Episode 21: Holy Jeepers!: December 26, 2021

The Penguin Goes Straight
March 23, 1966
"The Penguin seems to have gone legit, but the Dynamic Duo suspects otherwise."
77 minutes

"RD is Jollier Than Alfred" by how he's wearing his Santa hat's beard over his face like a mask (certified HOHOHO95). Vince was confused by a video he had sent in which he and the family threw stockings with hot sauce bottles from their windows, an old family tradition. 

At a theater's matinee the performers go for a "refreshing orange drink." (:06) Vince wonders if it was Tang. The Penguin is there for "a penetrating documentary of our times" on morality. Suddenly a masked man appears to steal a woman's necklace. Penguin stops his gunfire with his bulletproof umbrella ("JUMPIN' JEEPERS! A bulletproof umbrella!") and punches him out with a "POW!" graphic like he was Batman. RD makes a "big igloo/orange drink" circle for the camera to show the woman's ecstatic reaction.

Cut to Police HQ where Gordon is surprised that "the waddling pompous of fowl play" prevented a crime of the necklace being stolen, belonging to one Sophia Starr. RD's mind goes places for some reason. Despite the Penguin not doing anything criminal Gordon still calls Batman anyway. 

Even weirder is Alfred's reaction when he answers the phone, sighing at the utter incompetence once again displayed by the police. "Alright Commissioner, I'll go fetch him for ya!" he sighs. (:13) Vince wonders if he was up for contract extensions. Bruce and Dick are practicing putting with braless Aunt Harriet when Alfred finds them and actually tries to be subtle with the call from "Mr. K. Rhyme" that is so obvious even Harriet picks up on it. 

Batman talks to Gordon with some indecipherable words that the two try to untangle. They go down the Batpole - just to talk more to Gordon in the Batmobile's Batphone. This could probably be because again, no crime was actually committed to meet to investigate. 

They thus decide to interrogate the arrested thief to see if he is actually one of Penguin's men. RD attempts to recreate the interrogation room with a desk lamp. The crook thinks they "read too many comic books." O'Hara threatens to punch him. Gordon calls him a "cheap hoodlum" and a "hard boiled cookie covered with armored plate icing". They then turn down the lights to project Batman's fluttering shadow. The crook responds by running into a wall knocking himself out. 

Vince disowned his sister for eating boiled peanuts and clogging toilet bowls. 

Meanwhile the Penguin is at the New Blood Millionaire's Club's steam room, where he saves a kidnapping victim named Richie Reggie Rich with the help of his unconvincing henchmen Eagle-Eye and Dove. (:28) He then pops his head up in between the Duo to eavesdrop. Batman: "You pompous talking creature!" Penguin declares he will safeguard Sofia's jewelry on behalf of Penguin Protective Agency Incorporated. The Duo reposition to the Batmobile to plan for Alfred to swap the jewels for traceable radioactive fakes. 

In the Penguin's lair the camera remains straight instead of Dutch angled, where he refuses Rich's reward for saving him. Well he IS a billionaire, he doesn't need the money. The henchmen complain on not being paid so he has to whack them over the head with the umbrella. 

Cut to Starr's penthouse. Narrator: "Plot and counter-plot: here's Alfred carrying out a risky chore under the guise of a man from Floyd's of Dublin Insurance Unlimited!" (:35) Alfred takes photos of the jewels but the Narrator yells at him that he didn't yet switch the cigarette holders for the anti-theft system that triggers. Vince thinks the Penguin has an alarm buzzer in his umbrella. RD remembers when this happened already with Penguin earlier in the year. Alfred escapes despite the Co-Bros wanting him to be angry that he was almost set up and done for. Instead he fears he did bad despite the Duo's reassurance. 

The Duo then drive the Batmobile at night, a rare occurrence on the show, to Starr's penthouse. Climbing up a wall Robin has worries so Batman wonders if he tied his shoes properly. Yet when inside and using Batman's stethoscope they run into the henchmen, causing a fight. Sofia calls a paper to run the headline "Crime Fighter Penguin Foils Dynamic Duo Jewel Heist!" (:42) Gordon is angry at the paper as Penguin calls him while eating a can of sardines, informing him of a police fundraiser at the Gotham City Amusement Pier. Gordon: "You abominable avian!" He informs the Duo in the Batmobile, and also if they show up they will be arrested. 

Robin: "Batman and I have an awful thought. What if Penguin really has gone straight?"
RD: "How would that be awful? Don't you want him to become a good guy? Don't you want him to not be terrible?"

At the Pier one of the "attractions" is a nightmare animatronic monkey with moving eyes. Another is a nightmare animatronic clown with moving eyes. Isn't that a Joker thing? 

Before the Duo could find more scares a cement filled umbrella traps them. Some henchmen hang their seven feet tall stunt doubles up behind a pop gun game. However Penguin has replaced the pellets with actual bullets, and he offers $1,000 to the visiting police to shoot the balloons and behind them - the Duo. RD expects the police to miss anyway since they're terrible at the rest of their jobs. Narrator: "Good grief! And good night! Double funeral tomorrow?"

RD tells Vince about the ordeal of inducting The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas. Vince: "Interesting." (:52)

RD then gets around to Vince's gift. (:57) He joked that knowing Russo Swerves he expected it to be empty. Instead he first finds garbage bags. Then the gift has another address on it. Then he has to break through the hermetic seal. Inside is Batman '66 meets The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (RD pretends he doesn't know it) and a '66 style Lego Batmobile.

Vince's father still plays softball at 91 years old.

With the concept of RD and Vince being friends and exchanging gifts, the two remind to be good, courteous, and serving to others, regardless of occasion or religion. After all, some things will not matter in death. (:69 - end)

  • Special Guest Villain: The Penguin [2] (Burgess Meredith) [2]

  • Outdated references: 1. Rex Reed
  • Screen Captures: 3. RD, RD, RD
  • SPEAKING OFs: 1. Horrifying

What If...Corporal Kirchner really was dead?


I can't believe it was 15 years ago when he was (first) declared dead, and he had to prove he was still alive by "calling" WWCR and "shooting" the Co-Hossses through the phone.

Also here is another appearance where he plays a car for some reason.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends during this trying time.


Episode 20: Holy Split!: December 19, 2021

Better Luck Next Time
March 17, 1966
"Batman evades the attacking tiger thanks to his utility belt. First, he scales the wall. Then, he uses a sonic device "to split the tiger's skull," as narrator William Dozier informs us. The hero still has to free Robin, who is facing a separate death trap. Once that task is completed, the Dynamic Duo are back on Catwoman's trail. It turns out the feline villain is after the lost treasure of Captain Manx, which is in a remote spot outside of Gotham City."
64 minutes

"RD is Not Middle Aged Robin" on The Batman's Mustache. He's wearing his Santa hat including fake hair. He actually beat a few kids at the Arcade. He advises Vince not to get The Simpsons arcade machine due to poor emulation. 

The recapping Narrator is more involved this time, even if he has a random "open sesame": "IS THIS TRIP NECESSARY?" (:05) Vince is baffled by their use of stunt doubles just to walk into room. RD shows "Batman" played by the on-set tiger wrangler having a beard and belly and sweat stains.

Catwoman is wearing rather baggy clothing making RD wonder if she "filled" them. Young RD once went to the Smithsonian where this particular outfit is displayed. Vince: "Interesting." "Batman" has great fun playing with Tinkerbell the tiger like a pet dog. Then he climbs the bare concrete/dry wall with a visible wired harness Batclaws. Catwoman: "TTFN!" Batman has no idea what she means. Vince kept writing that in his work. 

Batman then gets out his Batearplugs that fit over the cowl to technobabble his Batcommunicator to 20,000 decibels to "split the tiger's skull", despite telling Catwoman that "pets are our responsibility". Thankfully the tiger instead decides to take a nap. 

Batman then goes down into the Catacombs using very bright Batstickers as breadcrumbs. Catwoman has drugged Robin with yet more powder. All of a sudden she has a third henchman without a name (Fire Emblem or otherwise) take him down into their real life Mouse Trap game board over another tiger pit. Narrator: "What now Caped Crusader? Is it a cul-de-sac?" (:25) Robin is listed as weighing 132 pounds and 10 ounces, which I think is 10 kilograms. "Catwoman, you are NOT a nice person!" She responds by leaving without bothering to wait around. Robin waits for Batman to swinging through a very small window before they jump off to safety and their stunt doubles fighting for them, featuring comb-over senior-aged Robin. The goons respond by lighting the room on fire. Felix escapes leaving Leo and Henchman to be arrested.

At the Batcave calling police HQ Gordon asks Batman to do his job for him while Robin acts as intermediary. Gordon staring at the camera: "Good luck to all of us!" Discovering the statues are not identical Batman goes to the Bat Research Shelf with his four volumes on the history of Gotham City. He knows Captain Manx willed his loot to the City except for "one gold doubloon". He finds the statues contain a map leading to his treasure. They then radioactive track her after throwing the statues into the "lead shielded compartment" (i.e. trunk) of the Batmobile.

Catwoman has already found the loot with Felix in a non-Batcave. "From now on: pussy willows galore." The Batmobile drives through mines that blow out the tires that require turning on the Automatic Tire Repair Device to reinflate. They then see footprints. "Only one man has feet that big!" 

Catwoman drugs Felix before taking off, the Duo chasing her and her stunt double. She has trouble climbing up a wall with one hand carrying the treasure and the other without any claws of her own. Not listening to Batman offering help she falls into a "bottomless pit" as Robin calls out to her. Vince is reminded of Shane. RD is reminded of Indiana Jones trying to save Elsa with the Holy Grail. They only find a cat, emblematic of a cat's nine lives. 

Back at Stately Wayne Manor they return to their 4D 3D chess. RD is the one to notice braless Aunt Harriet complaining about a cat stealing their lobster dinner. She hands it to Bruce who hands it to Alfred who hands it to Robin to vanish into the aether. 

RD found Julie Newmar couldn't appear in the movie because she was filming a movie of her own that was never finished. She couldn't appear in Season 3 due to "scheduling" in a Western, but that is suspect since it also starred Burgess Meredith. 

RD has Blade Vince open up his presents. (:52) One is Cincinnati Recipe chili mix. Another is a Newmar as Catwoman framed photo signed to Vince. 

RD has to explain Cody Rhodes almost using a different tunnel to Vince. (:61) Vince gives him boos for not getting a joke.


  • Special Guest Villain: Catwoman (Julie Newmar)

  • Screen Captures: 3. RD, RD, RD
  • SPEAKING OFs: 2. Some setup, things worse than 3D chess


Round Five - A Christmas Carol: December 16, 2021

52 minutes

"Santa Deal is Coming to Town". He uses the excuse to play the old dogs barking Jingle Bells. "DON'T INTERRUPT THEM!" Vince played it constantly as a kid. He gives RD applause for the same. Their wives don't celebrate Christmas as much as they do. The men also have the lights on only at night. Vince gives more applause. 

As is the season, the two will debate Christmas songs. 

