The Mike Check Show: 6(66) YEARS OF WHACKIN'! (April 2017)

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The whole backstory (for those confused):

Back in April 2016, The Mike Check Show's "5 Years Of Whackin/This Is Your Life'" Anniversary special had left members; R.V.M Kai and Raging_Demons, with the job of having to "clean up the shrapnel" that this debacle of a show had caused. This, along with Mike's own stupidity, had led KMCR: "The MACKER!" to be pulled off the air. The progrem was later reinstated with Mike Check being granted one last chance. However, had also inadvertently discovered an accounting issue that involved Mike and his "whiz-kid" daughter and it wasn't until October 2016 that it was revealed that Mike Check actually owed a lot of money because...well...Mike's daughter had been embezzling funds from our fearless leader, Premier Blah, for quite some time. So as punishment, Mike received a mystery guest host for "Halloween Hootenanny", who turned out to be "Zombie" Nathaniel. However, before the "undead N.E.R.D" was able eat Mike and his Daughter's brains (or annoy them about TNA to death, whichever came first?), he was "DELETED" with the help of "Broken" Matt Hardy's loyal servants; SeƱor Benjamin and Vanguard One.

It then seemed that Mike and his Daughter's problems were over...but to make matters worse, Premier Blah's "We Wish You A Turtle Christmas" CD, the rare soundtrack to a terrible Ninja Turtle Christmas special, was accidentally sent to Mike Check's HQ to be played on his annual "Christmas Carousal" month in December 2016. So of course, once Premier Blah found out that his CD was missing, asked Mike for it back...but what he didn't know was that Mike's daughter had already destroyed it with a sledgehammer in a fit of rage (possibly channeling the anger of Alberto El Patron?) after hearing too many god awful songs on it. In January 2017, Premier Blah decided that would take control over The Mike Check Show's song format until he, at least, got his CD back (and, in the meantime, Mike's Daughter attempts to find another copy without much luck).

In February 2016, Mike is granted the freedom to temporarily handle the song-list for "Love on the Ropes" month. All goes well until Mike decided to dedicate a week of songs to his old weather presenter from WTKO: THE KNOCKOUT!", Suzie Shuffle, which ends in disaster after Mike says...well some inappropriate stuff about her that Old Blade would say. Suzie's threat of a lawsuit (and she was already pissed off about what Mike said about her a year before) along with the fact that Mike was already 'skating on thin ice', causes The Mike Check Show to be cancelled once again. However in March 2016, R.V.M Kai reinstates the show as he felt that Mike's odd behavior, which included telling his listeners to "worship the devil", may have somehow not been directly his fault? However, he also informs Mike that Premier Blah is fed up and decided to take 100% control of the Mike Check Show permanently unless everything that Mike and his daughter had stole from him was paid back by the end of the month (getting his CD back was no longer important by this point).

During that time, "The Broken Hardys" appear out of nowhere and give Mike and his daughter a "Premon-EETION" that they should beware a "demon" that will " PROCURE" their show who will render it "OBSOLETE"...and of course they think that it's "Raging_Demons" (who oddly then happens to say some horrible things about Stone Cold Steve Austin on Twitter?). Mike's Daughter, worried that KMCR would be permanently cancelled under the regime and also unhappy about her computer being hacked, which resulted in The Mike Check Show's playlist being modified to include songs about lying, cheating and stealing, desperately scrambles to find an investor (Dixie Carter even calls to make an offer). She is even sent on a 'wild goose chase' to England to provide some "services" to Sir Alec Heineken...which oddly doesn't go the way as she hoped. Meanwhile, Mike is contacted by a mysterious listener, who refers to himself as "Sam O'Hellyeah", who claims that he has the ability to help make all of Mike's problems go away. Mike, without his daughter's complete knowledge, reluctantly accepts "Sam's" offer and, for Mike, "The Mike Check Show" is saved...or so they thought???

