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Anyway, this here website has partnered with a brand new dirtsheet "Wrestling News Force" on Twitter that's full of journalistic integrity, unlike The Observer, The Torch, etc. They are known as "The Wrestling By-Stander". And just like Blade Braxton's Haiku's, they'll condense all the weeks wrestling news, from scoops from their expert stooges insiders, into 17 syllables...well, actually; 280 characters. It's "REAL" wrestling news, it's NOT "Obscure", and it's presented in the proper "the Smart Mark on social media's" point of view: "Unbiased", "Objective" and "Rational".

The NEW Mike Check Show: 8 YEARS OF WHACKIN'! (April 2019)

*(NOTE: For more MIKE CHECK SHOW Anniversary specials, click here)

This was "The Mike Check Show's" 8th Anniversary special, in April 2019, where Mike Check decided to change his show's format to a Rated G Kids progrem due to the orders of "The President Of The United States", demanding "The MACKER" to become more Politically Correct?

Why? Well, it all started at the end of "Love On the Ropes Month" in Feburary 2019, where Mike played "Danger! High Voltage" by Electric Six and immediately switched it to an "unknown/un-watched" sex tape before his daughter entered the room (The reasoning was that his daughter catching him watching porn was easier to explain than that "Danger! High Voltage" video?). Mike's Daughter immediately switches it off when she remembers that the tape had the same title as a "film" called "1 Night In the Oval Orifice", that starred Peter North as "The President" having relations with...herself?!?! (Editor's note: This sounds just too disgusting, if true?). Anyway, "The President" is unhappy about the tape and orders "The Mike Check Show" to make some "changes" or else it would be cancelled by the end of April.

So what does Mike Check decide to do? He transforms "The Mike Check Show" into "The NEW Mike Check Show", with a "kiddie friendly" format, where Mike and his Daughter attempt to teach children about numbers and words, along with special guests and songs. Will this NEW format work? The answer is obvious:

Prologue : I Hope That Something Better Comes Along by Kermit The Frog with Rowlf The Dog
  1. Old John Bradelum by Sharon, Louis And Bram / One Is The Loneliest Number by Three Dog Night
  2. Just The Two Of Us by Grover Washington Jr.
  3. Dance With 3 Count by 3 Count / 3 Minutes by Jim Johnston (A cameo by Eric Bischoff)
  4. Four by Little Jerry And The Monotones
  5. Take Five by Dave Brubeck Quartet (Guest: C.S Robocop)
  6. Six Months In A Leaky Boat by Split Enz
  7. Real American by Rick Derringer / The Grand Spectacle (Wrestlemania VII Theme) by Jim Johnston (Guest: Hulk Hogan)
  8. Eight Days A Week by The Beatles
  9. Revolution 9 by The Beatles
  10. Ten Little Indians by Bill Halley And His Comets
  11. ABC by The Jackson 5
  12. Bohemian Rhapsody by The Muppets (Guests: The Hardy Boyz)
  13. Puff The Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul and Mary
  14. Surfin’ Bird by The Trashmen
  15. Bird’s The Word by The Rivingtons / Surfin’ Bird by The Trashmen
  16. Waitin’ For The Postman by Syreeta
  17. What’s Up? / For Little Jimmy by Ron “R-Truth” Killings (Guest: R-Truth)
  18. Dream A Little Dream Of Me by The Mamas And The Papas
  19. Hugging Song by Tony Brigmon (Guest: Bayley)
  20. Water Is Wet / I like You / It’s Nice to be Nice / The Kitty Song by “Weird” Al Yankovic
  21. The Bunny Hop by Ray Anthony (Guest: Nikki Cross)
  22. Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (Guest: Great Khali)
  23. BBQ Song by Maple Leaf Learning (Guest: Angry Jim)
  24. Sugartime by Kitty Wells (Guest Dixie Carter)
  25. Everybody Loves A Clown by Gary Lewis and The Playboys (Guest: Rusev)
  26. I Love You by Barney The Dinosaur (Guests: Jake Lloyd Jr. and Adam Driver Jr.)
  27. Good Planets Are Hard To Find by Steve Forbert (Guest: Daniel Bryan)
  28. Concerto No 1 in E Major (Spring) Allegro by Antonio Vivaldi / Old Mother Hubbard by Ella Fitzgerald (Guest: Sir Alec Heineken)
  29. The Toilet Song by The Wiggles (Guest: BM Punk)
  30. Getting Gay with Kids (Explicit) by Matt Stone and Trey Parker (Guests: Gay Popeye, Daniel Bryan, and Honkytonk Mailman)
Epilogue: Burning Down The House by Tom Jones with The Cardigans (Guest: "The President of The United States"...or IS IT???)

