Minisode #137 Shawn and HHH

by iggy

February 27, 2009

The 12 Listeners love Mike Check
Sir Alec reads a story about Shawn and HHH
Mike Check

#oh hunt #fillie

WrestleCrap Fan Fiction Theatre Episode 1: "Love"

(For you 12 Listeners to read along at home!)

Written by Dizzi Ducki
Performed by Sir Alec Heineken to Pachelbel's Canon in D Major

Shawn snuggled up to his lover, basking in the warmth of their bodies shared heat. Though they were both damp with sweat, they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Just a few moments earlier, they were rolling around under the sheets, rubbing at each others bare bodies, kissing, hugging, and so much more. And it was their first time, too. In the two years they had been together, they'd never had sex because Shawn wasn't ready, but now, it was all different.

"Oh Shawn, baby, I love you so much. I love you more than anything in the whole world," Hunter cooed, kissing his lover's hair lovingly,"I'm glad that you decided to do this with me, at last. But, baby, even if you didn't, I'd still love you so much."

"Oh Hunt, do you really mean that?"

"Of course, hun. You're the most wonderful, amazing, adorable person in the world."

Shawn quirked a goofy grin and nuzzled his face into his lover's shoulder,"Aw shucks Hunt, yer makin' me blush."

"That's what I do, love." Hunter protectively tightened his embrace around the Texan,"Because I know you're all mine. But I was wondering, why was this all of a sudden?"

Shawn shrugged his shoulders,"I don't really know. Somehow, today, I got the feeling that I just needed to. The feeling just made me know that I... Uhm... We were ready."

"Well baby, whatever that feeling was, I'm glad it showed up. What do you think we should call that feeling?"

"Uhm, I don't know, let me think." Shawn bit his lip while he tried to think of a good name.

"How 'bout serendipity?"


"Right, too long...Then, uhm, maybe horny?"

Hunter rolled his eyes,"Shawn!"

"Right, right, too blunt..."

The blond lifted Shawn's chin up to give him a sweet kiss,"I know what we could call it."




137 The Tormento of Damien Demento: February 27, 2009

66 minutes

So it happens again. A year after his first attack, the brave Damien Demento sends another salvo to WrestleCrap. For what exactly, I don't know, so I'll let this picture explain it better (with acknowledgments to The Sam09):

Our Co-Hosses the Real Deal Fruitcake and the Fat Man commentate on the video. In return Blade challenges "Dependo" to some Front Yard Boxing. Perhaps he can also get the help of Peter Gazer with the Andre of that really weird Andre the Giant movie (:06) Could Demento also be on the show as the next TNA correspondent? (:11) One can only hope. Speaking of TNA the response to Mike Check has been "overwhelming". (:14) For once they're right.

No TRIP to the Grocery this week, as instead we have a visit to the WrestleCrap FanFiction Theatre. (:17) As Vivaldi's Spring and Pachebel's Canon in D play Blade does an English Jim Ross as Lord Alfred as Sir Alec Heineken...You know Alec right? The legendary thespian who was Obi-Too Kenobi of Start Wars, Prince FreeCell of Lawrence of Aruba and Colonel Nickelson of The Bridge on the River Why? This week has some Shawn Michaels and Triple H slash fiction. He leaves with applause. I'm expecting him to be the next TNA Correspondent now.

Obscure Wrestling News: (:24) Joanie Laurer has a new sex tape. Speaking of returns... RD bets on the Colts and Lions again such that the loser has to appear with her in the film (preferably with Nicole Bass too, no doubt.) (:27) Blade: "I do like Gerber baby wienies." Don...Don Mason and he would steal them for fun. Todd Bridges is now an indie wrestler. (:30) A Crapper is attending that show. Van Hammer unretires against a 'Champ Champagne', which gives the latter an excuse to make references to The Wrestler. (:32)

Question of the Week (:36) from Ed "Don't call me Han" Salo (3), is about Cheatum Spinning the Wheel (Making the Deal) at birthday parties. Blade talks about old shows blending and repeating stories, but if this site can't help him then what will? As if in response RD re-talks about his attempt to "Let's make a Real Deal".

