During the month of April 2016, THE MIKE CHECK SHOW celebrated its 5th Anniversary by having former WWE superstar Mick Foley host "THIS IS YOUR LIFE" for the ole radio DJ; Mike Check. Why did this take place you ask? Well basically, Mike once worked the Long Island, New York market and hated it whenever his local Paper Boy, a young Mick Foley, would damage Mike's windows by throwing newspapers at them. So years later, "Mrs. Foley's baby boy" attempts to make amends by presenting Mike with a month long surprise party...that unfortunately didn't turn out the way it was hoped.

So while we at Wrestlecrapradio.com now have the job of having to "clean up the shrapnel" that this debacle of a show caused; you can re-live your favorite guests (all invited and "uninvited") and "fascinating" moments by checking out the guest-list below:

[ NOTE: The hosts/guests on this show are ALL FICTIONAL or FICTIONALIZED PARODIES of real-life people. I.E. It's NOT really Mick Foley and Ringo Starr is NOT really a jerk...that we know of??? :) ]

Pre-Show with Host: Mick Foley: (Song: Happy, Happy Birthday Baby by Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson)

Day 1: Ric Flair Ringo Starr (Songs: Also Sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss / I’m the Greatest by Ringo Starr)

Day 2: Mike Check's Daughter (Song: The Stripper by David Rose and His Orchestra)

Day 3: RD Reynolds (Song: Wrestlemania Rap by Men On A Mission)

Day 4: "Angry" Jim Ross (Song: Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top)

Day 5: Cassius Weave and Suzie Shuffle (Song: Thunder Island by Jay Ferguson)

Day 6: Wink Martindale (Song: Black Land Farmer by Wink Martindale)

Day 7: Billy Ceps aka "Hulk Hogan" (Songs: American Made / Beach Patrol by Hulk Hogan And The Wrestling Boot Band)

Day 8: Ringo Starr returns (Song: If You’ve Got Trouble by The Beatles)

Day 9: Gay Popeye and Ringo Starr (Song: Yellow Submarine by The Beatles)

Day 10: Pierce Noble aka "Sir Alec Heineken" (Songs: Concerto No 1 in E Major (Spring) Allegro by Antonio Vivaldi / Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel)

Day 11: Mick Jagger (Song: You Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones)

Day 12: Dixie Carter (Song: A Spoonful Of Sugar by Julie Andrews)

Day 13: Blade Braxton (Song: We Are 138 by The ;Misfits)

Day 14: David Lee Roth (Song: California Girls by David Lee Roth)

Day 15: The Midnight Rose (Song: She’s on Fire by Amy Holland)

Day 16: The 12th Doctor and Clara (Song: Gallifreyan Buccaneer by Colin Baker)

Day 17: Jake Lloyd Sr and Jr [featuring: Huey Foley] (Songs: Anakin’s Theme by John Williams / Problem Child by AC/DC)

Day 18: Chin Shima aka "Angry Jim's Japanese Cousin" Jimichrio Rosschu [featuring: Ringo Starr] (Song: Cherry Bomb by The Runaways)

Day 19: 'Sheriff' Harry Dickwell (Song: Back On The Chain Gang by The Pretenders)

Day 20: Harry Dickwell returns (Song: I Fought The Law by The Clash)

Day 21: Harry Dickwell...again (Songs: Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley / I’m a Lonesome Fugitive by Merle Haggard)

Day 22: Harry Dickwell and Angry Jim (Song: Informer by Snow)

Day 23: Harry Dickwell...yep, he's still there! (Song: Dirty Harry by Adam Ant)

Day 24: Harry Dickwell and..."Sir Alec"??? (Song: I Shot The Sheriff by Eric Clapton)

Day 25: Ringo Starr and Iron "Mark" Tyson (Song: I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince)

Day 26: Cactus Jack (Song: Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by Dionne Warwick)

Day 27: Dude Love and Mankind (Song: Have Mercy Baby by Billy Ward and The Dominoes)

