Episode 12: Holy Fiddling!: October 17, 2021

When the Rat's Away the Mice Will Play
"After escaping the Ridder's deathtrap, the Dynamic Duo lie low to discover the ultimate goal of the supervillain's crime wave."
48 minutes

RD is Less Cross-Eyed Than Batman. He also changed shirts in between recordings to a yellow Robin one. He responds to further Vince singing with once again showing erect Robin. 

As the erect Duo spin on their turbines Batman manages to somehow get a torch from his utility belt to burn through his bindings and short-circuit the power. The only thing Robin can do is vomit on his shirt. (:03) Batman responds by slapping him. RD is reminded of the similar gag from Airplane! I'm reminded of that one meme picture.

As they return to the Batcave we visit the environmentally conscious River Rats. Unfortunately for the Co-Bros Mousey is too short and big eyed and high pitched for their liking. Vince gives her 4 Batpoles. RD gives her a "courteous" 5.5. The two compare her to the earlier Molly. Vince: "I think she was looking for the rub." To be fair as RD points out, actress Susan Silo did make a successful pivot to voice acting and is still doing it today, even close to 80 years old! Sadly none of that work included anything Batman or DC related. Vince: "Interesting."

The Riddler cuts in another promo how he succeeded against Batman than the other villains, except for Zelda the Great of whom he's probably forgotten all about already. He has another riddle: "What is it that is coming but never arrives tomorrow?" RD answers with erect Robin. (:12) Then Riddler gets really close to the camera to show his skin pores. RD thinks they should rename the show The Riddler's Skin. Vince wants Robin's Foreskin. RD answers with erect Robin. 

Batman calls Gordon while he is dressing down King Boris to confirm that he is in fact alive, but to hide that from the general public. Vince wonders if a king ranks lower than a police commissioner in political hierarchies. That done, Boris goes to the Gotham City Museum of Fame where a miniature statue is being shown among other models. RD is 99% sure one of the busts being shown was the same one of the Joker. The River Rats watching on their TV boo a painting of the Duo except for Mousey. RD does his Mousey impression. 

Mousey is sent to blow up a police box to send a ransom letter to Gordon, which weren't really a thing in the US, blue secret time machine or otherwise. (:18) Vince wonders if they were a product of his time which according to him was a very confident 1940. He also wonders why they didn't just send the ransom to him personally. 

The ransom is for $1 million or a monument will be blown up. Batman tells him to go ahead despite Gordon's protests that it may be too late in the day to visit a bank branch. So Bruce comes to HQ to pay to "do my duty as a proud citizen of this fair community" as Gordon calls him the "unsung hero of this dark hour." Then a River Rat named Whitey cosplaying as a cross-eyed and pudgy Batman comes in through the window. Bruce cracks his hand through a hand-shake as they agree to speak somewhere with "no cops! Er, no police!" to hash out the money delivery at the museum. 

Vince notes Riddler putting himself over some more a la Tony Khan. RD demonstrates by kissing his hands like he did for some reason. 

Robin is on top of the Batcave's Atomic Pile ignoring Batman's command to "stop fiddling" with himself. RD knows to what Batman is referring to. Vince doesn't think Batman would have told him someone died on top of that. 

The latest riddle leads to the statue at the museum. For perhaps the only time that he makes the right choice, Gordon calls Batman to tell him there was a phony. RD wonders how he figured that out. Batman determines there will be a bombing at the museum. When the Riddler arrives he finds no bomb or money but a (solved) riddle, before the bomb in place of what would have been the money blows up. The Duo then burst through their painting, to RD's dismay at their disrespect. Vince found it funny that Robin kept the same pose of the painting. 

Cue fight scene with the Riddler and folks and stooge. (:31) During the combat Batman picks up and throws a guy 40 feet with a slide-whistle and ceiling wires. Robin is so proud of his super-kick he congratulates himself. Vince is unnerved by Mousey coming on to Batman too much, and so too is Batman. 

During Vince's honeymoon in California he was so excited when he saw Stately Wayne Manor during his tour. He is happy now too that Aunt Harriet is again without a bra as she goes with friends to the museum. Bruce has his business work to pretend keep busy with. Dick has his algebra homework to keep busy busy with. Bruce again hits him when he tries to leave it. 

