Minisode #045 Roller Dogs

by iggy

November 17, 2006

Lumpy sure has grown.
Hot Dog roller and bun warmer.
The Deion Sanders Hot Dog Express

#daphne #velma

045 Banging with WrestleCrap: November 17, 2006

Banging with WrestleCrap
(68 minutes)

RD and Blade are watching TNA's first prime time show. (Unlike last time with the Diva Search though, it's in the background rather than the focus of the week.) They don't understand why there's a hole in the cage.

There were hobo-looking people waiting in line for the PS3's release. (:05) Blade's friend got kicked out for a PS2 when someone else wanted to have sex with him for it. (:09) [Don...Don Mason?]

RD and Blade have to remind us that they are in fact not dead. Unless they've been newly reanimated...

RD's Trip to the Grocery (:19): RD remembers the Star Wars Holiday Special. Hot Dog Roller is available. Blade informs RD of the Deion Sanders Hot Dog Express. "Hot juices exploded into my mouth!" (:27)

Obscure Wrestling News (:34): Stacy Keibler has been asked to go on the Dancing with the Stars road tour. RD was gifted a copy of Grandmasters of Wrestling Vol I. Blade got something about the Adam West Batman TV series. JT Titty is in contention in an online voting competition. (:43) Melly Mel is trying to get into the industry. Blade raps.

Mail Bag: DZ thinks the Co-Hosts should have been harder on Vince Russo for some reason. (:49) The Lone Ranger asks a varied question about Ariel's breasts. (:54) Brendan Crabb quoted the first WrestleCrap book in one of his university papers. Blade compares himself to Mike von Erich. (:56)

Survivor Series is coming and WWE wants you to be "banging with Ashley". (:59) RD reads down the card and gets stuck on Samoa Joe. "Please to explain." (:62) Vince's ass is available 'in cartoon form'.

Hot Dog Smore:
Vincent McMahon's ass.
He says that it can do tricks.
Make it disappear.

RD: "The finest advice I think I've ever heard on this here radio show."

Minisode #044 Corporal Kirchner: Dead or Alive

by iggy

November 3, 2006

Corporal Kirchner is like Schrodinger's Cat.
RD's story about giving a trick rather than a treat
RD dressed as Magnum P.I.
Corporal Kirchner calls.
Who's Becky?!

#no longer with us #super mustache

044 What If...Corporal Kirchner was still alive?: November 3, 2006

What If...Corporal Kirchner was still alive?
(80 minutes)

Sad News: Corporal Kirchner died, according to WWE dot com.

Weird World of Wrestling has returned. Tease Club. RD doesn't like strip clubs because he was made fun of at one. (:12) RD talks about males being undressed at strip clubs. Blade remembers when his girlfriend called him for some random pictures of a wrestler she found on his computer.

In December, Rewriting the Book will debut. Jed Shaffer is on the phone to talk about it. (:20)

RD's Trip to the Grocery (:31): RD plopped some ice cream in someone's bag. Fun-sized bars are not fun. Blade looks like a hobo. RD was Magnum PI this Halloween, complete with glue-on mustache.

Obscure Wrestling News (:41): 30000 dumb people have bought Brooke Hogan's CD. Egomania is heritable. Among their releases (:47) WWE will release a Rey Mysterio Jr DVD called the Biggest Little Man. WWE will release a Wrestling's Greatest Families DVD. Vampiro will release a DVD about Vampiro.  [... in Canada.]

Mail Bag: Daisy Tweeter (WrestleCrap Listener #25) makes a Batista pun. (:53) Zack Gator wants Vickie Guerrero to appear in Playboy. (:55) RD explains James from Kentucky, who wants Vince's phone number. (:57)

RD's favorite wrestling show is now TNA. (:59) Vince Russo's Invitational Inverted Battle Royal: 15 men try to climb in, 7 men throw 5 out, and then a one on one match. The Boogeyman has returned.

Blade hit the bottle because Lita may leave WWE. (:67)

Corporal Kirchner calls "you horse's ass". He sounds an awful lot like John Thomas. (:70)

Corporal Kirchner's All American Haiku:
I'm Corporal Kirchner.
I'm fucking alive, not dead.
My career's dead. AAAHHHHH.