  • Young RD was captivated by the Time-Life Treasury of Christmas ads until he remembered he could buy it at 24. (:09)
  • Vince cannot get enough of Faith Hill's Where Are You Christmas despite being from The Grinch. RD reminds Vince of the movie's awfulness. 
  • Christmas Mariah Carey makes RD think of his wife. Vince gives him applause. His second would be White Christmas. He has yet to find a good version to his liking of What Child Is This. Vince doesn't like it in general.
  • He believes his Patreons would know Danny Kaye from Christmas Vacation. 
  • He shows Vince his older brother in a Griswold sweater putting up his decorations. Vince doubts its veracity at first. (:19)
  • Vince's second is John Lennon's War Is Over. He remembers when it was sung on SNL with Sean Lennon on guitar.
  • He pulls up a Christmas sketch from 2000 SNL for RD to stare too close to the screen at. (:25)
  • As for hated songs, RD's is Santa Baby. Vince pulls up Eartha Kitt's cover to try and change his mind. RD responds with Cyndi Lauper and Rosie. Vince: "Catchy tune, man."
  • Young RD would also trick his stepmother by looping The Night Before Christmas.
  • Vince only loves Baby It's Cold Outside if sung by Dean Martin. RD doesn't mind it by Sammy Davis Jr and Carmen McRae. (:34) One version had two children singing it which appalled him. 
  • RD has Vince search for Jillian Hall which he does without spaces.
  • Vince loves Christmas in Colorado in song and living form. 
  • If he only had one LP RD would stick with Bing Crosby. Vince would be John Lennon (without the Muppets). 
  • Mrs. Deal likes Elton John's Step Into Christmas like Vince. (:43) He has difficulty pulling it up for some reason.
  • RD wants to know what a Hard Candy Christmas is. Vince doesn't know either. 

Vince had a tough time getting all the family together in the one place. RD believes with hope that his son will never leave the house.  Last year they had the Christmas congregation outside in the cold. "My brother lives on a farm, I don't."

Episode 19: Holy Reshevsky!: December 12, 2021

The Purr-fect Crime
March 16, 1966
"Catwoman initiates a series of thefts that cause Commissioner Gordon to summon Batman and Robin. But the importance of the crimes go beyond the taking of the objects involved. The Dynamic Duo eventually find Catwoman's lair. But Robin is whisked away while Batman is given a choice between two doors. If he picks the right door, he'll find Catwoman. If he picks the wrong one, he'll face certain doom. The hero makes the wrong selection and is about to be attacked by a tiger."
74 minutes

"RD: Smitten with the Kitten". He warned his wife he was going to discuss "the one and only" Catwoman. Vince wonders about his "devious" look. RD is going to make him wait on talking about the different actors despite their not wanting them changed in the first place. Mrs. Deal wanted them to Batpole rate the men. RD asked her to rate whoever will appear next. 

At midnight at "Museum" (for Gotham City Art) (:10), a guard is assaulted by a house cat and a clawed hand makes a circular hole in glass to steal a golden cat statue. 

Cycle to Police HQ where Gordon and O'Hara are confused by the theft. Bonnie, Gordon's secretary, gets -2 then -3 Batpoles from Vince because she shares screen time with Catwoman. RD gives her a more normal 6: "I don't even know what to say to that." She gives Gordon a gift kitten from the "oddest looking man" because..."I don't know." Gordon is immediately enamored by it. There's also a newspaper clipping of "multi-millionaire" Mark Andrews who had been robbed of the statue. RD wonders if he is richer than Bruce. Gordon: "I smell the tracks of a feline predator!"

Cycle to Stately Wayne Manor where Bruce is beating Dick at 4-D chess. "It's quite rudimentary, Dick. You just have to think 14 moves ahead, that's all!" Dick: "Holy Reshevsky! I think I'll stick to my Latin crossword puzzles!" Alfred loudly declares "PHONE SIR!" "NO BRA THIS WEEK." Vince handwrote about Aunt Harriet. RD wonders why she can't hear the Batphone. 

The Duo then come to Police HQ. Batman: "I am sure this is just the first stitch in a large tapestry of crime!" He summons Mark by asking about him where he says a second statue is at another exhibition for insurance. Vince reveals that for a time following common corporate and political practice, the McMahons would never travel together. O'Hara offers Batman backup policemen for some reason. Batman: "I don't want to cast any aspersions on the police department, but I think this time it's better Robin and I go it alone. Any large contingent of police officers might create unnecessary confusion." RD: "In other words, you guys suck." 

As they prepare to leave, Batman notices Robin has not buckled his "safety Batbelt". "It won't be long until you're old enough to get a drivers license, Robin. Then you'll be able to drive the Batmobile and other vehicles. Remember: motorist safety." RD wonders if he will want to drive anything else besides the Batmobile. He had to install seatbelts on his first car. 16 year old Vince once hit a parked car while changing his 8-track and told his parents he hit ice. 

A blue van is seen in front of the Gato & Chat Fur Company where slowly revealed Catwoman resides with her complaining henchmen Leo and Felix. (:29) Julie Newmar breaks RD's Batpole completely (ahem) like Charro by getting 28 then 38 then 48 then 58 then 69. Vince gives her a more reasonable 10. She reads a book on "the lost treasures of Captain Manx" in the "dark years" of Gotham City before it became...a criminal hotbed.

In the Batcave a distraught looking Batman tells Alfred he's found out it was the Catwoman behind the theft. Alfred: "Will she ever learn?" They have to refuel the Batmobile by sticking a tube into the exhaust while Batman puts gloves on top of his gloves to make a radioactive tracking spray for the Bat-o-meter. RD prefers that to the same old boring bugs. 

At the Exhibition the Duo go to buy tickets where they encounter Leo disguised as a scalper. He calls his boss on a Catphone to inform her. Standing guard, Batman goes on patrol for "three minutes and 20 seconds", allowing Catwoman to cat attack Robin so she can steal the statue. Robin: "Holy cats, a cat!" Batman: "You feline devil! What have you done with Robin?" Vince wonders the villains wear masks when they are already wearing their costumes. Cue an awful fight with the goons while she waits in a corner.

They escape, making sure the Duo can follow them. Catwoman: "You can brush my pussy willows before you leave. And don't go against the fur." Vince: "Goldust didn't even talk like that!" 

The Batmobile is parked so that Robin can walk all over it annoying RD to no end. (:50) 
Robin: "Gato & Chat Fur Company. Gato means cat in Spanish and chat means cat in French! Only the Catwoman would choose a hideout with those names."
Batman: "I'm glad you're up on your foreign languages, Robin, they come in handy when fighting crime."
Robin: "Si, si, Batman. What do we do now?"
They shoot at the door with a Batbeam blowing up the handle.
Robin: "We might have been killed!"
Batman: "Or worse."
Vince thinks they mean motorboating Aunt Harriet. RD makes a big show of protest.

The Duo are trapped in the catacombs (not by Aunt Harriet). Vince doesn't like her laugh. The walls start closing in trash compactor style. Batman tells Robin to "hit the deck" while he tries to keep the walls apart before he notices the spikes are fake. Then a bomb explodes into a flag. Then she decides to "separate Damon from Pythias" by dropping a glass tube on Robin. Batman has to choose one of two doors, which contains a tiger. RD does his Popeye impression, ah gyuk gyuk gyuk gyuk.

Vince got a mysterious package from RD that he won't open until the time is right. (:65)

RD is alarmed he forgot Jim Herd's name.

  • Special Guest Villain: Catwoman (Julie Newmar)

  • SPEAKING OFs: 4. Up to no good, ratings and such, interesting vehicles, forewords
  • Blue Van: 1
  • Outdated references: 1. Damon & Pythias

Episode 18: Holy Rat Race!: December 5, 2021

Holy Rat Race (that's the actual episode title)
March 10, 1966
"Alfred contacts Batman by radio from the Batcave. Batman instructs the butler to short circuit a communications device the hero has on his wrist. This enable Batman to get free of his bonds. He and Robin get free just before they would be run over by a subway train. The Dynamic Duo resume their pursuit of False Face, which ends up at an old movie studio."
71 minutes

"RD: Live from Bioscope Studios". He had 20 or so people for Thanksgiving (hopefully all properly protected). His games are actually upstairs rather than in a basement or Batcave. "Papa" Vince got exhausted chasing his granddaughter around. Vince: "Interesting." RD: "Is it?" 

Vince calls the Duo's escape "kabuki-ish" while the Narrator mentions the inflating cape and "False Face in Chief's clothing". Vince is reminded of WWE doing similar reminders of their last week's terrible stuff. 

Rather than using the utility belt or a well-thrown Batarang, Batman is contacted by Alfred through his Battransmitter. He was listening to "the fragile intricacies of Mozart" in the Batcave and just remembered to check up on them after the DJ gave a vague statement about them. Batman asks him to pull the "short-circuit lever" for the transmitter, which he does despite his protests. This lets him break loose from his saran wrap bonds and use his "buzzer" to escape. Vince cannot believe how cheap it all was. RD agrees. The Duo stand by a wall as a flashlight goes past them. 

Male Passenger in train: "Isn't that Batman and Robin we just passed?"
Female Passenger in train: "Yes, fighting crime wherever it may be. Good for them!"

At "False Face Headquarters" Face "looks like the love child between Mean Gene Okerlund and Hulk Hogan". (:15) The two wonder what he's supposed to look like. Blaze now has pink hair. RD gives her 7.5 Batpoles, Vince 6.5. Even worse is the dwarf wanting to "deep six" her by throwing her in a river. 

To the Batcave, the Duo wonder who on the radio could have prompted Alfred to call them. RD knows it's the repentant Blaze. Vince thinks it's the dwarf. RD does his Vince as Chumley impression in response. 

Alfred is sewing Batman's glove while he's still wearing it. Vince sometimes irons his clothes while he's wearing them. RD hasn't ironed anything in a long while. 

At Police HQ the real O'Hara stumbles in from a garbage scow. 

Then it's back to the Batcave as the Duo watch television as a reporter remarks that O'Hara has "sworn revenge and will have an appeal to the citizens of Gotham later tonight". RD wishes it was televised. Vince recognizes the announcer as Gary Owens, a year before Laugh-In. RD asks Vince to please to explain Laugh-In.

They go to the radio station where the DJ thought "it was a religious announcement". Batman: "I don't think we should treat religion lightly." (It was the 60s after all, in between all the smoking.) 

The DJ also saw that the woman paying for the message had green hair. Vince thought Sable had the best hair in wrestling. RD has Bull Nakano. Vince: "What's with you and the Orientals on this show?" He remembers Ruby Riott not knowing what to say in her hometown. He also remembers reading two people online debate about Adam Cole being interrupted by Tony Khan using internet slang. RD tells Vince about Satan Stan's plan to take over the world using social media before social media took off. Anyway Blaze paid with a "false" check. Batman promises to get Gordon to pay for it. 

Speaking of Gordon, back at Police HQ they try to figure out their next move. O'Hara is so happy that he knows that there is money in a bank. Face is attempting to replace it with counterfeits. Batman wants him to be "encouraged, enticed, and then entrapped by falsehood!" Narrator: "Can Batman lie?"

Face sneaks into the bank as a security guard. (:37) RD loved his theme. The henchmen get to opening the vault. Vince wonders why they have different listings in the credits when they all have names. Says one of them: "We're rich beyond the dreams of avarice!" 

