Episode 43: The Engagement Ring: February 13, 2019

40 minutes

RD wants to seduce the four other listeners. Blade remembers Miss Elizabeth for this. You're hurting me, Bladey.

Since it's Valentine's Day RD wants to discuss favorite wrestling romances this recording (unless this involves Anakin Skywalker wrestling with sand getting everywhere)

  • Blade "of course" remembers Jamie Noble and Nidia. (:04) RD thought she was pretty and reminded him of the hillbillies back home.
  • The Tough Enough people have all seem to have vanished into the Void. (:06) As an example, forget someone like Jackie Gayda leaving the business to be a mother; I cannot find Linda Miles ANYWHERE online, save for this brief post...that doesn't even load the text properly. You need an archived version for that. You know a gimmick is bad when it forces you off the Internet almost completely. To give you a sense of how damaging such a thing must be, with a little snooping around you can find Claire Lynch's 'actress' still with an online presence, albeit wisely having removed all reference that she ever played such an...award winning character. Goodness, how reputation damaging must a gimmick be to be worse than that??? (Though to be fair, at least Ms. Former Shaniqua is fine where things are now, and I cannot argue with that.)
  • RD thought Blade grew up in a horror movie. Aren't Troma movies horror movies in their own right? Blade liked the "romantic" Sullivans. (:07)
  • Building on that, RD liked the "original Precious" Patty with Jimmy Garvin feuding with Kevin Sullivan for her. If the feud had continued it would have been revealed that she would have just been Kevin's sister. (Unless he thought he was Luke Skywalker or something.)
  • RD liked the hilarity of someone like David Flair being involved with Daffney and Stacey Keibler. As unlucky with women as he is with wrestling!
  • Blade remembers Rick Steiner with "nerd" Robin Green. (:13) She would later be made over by Missy Hyatt and becoming too much even by her standards. Blade does his Jim Ross assisting Rick impression, followed by his Scott Steiner impression. RD remembers when Scott was an awkward collegiate athlete before he...got bigger.
  • RD remembers the "other Precious" Patty Stratus crashing a wedding. (:18) Despite this Blade still prefers granny pantie Miss Elizabeth.
  • RD wonders what Al Wilson is currently doing, so he checks up on him. (:20) He remains Torrie's real life father. Blade forgot RD was declared dead on Wikipedia three times. He wants WCR character appearances as tier perks.
  • On randomly wondering who should appear in the Hall of Fame, Blade knows WWE will need to make another Katie Vick outfit. (:23)
  • RD respects Mark Henry being stubborn to remain in WWE despite being put into a relationship with Mae Young. (:24) Blade was happy when he won the ECW title.
  • RD: "I still wanna know what Al Wilson's up to."
  • He argues with Blade over the tiering of some women of whom Blade follows their workouts on Instagram. "It was kinda strenuous," he admits. He likes Dawn Marie nowadays, and misses WCW's "Sour Lemon". RD does not remember another 'lost' Diva Search contestant with an unfortunate name and a Bart Simpson impression.
  • Surprisingly Blade does not have Savage and Elizabeth as his favorite wrestling couple of all time, due to complications on Savage's side of being...well, who he was. (:33) Instead he gives that to Rick "I mean Scott" Steiner and Shakira and Midajah. 
  • For RD, he chooses Enzo Amore and some KFC chicken (redundant, I know) in 2017, an "ad" so memorable that it too has fallen into the Void. (:37) My guess is it was out of some drunken shame more than WWE trying to cut ties after future endeavoring him for his troubles. Blade: "Wow."

Blade wants the episode to be gifted to a loved one. RD: "Tell your friends. Lie to them. Tell them the show is good."

WCR Top 10 List: 10 Further Ideas That WWE Could Steal From Stone Cold For Becky Lynch

by R.V.M Kai

Since WCR Videos will no longer be a regular feature on wrestlecrapradio.com, I've tried to think of something new to do on on this here website. Now recently, my fellow WCR co-historian, Raging_Demons and I have shocked the world by actually discussing wrestling on Twitter (RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton would be disappointed in us) and we have been in a disagreement over WWE superstar's Becky Lynch's so-called "Stone Cold" persona.

