WCR Video: Midnight Rose Looking For Pineapple At Cannes Film Festival

In the 3rd of four WCW Video tributes to the late Blade Braxton: Blade's Scarface alter-ego, The Midnight Rose, attempts to conquer the language barrier and goes looking for some pineapple while in France at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. This video was filmed during a break in the Occupy Cannes documentary. 


(Video by Blade Braxton - R.I.P. 1975-2021) 

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WCR Video: WTKO Bob & Weave Morning Drive 1977 commercial w/ Sammy Sugar Daddy

The 2nd of four WCW Video tributes to the late Blade Braxton is a commercial that actually aired during WTKO's "Bob and Weave Morning Drive", back in 1977...Not really, but don't tell Mike Check that.

[That is still one of my favorite episodes ever of...just about literally anything. - PB]


(Video by Blade Braxton - R.I.P. 1975-2021)

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304 The RD & Blade Show: April 5, 2021

36 minutes


Troy Ferguson AKA Blade Braxton passed away last week.


RD spends some time remembering his close friend and the good times that were had over the years. 


April Fools was supposed to be a Dark Side of the Ring parody about the unpaid parking tickets of Hillbilly Jim. They did record a RB&BS before this which RD plays here. (:10)

(Episode 58: Network Connection Issues)
26 minutes

WrestleCrap will be 21 in April and outlasting the WWE Network. Blade still has some of RD's hard drives.

Thus the two talk about the WWE Network and what could be found on there.

  • On the road Blade asked his friend about Kevin Nash messing around commentating on Thunder that one time. RD had to write about that in time.
  • RD had written about Ernie Ladd messing around commentating on Wrestling Challenge that one time.
  • Vince loved weddings.
  • RD thinks Peacock won't have space or time for Tuesday Night Titans.
  • Blade was drunk enough to remember a documentary on Mickie James.
  • He didn't know Tom Magee was in their bus ride with Eric Bischoff and Jimmy Hart.
  • AWA had a Kelloggs-General Mills feud after their pilot with Verne Gagne's world's saddest dog.
  • RD laments that Peacock will no longer have any more obscure or old stuff now for others to discover.
  • He still remembers the early days when the website could not load properly.
  • He also remembers when WWE would try to buy everything for their archives that they now can no longer really show to people.
  • But at least you can also watch The Office!




"You don't know what you got till it's gone."





WCR Video: YouTube Tributes To Blade Braxton

WCR Videos makes a brief return this month with a few video tributes by a few of the fans/friends of the late Blade Braxton of wrestlecrap.com.

Tribute by Troma Movies/Entertainment:

 Tribute by WCR fan: J Freek:


Tribute by WCR fan: Stevie Breech:



Tribute by iammrcheeseballproductions



 Tribute by Nitromaniac TV's Wrestling Unlimited



 Rest In Peace: Troy Ferguson aka "Blade Braxton" - 1975-2021


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The World Reacts to the Death of Blade Braxton

We lost one of our Fruitcakes as Blade Braxton passed away this Sunday. Needless to say many took the untimely death pretty hard, particularly online (HorrorSociety.com has a piece abut his passing), particularly on social media.

Blade starred in several indie horror movies like "The Girl Who Played With The Dead" & "Hole In The Wall". Some were made by Troma Entertainment, widely known for such works as "The Toxic Avenger", "Surf Nazis Must Die", and his most notable work in "Return To Return To Nuke 'Em High!". They made a tribute video for Blade. 

The man behind Troma himself, legendary Lloyd Kaufman, who personally made him a part of his Troma Team, had a few words to say about Blade's passing:

Blade did a syndicated TV Show called "Drive-In Movie Maniacs" with Terrible Tim. Here they also had a few words:

In November 2019, Wrestlecrap was at AEW's Podcast convention "Starrcast". Members of Blade's panel ("Wrestling with Wregret's" Brian Zane, "Botchamania's" Gregg Maffeww & The Blue Meanie) also had their words:
Blade's voice was heard not just with the fans, but within pro wrestling itself, such as in this tweet from ROH commentator Ian Riccaboni:
And another from ECW Alumni Joel Gertner:
People who were once close to Blade were shocked about his passing, but were also impressed by his legacy:

Blade Braxton left an Alien Ham-shaped hole that no one is going to fill for a long time.

Before this column ends I have one more tweet for you, and it comes from someone close, real close. Angrymark's own Stevie J recalls a time when he traveled with Blade. If there's one take away at who Blade is, then it is this tweet here:

Blade Braxton will be missed.