You see, Sam was actually "STAN: THE EVIL TROLL LORD", a character from "Wrestlecrap Radio" (formerly known as "Satan") who possesses wrestling personalities on social networking sites  and occasionally calls in to Mike Check to play requests. STAN reveals on April 1, 2017 that he took advantage of Mike's senility by tricking him into partnering with him to take The Mike Check Show back from in order to make it easier to "possess" it for himself. He also revealed that he was the one behind all the recent odd occurrences over the last four months, such as; possessing Premier Blah to send Mike his CD, possessing Mike to make Suzie Shuffle upset, etc, and that it was all part of his evil plan for world domination. He also allows Mike to continue to celebrate The Mike Check Show's "6 Years Of Whackin!'" Anniversary month (renaming it: "666 Years Of Whackin!") before he would completely "possess" the show along with Mike's soul. And to make things interesting, Stan on April 4, decides to have a song battle with Mike to determine who could play the better songs in their "particular market". The terms in place was that if STAN won, not only could he keep the progrem and Mike's soul, but he could also take Mike daughter's soul as well. However, if Mike won; Stan would be forced to leave, return the progrem's ownership over to Mike and his daughter, and also grant them one wish.

So now Mike and STAN have each played their 13 songs and, by the looks of it, the song choices made by Mike aren't so good...but do he and his daughter pull through in the end??? You'll have to read it to find out:

  1. Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
  2. Thorn In Your Eye by Slam Jam
  3. Liar by Rollins Band (Note: Stan reveals his whole evil plan here.)
  4. Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown) by Tenacious D (EXPLICIT) - Stan and Mike's song battle starts here with Mike's #1 Pick
  5. Hells Bells by AC/DC - STAN'S #1 Pick
  6. To Hell With The Devil by Stryper - Mike's #2 Pick
  7. From Here To Eternity by Iron Maiden - STAN'S #2 Pick
  8. Satan Bite The Dust! by Carman - Mike's #3 Pick
  9. Shout At The Devil by Motley Crue - STAN'S #3 Pick
  10. Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music by Larry Norman and Geoff Moore - Mike's #4 Pick
  11. Hotter Than Hell / Firehouse by KISS - STAN'S #4 Pick
  12. Burning Down The House by Talking Heads - Mike's #5 Pick
  13. The Silver Tongued Devil And I by Kris Kristofferson - STAN'S #5 Pick
  14. Go Down Moses (Let My People Go) by Paul Robeson - Mike's #6 Pick
  15. N.I.B. by Black Sabbath - STAN'S #6 Pick
  16. Pray by M.C. Hammer - Mike's #7 Pick
  17. (You’re The) Devil in Disguise by Elvis Presley - STAN'S #7 Pick
  18. Repossessed by Cindy Valentine- Mike's #8 Pick
  19. Devil With A Blue Dress by Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels - STAN'S #8 Pick
  20. Bad by Michael Jackson- Mike's #9 Pick
  21. See You In Hell by Grim Reaper  - STAN'S #9 Pick
  22. You’re No Good by The Muppets  - Mike's #10 Pick
  23. Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones - STAN'S #10 Pick
  24. Hell Hath No Fury by Frankie Laine - Mike's #11 Pick
  25. Robot Hell by The Futurama Cast w/ The Beastie Boys - STAN'S #11 Pick
  26. The Devil Went Down To Georgia by Primus Mike's #12 Pick
  27. Devil Comes Back To Georgia by Charlie Daniels and Mark O’Connor feat. Cash, Tritt and Stuart - STAN'S #12 Pick
  28. Head Cuttin’ Duel by Steve Vai and Ry Cooder - Mike's #13 Pick
  29. Highway to Hell by AC/DC - STAN'S #13 Pick
  30. Devil Is A Loser by Lordi - (*Spoiler alert*): Mike receives a bonus "All or Nothing" song pick (sort of like how Robin Hood received "one more shot" in the archery contest in the film "Men In Tights" for some reason?) due to Stan cheating the previous day by repeating a song by the same artist/band (i.e. AC/DC).)

WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #133: Paul Christy

"How many apartment buildings can you own"? Well just ask Paul Christy. He was a "wrestler/magician/hypnotist/alright" who made his one and only appearance on Tusesday Night Titans. Rather than let host 'Mean Gene' interview him, he ranted to the audience about apartments buildings and something about "woman", "sexual" with "pretty blue eyes" and "physical appearance". He also got mad whenever Gene tried to interrupt him during his his magic tricks. Needless to say, he didn't last much longer in the then World Wrestling Federation.

But not only do RD and Blade talk about Mr. Christy on Wrestlecrap Radio Episode #133 (in 2008), they also talk about the ranting and raving of another former WWE "Superstar"...Billy Graham, that is, and the time he channeled the "Lord Of Darkness" Satan (two years before becoming the charterer on WCR who possess wrestling personalities on social networking sites and then later changing his name to "Stan: The Evil Troll Lord") when writing this evil email to a wrestling promoter.

...And speaking of STAN, for those who have been missing Mike Check's "6(66) Years Of Whackin" Anniversary, STAN and Mike Check have been battling it out over on THE MIKE CHECK SHOW in a song contest. They both have chosen to play 13 songs, that play well in their particular market, over the total control of the ownership of "KMCR: THE MACKER!" But that's not the only thing that's on the line, because if STAN wins, Mike and his "whiz-kid" daughter must also sell their souls and spend the rest of eternity in Hell. But if Mike wins, STAN must also must leave them alone and grant them with one wish. Anyway, today's song selection by Mike Check is "You're No Good", which co-incidentally perfectly describes how Mike has been going in this song battle so far!

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives and here for more WCR Minisodes!

(265/40/41) Miss-Math: April 1, 2017

20 minutes
((( recorded in high phone-muffled fidelity ))) 

Some vintage albeit bad Wrestlemania related tune takes up 10% of the running time.

You know this episode is an April Fools prank when RD skips a number. This would technically be the FORTIETH episode if based on the old RD&BS format, but instead this is apparently the forty-FIRST. Perhaps Blade's (under the) influence got to him too much. Seriously; (mike) check through the Recaps link and see for yourself.

[That being said, if you counted this as both a WWCR AND RD&BS episode separately and together, like two intersecting lines, that might work things out. That assumes anything actually works on these shows of course though. Both in and unintentionally.]

RD: "You realize we've had more RD & Blade shows than Wrestlemania."

Blade remembers Susan St. James uh-oh-ing. RD remembers Rockin' Robin and her Brother Hood. (:05)

This year's WM (33) has 13 matches that will take at least six and a half hours long. (:08)

RD is stuck on the Divas' movesets. (:09)

More random names are in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal Memorial hootenanny. (:11) RD wants a Bill Frehlick run-in.

Randy Orton is in another match. (:12) Blade doesn't want to see him dating. RD wants to see his orgasmic wife make a return to the ring.

Social Security recipient Undertaker is once again back at it. (:14) Blade: "I don't mind Roman Reigns." RD: "Blade Braxton Quote: "I don't mind Roman Reigns.""

Blade thinks Shane McMahon should fight while high. RD thinks he will jump off a roller coaster. (:15)

RD on WM as a whole and echoing many people: "Who cares?"

RD has to "run" to a Wrestlemania party which will last even longer than the 12 hour event. (:16)

Seventeen Syllables Of Analysis:
Goldberg. Goldberg. Gold-
Berg. Goldberg. Goldberg. Goldberg.
Goldberg.  Goldberg. Gold.
Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


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  • Susan St. James Uh Ohs:  9
  • Blade Braxton’s Weekly Wrestling Haiku: Blades analysis of the WM33 main event:
    Goldberg! Goldberg! Gold...
    berg! Goldberg! Goldberg! Goldberg!
    Goldberg! Goldberg! Gold...