He is not a fan of it since he doesn't enjoy the fact that her look, attitude, etc, is a blatant plagiarism of a certain angry redneck...

...no, not him. I'm referring to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (and even the above's doppelganger agrees).

Actually, if anything I think that Becky takes more after Mrs Brown from BBC comedy "Mrs Brown's Boys"

I mean, they're both Irish, both head-stong, foul mouthed, and are both "The Man"...well you can take that literally in Mrs Brown's case...? Well anyway, speaking of "The Man". My colleague also dislikes that "The Man" moniker seems to be disrespectful to Ric Flair as it is taken directly from his "To be the man, you gotta beat the man" catchphrase. I would agree...kind of...but I would argue that wrestlers copying other wrestlers has been happening for years. Case in point, where do you think the idea for Ric Flair's bleach-blonde hair, figure-four finisher, and "Nature Boy" moniker all came from...hmmm..."The Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers perhaps?

And also, Ric has said it himself that his "Wooo!" was taken from Jerry Lee Lewis. So, let's face it, plagiarism in pro-wrestling has been happening for years. I mean, his daughter Charlotte has taken some of her father's traits...

While Ronda Rousey, who with the Kilt and white top with "Rowdy" written on it, looks like a Roddy Piper cos-player (...I wonder if we should contact her for some Halloween Tips this year?)

I think it was Jim Cornette that said that if you rip-off one guy, it's plagiarism, but if you rip-off multiple guys it's called research. I think he was also the one who taught us the "seven year rule", in that it's okay to copy a previous story-line/gimmick as long as it didn't happen within the last seven years. So where was I? Oh, while I...kinda agree with Raging_Demons, I don't see anything wrong with what Becky Lynch has been doing as of late as long as it's not a 100% carbon copy (like say Jay Lethal's "Black Machismo"), the superstar has the talent to get it over, is entertaining and, to paraphrase Tony Schiavone: can help "put butts in the seats". [Edit: Even Steve Austin thinks "The Man's gimmick is "money"] However, I do agree that Becky's recent interactions with the McMahon family leading into Wrestlemaina 35 does remind me of a "certain feud" between a rebellious wrestler against a certain evil boss. A story-line that I stress has now been done to death at this point!!!

So, getting to the point of this whole post; it has inspired me to come up with this Top 10 list of further ideas that the WWE (un)creative team will steal from Stone Cold Steve Austin and/or his feud with Vince McMahon when it comes to Becky Lynch (and yes...in doing this I am in fact ripping off David Letterman...oh, and also from this little book of lists that you should check out, won't you.):

10. Becky comes out with a new look; shaves her head and wears a false goatee.

9. Becky steals the WWE RAW Women's title and throws it off a bridge.

8. Becky destroys Triple H and Stephanie's bus by filling it with cement.

7. Becky takes Vince McMahon hostage by threatening him with a toy shillelagh (because she's Irish, ya know), which then causes him to piss his pants.

6. Becky saves Aurora Rose Levesque (Trips and Steph's first daughter) from being sacrificed by The Undertaker.

5. Becky wears a knee brace...wait, she's already done that?...okay...two knee braces.

4. WWE creates the "Queen Of The Ring" tournament, Becky wins it and later debuts her new "Becky 3:16" catchphrase.

3. Becky drives a beer truck to the ring and sprays the McMahon family with a hose full of Guinness.

2. Becky dances an Irish Jig...okay that's nothing to do with Steve Austin, but I'm sure the WWE (un)creative team or Vince himself will eventually write her into a "Suffering Succotash" moment and ruin her whole momentum. (But she already did that in NXT and still got cheered, so...???)

And the Number 1 further idea that WWE could steal from Stone Cold for Becky Lynch is:

1. ...What?!

(*Phone Rings*)

Is that the phone?...(*picks up phone*) Hello, wrestlecrapradio.com, R.V.M Kai Speaking?

"Voice Of Chris Jericho": You stupid idiot! Are you stealing my list gimmick, Kai?!

No, I was just...

