Episode 13: Planewatch: March 29, 2013

"Sweep The Egg Johnny"
25 minutes

RD is shocked how 'often' they are recording their phone calls.

RD was once again back in the Old Continent for business, where he did the following:

  • He ate a 'canal eel'.
  • He remotely fixed a server.
  • He fell asleep standing up thanks to some Nyquil.
  • He paid $0.65 for ketchup.

Blade was once addicted to aspirin, or 'ass burn' as his family called it. (:06)

WrestleCrap is 13 years old. RD wrote about Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage on Baywatch literally while flying. Blade does his Don impression. (:08)

Instead of the good old funeral home, RD's annual Easter Egg hunt will be in a katate dojo. (:13)

Blade and Cory Udler The Midnight Rose (who turned 4 years old on the 7th) and the HTMM will be at another horror convention, this time in Cleveland. (:14)

RD has been reading a book by Bob Holly, which he likes. Apparently he did not like Kevin Nash. He must be a Vince Russo man. (:17) In that vein, Blade remembers seeing the New Midnight Express live, which involved getting drunk and spilling beer over his ex girlfriend. But of course. (:21)

RD promises the Listeners that they will do this year's April Fools episode, as is their norm.

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WCR Video: Angel of ECW’s Da Baldies vs Blade Braxton: Race Up the Rocky Steps in Philly

It's former ECW wrestler Angel vs Wrestlacrap Radio's Blade Braxton in a race up the famous Rocky steps in Philadelphia.

Angel of ECW’s Da Baldies vs Blade Braxton: Race Up the Rocky Steps in Philly (by BladeBraxton)

WCR Video: Midnight Rose Leaps To Scare Kids…& They Attack!!

The Midnight Rose leaps out of the ring and tries to scare some loud-mouth kids sitting in the front row of an Independent wrestling show.

Midnight Rose leaps to scare kids…and they attack!! (by BladeBraxton)

Episode 12: Baskin'Bell: March 13, 2013

"Taco Scoop", Enjoy our free meat refills

24 minutes

RD & Blade remember watching WrestleMania 12's Iron Man match. Blade can't remember it much. What a surprise. This fulfills RD's 'wrestling quota' for the phone call.

RD went to the Louisville Arcade Expo. (:05) This leads into the people the two met at that Legends show that one time. (:09)

Sad News: Blade's attempt to sell his ($80) paper plate cost him $96. You don't fucking say. (:14)

:19 Blade tried those Taco Bell Doritos, but he was distracted by someone using an ice cream scooper to carry meat. The jokes write themselves at this point.

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WCR Video: Midnight Rose & Honky Tonk Mailman Invade Madison Tecmo Super Bowl

WrestleCrap's Midnight Rose and Honky Tonk Mailman invade the Madison Tecmo Super Bowl tournament in Madison, Wisconsin!

Midnight Rose & Honky Tonk Mailman invade Madison Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament (preview (by BladeBraxton)

Episode 11: Bowl School Raw: March 4, 2013

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15 minutes

(Guest recapper: R.V.M Kai)

RD & Blade discuss "Old School RAW" aka "Monday Night Duggan". They also discuss Auto Corporal Kirchner's non attendance since he's "no longer with us" (well, according to WWE.com canon that is). They also wonder whether Lord Alfred's ghost or an imposter will be making the "promotional considerations".

Sad News 8 minutes in; Blade recounts his experience (or was it the Midnight Rose?) at the Tecmo Super Bowl in which he was unsuccessful and blames it on a "torn rotator cuff" he suffered the previous night (or so he says).

[I'm just shocked - SHOCKED - that Blade lost. Again. - PB]

Blade: "I'm the 16 bit man. 8 bits are for boys."

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Episode 10: Tecmo Bowled: March 1, 2013

We couldn't find anything interesting in this
episode to find a picture of; so here's a
picture of James Earl Jones looking like
he's about to punch someone in the throat.
17 minutes

Bonnie Franklin is no longer with us. RD wonders if their Curse is following them like a stray dog.

It's now Blade's turn to be traveling, going with Vince Viagra to Madison, Wisconsin to play some Tecmo Bowl with the Midnight Rose and the HTMM. Spirited discussion about Tecmo Bowl dominates today's phone call.

Blade tells his favorite Tecmo Bowl story about defending the honor of James (Earl) Jones. (:12)

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WCR Video: “Good Riddance (Time Of Your WrestleCrap Life)"

(by Blade Braxton) "Here's a touching Green Day parody song that was used to celebrate the fifth anniversary episode of wrestleCrap Radio (#181) in 2010".

Blade Braxton - “Good Riddance (Time Of Your WrestleCrap Life)" (by BladeBraxton)