But of course it's the Duo inside instead.
Batman: "It's not only possible, it's true!"
Face (covering his eyes): "Please! Not that word!"

He then throws one of the goons at them to cover his tracks. The dwarf (whom RD recognizes as a Lollypop Kid) fights a sitting O'Hara for over three minutes. Face as a cop takes him away on his shoulder. The cop he replaced stumbles out in very tight fitting undergarments. 

Cue another car chase, with red haired Blaze tied up in the Trick Truck. Vince gives her 7, RD 7.5. Face laughs but doesn't click his heels as he leads the Duo to the abandoned Bioscope Studios. As Robin waxes philosophical about the validity of the movie sets, they drive straight into a net held up by more henchmen. Batman just shoots the net onto them. Vince was distracted by the constant cutaways clearly showing the stunt doubles. 

Robin stands up in his seat as the Batmobile drives around the corner...and Face blows it up into a wireframe. Then the real Batmobile shows up, having used an "inflated duplicate that I prepared for just this kind of situation" to distract him. 

Vince hates holiday decorating but he prefers inflatables over plastics. (:50) RD is so disgusted he has to step away from the camera for a moment. 

There's still eight minutes left to the episode, allowing Face to throw the "emergency escape lever" and launch a speeding motorcycle. Vince gives RD applause for knowing McMahon sponsored one of Evil Knievel's jumps. The Duo free Blaze who tells them to chase him on foot, so that their stunt doubles including Robin's 6'3" one can get their time on camera. Batman uses tied Batarangs to catch and potentially behead his opponent, but this just knocks him off the bike so that they can run around some more to pad out the episode. 

Finally Face turns into an old Western prospector, is thrown through a window, and shakes his fist in disgust. Vince wonders how confused the crew must have been in their attempts to keep Face's disguises straight. (That was actually because for some of the disguises they used different actors entirely, hence the "?" credit for them collectively.) Face then tries to sneak out as Gordon but Batman stops him by noticing he's holding his handkerchief in his left hand instead of his right. 

At Stately Wayne Manor Aunt Harriet is wearing a bra for once. (:60) A reformed Blaze now in boring black hair plans to go to New Zealand to look after her sheep-herder brother. Cue WWE style awkward staring. Cue cue credits listing Midget, Fat Man, and Thin Man. 

RD gives dwarf actor Billy Curtis some of his due that the show didn't give him by reading an IMDB blurb. Vince wonders why the "little people" don't have advocates to help represent them, so we can tell he never watched Game of Thrones (with all the good and bad that entails). RD wonders why Vince hasn't yet recorded a Christmas album. (He could call it Russo Swerves Sleighs On A Pole or something.)

RD: "Spoiler alert: I play Santa."

  • Special Guest Villain: False Face (Malachi Throne as ?)

  • Screen Captures: 2. RD, RD
  • SPEAKING OFs: 2. Unattractive, not being generous

Round Four - Food Fight: December 1, 2021

52 minutes

"RD Knows Pecan Pie is Best". He also changed into his WC attire with Former WCW World Champion Vince's photo on the back. Vince flexes in response.

Today they are going to debate Thanksgiving food. Before that they warn that in the Batman episode they were recording about before this they made a tangent on decorations so blood-boiling it made RD walk off. He has several blow-molded figurines for his decorations that he uses frequently. To store them he ties them with bungie cord and keeps them in holes in his garage.

Anyway, RD is to lay out a meal for a visiting Vince to determine by debate what foods they would or would not eat. (:09)

  • Turkey: Vince hates having to carve and having to cleanly break the drumsticks, his favorite part (with RD).
  • (Fried) Chicken: Vince loves Target's. He preferred KFC when it had the original recipe, which he thinks was sold off by the Colonel when he started franchising. RD doesn't like its current "cheapened" flavor. He occasionally tries the Long John Silver's, malt vinegar or otherwise. He now gets his chicken from a franchise called The Eagle, the Mrs from Kroger.
  • Ham: Vince is not too big on it for any occasion. (:15) He makes Christmas dinner of leg of lamb. RD has food with the in-laws on the Day, and pizza rolls on the Eve, a tradition from childhood. This makes Vince walk off since he has fish for being an Italian; he has pizza rolls on New Year's Eve.
  • Cranberries: The two have them unaltered. Mrs. Deal makes sauce out of them. Vince's daughter maddened him last year by cutting the turkey before cooking it. 
  • Stuffing: Vince does not like it. He's never had it since his grandmother's passing more than 30 years ago. His traditional ways clash with the artistic flair of his daughter's.
  • Mashed Potatoes: Vince likes them plain unlike his wife who loves all the condiments. (:25) RD does his Subway attendant impression to determine what sandwich he would order (a tuna melt). He likes to keep things simple as well.
  • Sweet Potatoes: Vince only wants them properly sweet. RD agrees.
  • Green Bean Casserole:  Vince will eat it but he won't go out of his way on it. RD is allergic to mushrooms so he won't eat any that has it. 
  • Macaroni and Cheese: Vince likes it but not on Thanksgiving. He doesn't mind it with crackers or lobster. RD prefers sweeter crab legs. Vince doesn't mind crab cakes for Christmas Eve. He lists all the seafood he would give RD to eat on Christmas Eve. (:33) RD loves shrimp, especially for Thanksgiving, Vince for Christmas Eve. Vince likes wasabi, but not other kinds of spices.
  • Cornbread: Vince doesn't have that for Thanksgiving, nor rolls or biscuits due to the carbohydrates in the bread. Mrs. Deal makes cinnamon butter to make a butter turkey.
  • Broccoli Casserole: Vince has that instead of the mac and cheese. RD prefers the vegetable by itself.
  • Fried Artichokes: RD tries to avoid anything with 'chokes' unlike Vince. He also doesn't really like them. 
  • Pumpkin Pie: Vince prefers them, much to RD's disapproval. Pumpkins are not really his thing. (:39)
  • Cherry Pie: Vince prefers apple pie for Thanksgiving although he doesn't like it much. He has cherry pie on other months. RD would have apple pie even though he dislikes fruit in general due to its living texture "Fruit is weird." Vince: "You're being weird."
  • Pecan Pie: Vince would definitely have one before a pumpkin pie. He also likes whipped cream with it and Jello. Sadly his daughter does not like the whipped cream.
Vince would cut a promo against the "gabones" who keep delaying the queues sampling and trying everything at once. (:44) He wants to hydrate himself with a chocolate malt after all this recording. He and his wife managed to get skyline chili available in their nearby Kroger.

RD has his Christmas gift he will send to Vince to open on air. Vince wonders what he can send in return. He advises RD to cook his shrimp scampi with pancake batter.

Episode 17: Holy Botany!: November 28, 2021

True or False Face
March 9, 1966
"False Face traps Batman and Robin, and binding them to a subway track just minutes before a train is scheduled to come by."
81 minutes

"RD: Asking Santa for a Trick Truck". He underestimated Vince's "issue" in trying to sort out Jeff Lane's "anal-retentive" episode numberings. RD: "I hope you're not renting an anal." He cuts a WWCR style promo against "Jeff Lie". Vince threatens to have him on the show. He tells an anecdote about meeting Jeff for the first time, where he got sick over a 7-Eleven hot dog and threw up into his hands and hat. (:05) He also burps Blade-style.

RD: "Vince McMahon and the golden egg I just wrote 'Gooker'." (:12)

A crown is being exhibited, and an appalled princess tells O'Hara it may be "schhhtollen" before handing him a note from "FF". Somehow he knows immediately who it is.

Vince is surprised such a scary impacting villain only appeared the once. RD is surprised the concept hasn't been explored more in horror movies. He considers the Ed Ferrara Munsters Christmas movie he plans to watch to also be a horror movie.

FF - False Face, not Fred Flintstone - shows up wearing a clear plastic mask of another face on his own. He has to prove he is what he says he is by taking off  part of his beard. O'Hara: "IT'S FALSE FACE! The infamous criminal master of trickery and disguise!" Then Face lights the beard to cause an obscuring explosion to escape with the princess. She drops her cape into a three and a half foot inflating airbag that completely stops O'Hara. Face is so happy he jumps and clicks his heels. 

A car chase ensues with Face in his paddy wagon Trick Truck where everything is labelled. (:19) This includes changing the car into different types including an armored vehicle. Here though it just changes color into a bakery truck and Face into a chef. He is so happy he jumps and clicks his heels. This reminds RD of when the Duo change clothes automatically on the Batpoles and/or when Alfred has something different for them to wear for April Fools.

At Police HQ Gordon...laughs the crime off. At least until they find he already swapped the crown for a false. (:24) "Can't we stop this master of devilish disguises?" Their only hope is to once again call for "that towering power for right and justice, the Caped Crusader."

At Stately Wayne Manor Dick is now learning about trees: "Gosh! Botany is tough! I'll never learn to recognize all these trees!" 
Bruce: "Come come Dick. Pine, elm, hickory, chestnut, maple. Part of our heritage is the lore of living things, the storybook of nature."

Both wrote down that Aunt Harriet has no bra. Vince gives RD applause. 

RD found out Face appeared in Batman #113 in 1958, in the issue where "Batman meets Fatman". For some reason he calls the actor Malachi THORNE (rather than Throne, which sounds a far cooler surname), who continued to do voices in animated Batman. 

At Police HQ Batman appraises the crown at $1 million, far more than any stolen haul so far. An old man shows up with a note for Batman that is deceivingly false. In this case Face wants to give money to a "defenseless little girl" so Robin thinks he means a boy. They determine he actually means the Ladd Armored Car Company. Robin: "Holy bouncing boilerplated fists!" 

Batman also unmasks the old man as Face's henchwoman Blaze. (:35) RD found out actor Myrna Fahey had a stock-ticker in her dressing room, dated George Hamilton and Joe DiMaggio, was threatened by an actual insane asylum patient, and tragically died too young (40) from cancer. RD gives this blond look 7.5 Batpoles. Vince has 8.5. Blaze escapes by jumping through a window onto an FF air mattress. Batman makes puns in response. Robin stumbles in his response.

At his lair Face is so happy he takes off Blaze's blond wig revealing she was wearing the crown underneath it. RD gives this look a 5.5. Vince concurs. He uses the paywall opportunity to call one of this Counterfeit Crew a midget (because of his height). Face speaks in alliteration and his goons cheer: "Thanks men, I know you didn't mean it!" Vince liked he respected his henchmen, even if he spoke in opposites.

At Ladd one of their cars is late. (:44) Batman calls Gordon to inform him they may need to investigate the National Bank it is at. 

Mr. Ladd: "Bless you, Batman. Every law-abiding citizen of Gotham City goes with you today in spirit."
Secretary: "And if it were possible, in body."

RD finds the secretary very attractive, later in the recording giving her 8.5. Vince has to rewatch it to find her for himself.

At the National Bank RD demonstrates the camera Dutch angling to show danger is near. The Duo determine Face is around since he parked so close to a fire hydrant. Face (as a guard) escapes with an exploding money bag onto his Trick Truck, and he leaves with a laugh. 

