WCR Video: Blade Braxton’s “Freddy vs. Jason" (1988) with WrestleCrap Commentary

(By Blade Braxton): "You haven't experienced seeing the two heavyweight horror icons duking it out until you've witnessed our "vison" of it filmed in 1988. Jason wearing a tie-dyed Polo shirt? Check. Freddy wearing acid washed jeans? Check. Michael Myers wearing a Kiss shirt? Check. Kane Hodder may be known as the definitive Jason Voorhees, but once you've seen Don Mason under the hockey mask you may change your mind!! This video has been trimmed down timewise from the original version for your sanity, and features commentary by me and RD Reynolds."

Happy Holidays from "The Other RD"

Time to do my CM Punk impersonation here.


Missed me gang? "The Other RD" here Raging_Demons on wrestlecrapradio.com. Some of you might know me by now as my previous work on NoDQ.com, AngryMarks, & F.A.N. (my low point in my career so far). Yes I did piss off the YouTube IWC off but thanks to work & school I was hiding away for a bit. Thanks to a little thing called "illegal pictures" & "caught with some sheep" I was recruited here on this fine ole website here editing our "Wrestlecrap Radio Glossary" from time-to-time when I can but that doesn't matter now.

What matters is this...

There we go. Now then...

If I had one Christmas wish for this world today for this holiday season it would be peace & happiness throughout the world.

You know come to think of it what other things that can create peace & happiness? Strippers. I'm changing it to peace & happiness in the world; followed by all the strippers I can have sex with.

Then again...Having the WWE Divas not botch a lot would be a great thing, especially for Beth Phoenix recently on RAW. So it's Peace throughout the world, all the strippers I can have sexy time with, & Non-botchy Divas.

Wait-wait-wait-wait! How about this! If I had TWO wishes, oh yeah, it would be that I would win any Mega Numbers/Powerball/any type of lottery's 6-out of-6 numbers right & have the jackpot all to myself that way I can win the giant $250 million dollar jackpots they climb up to. Yeah! Also that wish for world peace, strippers, & non-botchy Divas.

Okay-Okay-Okay. Let's go all "Aladdin" MINUS that damn monkey & Robin Williams as the freakin' genie & have 3 wishes where my 3rd wish is the ability to make everybody that I hate go SQUISH! Michelle McCool, "Skeletor" to you & me, gone! Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, POOF! Yeah! Also all that crap for world peace, strippers, Divas, & winning every Lottery out there.

You know what? Things are getting pretty complicated around here so let's make it 4 Wishes! Have all the free sexy time with strippers & no-botch Divas go here. Yeah, sounds right. So I have winning every Lottery, make "Skeletor" go bye-bye, strippers sex & Divas, & of course world peace.

Wait a minute! Take out the stripper sex, I can get all that I want by winning the Lottery! Just go in a club, "make it rain" $100 dollar bills & next thing you know I'll be breaking the ole myth of "no sex in the VIP room". So it'll be winning the Lottery whenever I want, bye-bye Rocky, no es botchy WWE Divas, then all the world peace you can have.

Then again world peace is impossible & people might get suspicious if I show up winning every Lottery there is. Hrm... Okay let's do it like this: Getting rid of the botchy WWE Divas first because it's needed for pro wrestling business, then I can have "Skeletor" & Dwayne go bye-bye from reality because who needs them?!? Winning every Lottery next but I do it sparingly like Biff Tannen in "Back to the Future 2" when he has the Sports Almanac, then all that world peace crap.

Aw crap! I forgot taking out the Bronies! They are an obnoxious bunch if you DARE attack their TV show. Damn it! Okay we take out "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" thus we get rid of those damn Bronies, winning every Lottery next, getting rid of people that I hate next, saying good-bye to all those WWE Divas that super botch...

And my 5th and final wish would be world peace.

Aw screw this crap! This is getting all complicated; I'm going to go get drunk.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from all of us at Wrestlecrapradio.com

Swear Jar Tally 2011

As skillfully done on Microsoft Excel.

The trendline shows a slight increase of the average of Brakestown's antics on air. Of course, that line may not be fully accurate, but making it to match more accurate measures is hard work, and the MathTrolla hasn't been invented yet (which would probably turn out to look like an old Casio calculator with half of its buttons not functioning properly).