The Bros compare this to the Riddler's last outing. (:36 - :43) RD liked the idea of turbines but they are now ruined due to erect Robin. While the henchmen were better, the girl was less so. So things were average for him, like it has been so far with the show. Hopefully next time with the Mad Hatter will be better. They are also hopeful the show will pick up.

  • Special Guest Villain: The Riddler [2] (Frank Gorshin) [2]
  • Brown Hornet Escapes: 1. Short-circuiting a turbine through a torch.

Episode 11: Holy Infernal!: October 10, 2021

A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away
"When a visiting King is accosted by the Riddler, the Dynamic Duo pursues his subsequent complex trail of riddles to try to stop him."
50 minutes

RD Is Less Excited than Robin. He's also not in his studio as he is on holiday. He still has his surfing Batman and Joker shirt on. 

Somebody told Vince to watch a reality show with Cody and Brandi Rhodes. He hopes they exaggerated their negative qualities to gain heat. So like just about any other reality show then?

Speaking of shows more real life, Vince complains of the show's repetitiveness so early on. Batman, not Cody. (:05) RD believes Gotham City's infamy of crime and danger is drawing in intrigued visitors, much like then New York City, and in this case with yet another dignitary of one King Boris of [insert European country here]. Upon landing he is instantly subject to roses exploding into riddles and the Riddler's laughter while his theme plays. RD wishes he had such technology for trick or treaters. RD's attempt at answering the riddle earns Vince's applause. 

Gordon has only O'Hara and one other unlucky cop to dress down as he is about to call Batman who he owes "a very great deal". (:10) Vince wonders why they even need police if the Dark Knight does all the work for them. RD has to explain to Vince what the word infernal means. Wait, wasn't he a writer? 

Batman can't answer the Batphone as Alfred is polishing the Batpoles without any euphemisms, so he has to "beckon him". Appearing Aunt Harriet makes Vince attempt to sing. RD is thankful this time she's wearing a bra without his wife also watching. (:13) Bruce and Dick are playing chess to determine if he will do his homework or go fishing instead. Why not do the homework while fishing? No wonder he's always just the sidekick.

The Dynamic Duo visit the police just for Gordon to tell them in person about the impossible to solve riddle and Gordon determining the Riddler's involvement with his "fancy footwork" once more. The Co-Bros laugh at the police's further inefficiency and that they should pay Batman for his time, billionaire or no.

The police discount his targeting a $25,000 chess tournament to determine he will instead hit the Miss Galaxy beauty pageant for its tiara, as judged by King Boris. Batman will allow him to steal a bugged fake one. The Co-Bros wonder how many bugs they have on hand. 

At the pageant RD disparages the attending last year's winner's appearance, who looks so average she doesn't even get a credit. Vince disparages this year's winner's appearance. "Manly," he handwrote. He later gives Joy Harmon as Julia Davis 1 Batpole. RD gives 1.5.

The Riddler appears from a trapdoor to steal the tiara and a kiss. Vince: "Are they going to cancel Frank Gorshin now, you think?" He then pops out of a manhole to taunt the Duo on their use of a bug and give a new riddle, which for some reason needs analyzing at the Batcave. Vince finds it amusing that they always keep running to the Batmobile no matter what. Batman also finds the time to explain the episode title to Robin, in that the Riddler always goes silent before he acts. 

At the Batcave they determine he will next hit the Mushroom Club (:25). Batman gets enraged for some reason when Robin wants to look up the location on the Batcomputer; they have the Yellow Pages for that! (Boy do I feel so old remembering those.) Vince agrees with Batman that they should just check "normally". 

Meanwhile the Riddler confers underground with the "River Rat Gang", of whom RD applauds their henchmen and rat-looking antics, and even their feeding habits (including the expected for cutting the cheese). Quote the Riddler: "I'm gonna deduct the cheese billed from the profits." RD's favorite, Whiskers, has actual whiskers stuck on his face. Vince wished they made their own appearance by themselves. The lady of the group, Mousey, has too much of a high pitched voice to their tastes.

The Gang acts undercover as King Boris is taken on a tour of a wine cellar while Whiskers takes the time to overact. The Duo find Boris who states he is fine just as the wine bottles start popping and he falls victim to a trapdoor. Even worse, they are distracted by more riddles to decipher at the Batcave, leading them to the Gotham City River and Power Plant. Vince wonders why the Riddler doesn't give them more misleading riddles to follow away from his actual acts. RD reminds him this is how villains act. 

