The World Reacts to the Death of Blade Braxton

We lost one of our Fruitcakes as Blade Braxton passed away this Sunday. Needless to say many took the untimely death pretty hard, particularly online ( has a piece abut his passing), particularly on social media.

Blade starred in several indie horror movies like "The Girl Who Played With The Dead" & "Hole In The Wall". Some were made by Troma Entertainment, widely known for such works as "The Toxic Avenger", "Surf Nazis Must Die", and his most notable work in "Return To Return To Nuke 'Em High!". They made a tribute video for Blade. 

The man behind Troma himself, legendary Lloyd Kaufman, who personally made him a part of his Troma Team, had a few words to say about Blade's passing:

Blade did a syndicated TV Show called "Drive-In Movie Maniacs" with Terrible Tim. Here they also had a few words:

In November 2019, Wrestlecrap was at AEW's Podcast convention "Starrcast". Members of Blade's panel ("Wrestling with Wregret's" Brian Zane, "Botchamania's" Gregg Maffeww & The Blue Meanie) also had their words:
Blade's voice was heard not just with the fans, but within pro wrestling itself, such as in this tweet from ROH commentator Ian Riccaboni:
And another from ECW Alumni Joel Gertner:
People who were once close to Blade were shocked about his passing, but were also impressed by his legacy:

Blade Braxton left an Alien Ham-shaped hole that no one is going to fill for a long time.

Before this column ends I have one more tweet for you, and it comes from someone close, real close. Angrymark's own Stevie J recalls a time when he traveled with Blade. If there's one take away at who Blade is, then it is this tweet here:

Blade Braxton will be missed.

Rest In Peace Blade Braxton

We here at are shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic news of contributor and WrestleCrap Radio co-host, Blade Braxton, passing away suddenly on March 28, 2021. We will never forget all the laughs that he provided us on the longest running episodic (wrestling) podcast ever and how his goofy list of impressions/alter-ego's, such as: Angry Jim, Sir Alec Heineken, Stubby, "Iron" Mark Tyson, Nintendo John, BM Punk, and The Midnight Rose, and many more, had left us in stitches over the years. 

Maybe it was because of flattery, but for whatever reason, whether it was the recaps, the Angry Jim/Mike Check stories, the photo-shopped images, the cartoons, the videos, etc: Blade seemed to get a kick out of our attempts of humor on this here website and has always (publicly and privately) given us many words of encouragement. It also pleased us that Blade would often promote us on his progrem and also use our website as a resource whenever he needed a reminder of an old reference that he made in a previous episode.

Normally an event such as this would demand Blade's usual punchline "...I didn't even know he was sick" (with Krankor's laugh then added afterwards). But we didn't think it would be appropriate...although knowing Blade's style of sense of humor, he'd probably get a kick out of it anyway? But we will say, to quote the late hero of Blade's, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper: "Please and Thank Ya" for the entertainment that you and RD Reynolds have provided us over the years, especially during the times when the wrestling product wasn't as enjoyable. Your "Ed McMahon" to RD's "Johnny Carson" will be truly missed.

Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences, go out to his other friends and family, and especially to RD.


 R.I.P Troy Ferguson aka "Blade Braxton"

February 8, 1975 - March 28, 2021


RD's tribute to Blade can be read here.

303 Old Blood: March 21, 2021

 87 minutes

The ultimate of ironies...just like this show.

RD is happy for once because they're only eight minutes late today. Blade is happy for once because he has a script instead of an itinerary today.

Blade was listening to other radio progrems these days. One of them involved Conrad Thompson having to fill in for "the Best of" an occupied Bruce Pritchard.
Blade: "You should do a Best of Me episode and worship me."
RD: "It would be like two minutes long."

Coasty Marshmellow is a year old and still doing extremely well. I still need to figure out what my custom order will be about. (:14) 

Hard-up Blade wants to knock-up someone to have an illegitimate child. He was once cursed at by Konnan at a WCW house show after he shoved him for some reason. Blade shoving him, I mean. RD subtly shades him by not bleeping him when he swears against himself. 

Blade was on the road recently where he got a Food Lion generic Mountain Dew, which is of course named Mountain Lion (and is not to be confused with Dollar General's just Mountain). (:18) The two actually agree on something for once: they prefer straight soda over gimmicks.

Then two old men remember 80s cartoons, like what old man led WWE is doing by releasing new He-Man style action figures. (:28) I like how they made upcoming Warrior He-Man more cartoonish than his Santa-assaulting comic book form.

Sad News: RD cannot find many original He-Man voice actors on Cameo. One was unknowingly sick.

Sadder News: 2 year old Blade had to pretend he was a year older in order to buy his first Threepio figure.

RD is to next get vaccinated on April 1st, of all days. (:44)

SPEAKING OF Conrad, he was Twitter feuding with the Patriot, if by "feuding" you mean ruthlessly and mercilessly humiliating. (Why, you'd think he was a jobber or something!) Blade does his Jim Ross impression. 