RD uses a radio to tune in Mike Check. (:43) In his ramblings to 'RT and Brad' he talks about a Nostradamus Norris, his already outdated MySpace page, nicknaming WWCR as The Whacker, and his time as Bob Ali (working alongside Cassius Weave) on the Bob & Weave Morning Drive in Ithaca NY's WTKO "The Knockout".  Oh, and some random TNA woman named Taylor Wild. Mike plays Wildfire for her, RD's old theme song.

Current Wrestling News. (:55) Ricky Steamboat, walking corpse. Some more Mickey Rourke discussion. Could HE be their next TNA correspondent? Hulk Hogan is saying that he was originally going to be Randy "The Ram" Robinson. Unfortunately he didn't say that Linda Hogan was supposed to be in Milk.

Seventeen Syllables:
So very scary.
He's Damien Demento.
Live from a closet.

Minisode #136 Angry Jim's Dark Journey

by iggy

February 20, 2009

Angry Jim calls
Blade hates Valentine's Day
RD bought cookies
Captain Kirk has extra hands.
Christian is back in WWE, well ECW
Mike Check debuts.

#wwcr #wpez

136 Horny Jim Ross: February 20, 2009

76 minutes

Dark Journey
A find of some rare outtakes of Jim Ross (in this week's It Came From YouTube!) prove him to be a fan of Dark Journey. (Well wouldn't you?) Blade wants him to be the next singer for Loverboy and compares him to Don Mason's portrayal on Revenge of the Black Scorpion (on the Archive Disc, available from fine sites on the Internets.) Our now Horny Jim Ross calls in. (:04) Now that he is no longer being intimate with his wife he focuses his sexual attention on poor Miss Linda Newton (and rather forcibly too at that). Some of the good old porn music helps him get in the mood as he he leaves for some corn oil. Blade wants to read strange/slash wrestling fanfiction on the show. (:12) RD skat-sings Vivaldi in response. Blade is shirtless this week, for a change.

RD bought cookies from "The Fudge Factory" on his TRIP to the Grocery. (:18) The Book of Lists (Exclamation Point) and Death of WCW are now available on the Amazon Kindle, sadly still not available in Canada. (:23) Blade turned 34 last week. "What a filthy show this is!" he says. RD plays random sounds in response, but did send his Co-Hoss a figure of a screaming Kirk in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, complete with four extra hands. I just hope Blade doesn't hallucinate Kirk is Mae Young and start pulling hands from his ass. [Blade spent Valentine's Day at the strip club, so send your future donations in one dollar bills. —Iggy]

Obscure Wrestling News: (:29) Lacey Von Erich appears in Playboy. The recently retired Victoria wants to do some MMA. (:32) The HorseTrolla lifts the tail: Francine is pregnant. That's all we get. (:34) Val "The Freetarian" Venus has some random "provocative" T-Shirts for sale in yet another desperate attempt to make money. I'm probably going to buy one for Iggy and make Morley happy with the ONE person who would buy that. [Oops, I forgot and didn't buy even a single one.]

Question of the Week (:40) comes from - myself? That's a surprise. (3) I ask: What is Blade's Big Announcement? He promises to reveal it 'soon'. Some talk of his karaoke, sadly no new song made in a year by himself or with his Hobo Six.

The topic turns to Blade's auctions, where a man by the name of James has won the auction of Katie Vick's panties. The two talk to him (:44) where he reveals he has a Obi-Wan Kenobi cup with him to match RD's WWE Niagara Falls (and my Canadiens one). Blade tantalizes that Don Mason would turn into Obi-Wan with the power of the Force...of enough weed. James is also the first person to have a site from Global Internet ( but the having sex part from getting it was delayed slightly. He clarifies that he did the good and honorable thing and decided to just send the money rather than ask for the clothes in return, something I can commend him for. In return Jim Ross sent a gift of his own to James, and calls back on the show to talk to him in his own special way. Said gift is a pair of Oklahoma Sooners' boxers.