The Duo's stunt doubles give chase, but are stopped by Face as an old woman with her 'Boy Scout' as his dwarf henchman. This brings up a fight with the rest of the gang with "no joke, literally, midget tossing." (RD) Vince doesn't think it's a bad thing since they were paid for it, although the one here was thrown into a trash can. During the scuffle Blaze gets into the Batmobile and then out of it. As the police arrive Face eludes by smoke bomb. He is so happy he jumps and clicks his heels. 

Gordon is temporarily stymied by Face as O'Hara who escapes with Blaze and real O'Hara in the Trick Truck. The rest of the gang are left to flail about.

At the Batcave the Duo confirm with technobabble principles that a dollar note is fake, and determines Face will print counterfeit money. At the Official Bank Note Printing Company (...a mint?), the Duo enter a heavily trapped place but hide to observe purple haired Blaze entering with the gang. RD gives this one a 7. Vince has 6.5. The Duo jump down to once again beat up the gang and, for some reason, hang the dwarf on a coat rack. Blaze tries to blow a kiss at Batman who blows it right back, then throws her over his shoulders like a sack of produce. 

At Police HQ Face gets away with being O'Hara by mumbling his words because he has a toothache. (:58) Blaze is uncooperative. Robin: "That's pretty dim, Blaze!" Batman hopes to rehabilitate Face "somehow". All of a sudden Blaze now wants to help Batman since he's a good man. 

She leads the Duo to an abandoned subway station and suddenly asks Batman to go get her some candy. Replies he: "Candy? But fresh fruit is much more healthier." Vince wants that on a t-shirt. But there is a candy machine nearby which produces...silver dollars! No, it's just knock out gas, and the Duo are immobilized. Vince complains on all the gas being used.

Face arrives as a steam train engineer, and ties the Duo to the train tracks. And without a false mustache to twirl? Devious. Vince likes that Face did not want to unmask the Duo. He just wanted to (literally) make money. 

Robin: "FIEND!"
Batman: "You'll regret this!...Eventually!"

Blaze on the other hand is reconsidering her affiliation. Before she and Face leave she asks Batman for forgiveness, which he gives. 

Narrator: "Can Batman and Robin break the unbreakable? Slip out of the chemical clutches? ESCAPE THE APOXY? Keep your Batwings crossed until tomorrow! Same time, same channel, same perilous predicament!" 

Vince wonders how many schoolchildren were running home to watch the show. RD's joke about Vince's age gives the latter pause to try and calculate on it. RD references Star Blazers aka Space Battleship Yamato, one of the first influential mecha/animes, or as Vince calls them "robutts".

The two again wonder why Face only appeared the once when he did, especially when Throne did a good job of it. The episode was a good one to them. Vince thinks they'll escape by hitting the lever to move the train to another track.

Vince heard Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby on the radio. RD hates all versions of it. The two disagree on whether Cyndi Lauper actually sang.

Vince is confused by RD being Santa to play against sassy children at Rupert's Kids Arcade for Christmas. He co-plugs it regardless. 

  • Special Guest Villain: False Face (Malachi Throne as ?)

  • Screen Captures: 1. Vince
  • Vince Burps: 1.
  • SPEAKING OFs: 1. Nature in the raw

Episode 16: Holy Smoke!: November 21, 2021

He Meets His Match, the Grisly Ghoul
March 3, 1966
"To find out the Joker's goal of his grand scheme, Robin goes undercover into the teenage delinquent underground."
62 minutes

"RD: Disco Tek Alum". Having met Mike Check, I don't doubt that. (Fascinating.) 

Vince is still gushing over their interview with Donna Loren. He admits unlike her he has a bad memory. RD admits that Blade also had a much stronger memory when they were doing the radio progrem (or rather he spent all day reading about himself on this very site).

RD compliments the recapping and the Narrator's dramatic voiceover.

The third lemon comes up - and there's a power outage. RD: "They didn't do anything!" (:05) The Joker is reminded of New York. Vince remembers the "yuge" Northeast Blackout of a year earlier, which according to he produced a "baby boom". RD helps him to find he is wrong from the ever accurate Wikipedia.

The police show up to rescue the Duo.
Cop: "Holy smoke!"
Robin: "Get us out of here before that's what we are! Holy smoke!"

They return to candlelit Police HQ. Gordon: "A mobile slot machine torture van! Why, the mere possession of such a vehicle violates at least seventeen separate statutes." 

In response Batman pulls out a huge reel of tape from his pants. RD thinks it was in the hole in the back of his suit. (:10) Vince: "Interesting." 

They take it to the Batcave's Anti-Crime Voice Analyzer still powered by that Atomic Pile of his...but wait until the morning when overall power returns. Bruce needs recuperation you know, he's not Superman. Vince calls him a vampire, perhaps because of the bat connection. He is also appalled that the Duo's stunt doubles are obviously visible even in wide shots. 

Sad News: After attempting to watch Santa With Muscles (on Blu-Ray), Mrs. Deal does not want to watch any more bad Christmas movies. (:15) RD tempts Vince to watch it with him.

Anyway they determine that Susie is with the Joker. Robin: "Holy Benedict Arnold!" He proceeds to have a huge breakdown as Batman steadies his old chum: "It's an old story I'm afraid, old as Eve and the apple and the snake. The Joker must have promised her some baubles that led her astray." Vince thought he meant breast enhancement.

The two then temporarily forget Christopher Walken's name. Vince suggests Tony Khan. Tony/Walken as Max Shreck in Batman Returns also mentioned baubles. Even the Gotham series had a Catwoman looking like Pfeiffer and Paul Ruebens playing a role.

RD broke a finger within an actual treasure chest while assisting in the Arcade, and put it in a splint to heal. (:24) Vince compares their friendly play fighting to Tom & Jerry.

Anyway, they track Susie to the candystore, and Batman assigns undercover agent Dick Grayson to infiltrate it as "Dark George". He does so in a purple and black leather ensemble where she immediately knows who he is.  "Hiya, Sue-baby, how's tricks?" he says randomly before placing an obvious camera fully visible in front of them without anyone commenting on it. He also calls Bruce a "skinflint" and tries a drag on one cigarette before coughing; he says he's already smoked two packs already. The boyfriend Nick sends Dick to the robbed bar before for some money. Susie asks for Dick to remain with them: "he can climb real good." Nick: "That guy never had a weed in his life."

All of this is observed by the one camera constantly changing camera angles. 

In the back Nick relays his frustrations about Susie to the Joker. They decide to get rid of her after she refills the milk machine. He also gives her "Canadian perfume" to entice her.

Batman also goes to the bar and sends the patrons to the back while he tackles the jukebox. RD wonders why he didn't just send them all outside. He and Robin hide behind a Batshield to block the pop up gun's bullets and destroy the jukebox with a smoke bomb. He then tasks bad liar Robin to help him rescue Susie: "That young lady's life isn't worth a plugged lollipop!" Then to the bartender: "a bit of advice. Always inspect a jukebox carefully. These machines can be deadly."

Back at the hideout Joker makes a bet with his bookie Pete the Swede on Woodrow Roosevelt to lose their basketball game against one Disco Tech. (:38) Vince is a small wager gambler on occasion, his last bet being on baseball in the beginning of the latest season. 

The Duo reach Susie (shockingly on time) but she doesn't listen to them (probably because Batman also calls her an old shoe), and putting on her perfume knocks her out. Nick tells Joker that he believes she's actually dead (not knowing Batman gave her a Batantidote) after putting her on the "meat wagon". Joker: "What's the life of one greedy little dupe?" He then gives Nick an exploding cigar. 

At the gym the team goes for some milk from the machine, which instead spits out test answers. Joker shows up to take pictures of the 'cheating' team to get them suspended...immediately, so that Disco Tech can then face a random scrub team and he can win his bet. RD wonders on the athletic ability of the players as a whole.

Suddenly there's a Batshadow and Batman speaks, except his pose and angle are completely different in another shot. Ready to deliver a "punchline" the Duo swing down to fight a not terribly good battle. During it Joker rolls a barbell at Batman who...steps aside. He then picks it up and throws it back like a soccer ball. Joker tries his sneezing powder, but unfortunately for him Batman already took an Anti-Allergy Pill. He then defeats Joker with his Batarang.

RD wonders why Joker thought betting big on a high school basketball game would be the way to make money. (:50) They have more questions on why Susie is suddenly at Stately Wayne Manor where Dick gives her the opportunity to cheerlead in the Wayne Foundation for Delinquent Girls. Vince wonders if people would raise questions if a certain former president would also make such a Foundation. RD has one. Vince: "Then she kisses Dick. I don't know what that means."

They enjoyed the episode and Romero and Loren's performances, but the whole plot and thing about Dick Grayson, Undercover Agent was a mess. Vince favors the Joker for being physical more believably than other villains even if he is like 7 feet tall (he's been canonically listed at 6 feet).

The two then temporarily forget Jill St. John's name.

RD shills Rupert's Kids for a change since Rupert found an early detected throat cancer. I join RD in wishing all the very best for the man, a genuine fine young egg.

  • Special Guest Villain: The Joker [2] (Cesar Romero) [2]

  • Brown Hornet Escapes: 1. Power outage

Special #1: The DL: November 14, 2021

63 minutes

"RD is A Pepper Too". (I put him more as a Thunder.) Russo lists his Patreon. He gives himself applause. "You never doubt Vince Russo!"

As stated from last week, and proving a giddy RD wrong for once, Vince has the lovely Donna "DL" Loren (last week's Susie Spirit) on screen with them, coming in from Hawaii. 

  • Loren thought Romero was the handsomest man on set. Vince gives RD applause for his correct guess. He was a generous gentlemen, but always in character (what is it with Joker actors always doing that?). 
  • Loren: "They didn't shave my mustache either."
  • The show was already a big draw even during filming, with many kids trying to stare over the walls of the sets.
  • She was never impressed by West who kept trying to fill out his tights. (:12)
  • Batman replaced the (music) show she was on, Shindigs, which always had some sort of controversy due to being desegregated. She was hired for the role without needing much of an audition due to having most of the required wardrobe design already, among other things. She once got into trouble for not wearing a bra.
  • She confirms to Vince that Aunt Harriet never wore a bra. (:18)
  • She felt Susie had courage due to being a younger character but also hopefully a conscience.
  • She re-met the surviving Monkees sometime ago.
  • She had a very constraining contract as the Dr. Pepper Girl. (:28) However they did help a lot in giving her screen presence. Her audition for it was also a very quick thing. 
  • She visited the Batcave and thought it was fun. 
  • Joker 2019 was a great movie, but so intense to watch just the once. 
  • Shindigs had such great musical talent around it, but unfortunately the racial issues on its broadcast hobbled it.
  • It took many years working with a psychologist colleague to write down her life story. (:46) The pandemic gave her an opportunity to tell it as a podcast (Love's A Secret Weapon) alongside her singing, and even involve fan participation.
  • After her next show once again encountered race related opposition, she met her first husband who helped her to take control of things and retire from acting with no regrets. (:51) Even so the amount of work she did in such a short amount of time astounds the Co-Bros. 
  • She prefers coffee and bagels over cereal, but she will try Captain Crunch for Vince. He gives her applause for it. RD does not know what bagel lox are.
  • Husband Jered makes an appearance. (:59) Love is spread amongst the four. Vince gives more applause, as is rightfully due.

