Minisode #012 Pantless

by iggy

November 18, 2005

Blade has no pants.
Ricky Morton gets help from Ivan Koloff
Tenta Interview

#mid-change #bribe the screw

012 Earquake: November 18, 2005

John Tenta Interview
(50 minutes)

Blade has to put his pants on.

Eddie Guerrero died.

Obscure Wrestling News: Ricky Morton is still in jail. To raise funds for his release, Ivan Koloff has donated one (1) Russian chain.

Mark Jindrak and Matt Morgan are trying their hand at their own online show at RD wants his own online show where he and Blade just drive around places. [Seven years later... - Future PB]

Question of the Week from HPPH: Chyna's song demands that she be treated neither as a man nor a woman. The podcast has 4 listeners.

:18 Interview with John "Earthquake" Tenta.

Minisode #011 Early Xmas

by iggy

November 11, 2005

Inspector Gadget

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011 24 Hour Blade: November 11, 2005

24 Hour Blade
((( recorded in medium over-modulated fidelity ))) (27 minutes)

Sid is closer to draw-string Hefty bags
Blade is on the anniversary edition of the Toxic Avengers DVD.

Obscure Wrestling News: Sid Vicious said he drew more money than Austin and The Rock. Perhaps he means drew as in painted, as in "I paint more money than those two guys who call themselves wrestlers. I mean, really. They wouldn't know art if it came up to them and body slammed them!" RD wants him to play an old Universal movie monster. Things we've learned today: You know a movie is bad when Matthew Broderick refuses to star in it.

WWE is already releasing a Best of 2005 compilation disc, which would probably be some sort of reverse negative product that they actually send money to you for accepting the thing.

There is no logic to Raw or Smackdown. Someone is pushed one week but is squashed the next. RD says Smackdown is reminiscent of Thunder. WWE has a habit of getting rid of stuff that has recently become wildly popular.

The rumor now is the midgets have all gone. The way WWE had been treating them though, I wouldn't be surprised if they shot segments about them being lost and/or misplaced, and having jobbers look through their backstage couches for them.

Greg Valentine is reported to get a contract, despite being as mobile as a wrestling ring.

RD remembers furthermore unequivocally the good old days of wrestling when you didn't really see much of the company's management on TV.

Question of the Week from 24 Hour Adam: Would his Frankie costume had won?

Vince Russo has started a podcast, of which according to Blade has stolen 5 of their 10 listeners.

RD has figured out how to run the Haiku music over at his end.

Captain Karisma:
The Double-u Dou-
ble-u E has burned you out.
Three words: Rest in peeps.