Day 28: Yurple The Clown (Song: Be A Clown by Judy Garland)

Day 29: Noelle Foley and Ringo Starr [featuring: Mister Socko] (Song: Sock It To Me Baby by Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels)

Day 30 (The Finale): Ringo Starr and Angry Jim [Featuring: The Boogeyman] (Song: Back Off Boogaloo by Ringo Starr)

Post Show with Jimichiro Rosschu, Ringo Starr, The "T-008 Model" Terminator and Gay Popeye. (Song: Octopus’s Garden by The Beatles)

WCR Video: RD and Blade Interview The Midnight Rose

On Wrestlecrap Radio, episode #154, R.D. and Blade interviewed The Midnight Rose about his experience being in the front row of the Smackdown tapings in Kansas City. He then lists his top 7 favorite "pelicans" and reveals the reason he wears his mask was from having facial scars from eating "pineapple"...

WCR Recon.: R.D. & Blade Interview The Midnight... by skykid3000
(Video Title: "WCR Recon.: R.D. & Blade Interview The Midnight Rose 8-21-09" by Skykid3000)

...And speaking of "pineapple", if you haven't been tuning to The Mike Check Show, you would have missed The Midnight Rose as one of "Mike Check: This Is Your Life's" special guests, where Mike's Check's Daughter may have revealed which particular "pineapple" gave him that "scar".

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WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #149 & #178

Over on The Mike Check Show, it seems that Sheriff Harry Dickwell has crashed Mike's "This Is Your Life" party and has placed the radio DJ under arrest once again...but not before telling his side of the story of the time, back in 2009, of his original hunt for ole Mike for his unpaid child support debts.

One part of the story involves the infamous Wrestlecrap Radio moment, on episode #149 (June 26, 2009), when Mike Check had supposedly died from a Fireworks Factory explosion:

(Also featured in this Minisode: Candice Michelle released, Angry Jim hates Kentucky Grilled Chicken, Blade threatens to paint)

...However, it turned out that Mike had actually faked his own death so he could avoid going to prison and so his "whiz-kid" daughter could sell more of his T-Shirts and bumper stickers. Mike's plan eventually fails as he was found and arrested by Sheriff Dickwell about a year later, on WCR episode #178 (June 25, 2010), and then serves a prison sentence at Folsom from where he uses his phone call privileges to talk to RD and Blade:

(Also featured in this Minisode: Kinder Surprise commercial, C.S. Irwn debuts, Maryse Haiku)

...And stay tuned to Mike Check's "THIS IS YOUR LIFE"! For the next few days, the "untold next chapter" of the "Hunt For Mike Check" saga continues, as today, Mike talks about his past "jailhouse" stint and Sheriff Dickwell talks about resuming his manhunt after Mike's eventual prison escape. And you wont believe what happens next!

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WCR Video: David Lee Roth on Wrestlecrap Radio

RD & Blade have interviewed several guests on Wrestlecrap Radio (as noted here). And here's a video featuring one of their biggest guests; David Lee Roth!...or is it?


(From WCR #133, 01.23.09.)

(Video by Greg Diener)

Oh! And "speaking of" David Lee Roth, don't forget to tune to The Mike Check Show where Diamond Dave is today's guest on Mike Check's: This Is Your Life!

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WCR Video: Interactive: The Hulk Hogan Experiment

Since Hulkamania is currently running wild on "Mike Check's: This Is Your Life" (Yes, Hulk Hogan and Mike Check once worked the Venice Beach market apparently?), here's a classic Interactive segment from Wrestlecrap Radio where RD and Blade listen to a Hulk Hogan impersonator singing rap songs from a MySpace page (yes, it still exists) called The Hulk Hogan Experiment. And if you ask me; it's still better than the "real" Hulk Hogan's Hulk Rules album...and less offensive ;)

(Video: WCR Commentary Season 1, Episode 6: Hulk Hogan Experiment: by FSinWCR)

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