Episode 15: Holy Fruit Salad!: November 7, 2021

The Joker Goes to School
March 2, 1966
"When a vending machine in a high school starts dispensing bizarrely valuable items, Batman discovers the Joker is behind this for mysterious reasons."
74 minutes

"RD: No Gimmicked Machines Here" Not even Trolla products? Vince has a new website. He asks RD about his Reds fandom and his Willy Wonka pinball table. Someone had gifted Vince a Batman Tiny TV Classic.

For once, Vince forgot this day's swerve, (:05) in this case of Donna Loren who was on one of Vince's earlier shows. RD is not sure who is no longer with us from the main cast. The Co-Bros check out a few names to ascertain their vitality. Vince: "Interesting."

RD temporarily disconnects. He blames it on Vince almost insulting Julie Newmar on her age. (:09)

At the gymnasium of Woodrow Roosevelt High School (long time rivals of Jefferson Lincoln no doubt), a basketball team handles a basketball for the first time while "young Dick" lifts weights in the corner. Vince did not see any erections in his winter clothing worn indoors. 

RD does the cheerleaders' awkward chant. Vince thinks they're the Knights who say Ni instead of the Knights who say Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing. The chant stops the "basketballers" to applaud (and look for a shrubbery) and Dick wonders if cheerleader Susie (Loren) wrote it herself. She shifts the blame to their poetry professor (not teacher). Vince: "Interesting."

All this bad cheerleading leads them to a milk vending machine. Vince remembers when they had those in schools, but he won't drink it by itself unlike RD (who had the old glass bottles). Vince: "Interesting." The vending machine is actually giving silver dollars which requires a call for the police. Vince plays the wrong clip for RD before the applause. Gordon: "There's a strange bonanza from a gimmicked milk machine." 

Determining that this is the Joker's doing, Alfred has to find Bruce who is talking to one Mr. Vandergilt, who is asking Bruce once again to run for mayor. Alfred: "HEY, IT'S THE BATPHONE!" Bruce is told to come to the high school, so of course he slides down the Batpole to police HQ instead. Apparently Joker was just released last week allowing him to buy the "One Armed Bandit Novelty Company". The two blame Gordon, Warden Criton, and the out of order episode airing. (:26)

Interestingly (non-Vince) as RD relates, pinball was still considered a gambling activity to be outlawed, hence something that the Joker would be (criminally) involved. It wasn't until actual pinball wizard Robert Sharpe demonstrated in a New York court ten years later that play was more about skill than luck that it was finally unbanned.

Principal Schoolfield then calls over speakerphone to report another machine in the library giving out "negotiable" stocks. Batman: "SCHOOLFIELD!!! THIS IS BATMAN!!! DO YOU HEAR ME???" He asks to hold a meeting with student council president "Richard Grayson", then asks for the Joker's "digital ID file". Vince gives RD proper applause this time.

Among the people with Dick is a "nerd" named Herbie. RD does his Nathaniel impression for him, boy oh boy. (:31) Susie gets quarters from Schoolfield's coffee machine to help put Dick in his place. Batman parks illegally in the school parking lot, then has to get out his megaphone to tell the excited people and schoolchildren to stay back from the Batmobile's delicate crime equipment and anti-theft system. 

"In a fashionably little bistro" a heavy drunk finds the jukebox has a message from the Joker for "my cheese boozehounds" in the form of a gun, and the place is robbed.

Batman warns that these handout providing machines are a trap to lead people into "a deceptive pattern of easy-living" to join crime gangs. Make your own political joke here. (:37) He uses a slide projector to show one (1) photo of the Joker standing at 6'8". Romero and his mustache were 6'3", almost as tall as 6'5" RD if that was actually a true number (Romero's, not RD). Vince is reminded of the recent Raw where the interviewer had to reduce his height, so he had to wide squat rather than just about anything else less ridiculous looking. Batman calls Joker "one of the most malevolent malefactors we've ever met", which makes me sad that wasn't also said in any of the animated series. 

Batman asks the "high schoolers that look like their early 30s" (RD) to notice the Joker's lapel flower, at which the CPOC (Clown Prince of Crime) himself pops out of the screen to gloat. Vince gives RD boos since he forgot he only admitted to "shoot a jolly jet through that tiny perforation in that screen." One of the students charges him with school loitering, then punishable by up to $5000 and 5 years. Joker counters by saying he has to be loitering for more than two minutes for that, then runs off. Batman: "You...you JAILHOUSE LAWYER!" Gordon calls to tell him about the bistro robbery, covered by the Joker's alibi of being at the school. 

Batman (to the students): "Go back to your studies. Believe me, nothing in life is free."

The Joker and his people The Bad Pennies Nick and Two Bits are at the Easy Living Candyshop gimmicking further machines, including a shuffle-bowler. Suzie is also there. She demands her payment for delivering some exams, so the Joker gives her a bracelet, a fur coat, and "Mexican perfume". Suzie: "My, this is like some lovely dream!" (:49) RD gives Suzie a "nice solid" 7.5 Batpoles, later rounded up to 8. Vince gives her a "solid" 9, his highest so far. 

In the Batcave Dick studies algebra with Alfred as Batman picks him up. By then Suzie has snuck into the school at night to gimmick more machines. RD tries to screen capture text that doesn't fix the screen so Vince has to boo him. 

Suzie: "How do you stop a dog from barking in July?"
Joker: "Countersign: shoot him in June."

She runs into the investigating Duo to tell them there's trouble again in the gym. Telling Robin to prepare himself, Batman puts a dime in the machine, causing knee-cuffs to emerge and hold the two into knockout gas. "Twelve and one half minutes later," (Narrator) they wake up in electric chairs in a "curious vehicle" tied up to a slot machine. The Joker and Suzie are in front failing to properly disguise their voices telling "the feathered fatman" they could get shocked...or $50,000. Robin: "Holy fruit salad!" The cliffhanger comes after two lemons come up.

The Co-Bros are surprised the show had a young 19 year old (Lauren) on their show. Vince promises to have her on the show next week.

The two enjoyed the episode as well. Even the scheme is something the Joker would do, gimmicked machines or otherwise. RD uses the opportunity to shill Rupert's Kids Arcade. (:64)

Sad News: some of the patrons thought their last Versus was "difficult to listen to". I honestly didn't mind it and its non-Vince interesting background. 

The two find more people to determine their health and/or availability for their show. (:69)

  • Special Guest Villain: The Joker [2] (Cesar Romero) [2]

  • I did in fact know he was sick:  1. Yvonne Craig
  • Technical Difficulties: 1. RD
  • SPEAKING OFs: 1. Young Dick
  • Screen Shares: 1. RD

Episode 14: Holy Frogman!: October 31, 2021

Batman Stands Pat
February 24,1966
"Batman, thanks to superior breath control, is able to escape the plaster of Paris in which he was encased. Despite this, the Mad Hatter is still at large. Eventually, Batman and Robin again face off against the Mad Hatter at his criminal lair. Things look bad, but the Dynamic Duo manage to triumph."
71 minutes

RD Is Also "Somewhat Irritating". That's a weird Halloween costume. He is also on the tail-end of a cold. Discussing his old school Colts cap leads to Eric Bischoff at his Wyoming ranch tending to the animals.

The Narrator has "another dish and another snatch" for the Mad Hatter. (:05) Vince also has his own Patreon where one of his subscribers delivered a pizza to Burt Ward for zero (0) in tips. 

Narrator: "Holy sombrero!...Is Batman permanently plastered?"

"Monsieur Marble" very slowly sculpts away at Batman's head to get a mold of the cowl so Hatter can make money off selling copies. He sends his henchmen to (fail to) secure the Batmobile. Robin is tied shibari-style to a marble horse. Vince would have preferred him tied to a "radyater". RD responds to Vince's dislike of his cold nose sounds with a screen capture of tied Robin. Vince: "What the frig, man?" RD: "Doesn't his hair look a little must up too?"

Batman is of course still alive, and Hatter's mesmerizer isn't working, so he makes a break for it. Batman releases Robin as he tells him how: "I held my breath." Robin: "Holy frogman!" 

Back at the Batcave Robin finds being beaten and not knowing the full scheme "somewhat irritating". Batman calls up Gordon: "has there been any more reports of hat thefts or disappearing people?"

Batman: "What comes in twelves?"
Robin: "A dozen donuts." 

Batman punches himself in the head when he figures it involves a jury: "How could I have been so stupid?" There is one more hat, "the key that will hoist our opponent on his own petard!"

Vince has to entertain the people. He uses it to cut a promo against him. RD responds by blowing his nose. (:22)

Alfred easily pulls up the jury's names within five seconds, far faster than anything the police would ever do. The last juror is named Turkey Bullwinkle and he owns a bowling alley that is never seen. He sounds like a WWCR character. A very happy Alfred is sent to go see him to bug his hat. Alfred's cover is that he is a genealogist. Turkey: "GHOSTS???"

As expected Hatter appears with Lisa still wearing the same dress. Vince hope it doesn't smell). He hides in a transparent glass telephone booth while she tries to charm Turkey's Batpole and "virile charm". She gives Tetsch an "iggy" sign (used in the ring to show someone is alright) that the hat is upstairs, already bugged in an unstable place in the brim. Turkey: "Who let you out of the joint, Tetsch?" 

RD blows his nose much to Vince's disgust. He hides it with tied Robin. (:35)

Tetsch and Turkey fight, and Hatter mesmerizes Turkey who goes cross-eyed, but he discovers he's being tracked. He allows it to lead Batman to his hat torturer, then goes off on another soliloquy about putting Batman on his head. Vince gives it applause. The cronies are still hungry. 

Hatter then watches the Duo as they come to his place and get out the Batropes. RD points out that for some reason Batman has a huge hole in the back of his suit under the cape. Vince gives him applause. RD shakes his head in disapproval. (:42)

The Duo smash through a window and immediately get captured at gunpoint (a first in the series so far) while Lisa is "up to her pretty neck in evil": "Oh Jervis! How droll!" Vince gives it applause.

Instead of shooting them or taking the cowl as originally desired, Hatter just decides to put them in the machine. Vince wonders why he didn't threaten Robin's life. Batman responds by starting a very long fight, the long in the show so far (better than last week's anyway), while Robin finds himself under some highly elevated claws.

Vince: "He's into muskrat hats?"
RD: "Who isn't?"

Hatter is thrown into acid. Batman: "Well, I suppose he's passed the acid test." Lisa is left for the courts. The police arrive late because they got lost a la Sid Vicious. Vince asks RD to induct his "one WrestleCrap moment" where Vader was under the ring and became dazed and confused by all the pyro and ballyhoo being set off. 

Aunt Harriet buys an $800 hat that is put on Bruce's "tab". Despite not wearing a hat at all in the scene he randomly says: "I thought I was wearing a hat when I came in." RD thinks he means his cowl. 

