Minisode #023 Hall of Fame Verne Gagne

by iggy

March 17, 2006

Cousin Lukes
SNME returns.
Hall of Fame Gagnes

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023 WrestleCrap Rumble: March 17, 2006

WrestleCrap Rumble
((( recorded in high phone-buzzing fidelity ))) (33 minutes)

NBC scheduled Saturday Night's Main Event for 8 P.M. RD has started writing a column for Fighting Spirit magazine in the UK. Wrestlemania's main event makes no sense, but there will be a Boogeyman match. Blade would see it if his bill collectors would not cut into his line.

Obscure Wrestling News: The Trish and James stalker angle has been "spayed and neutered". Candice Michelle used a doppelganger for her Playboy photos. RD mimics (badly) a concerned Israeli mother in Irish falsetto. Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine are reuniting for some show. RD proposes a segment called Wrestling Hard Times. Brian Blair says his career was ended when he tripped in a restaurant recently and not thirty years ago.

The Question of the Week has louder music than usual, and the Dusty Rhodes book still lingers around RD's house. This week from James Cobb: Flava Flav should avoid Boogeyman.

Scott Steiner has a large tattoo. Blade calls Samoa Joe "Carmel Delight Joe". Verne Gagne is going into the Hall of Fame inducted by "Rambo" Greg Gagne. Blade hits the WrestleRock Rumble music.

Seventeen Syllables of Funk:
Verne's been inducted.
Screw Cena's mumble. Here's Verne's
Hall of Fame rumble.

Minisode #022 SNME Memories

by iggy

March 10, 2006

Blade challenges RD to go it alone.
Old toys
Children's Division
Ricky Morton is out of jail.
SNME memories.

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022 Saturday Night's Alright For Wrestling: March 10, 2006

Speaking of Verne Gagne masturbating...
(33 minutes)

RD says Vince Russo said they "could have him on anytime". He was also initially going to write a "ToyCrap" book with a man Blade fondly calls a "Fine Young Egg".

Obscure Wrestling News: Sad news: SuperPorky has been cut, along with the WWE midget/juniors/children's division. Blade is full of expletives this week. Johnny Fairplay has tickets to Wrestlemania. Brian Knobbs wants to be a TV judge. Speaking of Verne Gagne masturbating...Chris Kanyon has always been gay. Ricky Morton is finally out of jail.

Question of the Week from Sigma Fan: Matt and Mark Live has been shut down. (Thank God.) Who would you want to see tag team on a reality show next? Juventud Guerrera and Bob Orton were WWE traveling partners and that would be a good reality show, but only if they wore their mask and cast.

Saturday Night's Main Event is back. WWE should release a DVD of the old ones instead. Candice Michelle's Playboy will arrive this month (not safe for work, for obvious reasons).

The Return of Blade Braxton's Wrestling Haiku:
Candice in Playboy.
Another skank in the nude.
Yay, plastic funbags.