Anyway, the Riddler cuts a promo. (:35) He goes against Mousey and her weird eyes and actions by stating to his "cherub" his ranking as the "king of crime". 

As he does so and the Duo climb up a wall, Robin worries about "diplomatic repercussions". Batman: "All visitors to these teeming shores are safe, be they peasant or king. It's the very essence of our democracy." Said king is subject to the Riddler's "genius stratagem" just because while a "lackey" offers cheese, before he lets him go.

Part of this stratagem has him catch the Duo in a net once again. (:40) Vince wonders why they are not used to such tactics by now. RD wonders if the villains ever discuss tactics when they are in prison together. The Duo are sprayed in "sticky stuff" while the Riddler cackles in delight. He then has the two's stunt doubles strapped to giant turbines, which is bad enough. They then zoom in to actual Robin fully erect, which is even worse. RD shows the screen capture to an incredulous Vince to see for himself, finding it "disturbing" that he can see what looks like the tip. Vince: "You can't replace yourself with Robin's wiener!" The non-erect Riddler further gloats they will spin to death before leaving with a riddle. 

For a change the Bros will record for next week after this, so RD has to get through his shilling quicker this time. (:47)

  • Special Guest Villain: The Riddler [2] (Frank Gorshin) [2]
  • Vince Time Outs: 1.
  • Bugs: 1.
  • Fact or Fiction: 1.
  • I didn’t even know he was sick:  1. Frank Gorshin
  • Screen Shares: 1. RD

Episode 10: Holy Fishbowl!: October 3, 2021

A Death Worse Than Fate
"Told that her loot is genuine money after all, Zelda is forced to lure Batman and Robin into a possibly unsolvable deathtrap, with hitmen waiting outside to shoot them if they escape."
77 minutes

Holy 10th Show Batman!, RD self-titles. He has issue with the show Russo Swerving a next week appearance by the Joker when it will actually be the Riddler again. However it could actually be confirming his theory that they were shown out of order like a JMS show. 

RD: "Everybody hold your breath: Russo's gonna do research."

Aunt Harriet is still levitating and peddling for over half an hour above a fire while the narrator does a Fat Albert impression. (:04) For some reason Robin is by himself when he goes to Police HQ while they try to reach Bruce for his ransom. 

O'Hara: "I've called every rich man's club and eating place in Gotham City, and he's in none of them...I bet Mr. Wayne is on some yacht eating sherbet and changing his clothes!" 

The two wonder if that line was actually in the shooting script. RD is reminded of Jackie Gleason ad-libbing in Smokey and the Bandit. Vince also has Gleason as Ralph Kramden tattooed on his right arm.

Robin responds to this bad line by getting into a rage. Gordon has to control him by bad touch rubbing his shoulders. 

Thankfully Bruce enters before things can escalate further. Apparently there is to be a color notification on TV, interrupting regular black and white programming while Zelda is knitting. Vince's confusion with crochet angers RD. (:12) He is further disturbed by Gordon stealing all the good quality cameras for his debauchery. Vince is further disturbed by the first announcement of:

Gordon: "Hello criminals wherever you are out there! Do you hear me criminals? This is Police Commissioner Gordon!"
Bruce: "I'm Bruce Wayne."
Robin: "And I'm Robin, Batman's aide. I speak for Batman officially."

Cue further bad attempts by the three to reach the criminal underworld without shockingly being prank called for it before Zelda does. (:18) Gordon has a signed sealed and notarized note from the newspaper about the money actually being real using a red ribbon on a newspaper copy. Robin: "Come on, ya crook!"

Zelda drops off Harriet. RD notes his hatred towards Vince due to tracking her lack of bra every time he sees her. He is further confused by the Duo further drugging Harriet at the Batcave. Vince thinks it's to help her cycling fit. (:26) Alfred gives an excuse of being too engrossed watching the television. Vince thinks it's Playboy After Dark somehow showing or recorded in the daytime. RD thinks he was watching an infinity mirror of his boss. But he knows where Zelda is and Bruce knows who Zelda is. As they descend the Batpoles RD wonders how Robin could get changed so quickly. 

This is also Batman's first appearance halfway through the episode, by the way.