The Mad Hatter will only make one more appearance after this, which saddens the Co-Bros as they thought he was a good villain for once. (:60 - :69) RD found out actor David Wayne won two Tonys, appeared in The Golden Girls (with Bea Arthur), The Apple Dumpling Gang, and An American Christmas Carol. Vince has a Munster's Christmas movie written by Ed Ferrara on DVD. He goes to get it while RD entertains the people.

  • Special Guest Villain: The Mad Hatter (David Wayne)

  • Screen Shares: 2. RD, RD
  • Brown Hornet Escapes: 1. I held my breath.
  • Entertain The People: 3
  • Bugs: 1
  • SPEAKING OFs: 1. Those things

Blade may be dead but that's no excuse to forget to say please and thank ya this Halloween after watching out for those idiots in cars. Isn't that right, Roddy Piper?

Rowdy Roddy Piper's Halloween Tips (1989) Uploaded by RVM Kai

Round Three - Brawl: October 30, 2021

51 minutes

RD is Russo's Butterbean. He also has a slight cold. Sadly he does not suffer from Burgess Meredith Penguin cough. 

Vince remembered when McMahon first told him in his limo about the other WWF which may necessitate a name change. RD calls McMahon a dim-bulb.

Today the two will fight over one of Vince's most infamous things: 1997's Brawl For All. First Vince promotional considerations Yoo-hoo in a can, which apparently is hard to find. He then maintains his desire to remain apathetic. (:05) 

Vince wanted to try out something new, partly due to wanting to see something new, and having to tell McMahon (so people would know who to blame). RD does his Dr. D impression. Vince also had verbal heat against JBL, leading to backstage at Raw where he told Vince and their shared friend Kevin Kelley he would definitely knock people out for real. Vince wanted to see if he could prove it but without hurting anybody. RD: "I don't think you were thinking at all!" There was also the opportunity to counter the then still growing UFC. But as expected McMahon "gets off".  

It's then that Vince washes his hand of the entire concept by handing it off to McMahon to squander into the ground. (:18) He then hands it to Bruce Pritchard to make calls to see who is available. Vince only heard who would be involved, but he noticed that the promise of good money (for once) drew in many people (who also might have wanted to punch Marc Mero in the face). 

Vince absolutely refutes the theory that Steve Williams was the favorite to win, placing it all on Jim Ross boasting like he was trying to sell turkeys or something, and in fact making more fans to root against him. (:25) Vince enjoyed working with Steve regardless. During this JBL said nothing being sheepish on what was happening as a result of his words, while Bart Gunn felt determined to go all the way and win and discount all those thinking otherwise. Vince thought Godfather would win. 

Vince admits that if he had known more about the dangers of brain injury and damage as he does now he would never have pitched the idea, especially as people started getting injured for real. (:30) He refutes Bryan Alvarez stating that people knew about the dangers back then (they didn't as much). RD states for Bryan that knowledge or not, the danger of head trauma was still real. Vince still disagrees; even after his own concussion by Ric Flair in '99, he kept getting in rings and further risking his head, even knowing he was concussed but without knowing the full ramifications. RD philosophically agrees with he and Bryan. 

In turn Vince tries to be philosophical when he saw JBL get knocked out by Bart "Simpson" Gunn; he was not pleased, only shocked that it happened as it did. (:37) RD: "You never been in a bar fight, Vince Russo?"

Vince did not remember if he had the idea for Bart to fight Butterbean at Wrestlemania, but he was influenced by him "100%" that he thought it would be a proper and fully competitive bout. They even had Mero's boxing trainer to train Bart, furthering his confidence to try to box. However, according to Bart that also brought him out of the mentality of the earlier free-for-all brawl, and this confusion got into his fight. Vince was shocked he lost so quickly without even having some sort of fighting chance. 

Now in hindsight and knowing what happened with Bart after (including Japan), would Vince have done it all over again? "Yes." He does take all the responsibility for what happened to Bart after in WWF which wasn't helped by recent events and Steve Austin cutting better promos. RD thinks a good manager would have helped his case, even if they weren't in vogue during the Attitude Era.

That just leaves one more question from RD: (:45)

"Who wins in the Brawl For All finale: Riddler or Joker?" 

Vince has the more athletic Riddler. But what about Joker's baseball arm?

Episode 13: Holy Albatross!: October 24, 2021

The Thirteenth Hat
February 23, 1966
"Jervis Tetsch, aka the Mad Hatter, is abducting all the jurors who convicted him of a previous crime wave. He is also taking their hats. His final target is none other than Batman, who provided the key testimony in the Mad Hatter's trial. Batman and Robin have the Mad Hatter and his gang cornered but the criminal mastermind manages to encase the Caped Crusader in plaster of Paris." 
70 minutes

RD Wishes He Was Named "Jervis", like this week's villain. He is also back from vacation. He and family went to Galaxy's Edge at DisneyWorld and was lucky to ride the Rise of the Resistance. They also went to Universal which he likes more including his favorite the Spider-Man ride, and randomly talking about Orange Cassidy with Donkey and Fiona. While TNA was at Universal Vince went on the Spider-Man with Shane Douglas who also enjoyed it greatly.

Vince thanks supporters for their patience while host Channel Attitude was establishing its RSS feed. He has gone to his second disk in his set.

On an early morning in Gotham a chef is using mass quantities of flour. His huge hat is a tempting snatch for our villain, who uses a never failing mesmerizing beam in his top hat to also capture his target. Said kidnapping involves a blue van. He then steals a deerstalker style cap while his top hat plays a low-key lullaby as his theme.

Cut to Police HQ where only Gordon and O'Hara remain. (:11) Gordon: "At this rate, no hat in Gotham will be safe from Jervis Tetsch!" RD is so happy they also use his name. Vince is happy that Batman is needed because he was involved in jailing him last time rather than being called just because. "It was a sad day indeed when the word 'parole' was coined!" RD wonders how many trials Hatter had so far.

Vince wished he had written a subtle Batman series referencing character while in the industry. RD remembered when WCW UK used Batman style bubbles to cover the violence.

Hatter has with him his henchpeople Cappy and "Dizzer", which confuses Vince. It's actually Dicer, "a man’s hat, made of stiff silk or felt, not as tall as a top hat, but of similar shape (though the term is sometimes also applied to a derby)".

Bruce is currently using a marble bust to lecture Dick on "the pro-cess-eeze of sculpting a fascinating art to which I devoted many hours of study." RD is unsure if Aunt Harriet was wearing a bra or not while in a "quandry" over the "oolong tea or the pekoe" for some tea party. Sad News: RD hates tea. Alfred loudly tells Bruce it's the Batphone and the Duo have to leave for a "black-footed albatross at Sleighter's Slew." Robin: "And maybe a fork-tailed petrel." RD reads the characteristics of a petrel. He thinks they should have kept that for the Penguin. Vince thinks they will just reuse it.

The Duo meet at Police HQ. (:20) O'Hara: "Nobody's safe! He's stealing hats! WHERE WILL HE STOP?" Batman: "In a court of law where he's been stopped before?" RD wonders why they're forgetting the kidnappings. Batman: "Few men die of threats, Robin."

Gordon thanks Batman for his service. Batman: "Fighting crime deserves no gratitude. It's my fervent hope that warped minds such as his can be rehabilitated once and for all."

As the Duo leave O'Hara grabs a random phone to yell to "CLEAR ALL EXITS FOR THE BATMOBILE!" and then we see there's nobody there.

RD finds the Hatter's bright orange hair, swirly mustache, and painted bushy eyebrows amusing. He's there with his henchlady...LISA. (Actor Diane McBain would also appear in an Elvis movie in the same year.) Lisa is head over heels for Hatter, who aims to kidnap his trial jury and Batman (via his cowl) to re-trial himself while trying to get subtly handsy with her. 

Cappy and Dicer stand around asking about lunch for some reason, reminding RD of a shirt he saw while on vacation. Vince is reminded of when he got a luxurious three days off in WWF to take the family to Universal where a third of the people wore Austin 3:16 shirts. (:32)

RD is alarmed by Hatter's hat making torture device with flailing knives that can make "oatmeal mush". Hatter: "He could wind up a tassel on a tam o'shanter." Lisa: "Oh, you pixie!" RD gives her 8 Batpoles for her character more than her appearance (including hair) which would have earned her a 6 otherwise. Vince likes her perkiness but gives her a 7.5, thinking RD was too high. RD skips ahead to another lady, Babette, with the shortest skirt, to give her a "solid" 7. Vince gives her a 5 due to her nasally voice. RD thinks Vince wants to "hook up" with her now 85 year old actor (Sandra Wells).

Hatter also wants to sell his kidnapped jury for "all the president's hats". (To quote Top Hat, "follow the felt.")

The Duo are fashionably late to reach the 11th juror, Madame Magda of a hat shop, in time. "I'm sure the communists had something to do with this!" randomly says the shop's customer. (:40) Vince is alarmed that Lisa can pop up to give Batman a clue without his asking any questions (she is posing as Magda's employee). 

Meanwhile Warden Criton has a Batman statue/Batstatue up in the prison for some reason. Vince thinks it's for deterrence. RD disagrees. 

Back to the Batcave the Duo look at their giant "edge-lighted" map of the city to draw a hat and find their 12th juror. Robin: "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." Vince thinks he's speaking about gimmicks. 

Hatter goes to sculptor Octave Marbot and disguises himself as he with an exaggerated French accent. Despite the World's Greatest Detective having met him before, he goes along with it without attempting to apprehend him then and there. RD is alarmed that Hatter wants to see Robin so much in the dressing room where Octave is also. Hatter (to Lisa): "My expert mimicry and perfect French fooled them completely!"

Cue the worst fight scene so far with blown spots rampant. (:50) Hatter goes for his mesmerizer. Batman goes for his "anti-mesmerizing Batreflector" (a mirror) and accidently hits Robin with it. Hatter then gets Batman with a trash can to the back, sending him into some "super fast hardening plaster". Hatter: "Batman will be permanently plastered!" He then has his own little soliloquy about his hat torturer while Batman continues to get plastered. Vince wonders why he uses acid spray to make hats. 

Vince liked that they finally get a serious villain with a plausible plot of revenge. RD agrees, including "waggish" Lisa, even if he had to use dumb luck to get what he wanted. 

Vince gives himself applause for giving RD much material to write on. (:60) He has an issue with Tony Khan talking about ratings and audience numbers or something. RD agrees, just wanting to watch the wrestling.

  • Special Guest Villain: The Mad Hatter (David Wayne) 

  • Blue Van: 1

Episode 12: Holy Fiddling!: October 17, 2021

When the Rat's Away the Mice Will Play
February 17, 1966
"After escaping the Ridder's deathtrap, the Dynamic Duo lie low to discover the ultimate goal of the supervillain's crime wave."
48 minutes

RD is Less Cross-Eyed Than Batman. He also changed shirts in between recordings to a yellow Robin one. He responds to further Vince singing with once again showing erect Robin. 

As the erect Duo spin on their turbines Batman manages to somehow get a torch from his utility belt to burn through his bindings and short-circuit the power. The only thing Robin can do is vomit on his shirt. (:03) Batman responds by slapping him. RD is reminded of the similar gag from Airplane! I'm reminded of that one meme picture.