SPEAKING OF Jim, he couldn't complete a recent blood donation. Of course they call him up to make fun of him for this. (:48) RD thinks he didn't sound so good on the last Dynamite, and then summons Popeye to further mess things. "Shove your ass!" Jim mumbles. 

SPEAKING know, Tam Only has 4 Fans to a now inactive profile. (:57) You'd think with all the money she'd made she could have hired someone to help caretake her affairs. I hear the Patriot has a lot of free time on his hands for such a thing. 

Rob McGrath of Facebook Questions about a Dungeon of Doom revival. I think Bray Wyatt is overdue to lead that. (:61)

Blade apologizes for his own Court idea. (:64) "Phillip Dick" brings up the Repo Man, because he was cut too soon. For once RD actually praises Blade for bringing up good points...before he makes fun of the original question for saying he could have done Make-A-Wish appearances. Verdict: Guilty.

Stemming from the excellent women's match over on AEW, RD makes Blade list his favorite women's matches. (:68) He has Wendi Richter vs Leilani Kai at Wrestlemania I, Mickie James vs Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania not I, and some 80's "foxy oil wrestling" scored by Motley Crue. 

RD's new favorite is the aforementioned Dynamite one of Thunder Rosa vs Dr. Britt Baker DMD with Rebel not Reba, even if he doesn't want to see it again because it was so bloody, and even without any Ken Patera swinging full nelsons. He wants Blade to ask him about his favorite cereal the next time he sees him. (:76)

The disappearing WWE Network is taking the bulk of its old archives with it into the void, at least in the US. RD wonders if he should get a VPN to watch it internationally, where it still exists (for now).

RD's and WWE's Frenemy Eric Bischoff is entering their Hall of Fame. Seventeen Syllables:
Bischoff inducted.
What's one good thing we can say?
He should dye his hair.

$0.50: $34.50 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right 

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • WrestleCrap Radio Sponsors: 3. Patreon,, Coasty Marshmellow
  • URLs not taken: 0.
  • SPEAKING OFs: 5. Mountain Dew, wrestling, Dungeons and Dragons, Conrad Thompson, things that don’t make sense
  • Dave Meltzer, not talking about: 0.
  • I didn’t even know he was sick:  1. Lou Scheimer, voice of Orko 
  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 2. Jim, Popeye


  • F-Bombs: 1. Blade
  • Blade Time Outs:  1
  • Mama's Broken Damn Damn Damn Dishes:  3
  • Cricket Chirps:  1
  • Krankor Laughs:  2
  • RJ Fletcher, Yes Man:  3
  • Weird Al Laughs:
  • WrestleCrap Gongs: 8
  • Question of the Week from: Rob McGrath
    • The Giant recently returned to TNT after over 20 years being away.  Surely the iron is hot for a Dungeon of Doom Version 2, who would you include in this group? The Dinosaur, Bear Country.
  • Crapper's Court
    • Case brought by: Phillip Dick
    • Case #003: Crappers v. Barry “Repo Man” Darsow. 
    • Blade's "defense": Darsow made the gimmick work.  He took every gimmick thrown at him.
    • Verdict: Still guilty of WrestleCrap. 
  • WrestleCrap 3 Count:  3 Favorite Women’s Wrestling Matches.
    • RD:  Thunderosa vs Dr. Britt Baker DMD in AEW, No sold (non-sequentially)
    • Blade:  Keisha vs Lady Desire oil wrestling, Mickie James vs Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania, Wendi Richter vs Leilani Kai at Wrestlemania I
  • Blade Braxton’s Weekly Wrestling Haiku: Eazy-E is headed to the hall and the hairdresser:
    Bischoff inducted.
    What's one good thing we can say?
    He should dye his hair.

Episode 57: Bisch-On: March 21, 2021

29 minutes

Blade's dog is also on the tin can and string.

RD decides to listen to Blade for once and talk some more about Hall of Fame bound Eric Bischoff. Also going is Molly Holly. The two still fondly remember meeting her. The two still do not fondly remember Sunny acting like a fool to Johnny Fairplay.

RD remembers when Conrad Thompson arranged for him to face-off Bischoff all by himself (Bryan Alvarez was busy with another panel), all for Eric to reveal he didn't even read the book that wasn't even written by Dave Meltzer. RD is rarely one to hold anger or a grudge for long, and this lack of ill-will even extends to his initial opponents after they meet. Recently Oscar of Men of a Mission sent him some well wishes. Before that he was on Vince Russo's podcast with his surprise that when RD was first on he was disarmingly disengaging as is his character ("bro"). Even with Bischoff he found he has comedic timing within him which he greatly admires. And as much as there may have been faults, there have also been many good points of his that were brought up, like how he helped bring wrestling from the doldrums of Monday Night Raw into the 21st century. So they don't have any quarrel with each other.

Blade repeats his story of how Eric signed his stickhead for RD. He still has it. Blade still wants fellow AWA announcers Larry Nelson and Ken Resnick and Lee Marshall in the Hall.

Hulk Hogan is to co-host WrestleMania with Titus O'Neill for some reason. (What, is it too good for the Patriot?) Rather than have him induct Eric RD suggests Conrad should do it instead.