Robin doesn't know who it is out of the 27 women licensed to be magicians in the city. RD wants to watch them go through the licensing process. Robin figures out it's the one he saw on his birthday due to her straitjacket that braless Harriet was tied up in. (:32)

Baman goes to the bookstore to get trapped - again - while the villains plot to kill him - again - with mafia henchmen in sarcophagi with tiny guns, despite Zelda's second thoughts. Vince takes offense at his Italian heritage being attacked by them signing a contract with a "wink-wink syndicate". RD wonders if Mr. Freeze would have offended his German heritage. 

The villains check out things in a "secret control room" with periscopes. Vince saw a golden cat reminding him of Catwoman, reaffirming his theory of out of order releasing as they were scheduled and prepared. Batman enters the trap through a secret bookshelf toggle: "Bizarre! A play without actors!" Robin: "The script could be for us!" "One way to find out - let's step in the limelight!" "Holy fishbowl!"

As expected Zelda falls for the "handsome creatures...can I help being a woman?" (:41)

RD: "At this point it gets kinda wacky."

As Eivol gloats about his trap and Robin tries to humor him Batman forms a Joker smile: "WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA, GENIUS?" However his utility belt cannot stop the hydrogen gas "lighter than air", although it could be used on the electrified floor to cause an explosion...while they are inside of. RD is reminded of the Hindenburg. "It was a terrible plan that somehow worked." 

Vince is not reminded of Fat Albert since he never watched it. RD asks yours truly to now look for "Brown Hornet escapes", referencing its show within the show and later spinoff where its title character used equally implausible methods to escape.

This also solves the problem of the hiding henchmen (even with Zelda's shouted warning) by dodging them and having them shoot each other, though sadly there is no fight as Batman simply knocks Eivol down with a Batarang. Quote he: "Let's take them to the morgue." He also determines that Zelda's tears are real this time through smelling and licking them, or at least that's what RD might have seen in order to make sense of things. "Perhaps some other lifetime."

Sometime later Bruce meets Zelda at the Gotham State Penitentiary wearing a ridiculous black and white striped prison uniform with a tuna can style hat. (:51) He promises her a job as "Resident Lady Magician" at Wayne Corp after she is released for saving his life after she threatened it. She conjures for him a plastic flower to give to Batman as a trophy.

RD: "Why would anyone live in Gotham City?"

RD wonders what the point of her and her one-off appearance was compared to the rest of the villains, including King Tut. (:57) Even if she was trapped (no pun intended) by Eivol she could have asked one of the other 26 women licensed to be magicians in the city to help her out. Vince wonders if he was doing the same even to them.

Vince: "Let's do some plugs here." (:60)

He complements AEW on broadcasting on Friday nights, and their marketing, which surprises him. RD half-jokingly justifies his current demographic to explain that people may not watch so late and so long due to numerous reasons. He finds their close success after only two years of operation weird. Vince reminds him of the current state of Raw.

RD wrote about something related to Vince. Vince hates reading, despite having written two books. RD can accept his not reading The Death of WCW (yet) due to his personal involvement and chance it may upset him, even though he doesn't regret what he produced and recorded. They also remind of their apolitical natures. Vince wouldn't mind RD to list what he thought his three biggest blunders were so they can discuss them on their next Patreon argument.  

  • Special Guest Villain: Zelda The Great (Anne Baxter)


  • Brown Hornet Escapes: 1. Escaping an electrified trap by exploding hydrogen gas.


Episode 9: Holy Hole In A Donut!: September 26, 2021

Zelda the Great
"The Dynamic Duo arranges a trap for an elusive annual bank robber, but the female magician they are hunting is on to them with a new scheme of her own."
90 minutes

Even Russo is Greater Than Zelda, according to RD's nameplate.  But is he better than his current Co-Bro, still "ChannelAttitude.com"? He wags his finger at RD disapprovingly.

This is the first lady villain of the show, one of a very small group. (:04) RD wouldn't mind doing an Addams Family progrem after this one. Vince would just go over missed stuff. This is especially the part here where things are quite unmemorable except for the "mind-boggling" last 20 seconds.

A peaceful night in Gotham City is interrupted by an explosion at the Gotham Bank as captured by a Raw cameraman and a guard expressing surprise at his gun that he shot at someone. Vince remarks on his terrible acting. RD: "On this show? Really?" 

