(Episode 36/836:) WrestleRadio: April 1, 2015

Reginald Daniel Reynolds and Bladerick Braxton (with special guest callers Mr. Pop Eye and Jim Ross) discuss Wrestlemania 31 like geeks, nerds, and poindexters for 30 minutes.
Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • April Fools
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  • SPEAKING OFs: 2. Opening, things that make us excited

  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 2. Mr. Pop Eye, Jim Ross
  • Erik Majorwitz’s Hindsight Haiku:
    Only wrestling talk?
    Doesn’t play well in my market!
    I miss the haiku.

WCR Video: Angry Jim's Hall Of Fame Ring

Since it's WWE Hall Of Fame time, and since Angry Jim is still mad at me for playing that last video, here's a flashback clip from Wrestlecrap Radio (episode #190) where Jim discusses the WWE Hall Of Fame...and what he'd do if he had Andre The Giant's ring...which, let's just say, is "not appropriate".

(Video by Greg Diener)

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(*phone rings*)

R.V.M Kai: Is that the phone again?...(*picks up phone*) Wrestlecrap Radio?

Angry Jim: How ya doin' tonight Kai? You wanna know what else's not appropriate?!...Go **** yourself!

R.V.M Kai: JIIIIIIMMM! You're calling me here again just to say that?

Angry Jim: Well yes and no! I just wanted to call to tell ya that although you're p***ing me off, I'm happy today!

R.V.M Kai: Happy?

Angry Jim: Yes, I've been doin my "one man show" in San Jose to capitalize on the WWE Wrestlemania weekend. This this big boobed blonde woman sitting in the front row has been eyeing my huge co...[*cough*]...cowboy hat and says that she wants to pay me to do a private show in L.A. in a couple of days!? I think she wants me to go there to **** me Kai?! So if ya'll excuse me I'm gonna go put on my Hall Of Fame c*** ring and go j*** off!

R.V.M Kai: JIIIIIIMMM! Now that's really inappropriate! Well hopefully this means that Jim will finally "get some" and stop calling me. ...Or is it?

Episode 35: Stung: March 24, 2015

You wanted the worst, you got the worst!
87 minutes

Wrestlemania 31 "Play Button" is a week away. The Co-Fruitcakes discuss it for barely a minute.

The two are confused by Wrestlemania's Super Bowl style numbering system. Blade is so excited for it he starts drinking. (:06)

Sad News: the winner of Blade's money making paper plate broke it.

Neutral News: Blade wrote an Induction.

The Duo remember when they wrote with Harry Simon about Wrestlemania 2.

Blade plugs a few upcoming dates while continuing to press random buttons on his phone. Has the man never heard of a headset? RD taunts him mercilessly on this. (:16) In response Blade repeats his story of buying another copy of Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.

RD received some new gadget named the GameTrolla, which is essentially a random old school game emulator. (:24)

:30 - :49 The Co-Fruitcakes try out more weird tasting Doritos. RD's Chio Heartbreakers from Netherlands don't come in English and smell like Elmer's Glue, but it's passable. Blade had to battle diarrhea "like an imp." Thrills' "still tastes like gum" despite being soap flavored and makes Blade feel like he went down on detergent. WC staff are compared to random items.

Victoria and her restaurant are seeing some hard times [and I'm surprised it had nothing to do with Angry Jim's sauces giving her customers food poisoning -RVMKai]. (:50) Speaking of hard times Mickie James was back on TNA looking quite...different. (:56)

Sunny is with some random guy NOT from her vid-escorting (:59). Sad News: she designed his FB page. (The) Hockey News: she went to watch a game with Gene Snitsky.

:68 RD ejaculates more loudly than usual. Raw is so bad these days Blade is forced to watch it dubbed in Spanish. This is especially funny when they dub Stephanie's voice.

Blade is sad Paul Stanley was not recognized in a Raw audience that one time. I would too if I was preempted by a horrible and terrible Bill Simmons. (:78)
Go #### yourself!

RD calls Jim Ross to hear his thoughts on Sting wrestling in WrestleMania but reach Bob Caudle instead. (:82) Needless to say Jim is not happy, and expresses his anger by pressing random buttons on Blade's phone [and now he's even censoring himself like the guy who writes his Twitter account for some reason ;) -RVMKai].

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


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  • SPEAKING OFs: 7. Torture, food items, 2006, former WWE divas, things changing, T, best of the WWF

  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 2. Bob Caudle, Jim
  • F-Bombs: 1. Jim
  • Blade Time Outs: 2 (1 Real Quick)
  • Blade Burps: 3
  • Entertain the People: 1
  • Erik Majorwitz’s Hindsight Haiku:
    It’s WrestleMania!
    Numbers out. Emojis in.
    Hope next one isn’t poop! 💩

WCR Video: Wrestlecrap Radio Triple Threat Match

Ever wonder who would win in a 'Triple Threat' showdown between three of Wrestlecrap Radio's alumni; The Midnight Rose, Gay Popeye and Angry Jim (BTW, who have co-incidentally all made recent song requests on The Mike Check Show)? Well here's another Rocky Balboa style "computer fight" which will answer that question.

...And what's my prediction for this fight?...PAIN!...for the viewer watching this!

(Video by Brad Bingham)

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

(*phone rings*)

R.V.M Kai: Is that the phone?...(*picks up phone*) Wrestlecrap Radio?

Angry Jim: How ya doin' tonight Kai? I was happy today because that **** Mike Check finally played one of my song requests which was STONE COLD! STONE COLD! STONE COLD's! theme for 3:16 day! But what the **** are ya playin' at with this video you son of a *****! I wouldn't [*SPOILER ALERT*] ever job to that Cuban ****sucker, The Midnight Rose! I'd kick his *** and walk it dry! I'd also whip that Gay Popeye like a Government mule, but unfortunately, he'd probably enjoy it because he'd think I was doing some kinky **** to him like that book "Fifty Shades of Grey"! Speaking of that, I'm even angry that the film version didn't star me and Dark Journey. They should have went with my script where she beats my meat with a ball gag for two hours!...but anyway...Go **** yourself! (*hangs up phone*)