WCR Video: A Tribute To Gay Popeye

Well blow me...................

.......DOWN! Ah gyuk gyuk gyuk!

And once again, no, Wrestlecrap Radio's Gay Popeye is not in fact "sick"...although Mike Check probably hopes that he was since he requested The Mike Check Show play "Back Door Santa" for him today ...And by "Back Door Santa", I'm guessing that he's not necessarily talking about wanting Mike to play the Clarence Carter song? But anyway, here's a video tribute to Gay Popeye as created by, one of WCR's 12 listeners, LannysPermJuice:

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WCR Video: Minisode #128: Eat It, Eat It Now!

It's Black Friday kids! And that means that many stores across the U.S are filled with crazies looking for a bargain. And speaking of "crazies", in 2011, (on Wrestlecrap Radio episode #128) RD Reynolds told another story of his annual Black Friday experiences where he was in fear of his life from hillbilly shoppers who couldn't wait to rip open wrapped up pallets at Wal-Mart. He also encountered a Grizzly Adams/Mike Knox type with a knife and later witnessed more frustrated people jamming shopping carts into each other!

Also featured on this Minisode: RD and Blade discuss Dr. D. David Schultz Wrestlecrap.com induction. A NSFW Image Search involving 'Tammy Sytch eggs'??? And Angry Jim has Doc pull bones out of hams!

And in other news: Will Mike Check have to 'fear for his life' when "Deebo" from "Friday" rides past his house?

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WCR Video: A Tribute To Don... Don Mason

No...don't cue the sad news music, Blade's friend Don Mason (and yes I'm talking about Don...Don Mason) is not "sick"...well, not in "that sense"? But since the "uncharismatic enigma" recently made a rare appearance on Wrestlecrap Radio, it's now time for WCR Videos to bring you a tribute video that would bring a tear to a glass eye. So get out the "Corn Oil" and the "Reddi Wip", because here's a collection of Don's most "un-enigmatic" moments as told by Blade Braxton:

(Created by one of Wrestlecrap Radio's 12 listeners; LannysPermJuice)

...Fascinating. And if that wasn't inappropriate enough, here's a BONUS clip of Don...Don Mason's name being dubbed over the theme song of a "1970's blacksploitation movie"....I'll just leave it here:

(Video Title: "They Call Him Don... Don Mason" by LannysPermJuice)

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267 Trunk-Or-Treat: October 30, 2017

Tastes just like it looks
68 minutes

RD found some new material of Huey's laughter.

Blade has a one year span memory. He thanks RD for his sense of "continuity". I hope it is better than Blade's chemistry knowledge and following recording schedules.

Blade is already tired from all the recent partying but the Midnight Rose is still able to give candy to children at a "Trunk-Or-Treat" at a 'vague' location. RD finds those rather concerning: "That's always like a drug deal, right?" This is Piper's cue to warn about idiots in cars. (:06)

RD is still preparing his Patreon. I assume one of the sponsorship rewards is getting a Big Announcement. (:10) He once considered having a Chinese TNA correspondent, most likely named Po Lan / Lan Po or something like that.

Also you know you're getting up there when you randomly come across an episode of the (new) TMNT and can easily recognize that the episode's villain of the week, an ancient Chinese spirit, is in fact voiced by James Hong. Then again it did also feature three (captured) goons in some very familiar attire from that movie too so...

Don took a Trip to Taco Bell and calls in to talk about it in a very energetic tone of voice. (:13) (He hadn't yet gone to the one house in the neighborhood which always provided some sort of liquor for adult trick-or-treaters.) His children made him try some pink liquid urinal cake Gatorade pink lemonade which surprisingly tasted pretty good. Blade once saw some Don branded urinal mats during his travels. RD mocks them for knowing how urinal cakes taste, despite anyone with any knowledge of non Blade-style chemistry would know that the smell and taste glands are almost very similar. You can definitely 'taste' something if it smells strongly enough.

After Don leaves with his music, Blade randomly remembers being attacked by bees while recording while drunk. Those things have to be related. He also remembers the time he saw someone use an ice cream scooper to scoop meat at another Taco Bell. He also misses old smells while he meta times out.

Sad News: RD and Blade have varying definitions of loyalty.

Also Taryn Terrell was future endeavored. (:25)

Tony Schiavone has left Starbucks, possibly to return to wrestling. RD wants David Crockett to also return to commentate with him. He also misses Halloween Havoc and all the bad mess it brought with it. Blade used to watch wrestling recorded on old EPs.

The Miz and Maryse are expecting a girl. (:35) Blade temporarily stumbles on what "kind" of baby it would be.

Blade re-listens to Piper's tips to figure out what exactly is required of a trick-or-treater.

Blade: "What do you think Tammy's dressing up as?"
RD: "Bacon and eggs." (:41)

According to Blade WWCR goes over the same material again and again. Apparently this is news. This ties into Coke Classic for some reason.

SPEAKING OF Patreon Tammy's already been on it for a month, though she hasn't updated the thing in two weeks. You can...guess...what kind of material she has to offer. RD attempts to read it in his best Jeff Foxworthy impression before he becomes strangely fixated on what's on his finger.

Blade had to go back to Facebook to find people and their Questions. (:50) Criss Rogers wants to know how much a Piper's Bunch would be. He had four children but Blade thinks it's six.

Blade would consider running The Swinging Full Nelson Podcast in honor of Ken Patera. (:55) WWE also future endeavored three wrestlers just recently. RD wants them to rehire Bill Eadie to shout-deliver future endeavors. Blade randomly interjects to mention Mickie James, as you do. To shut him up RD replays his time with Piper. (:61)

Hulk Hogan and his one-time hanging on lackey friend Ed Leslie are Twitter feuding over the latter's writing of a tell-all.

Seventeen syllables of goodness:
Hulk with Beefcake's wife.
She wants pythons not haircuts.
Struttin' and Sluttin'.

$0.50 : $30.50 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right