This for a $100,000 robbery is apparently an April Fools tradition, which seems more like a Calendar Man thing. I'm surprised he never made an appearance on the show. Gordon: "The Unknown Bandit escaped as clean as a hound's tooth...The League of Banks is becoming uneasy." This sounds like a job for FATCAT! (:12) 

He has to placate his grimacing cops "castigating yourself; you're tip-top officers all of you. Still, two years on this case and you men haven't turned up a SINGLE CLUE! ANY REASON TO THINK YOU'LL DO BETTER NOW???" STIFF, double underlined Vince. O'Hara pleads for help. RD: "Do they ever not need help?"

Thus for the first time, Gordon uses the Batphone while his forces use the Batsignal. It's a good thing as no one is home greatly depressing Gordon. The two are actually on the roof of Stately Wayne Manor stargazing, where Bruce is very poetic on the importance of astronomy. Vince is alarmed that Aunt Harriet keeps wearing the same outfit day in and day out. She is there to see the Batsignal with the naked eye and announce dinner at a strange time of day. They calculate it's at least 10 pm when no one should be banking or eating and Dick should be in bed. He should also technically be a Teen Wonder. They give an excuse of going to a "lecture" on Latin American affairs at 11 pm. Bruce vows to eat some hot pancakes later, which excites Vince for some reason. 

Excited Vince finds it odd that they've mounted a jaguar head in the study. (:22) RD leaves that to Bruce's antics on a shooting hunt. Because as everyone knows, a jaguar killed his parents.

The Duo set off in day-for-night shooting to the rear parking lot of Police HQ obstructing at least five police cars. 

Vince is alarmed by the state of O'Hara's teeth. He conspiracy theories Gordon removed their medical and dental plans due to their incompetence. Once again RD has to remind him they did not expect to be watched in high def 55 years later. 

Their plan is to fabricate a story that the money is counterfeit. O'Hara thinks the criminal is stealing to pay for his taxes. Batman admonishes him into hanging his head in shame. The two compare it to their own children shaming them.

Cut to a poster proclaiming Zelda the Great is "even greater than Houdini" which is hard to prove given that by then he was no longer with them for 40 years and they did know he was sick. Vince calls it "interesting" when it actually isn't to him. 

Analysis of a bullet trajectory in the Batcave determines the bullet went through layers of silk, so they immediately determine it was a woman because no MAN would be wearing silk! Vince wonders if this would rule out Liberace. But it's not a mentioned Catwoman either. Gordon: "A WOMAN? What is this world coming to?" RD wonders on their filming order.

Cut to the Gnome Bookstore where "lurks the secret workshop of a strange Albanian genius" Eivol Ekdol, working with Zelda (the Great). RD remembers seeing Anne Baxter as Nefretiri in The Ten Commandments where she would get 7 or 7.5 Batpoles, but only gets 3.5 here. Vince mishears him and thinks it is affecting his judgment; he gives her 5 for her body offset by his dislike of short hair. RD responds with his Nathaniel as Vince impression. But he is persuaded to upgrade his score to 4.5. 

Instead of ancient Egyptian clothing, Zelda wears a "Hiero-glycerine tear producer" ring and pulls handkerchiefs from her pocket. (:41) The money is to purchase tricks (for $100,000?), with this year's being a escape-proof plastic electrified bullet-proof cage with deadly gas, so they just throw the money away and prepare the cage for Batman instead. RD critiques Batman for his rushed plan. 

Speaking of Batman he prepares a bugged emerald called the Star of Samarkand (or Sam Markand as Vince says it). He critiques RD for jumping ahead too much and gives him boos: "Did you watch this episode???" Zelda's female intuition leads her to add "two strings to her bow" to deal with her suspicions of the trap. The gem is to be held by one Hilary Stonewin in her jewelry store. Sad News: She is the lowest rating on their Batpoling. (:47) The Duo hide in her store's...balcony, as she looks them over. Batman: "This unique garb of ours is one of our weapons of crimefighting!" They do all this planning and quoting as Zelda observes them regardless. Vince mistimes her activities. RD has to correct him with a cut to Stately Wayne Manor. Aunt Harriet answers the phone and is disturbed to hear Dick was hit on the head with a ball: "which playground?" she weirdly asks. Vince is equally disturbed by her not wearing a bra. (:53) Then she gets a visit from "Mrs. Smith, The Playground Matron". "What an idiot," handwrote Vince.