WCR Video: The Lost Wrestlecrap Radio Interactive Compilation

I (R.V.M Kai) had recently found some old Wrestlecrap Radio related YouTube videos saved on one of my old Backup drives (Created by myself and some of the other 12 listeners). Since many of them have had been "DELETED" from YouTube, probably due to copyright complaints...or Blade's "potty mouth", I decided to endure the task of re-uploading them to, YouTube's French cousin, Dailymotion. Well, after Dailymotion surprisingly DELETED a few of them due to copyright complaints, and also being unable to find the original videos in better quality to re-create the rest, I decided to instead compile and combine the following videos together in 30 second portions. So here's "The Lost Wrestlecrap Radio Interactive Compilation"

(credit: re-edited and compiled by R.V.M Kai from videos originally created by FSinWCR, et al)

Video includes portions of WCR Interactives of:
  1. BJ And The Bear (#123)
  2. Illegal Alien by Genesis (#158)
  3. Peeping Virgil (#162)
  4. "I Think She's (Tiffany) Alone Now" (#124)
  5. One Day At A Time (#117)
  6. Free Credit Car Ad (#127)
  7. Kwicky Koala (#158)
  8. Barnaby Jones (#121)
  9. Somethin' Fishy (#128)
  10. Planet Earth by Duran Duran (#139)
  11. The Marine Trailer (#37)
  12. Doritos Diaper Ad (#135)
  13. "I Think She's (Tiffany) Alone Now" (...again) (#124
  14. Hulk Hogan Experiment (#126)
  15. Spiderman and His Amazing Friends (#192)
  16. Some Sort Of Daisy Duke Tribute Video? (#159)
  17. Pasta Dude Ad (#118)
  18. Heyman Hustle (#94)
  19. Dangerous by Loverboy (#155)
  20. 12 Rounds Trailer (#135)
  21. "I Think She's (Tiffany) Alone Now" (...again,again) (#124)

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WCR Video: WrestleCrap Radio: Behind the Scenes with Blade, Honky, Nintendo John and Kiss

Just when you thought that "WCR Videos" was dead, well it's back (...well, periodically anyway) with a video of Blade Braxton showing a "behind the scenes" look at recording (for Wrestlecrap Radio episode #281) of he, HonkyTonk Mailman and Nintendo John, meeting the longest reigning TNA Impact correspondents, Gene and Paul from Kiss, in a Chicago hotel.

(video by Blade Braxton)

And also be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

(282) Moveset Radio: April 1, 2019

I bet you Dave Meltzer's not talking about Kurt Angle on Wrestling Observer Live.
26 minutes

The Co-Milk Hoses discuss the inevitable upcoming retirement of their idol Kurt Angle, potentially ending their fine radio progrem, Kurt Angle Moveset Radio, in the process.

Kurt promotional considerates himself in a somewhat old pizza ad. (:04)

Instead of Kurt's TRIP to the Grocery, RD replays his first recorded analysis of his favorite wrestler from 13 years ago, where it all began. (:06)

Obscure Kurt Angle News (:11): Younger brother and progrem guest Eric Angle was arrested for doing something stupid...a month ago. RD believes the older brother can help him back on to the right path (as long as he is sober while doing so).

Today's (Final) Kurt Angle Question of the Week (:14) comes from Casey S who asks about Kurt's ideal match that never happened. RD wishes he had gone to Japan/while in TNA to face Okata to showcase his greatness.

Current Kurt Angle News has RD wishing he beat up Ken Patera. (:18) Neither are happy about him facing Baron Corbin for his retirement match. They disagree with Dave Meltzer not five-starring his battle with Brock Lesnar due to a mistimed move or other.

For this occasion RD does the Weekly Kurt Angle Haiku:
Kurt vs. Corbin.
What a dumb way for it to end.
I'll miss his moveset.

Blade: "Yeah."