208 No Gold Star: April 20, 2012

104 minutes

Big Announcement: Blade's drunk again. No wait, not that: WrestleCrap will have a table at a actual convention. It's only on the Saturday though, so Blade can get drunk and try to be Danny Trejo's sidekick.

RD recently saw the famously bad Birdemic and was traumatized by it. (:07) Next time he should watch it with its Rifftrax.

RD and Blade read the Shining Wizards Podcast ad copy just to make fun of it.

RD is happy with Brox's chocolate Easter bunny. (:21) RD tried bare some of those gifted spicy sauces.  The two gave away a few bottles.

Diamond Dan's HOTT line is finally called for some Obscure News. (:32) Remember, that's 317 335 4688. Again, 317 335 HOTT.

Blade tries some Doritos Jacked. He likes them. (:35) He recently uploaded a video of he and his friend trying out imported Japanese Doritos.

:40 Blade's beloved Jessica Alba 'fought' John Morrison for a commercial. This of course gets Blade going on her. Diamond Dallas Page admits Dave Grohl was unhappy with his theme music. Blade mumbles drunkenly.

"Satan" is so lazy he calls in just to say hello. (:51) His Tubular Bells sounds different again.

Steven Austin's barn was badly ravaged, but it's nothing he can't fix. Jim Ross calls, seeing as barn fixing is his expertise. I think. (:57)

:63 The Anonymous One asks about balls dropping.

SPEAKING OF balls dropping Mike Check answers. He hosted American Bandstand in Philadelphia in '52. 1852, to be exact. (I hear Lincoln was a fan of his. Mary Lincoln, if you know what I mean.) Did he ever tell you about the time he was at WFIL "The Fill 830" with Bob Horn? He was Little Mike E and together they did Horn-E at Midnight. I admit, that made me laugh. He gets possessed by Jim Ross for some reason.

:76 Blade needs to be filled by the Honky Tonk Mailman, who's been busy delivering tax forms. Did you know that next week he'll break the actual Honky Tonk Man's Intercontinental holding record? Wow, is this show awful. Random discussion about using the mentally challenged as man-servants ensues. Joe Park Esq., formerly Abyss, is coming to TNA last month. Kerry Von Erich's stamp comes in halves.

:86 Sad News: The Bellas are leaving WWE for...something. Penthouse is my guess. Don once made a stop-motion Muppets porn movie. (:91)

No Holds Barred is finally coming to DVD. AND distributed by WWE no less (their films division perhaps? That would be something.) (:94) The duo reminisce about WC in the Internet's Iron Age. Blade's Iron Mark Tyson impression wants to see Don's movie. Hey, who doesn't? (Besides me?) (:101)

So here it is:
No Holds Barred on disc.
Twenty jock-ass years later:
Dookie in high def.

Oh, and Chief Jay Strongbow is no longer with us. This is all the Co-Fruitcakes have to say about it:


Finally, some money to be made! $8.00 ($14.00 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right)

WCR Video: Midnight Rose & Honky Tonk Mailman Resurrect Katie Vick

WrestleCrap Radio's Midnight Rose and the Honky Tonk Mailman bring along a now resurrected cheerleader, Katie Vick, as well as their sidekick, La Poncho, and cause mayhem at the local McDonald's and Hooters in Waukesha, WI!

Midnight Rose & Honky Tonk Mailman resurrect Katie Vick & invade Hooters & McDonald’s (by BladeBraxton)

(207) Craptus Interruptus: April 1, 2012

26 minutes

This "LIVE preview show" is SO live it had to be recorded, edited, and uploaded. Or the Co-Fruitcakes are time travelers. Perhaps both.

Lip syncing Kid Rock at Houston, Indiana. (Was Limp Bizkit too cheap?) Lord Alfred sped up. Shining Wizards have a shorter ad copy (sadly.) Random talk about obesity. Jim Ross can't hear straight and blames Blade for it. "Fucking disaster."

...Just like the WM 25 Divas Battle Royal!

In the interim, do you know we now have a Links page? Now THAT'S no joke.

$1.50 ($6.00 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right)