Now for something the world totally didn't want, a new TNA correspondent! (:59) RD promises a "New Era" in TNA reporting and brings his newest recruit, one Mike Check to do things and...Well, do you remember when RD wanted someone with 'radio experience'? Well this is what he gets, to the letter. He rambles and malapropisms on "WWCR with Blake Braxton" and his time as Macon Dixon at WPEZ "The Pez" in Macon Georgia, makes some ode to Billy Gunn (who worked with him while Mike was Pecos Bill at KSII "The Kiss" in El Paso, Texas) and just cuts to a Phil Collins song at :67.

Ah, what the hell. THIS guy's my new favorite TNA guy, pushing David Lee Roth down to second place.

Current Wrestling News takes us from there. Christian returns to ECW. RD is not looking forward to Wrestlemania this year, much like last year. (:71) Blade has a idea for an induction of Mickey Rourke in case his appearance fails to level out. But RD can't stop thinking of Jim Ross and what he's going to do with all that corn oil.

Seventeen syllables about Dark Journey:
It is nightmare fuel.
I hope I don't dream about
JR's Dark Journey.

Minisode #135 Angry Jim's Valentine's Day Special

by iggy

February 6, 2009

Angry Marks ad copy as read by Jeff Foxworthy
Stubby's back
Angry Jim's Valentine's Day special

#ragamuffin #play amelia earhart

135 Record Breaker: February 6, 2009

56 minutes

Heart Shaped "Meat"
We begin with some random discussion about mittens. Blade vows never to reveal his stage surname (while sober anyway). Next he'll do a Vince Russo and vow never to show himself on TV. (:02) Randy Orton admitted to doing a work with Shane "Banner" McMahon, which is confusing on many levels. (:04) RD wants Shane to wear mittens.

This fine radio progrem is "the longest running episodic wrestling podcast in the history of planet Earth". (:08) Blade will auction an autographed BannerTrolla which was also seen in the Shoot Interview. (:11) The new Angry Marks ad feed gives RD an excuse for a bad Jeff Foxworthy impression. Random shows are mentioned.

RD's TRIP to the Grocery: (:20) This show is a 'poor attempt at humor'. RD is still fighting with Fiber One bars. A Mexican restaurant near RD is named Las Lupitas (:25). RD has to quickly move on before Blade's dream summons Chris Hansen (or worse, King Pedophile).

Obscure Wrestling News (:26): Brooke Hogan vs. Reid Flair. Will Ricky Steamboat Jr. riding a pony be the ref?

Robecca DiPietro is making more bad ads (:34), in this case this terrible attempt for the Doritos SuperBowl commercial contest. The Co-Hosses watch it. According to Blade, Jim Ross IS Admiral Ackbar. Buh Gawd King it's a trap! (If you thought THAT was bad then you better not watch this one.)

Question of the Week from Jack-a-Laction (:38): something about TNA. It's just an excuse for Stubby to return and do his usual shtick.

Continuing with TNA and the need for a correspondent, RD calls the man on everyone's mind reading/listening to it: Jim Ross. (:45) The man hasn't had sex in...a while (he keeps inflating the number every time he's on the air, much like WCW with Goldberg) and angry at at the help he hired to replace Steve Williams, who is now playing 'Amelia Earhart' (what, is he vanishing off the face of the earth?). Knowing the fate of all those before him in TNA he angrily refuses. Whatever, I'm crediting him as a TNA guy as part of my prediction. [I thought you had it, but he rejected the offer. —Iggy]

Current Wrestling News (:49) has the Co-Hosses watching the Trailer for 12 Rounds (AKA The Marine 2: Electric Boogaloo) and think of it as ripping Die Hard with a Vengeance (which also involved Renny Harlin I think). Also AC/DC is sadly not playing at Wrestlemania (:54).

The girthiest Haiku you will ever hear:
Time for some cheap sunglasses.
Time for ZZ Top.

Sure enough some MIDI tune of Cheap Sunglasses is played. Blade: "This may be the only song worse than Here Comes the Money."