THEN we return to the jeweler. Vince boos RD for missing the Dynamic Jabronis hiding in the balcony for two hours when a lady enters spraying purple gas everywhere. "Does she have COVID?" wonders Vince. The Duo's stunt doubles make a huge jump with a slide-whistle. Zelda gets the gem with the help of her hat mirrors. Robin: "Holy hole in a donut!" Batman: "The tricky little she-devil!" However before they can give chase Gordon calls to tell them a braless Harriet Cooper has been kidnapped for $100,000 ransom within an hour...and Bruce is nowhere to be seen. Robin: "WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO POOR AUNT HARRIET - I mean, Mrs. Cooper?" 

Finally we see Zelda sitting and knitting while Aunt Harriet's stunt double is peddling her feet above a roaring flame. (:63) RD compliments the special effects used in shadowing her feet. 

Vince compliments Zelda in outsmarting Batman, at least for this one episode. He wonders where "Admiral Ackbar" gone off to while waiting for his money. He hopes braless Aunt Harriet will be alright. 

RD: "Sometimes the simplest story is the best." (:72)

RD's first WrestleCrap book has an odd UK variant. 

Vince was asked by WWE to appear in some WCW DVD. (:76) He at first turned it down unless he got paid for his time. He recently got a check from World Wrestling Federation. He ponders posting a picture of it without comment to anger people. RD ponders posting a picture of his check from Vince without comment to anger people. Then they discuss Dave Meltzer's star ratings.

  • Special Guest Villain: Zelda The Great (Anne Baxter)


  • SPEAKING OFs: 2. Missing stuff, Aunt Harriet
  • Vince Time Outs: 1
  • Entertain The People: 1
  • Outdated references: 1. Harry Houdini


Round Two - AEW Open: September 23, 2021

50 minutes

"RD is Right, Russo is Wrong". The two raise their fists for battle. 

RD got his Co-Dude to watch AEW Dynamite at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. He was watching it until his 60th birthday in January, when he stopped as he didn't feel it was fun anymore. He only watched it for RD's sake, which is very touching. He also admits his nervousness in fear he may be misunderstood by the audience of "the World Wide Interwebs" and jeopardize their friendship. He has nothing to worry about: if RD wouldn't mind me calling Blade a drunken failure for close to 13 years, he can handle some disagreement over a wrestling progrem. 

"Disclaimers out of the way," the two get down to business. (:08) 

  • RD asks where Sting's guard bird was when he was doing his own Joker impression. Vince does not remember it at all. 
  • He also admits he did not fully watch the long matches due to an ingrained short attention span from his Attitude days where they had to plan short matches around commercial breaks.
  • RD thought the 30 minute draw between Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega was one of the best he had ever seen, assisted by the audience. (:13) He assumes Vince would not like it because it is not in his more short-term writing style. Vince is about to disclaim again before RD stops him. He saw the last 10 to 12 minutes as just a viewer, but even then he did not care to see any more. He does admire Bryan's authentic enthusiasm and character from his earlier WWE days to consider him a fine young egg, hence his watching worried either man may suffer an injury. 
  • RD thinks Omega makes a great heel even if slightly overrated, especially with Don Callis managing him. (:22) Vince also likes him from his past interview work, because he is drawn more to stand-out characters who put in the time and effort.
  • Vince: "RD, don't take offense to this." He sees some wrestlers and the audience forced attempting to be "cool" which doesn't do it for him, with the exception of CM Punk who also shows authenticity, and Hangman Page. 
  • RD thinks this "coolness" may be part of some people's gimmicks. Vince still doesn't like it.
  • About booed "good guy" Cody Rhodes with a super long cape, (:36) Vince remembers when he once made a statement against his appearance at Starrcast, among other things, despite their never having met. He knows he did that just to get over, but he doesn't know if there is any more to it than that, wrestling persona or otherwise. (RD did meet them that one time and it went favorably.) He does know it is hard to get behind him now after seeing him lose so much beforehand. RD understands, but also knows the AEW folks were willing to give him another chance to try again and better.
  • As for Sting vs. "Little" Darby Allen, Vince is grateful for Sting bringing him back to spirituality, wrestling once more at their age group, and being happy while doing so. He understands Darby doing the daredevil things he does as he's for a different audience than he.
  • Ultimately Vince is ambivalent, but doesn't mind those who enjoy it. He just wishes they don't then have to fight those who don't. Quips RD: "Maybe if you had more disclaimers people wouldn't attack you."