"Voice Of Chris Jericho": You know what happens when a stupid idiot like you rips off my gimmick? Do ya? Huh?

Well, I...

"Voice Of Chris Jericho": YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!!

(*phone hangs up*)

Well, to rip-off one Mike Check..."Fascinating"?

We're Educating The Masses!

Raging_Demons here once again kiddies and boy have I got a story for you! Here's the weird part because it involves us! I know!

Now we have been providing recaps for The Fruitcakes and keeping track of the odd bunch of people, as well as their drunk, drg addicted hobo ventriloquist dummies with barely workung robots, for years on this site. Did you know however that we are now an official source of material? I think you know that already. Here's what I'm getting at. We are ALSO a source for your higher education needs!

I know you're asking "What The Hell are you talking about?!" I just found out yesterday that someone used this very site for a college paper!

So I'll explain it all and it started on Deal's Facebook page. Deal showed some love for us in a Facebook post. The next poster came from someone named "Frank" (Not sure if he is related to "Frank From LA" or not). Frank said that he used us for "a reference for a college paper on irrational characters in fiction." and that "It surprised and amused my professor."

First of all I'm shocked that we of all people are used for educational purposes! Second, and this is a big second, but I should had let Frank know that Deal and Blade handle real people whenever they call in. I (unfortunately) do work with Mike Check all the time on his show, which we produce. Also -

*phone rings*

Also -

*phone rings*

Also- ARGH! *picks up phone* WrestlCcrap Radio dot com!

Angry Jim Ross: How ya doing tonight Fake Deal?

Raging_Demons: Angry Jim Ross! Why are you calling right now?! I'm in the middle of a post here!


Raging_Demons: JIM!!!


Raging_Demons: Jim. I don't follow him on Twitter but he shows up in my timeline whenever someone that I follow "likes" one of his tweets. The Iron Sheik is just as angry as you are.


Raging_Demons: What about ZZ Top? I don't know anything about this!

Angry Jim Ross: I promised these kids Nick and Matt that ZZ Top was going to show up to this event in Las Vegas! I was going to have ZZ Top play "Sharp Dressed Man" for Kenny Omega-!

Raging_Demons: Event in Vegas? Oh my God! The rumors are true! You are working with The Young Bucks in-

*phone click*

Raging_Demons: ...AEW.

Where was I? Oh yeah. I can't believe we were used for a college paper.

[You forget we were also quoted in the updated The Death Of WCW. Go out and buy 12 copies of it! Now!!!]

280 Fun With Tammy: February 7, 2019

Tammy's Not In Love?
75 minutes
((( recorded in left audio channel only fidelity )))

Blade ambushes his Co-Fruitcake with Tammy news. Hey, at least they're talking about wrestling! (From sources telling Blade following her on her Facebook page.) Sometime after Christmas she said she was looking for a wedding ring. RD is at least happy they talk about her earlier in the show anyway. She has had a month to make things happen after all.

Another Patreon puller! The Fruitcakes are reviving the old RD & Blade Show for supporters, with the (now solidified as) 42nd released earlier. And yes, as you can see below this I will be summarizing those also. Yay me. You'll have to support them to get the episode link though to listen to the episodes themselves though. I'm not interfering in business and freeloading you know! At least today's episode (of that, not WWCR) is less than half an hour, for old times' sake.

Blade makes a Big Announcement for some reason. (:07)

RD remembers Jimmy Jack Funk being at every house show he attended. (:10) Blade went to a four hour show that angered his parents.

Like me RD prefers to drink his drink cold. (:16) At Christmas he got some "artisan" Alaskan water from his brother. He drinks that while he plays Tammy's music again for Blade's behalf. According to Blade's Facebook following she was making pork (to RD's surprise) and got surprised by a video of someone...eating.

Rebel looks different with a new gimmick as a "Panda Doll".  (:22) RD prefers her to Baby Doll, as lovely and charming as she is otherwise. Blade likes BD though and remembers the time he hunted down one of her centerfolds. RD gets confused by Blade's "Eucalyptus Cry".