  • Average tally per show: $3.33
  • "Smallest" "donation": April 1st ($0.00), but that was only because it was a full hour of Mike Check's audio fellatio with his co-host.
  • "Smallest" "Smallest" "donation": April 29th ($0.50), but again that was due to Blade not being 'on air' all that time.
  • Smallest Smallest "donation": May 20th ($0.75)
  • "Largest" "donation": December 16th ($6.00) Technically it was $2 but I 'rounded' it up a bit because I figured why not.
  • Largest Largest "donation": January 14th ($7.00)

    I want Blade to hit $100 next year so we can call him up and ask him what he thinks about Don's work rate.

    WCR Video: WCR (ep. #204) The Reuben Trashbagging Story

    From Wrestlecrap Radio episode #204. Blade tells a story of Reuben, a dim-witted ex co-worker (who insisted that his name was "like the sandwich") from his flooring/construction job, who brought a "filled" trash-bag inside a millionaire's house to clean up some sawdust while the home-owners were inspecting the property. It was a hot day, and not knowing that the bag had been previously used to "trash-bag" in, it ended up stinking out the whole house.

    WCR (ep. #204) The Reuben Trashbagging Story (by rvm619)

    Minisode #204 Ding Dong Angrily on High

    by iggy

    December 16, 2011

    30 Seconds with Blade
    Sir Alec Heineken
    Angry Jim at Dollar General

    #hot ashley mess #raisins

    Random Thoughts from the Office: December 16, 2011

    It should be a joyous time around the offices of Clarence "Showstealer" Mason: Attorney at Law. It should be time for reflection and celebration; not only did I get the Trolla corporation buyout done, (Cause seriously, that Chris Engler guy...just between you and me I think he may have had something to do with the destruction of the Nation of Domination's locker room. I've got my eye on you Engler, just saying) But I was also going to be the attorney for Lita in her court battle, a chance to get what Braxton never could. I should be on cloud nine, on top of the world ready to spread cheer and joy and fun in this Random Thoughts column.

    But I'm not.

    Why? Two Reasons.

    1) Mr. Yak. Paying the swear jar for Blade to RD, making Blah feel guilty and wanting to repay you. Where do think that comes from? Hmmm....Considering my fees were out of that money. (Feel Free to keep The Price is Right game though. Cause seriously, fuck that game).


    2) The reason for my column today.


    Now don't get me wrong. [I never do. - PB] I understand that Twitter is the hot social medium nowadays, cause God knows our cell phone generation can't process anything past 140 characters. But I get it, it's a place to just quickly say whatever's on your mind. Heck, I have one (Not that I hardly ever use it...and I'm not sure where that name came from...). [Me too. But it's the same story with me also.] So I really, really understand how it's a cool thing. I mean, it does feel good when you can get people like Taz to bitch at you over it (He's a Jets fan, what the hell does he know?), it's fun, it's easy to use, and people might care what you say.

    But when you mix it into wrestling, then you have problems.

    Look, I have no problem with the wrestlers having twitter accounts. It keeps them close to their fans, makes them human and a little bit more accessible. But when you bring that into storylines or you get awards for the "Trending Star of the Year" that's when you cross the line from "Accessible" to "Fucking Obnoxious", and that's not a slap down of Zack Ryder. I follow him, I see what he has to say, he's gotten himself over thanks to Twitter and his YouTube videos, but, and I know I'm going to sound a "Grumpy Old Schooler" here, but can we at least TRY to get him over on wrestling ability and get through ONE match without mentioning how he's the most followed superstar on Twitter? Once, please?

    But while the WWE's recent upswing in Twitter is annoying and asinine, it's ultimately harmless and wouldn't really piss me off enough to do a column.

    So leave it to TNA to take things from "Fucking Obnoxious" to "Completely Fucking Stupid".

    You see Dixie Carter, Bruce Pritchard and the writing staff....Okay probably just Vince Russo; they saw the WWE mentioning Twitter so much and saw the chatter and thought "By Golly we can outdo them! And make our company look THAT much more bush league in the meantime."

    And since it worked so well last time, it's time once again folks for us to play Fantasy Booker: The Home Game.