As they return to the Batcave we visit the environmentally conscious River Rats. Unfortunately for the Co-Bros Mousey is too short and big eyed and high pitched for their liking. Vince gives her 4 Batpoles. RD gives her a "courteous" 5.5. The two compare her to the earlier Molly. Vince: "I think she was looking for the rub." To be fair as RD points out, actress Susan Silo did make a successful pivot to voice acting and is still doing it today, even close to 80 years old! Sadly none of that work included anything Batman or DC related. Vince: "Interesting."

The Riddler cuts in another promo how he succeeded against Batman than the other villains, except for Zelda the Great of whom he's probably forgotten all about already. He has another riddle: "What is it that is coming but never arrives tomorrow?" RD answers with erect Robin. (:12) Then Riddler gets really close to the camera to show his skin pores. RD thinks they should rename the show The Riddler's Skin. Vince wants Robin's Foreskin. RD answers with erect Robin. 

Batman calls Gordon while he is dressing down King Boris to confirm that he is in fact alive, but to hide that from the general public. Vince wonders if a king ranks lower than a police commissioner in political hierarchies. That done, Boris goes to the Gotham City Museum of Fame where a miniature statue is being shown among other models. RD is 99% sure one of the busts being shown was the same one of the Joker. The River Rats watching on their TV boo a painting of the Duo except for Mousey. RD does his Mousey impression. 

Mousey is sent to blow up a police box to send a ransom letter to Gordon, which weren't really a thing in the US, blue secret time machine or otherwise. (:18) Vince wonders if they were a product of his time which according to him was a very confident 1940. He also wonders why they didn't just send the ransom to him personally. 

The ransom is for $1 million or a monument will be blown up. Batman tells him to go ahead despite Gordon's protests that it may be too late in the day to visit a bank branch. So Bruce comes to HQ to pay to "do my duty as a proud citizen of this fair community" as Gordon calls him the "unsung hero of this dark hour." Then a River Rat named Whitey cosplaying as a cross-eyed and pudgy Batman comes in through the window. Bruce cracks his hand through a hand-shake as they agree to speak somewhere with "no cops! Er, no police!" to hash out the money delivery at the museum. 

Vince notes Riddler putting himself over some more a la Tony Khan. RD demonstrates by kissing his hands like he did for some reason. 

Robin is on top of the Batcave's Atomic Pile ignoring Batman's command to "stop fiddling" with himself. RD knows to what Batman is referring to. Vince doesn't think Batman would have told him someone died on top of that. 

The latest riddle leads to the statue at the museum. For perhaps the only time that he makes the right choice, Gordon calls Batman to tell him there was a phony. RD wonders how he figured that out. Batman determines there will be a bombing at the museum. When the Riddler arrives he finds no bomb or money but a (solved) riddle, before the bomb in place of what would have been the money blows up. The Duo then burst through their painting, to RD's dismay at their disrespect. Vince found it funny that Robin kept the same pose of the painting. 

Cue fight scene with the Riddler and folks and stooge. (:31) During the combat Batman picks up and throws a guy 40 feet with a slide-whistle and ceiling wires. Robin is so proud of his super-kick he congratulates himself. Vince is unnerved by Mousey coming on to Batman too much, and so too is Batman. 

During Vince's honeymoon in California he was so excited when he saw Stately Wayne Manor during his tour. He is happy now too that Aunt Harriet is again without a bra as she goes with friends to the museum. Bruce has his business work to keep pretend busy with. Dick has his algebra homework to keep busy busy with. Bruce again hits him when he tries to leave it. 

The Bros compare this to the Riddler's last outing. (:36 - :43) RD liked the idea of turbines but they are now ruined due to erect Robin. While the henchmen were better, the girl was less so. So things were average for him, like it has been so far with the show. Hopefully next time with the Mad Hatter will be better. They are also hopeful the show will pick up.

  • Special Guest Villain: The Riddler [2] (Frank Gorshin) [2]
  • Brown Hornet Escapes: 1. Short-circuiting a turbine through a torch.

Episode 11: Holy Infernal!: October 10, 2021

A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away
February 16, 1966
"When a visiting King is accosted by the Riddler, the Dynamic Duo pursues his subsequent complex trail of riddles to try to stop him."
50 minutes

RD Is Less Excited than Robin. He's also not in his studio as he is on holiday. He still has his surfing Batman and Joker shirt on. 

Somebody told Vince to watch a reality show with Cody and Brandi Rhodes. He hopes they exaggerated their negative qualities to gain heat. So like just about any other reality show then?

Speaking of shows more real life, Vince complains of the show's repetitiveness so early on. Batman, not Cody. (:05) RD believes Gotham City's infamy of crime and danger is drawing in intrigued visitors, much like then New York City, and in this case with yet another dignitary of one King Boris of [insert European country here]. Upon landing he is instantly subject to roses exploding into riddles and the Riddler's laughter while his theme plays. RD wishes he had such technology for trick or treaters. RD's attempt at answering the riddle earns Vince's applause. 

Gordon has only O'Hara and one other unlucky cop to dress down as he is about to call Batman who he owes "a very great deal". (:10) Vince wonders why they even need police if the Dark Knight does all the work for them. RD has to explain to Vince what the word infernal means. Wait, wasn't he a writer? 

Batman can't answer the Batphone as Alfred is polishing the Batpoles without any euphemisms, so he has to "beckon him". Appearing Aunt Harriet makes Vince attempt to sing. RD is thankful this time she's wearing a bra without his wife also watching. (:13) Bruce and Dick are playing chess to determine if he will do his homework or go fishing instead. Why not do the homework while fishing? No wonder he's always just the sidekick.

The Dynamic Duo visit the police just for Gordon to tell them in person about the impossible to solve riddle and Gordon determining the Riddler's involvement with his "fancy footwork" once more. The Co-Bros laugh at the police's further inefficiency and that they should pay Batman for his time, billionaire or no.

The police discount his targeting a $25,000 chess tournament to determine he will instead hit the Miss Galaxy beauty pageant for its tiara, as judged by King Boris. Batman will allow him to steal a bugged fake one. The Co-Bros wonder how many bugs they have on hand. 

At the pageant RD disparages the attending last year's winner's appearance, who looks so average she doesn't even get a credit. Vince disparages this year's winner's appearance. "Manly," he handwrote. He later gives Joy Harmon as Julia Davis 1 Batpole. RD gives 1.5.

The Riddler appears from a trapdoor to steal the tiara and a kiss. Vince: "Are they going to cancel Frank Gorshin now, you think?" He then pops out of a manhole to taunt the Duo on their use of a bug and give a new riddle, which for some reason needs analyzing at the Batcave. Vince finds it amusing that they always keep running to the Batmobile no matter what. Batman also finds the time to explain the episode title to Robin, in that the Riddler always goes silent before he acts. 

At the Batcave they determine he will next hit the Mushroom Club (:25). Batman gets enraged for some reason when Robin wants to look up the location on the Batcomputer; they have the Yellow Pages for that! (Boy do I feel so old remembering those.) Vince agrees with Batman that they should just check "normally". 

Meanwhile the Riddler confers underground with the "River Rat Gang", of whom RD applauds their henchmen and rat-looking antics, and even their feeding habits (including the expected for cutting the cheese). Quote the Riddler: "I'm gonna deduct the cheese billed from the profits." RD's favorite, Whiskers, has actual whiskers stuck on his face. Vince wished they made their own appearance by themselves. The lady of the group, Mousey, has too much of a high pitched voice to their tastes.

The Gang acts undercover as King Boris is taken on a tour of a wine cellar while Whiskers takes the time to overact. The Duo find Boris who states he is fine just as the wine bottles start popping and he falls victim to a trapdoor. Even worse, they are distracted by more riddles to decipher at the Batcave, leading them to the Gotham City River and Power Plant. Vince wonders why the Riddler doesn't give them more misleading riddles to follow away from his actual acts. RD reminds him this is how villains act. 

Anyway, the Riddler cuts a promo. (:35) He goes against Mousey and her weird eyes and actions by stating to his "cherub" his ranking as the "king of crime". 

As he does so and the Duo climb up a wall, Robin worries about "diplomatic repercussions". Batman: "All visitors to these teeming shores are safe, be they peasant or king. It's the very essence of our democracy." Said king is subject to the Riddler's "genius stratagem" just because while a "lackey" offers cheese, before he lets him go.

Part of this stratagem has him catch the Duo in a net once again. (:40) Vince wonders why they are not used to such tactics by now. RD wonders if the villains ever discuss tactics when they are in prison together. The Duo are sprayed in "sticky stuff" while the Riddler cackles in delight. He then has the two's stunt doubles strapped to giant turbines, which is bad enough. They then zoom in to actual Robin fully erect, which is even worse. RD shows the screen capture to an incredulous Vince to see for himself, finding it "disturbing" that he can see what looks like the tip. Vince: "You can't replace yourself with Robin's wiener!" The non-erect Riddler further gloats they will spin to death before leaving with a riddle. 

For a change the Bros will record for next week after this, so RD has to get through his shilling quicker this time. (:47)

  • Special Guest Villain: The Riddler [2] (Frank Gorshin) [2]
  • Vince Time Outs: 1
  • Bugs: 1
  • Fact or Fiction: 1
  • I didn’t even know he was sick:  1. Frank Gorshin
  • Screen Shares: 1. RD

Episode 10: Holy Fishbowl!: October 3, 2021

A Death Worse Than Fate
February 10, 1966
"Told that her loot is genuine money after all, Zelda is forced to lure Batman and Robin into a possibly unsolvable deathtrap, with hitmen waiting outside to shoot them if they escape."
77 minutes

Holy 10th Show Batman!, RD self-titles. He has issue with the show Russo Swerving a next week appearance by the Joker when it will actually be the Riddler again. However it could actually be confirming his theory that they were shown out of order like a JMS show. 

RD: "Everybody hold your breath: Russo's gonna do research."

Aunt Harriet is still levitating and peddling for over half an hour above a fire while the narrator does a Fat Albert impression. (:04) For some reason Robin is by himself when he goes to Police HQ while they try to reach Bruce for his ransom. 

O'Hara: "I've called every rich man's club and eating place in Gotham City, and he's in none of them...I bet Mr. Wayne is on some yacht eating sherbet and changing his clothes!" 

The two wonder if that line was actually in the shooting script. RD is reminded of Jackie Gleason ad-libbing in Smokey and the Bandit. Vince also has Gleason as Ralph Kramden tattooed on his right arm.

Robin responds to this bad line by getting into a rage. Gordon has to control him by bad touch rubbing his shoulders. 

Thankfully Bruce enters before things can escalate further. Apparently there is to be a color notification on TV, interrupting regular black and white programming while Zelda is knitting. Vince's confusion with crochet angers RD. (:12) He is further disturbed by Gordon stealing all the good quality cameras for his debauchery. Vince is further disturbed by the first announcement of:

Gordon: "Hello criminals wherever you are out there! Do you hear me criminals? This is Police Commissioner Gordon!"
Bruce: "I'm Bruce Wayne."
Robin: "And I'm Robin, Batman's aide. I speak for Batman officially."

