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WCR Video: Wrestlecrap vs Demento (Part 6: The Dance Off?)

While technically there was no actual "dance off" challenge ever made between Wrestlecrap & Damien Demento, this week's WCR Video will feature this bizarre animated video that surfaced on YouTube in late 2009 by Solie6226. It's R.D. & Blade Vs Demento (with a "humble" mystery partner) in a private dance off:

Edit: There's also another one featuring this year's WWE Hall Of Fame inductee, Ultimate Warrior

...And speaking of Warrior, this video definitely "doesn't make the world work" :)

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Edit: (April 10, 2014) Warrior (born James Brian Hellwig) passed away on April, 8 2014. This video was posted a couple of weeks before then only in fun. We at WCR would like to send our condolences.

WCR Video: Wrestlecrap vs Demento (Part 5: The Sing Off)

At this stage, it seemed that Damien Demento was too scared to accept Blade Braxton's challenge to a boxing match. So in late 2009, Demento instead decided to challenge R.D Reynolds to a "sing off" of their favorite cartoon themes. While again like his other videos, Demento has since deleted his rendition of "Underdog" (probably due to his own embarrassment), but here's R.D. Reynolds (with help of fellow crapper forgottensin) with a parody version of the theme to "Tennessee Tuxedo":

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WCR Video: Wrestlecrap vs Demento (Part IV: Training Montage)

Seeing that the Winter Olympics are currently taking place in Russia, it would only be appropriate that the WCR Video for this week is a montage of Blade Braxton training to fight Damien Demento (with the help of Don....Don Mason and Stubby) for a their future boxing match...which is also seems eerily similar to the training montage in Rocky IV:

And after Blade's Rocky IV style training montage was uploaded on YouTube, wrestlecrapper pyoobez decided to make his own mash-up of the video:


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