In May in Indiana Billy Gunn will appear in a "Bash For Babies". You know what that means, yes? It means he likes to f...ight. (:28)

Speaking of fighting Tammy found herself single a week after her engagement. This is a not a repeat from the last time this has happened. (:34) Blade does some random impression. Unsurprisingly she's reconsidered her public "retirement".

Speaking of people who should retire, Mike Check sadly does not repeat the time he spent in Brazil playing heavy metal to heavy metal miners. (:36) Blade is surprised he's been around for so long. He was once in Moscow...Idaho, also in the '80s, in KRMN "The Kremlin" as Ivan Gorbachev. RD manages to escape by the playing of Debbie Reynolds. (:40) Blade reads some "Breaking Tammy News" in which she was hospitalized (to remove her gallbladder). This is not a repeat from the last time this has happened. Blade: "You can tell I've been drinking." She wants to file for "malpractice" (though sadly not for the malpractice of her career), so of course she asks on Facebook and gets surprised when people tell her the obvious. Blade will have some of what she's having.

Speaking of Facebook, Rob Lambka asks about wrestlers having a love connection or something. (:44) Blade wanted 2006 Mickie James and Robecca Di Pietro (whatever happened to her anyway?) Speaking of people who wish they were back in 2006 (and in love), Tammy again got surprised when people tell her the obvious. Blade does an impression. So does RD.

Blade fondly remembers identifying with Adrian Adonis and watching him wrestle Tito Santana to not win the Intercontinental Title. (:52) RD tries to relay his favorite match of Jerry Lawler vs. Bret Hart at Summerslam 93 which un/fortunately did not have a Sunny run-in. Blade "says" he is too "broken" (as he characteristically and show-stopping laughs) to read another post, so RD gets him to read it via Sir Alec. (:59) That's what I'm talking about. RD is surprised she 'interacts' on her pages at least. Or perhaps that's because she has nothing better to do? (I was going to say 'appear on Impact' but Joanie Laurer did that and...we all know how that turned out.)

Speaking of having nothing better to do, Tammy suddenly wants another boyfriend to break off an engagement to. (:66) She asks her Facebook followers that she likes so much for a one night stand in Lancaster, PA, that romance capital of America (and actual capital for a day), with the power of (Diamond Dan's) HOTness.

Blade: "She's on the prowl now!"
RD: "Somebody call the animal patrol!"

Tammy's in love:
Hey wealthy women.
Looking for a trophy wife?
Willing to switch teams.

$0.50 : $31.50 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right

"If it were in my power, and if I had the responsibility, I would try the sunny way."
- Wilfrid Laurier, 7th Prime Minister of Canada, proto-Spock cosplayer

Episode 42: The Expected Reboot: February 6, 2019

28 minutes

The RD&BS makes a return, on Patreon anyway. The Fruitcakes want to deliver more content for supporters and sponsors, hence this "long missed" radio progrem. I thought they wanted to attract more people? Then again it's better than Blade painting the Midnight Rose or going nude I suppose.

Blade breaks down laughing remembering how forgettable the show was. This one, not WWCR. The only thing RD can remember is that time when he ordered a pizza. Blade had to check this very here website to reconfirm things. He remembers getting a heat stroke while being attacked by bees, and someone using a meat scooper at Taco Bell. He is surprised if the show will have fans beyond four other listeners (besides the two of them).

RD plans to keep the revived show Patreon only. He tries to lay down some ground rules. (:05) The show now has audience participation! So expect to have a Co Hosss competition pretty soon.

For today however, Blade wanted to apologize to RD who "loves" Episode II, even though he doesn't. (:07) He could edit the films down to make them better, including a 45 minute "holiday special" out of episode I. He has a few good things he likes visually about II however.

Blade: "The Ewoks were a Vietnam reference!"

RD thinks they should turn the show into a political debate program. I don't know, it seems more lively than that. You don't hear politicians discuss the merits of trashbagging. Deliberately publicly anyway.

Blade misses Cash-In Jango Fett and the Natalie Portman fashion show. The two run down her Episode II attire (:22). Both agree they like that white arena combat outfit. 

Blade trolls nostalgic for Episode II for some reason. RD does a Mace Windu and ends things.