Cue further bad attempts by the three to reach the criminal underworld without shockingly being prank called for it before Zelda does. (:18) Gordon has a signed sealed and notarized note from the newspaper about the money actually being real using a red ribbon on a newspaper copy. Robin: "Come on, ya crook!"

Zelda drops off Harriet. RD notes his hatred towards Vince due to tracking her lack of bra every time he sees her. He is further confused by the Duo further drugging Harriet at the Batcave. Vince thinks it's to help her cycling fit. (:26) Alfred gives an excuse of being too engrossed watching the television. Vince thinks it's Playboy After Dark somehow showing or recorded in the daytime. RD thinks he was watching an infinity mirror of his boss. But he knows where Zelda is and Bruce knows who Zelda is. As they descend the Batpoles RD wonders how Robin could get changed so quickly. 

This is also Batman's first appearance halfway through the episode, by the way.

Robin doesn't know who it is out of the 27 women licensed to be magicians in the city. RD wants to watch them go through the licensing process. Robin figures out it's the one he saw on his birthday due to her straitjacket that braless Harriet was tied up in. (:32)

Baman goes to the bookstore to get trapped - again - while the villains plot to kill him - again - with mafia henchmen in sarcophagi with tiny guns, despite Zelda's second thoughts. Vince takes offense at his Italian heritage being attacked by them signing a contract with a "wink-wink syndicate". RD wonders if Mr. Freeze would have offended his German heritage. 

The villains check out things in a "secret control room" with periscopes. Vince saw a golden cat reminding him of Catwoman, reaffirming his theory of out of order releasing as they were scheduled and prepared. Batman enters the trap through a secret bookshelf toggle: "Bizarre! A play without actors!" Robin: "The script could be for us!" "One way to find out - let's step in the limelight!" "Holy fishbowl!"

As expected Zelda falls for the "handsome creatures...can I help being a woman?" (:41)

RD: "At this point it gets kinda wacky."

As Eivol gloats about his trap and Robin tries to humor him Batman forms a Joker smile: "WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA, GENIUS?" However his utility belt cannot stop the hydrogen gas "lighter than air", although it could be used on the electrified floor to cause an explosion...while they are inside of. RD is reminded of the Hindenburg. "It was a terrible plan that somehow worked." 

Vince is not reminded of Fat Albert since he never watched it. RD asks yours truly to now look for "Brown Hornet escapes", referencing its show within the show and later spinoff where its title character used equally implausible methods to escape.

This also solves the problem of the hiding henchmen (even with Zelda's shouted warning) by dodging them and having them shoot each other, though sadly there is no fight as Batman simply knocks Eivol down with a Batarang. Quote he: "Let's take them to the morgue." He also determines that Zelda's tears are real this time through smelling and licking them, or at least that's what RD might have seen in order to make sense of things. "Perhaps some other lifetime."

Sometime later Bruce meets Zelda at the Gotham State Penitentiary wearing a ridiculous black and white striped prison uniform with a tuna can style hat. (:51) He promises her a job as "Resident Lady Magician" at Wayne Corp after she is released for saving his life after she threatened it. She conjures for him a plastic flower to give to Batman as a trophy.

RD: "Why would anyone live in Gotham City?"

RD wonders what the point of her and her one-off appearance was compared to the rest of the villains, including King Tut. (:57) Even if she was trapped (no pun intended) by Eivol she could have asked one of the other 26 women licensed to be magicians in the city to help her out. Vince wonders if he was doing the same even to them.

Vince: "Let's do some plugs here." (:60)

He complements AEW on broadcasting on Friday nights, and their marketing, which surprises him. RD half-jokingly justifies his current demographic to explain that people may not watch so late and so long due to numerous reasons. He finds their close success after only two years of operation weird. Vince reminds him of the current state of Raw.

RD wrote about something related to Vince. Vince hates reading, despite having written two books. RD can accept his not reading The Death of WCW (yet) due to his personal involvement and chance it may upset him, even though he doesn't regret what he produced and recorded. They also remind of their apolitical natures. Vince wouldn't mind RD to list what he thought his three biggest blunders were so they can discuss them on their next Patreon argument.  

  • Special Guest Villain: Zelda The Great (Anne Baxter)


  • Brown Hornet Escapes: 1. Escaping an electrified trap by exploding hydrogen gas.


Episode 9: Holy Hole In A Donut!: September 26, 2021

Zelda the Great
February 9, 1966
"The Dynamic Duo arranges a trap for an elusive annual bank robber, but the female magician they are hunting is on to them with a new scheme of her own."
90 minutes

Even Russo is Greater Than Zelda, according to RD's nameplate.  But is he better than his current Co-Bro, still "ChannelAttitude.com"? He wags his finger at RD disapprovingly.

This is the first lady villain of the show, one of a very small group. (:04) RD wouldn't mind doing an Addams Family progrem after this one. Vince would just go over missed stuff. This is especially the part here where things are quite unmemorable except for the "mind-boggling" last 20 seconds.

A peaceful night in Gotham City is interrupted by an explosion at the Gotham Bank as captured by a Raw cameraman and a guard expressing surprise at his gun that he shot at someone. Vince remarks on his terrible acting. RD: "On this show? Really?" 

This for a $100,000 robbery is apparently an April Fools tradition, which seems more like a Calendar Man thing. I'm surprised he never made an appearance on the show. Gordon: "The Unknown Bandit escaped as clean as a hound's tooth...The League of Banks is becoming uneasy." This sounds like a job for FATCAT! (:12) 

He has to placate his grimacing cops "castigating yourself; you're tip-top officers all of you. Still, two years on this case and you men haven't turned up a SINGLE CLUE! ANY REASON TO THINK YOU'LL DO BETTER NOW???" STIFF, double underlined Vince. O'Hara pleads for help. RD: "Do they ever not need help?"

Thus for the first time, Gordon uses the Batphone while his forces use the Batsignal. It's a good thing as no one is home greatly depressing Gordon. The two are actually on the roof of Stately Wayne Manor stargazing, where Bruce is very poetic on the importance of astronomy. Vince is alarmed that Aunt Harriet keeps wearing the same outfit day in and day out. She is there to see the Batsignal with the naked eye and announce dinner at a strange time of day. They calculate it's at least 10 pm when no one should be banking or eating and Dick should be in bed. He should also technically be a Teen Wonder. They give an excuse of going to a "lecture" on Latin American affairs at 11 pm. Bruce vows to eat some hot pancakes later, which excites Vince for some reason. 

Excited Vince finds it odd that they've mounted a jaguar head in the study. (:22) RD leaves that to Bruce's antics on a shooting hunt. Because as everyone knows, a jaguar killed his parents.

The Duo set off in day-for-night shooting to the rear parking lot of Police HQ obstructing at least five police cars. 

Vince is alarmed by the state of O'Hara's teeth. He conspiracy theories Gordon removed their medical and dental plans due to their incompetence. Once again RD has to remind him they did not expect to be watched in high def 55 years later. 

Their plan is to fabricate a story that the money is counterfeit. O'Hara thinks the criminal is stealing to pay for his taxes. Batman admonishes him into hanging his head in shame. The two compare it to their own children shaming them.

Cut to a poster proclaiming Zelda the Great is "even greater than Houdini" which is hard to prove given that by then he was no longer with them for 40 years and they did know he was sick. Vince calls it "interesting" when it actually isn't to him. 

Analysis of a bullet trajectory in the Batcave determines the bullet went through layers of silk, so they immediately determine it was a woman because no MAN would be wearing silk! Vince wonders if this would rule out Liberace. But it's not a mentioned Catwoman either. Gordon: "A WOMAN? What is this world coming to?" RD wonders on their filming order.

Cut to the Gnome Bookstore where "lurks the secret workshop of a strange Albanian genius" Eivol Ekdol, working with Zelda (the Great). RD remembers seeing Anne Baxter as Nefretiri in The Ten Commandments where she would get 7 or 7.5 Batpoles, but only gets 3.5 here. Vince mishears him and thinks it is affecting his judgment; he gives her 5 for her body offset by his dislike of short hair. RD responds with his Nathaniel as Vince impression. But he is persuaded to upgrade his score to 4.5. 

Instead of ancient Egyptian clothing, Zelda wears a "Hiero-glycerine tear producer" ring and pulls handkerchiefs from her pocket. (:41) The money is to purchase tricks (for $100,000?), with this year's being a escape-proof plastic electrified bullet-proof cage with deadly gas, so they just throw the money away and prepare the cage for Batman instead. RD critiques Batman for his rushed plan. 

Speaking of Batman he prepares a bugged emerald called the Star of Samarkand (or Sam Markand as Vince says it). He critiques RD for jumping ahead too much and gives him boos: "Did you watch this episode???" Zelda's female intuition leads her to add "two strings to her bow" to deal with her suspicions of the trap. The gem is to be held by one Hilary Stonewin in her jewelry store. Sad News: She is the lowest rating on their Batpoling. (:47) The Duo hide in her store's...balcony, as she looks them over. Batman: "This unique garb of ours is one of our weapons of crimefighting!" They do all this planning and quoting as Zelda observes them regardless. Vince mistimes her activities. RD has to correct him with a cut to Stately Wayne Manor. Aunt Harriet answers the phone and is disturbed to hear Dick was hit on the head with a ball: "which playground?" she weirdly asks. Vince is equally disturbed by her not wearing a bra. (:53) Then she gets a visit from "Mrs. Smith, The Playground Matron". "What an idiot," handwrote Vince.

THEN we return to the jeweler. Vince boos RD for missing the Dynamic Jabronis hiding in the balcony for two hours when a lady enters spraying purple gas everywhere. "Does she have COVID?" wonders Vince. The Duo's stunt doubles make a huge jump with a slide-whistle. Zelda gets the gem with the help of her hat mirrors. Robin: "Holy hole in a donut!" Batman: "The tricky little she-devil!" However before they can give chase Gordon calls to tell them a braless Harriet Cooper has been kidnapped for $100,000 ransom within an hour...and Bruce is nowhere to be seen. Robin: "WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO POOR AUNT HARRIET - I mean, Mrs. Cooper?" 

Finally we see Zelda sitting and knitting while Aunt Harriet's stunt double is peddling her feet above a roaring flame. (:63) RD compliments the special effects used in shadowing her feet. 

Vince compliments Zelda in outsmarting Batman, at least for this one episode. He wonders where "Admiral Ackbar" gone off to while waiting for his money. He hopes braless Aunt Harriet will be alright. 

RD: "Sometimes the simplest story is the best." (:72)

RD's first WrestleCrap book has an odd UK variant. 

Vince was asked by WWE to appear in some WCW DVD. (:76) He at first turned it down unless he got paid for his time. He recently got a check from World Wrestling Federation. He ponders posting a picture of it without comment to anger people. RD ponders posting a picture of his check from Vince without comment to anger people. Then they discuss Dave Meltzer's star ratings.

  • Special Guest Villain: Zelda The Great (Anne Baxter)


  • SPEAKING OFs: 2. Missing stuff, Aunt Harriet
  • Vince Time Outs: 1
  • Entertain The People: 1
  • Outdated references: 1. Harry Houdini