Minisode #064 All About Lance

by iggy

May 25, 2007

Lance Storm

#temerity #dueling sponsors

064 A Storm of Words: May 25, 2007

Lance Storm Interview
(78 minutes)

Jim Cornette impressions. Blade disconnects. Invasion. Boring Lance Storm. Dancing with a large penis. 'Nuff said.


Minisode #063 Ghetto Amusement Park

by iggy

May 18, 2007

Blade is a Hobo
Boyle's Joyland
Ghetto Skeletor, He-Man, and Man-At-Arms
RD's Jury Duty

#bill-dodging drunken hobo #bindle

063 Here Craps The Judge: May 18, 2007

Masters of the Ghetto
(77 minutes)

Behold! Ghetto Amusement Park:
...and "Man-At-Arms"!
Karate Kid memories. Blade talks about meeting Ghetto He-Man while mocking cripples. (He stands up for them.)

RD's Trip...To Jury Duty! (by RVM Kai)
No Co-Host Contest (thankfully). Instead we have RD's Trip to Jury Duty where he was chosen to read the verdict in his radio voice. (:18)

Mail Bag (:30): Disco Bonfire wants Randy Orton to kick Mike Jones in the testicles. Sadly for OTG (3) Kevin Thorne will not give birth, not even to a bat baby. Krankor speaks in protest. (:33) RD plays a cover of Beach Patrol. (:38) Fraggle reference.

Obscure Wrestling News (:40): Maestro has opened a wrestling school. Jason Molestation shoots from the ass. (:44) RD is selling his Wrestlefest arcade game. Horsetrolla: A lot of people don't have farms. Mickie James is looking for people to ride her horses. (:51)

Victoria owns her own pizza shop. Santino Marella now hails from New Jersey. (:58) Rumor has it that Ludvig Borga did a 9/11 rap. (:61)

TNA has adopted a mascot... a kangaroo named Stomper. Blade wants to know its gender. (:62) Speaking of disasters... TNA is releasing a DVD entitled TNA: Year One.

Could Gene Snitsky be feuding with John Cena? (:68) Blade says it took fifteen years to replace Giant Gonzales with Khali. Rob Conway, 2Cold Scorpio, and Sabu were fired. (:70) Sabu showed up to a taping without his wrestling gear.

This Week's Wrestling Haiku:
Sabu without pants.
Gimmick infringement. My law-
yers will be in touch.

RD promises his first question for Lance Storm will be about his penis.

Minisode #062 Read Your Food

by iggy

May 11, 2007

Chex Mix for breakfast
Spicy Mustard Kettle Corn
Trivial Pursuit Pop-Tarts
RD's dream
Blade sings "To All the Divas"

#cola #brain-teaser

062 Smooth Jazz Blade: May 11, 2007

Smooth (Overnight) Jazz Blade
(87 minutes)

A new (temporary) broadcasting set-up gives Blade the better mic, and the respect he is due. RD has booked Lance Storm for May 25.

RD's Trip to the Grocery (:11): Chex Mix 100-calorie packs. Incredible Hulk house-building board game. Trivial Pursuit Pop Tarts. Spicy mustard kettlecorn popcorn does not agree with Blade's stomach.
There are no photos of people actually playing this game.

Co-Host Contest Week 11 (:23): Forrest George wants to wear Scott Hall's pubic hair as a wig. 8 of 18.

Wrestling Dream Analysis segment returns. (:33) RD gets a room with Scott Hall. Blade is again useless.

Mail Bag (:37): Jay Gorham, not Alien Ham. A failed attempt to punch Mike Jones in the balls. Joyce De Witt at a comic convention for some reason. Travie Yak wants another book to be written with X-Entertainment's Sean (:44). RD took a lady to see Short Circuit and did not "get any."

(by RVM Kai)
Obscure Wrestling News (:49): Bill Goldberg's direct-to-DVD movie, Half Past Dead 2, will be released in May. Test has swollen tonsils and lost 25 pounds. Kelly Kelly had to drive him to the hospital, yet another in his long line of women. (:55) Carmella married QB Jeff Garcia. (:61) Dawn Marie says she was fired from WWE because she is pregnant. Blade confuses RD by wanting to see pregnant women dance around in the ring. (:64) Gene Snitsky now has giant green teeth. (:67) London and Kendrick held tag belts for a year and Steve Austin doesn't know who they are. (:70) RD wants more old angles repeated, per Jim Cornette's seven-year rule. WWE is making Divas dress less provocatively. (They had been doing it just for fun.) Discussion about The Karate Kid: Blade mentions meeting William Zabka aka "Johnny". (:79)

Blade sings a song to all the Divas he's loved before. (:82)

Minisode #061 RD and Wikipedia

by iggy

May 4, 2007

RD on wikipedia.
RD doesn't eat fruit or "pizza vegetables"

#wiener cleaner #blatant neglect

061 Botany Crap Radio: May 4, 2007

Botany Crap Radio
(77 minutes)

Wikipedia reported that RD was dead in his bathtub, waiting to be discovered by his neighbors. (I didn't even know he was sick.)

RD's Trip to the Grocery (:10): RD's infant kicked him in the crotch and laughed repeatedly. RD won't eat his fruit brethren.

Co-Host Contest Week 10 (:20): Erik Majorwitz all the way from Germany gets cut off by DIGILADY!!! But he manages to do his Great Khali. 7 of 17.

Mail Bag (:34): Stuart Neil's wrestling names. Arthur Pinkham. Alien ham. (:37) Don't write, "the WWE," it's just WWE. Italian guy Santino Marella (a Canadian) won the Intercontinental Championship. (:44) RD remembers when wrestlers were billed from Japan.

Obscure Wrestling News (:49): Jason Sensation says he was fondled often by WWF agents. Jason Sensation looks like a younger and much uglier Christopher Walken. Ivory has a dog center. Hulk faced Paul the Great, not Big Show. He should've been Paul Bunyan. (:60) The Condemned tanked. RD and Blade reminisce about Stone Cold's non-wrestling segments after Owen Hart injured him. (:63) John Amos frightens RD. Robert Conrad's shoulder battery. Undertaker is injured.

ECW champion Vince McMahon. (:70)

Twelve Syllables Plus Five Syllables:
Vince is champ again.
Could things get any worse? Yes.
Great Khali, champion.

Outro: Going Back to Khali parody song.