivered punchline.
  • WrestleCrap 3 Count:  Top 3 Biters.
    • RD:  Hulk Hogan, The Haiti Kid, Shelly “Ariel” Martinez
    • Blade:  Matilda, Gangrel, Kamala the Ugandan Giant (sequentially)
  • Blade Braxton’s Weekly Wrestling Haiku: Shayna guilty of copy bite?
    Shayna likes to bite.
    I hope she doesn't get sued.
    Trademark White Wolf Inc.