    Suppose you have a match. A cage match between Jeff Hardy, fresh off coming back from his drug related hiatus, and Jeff Jarrett. You've built it up pretty well, it has a fair amount of heat, but you think it needs something more to put it over the top. A stipulation that will put it over the top. That either Jeff Hardy, Jeff Jarrett or Karen Angle/Jarrett will be fired and Karen will be handcuffed at ringside.

    Do you

    A) Announce the stipulation on Impact on the last show before the Pay Per View, a show watched by roughly 1.5 million people per week and would get people talking. I mean it draws well enough that Spike TV would let you insert a quick 30 second thing right?


    B) Announce the stipulation on Dixie Carter's Twitter feed at about roughly midnight Saturday morning, a Twitter account that at the time I write this had 108,513 followers or roughly one fifteenth of the people who watch Impact. Then on the Pay Per View, offhandedly mentioned, not only NOT deliver on the stipulation that night but use your Pay Per View to plug the TV show 4 days later?

    If you answered B. Congratulations, you're an idiot and are thus qualified to write for TNA.

    I'm not saying Twitter can not be a good accompaniment to wrestling. If you want to put the wrestlers Twitter handles in the name cards, go ahead. But when the wrestlers mention it in their promos, or you mention it on the show mention how you're "Trending" you don't look cool, you look like a mark and when you start adding stipulations to pay per view matches over Twitter you don't look cutting edge, you look bush league, and when everything already thinks you're bush league the last thing you want to do is give them more ammo.


    204 Jim-gle Bells (Palsy): December 16, 2011

    115 minutes

    Blade is drunk (thankfully) but even he knows the (Christmas?) Co-Fruitcakes haven't done much since Black Friday, when he had a Freudian fascination with penises. He also remembers being punished by eating sub sandwiches. I don't blame him. RD was equally 'punished' by egg rolls for some reason. This I CAN blame him for because I love egg rolls.

    You know who else is being punished? Jim Ross (:09) He's outside a Dollar General in Tulsa ringing for 'donations' to his cause; himself. How he does that while still calling into the show I have no idea. Multi-tasking, perhaps. He does tell us that Hollywood John has currently tired of fucking his wife and is also helping out somewhere. You know what Jim should do? Sell his Slammy 'statue'. At least, if he hasn't shoved it up Michael Cole's ass like he is also fascinated about (alongside Dark Journey).

    'Stubby' helps promotional considerate. (:19)

    RD hardly bothers to update his itinerary. (:20) "Speaking of bah, humbug" (hey, that's MY catchphrase! Get your own.) [Actually it's mine but thank you so much for playing - Clarence] [[The Catchphrase of WCR.com I would imagine. I should get that as a tagline for the page.]] he calls Jim again. Give the man a break, it's been barely 10 minutes! Also Jim shouldn't talk too loud on his 'phone' (how can he afford/use one anyway?), people may hear him and give the game away. Blade can't keep it together.

    Blade's one true love Lita's been arrested for speeding. (:25) The duo spend a few minutes spelling her name right, as RD again thinks little of the Listeners. Iron Mark Tyson KOs the episode. (:33)

    Ric Flair channels the spirit of Jerry Lawler, as Alec Heineken reads a 'plan' of his to accompany high schoolers to their prom. (:35) If he really wants money that bad he should stand with Jim Ross. Instead of going "ho-ho-ho" he could just say "wooo-wooo-wooo". [Impossible. After all the alimony checks he couldn't afford to pay for the trademark off Zack Ryder - Clarence] License to print money I say. RD does his Ben Kingsley impression.

    Who wants to win dinner with Velvet Sky, a woman so highly regarded that not even TNA - TNA - wants her? Poor lady. (:41) Things seem somewhat dodgy when we find that the 'winner' has to 'write' about their dinner for a website. That's like the opposite of what I do here, where my punishment for failing to write a summary in time is to have dinner with Velvet Sky. [Oh whine, whine, whine. Every time I miss a column you make me have dinner with Mae Young - Clarence] [[It builds good discipline and strength of character Trust me, I had plenty of dinners with the Fabulous Moolah to train my own skills.]] RD watches Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett do a terrible job 'promoting' this contest.

    Something 'weird' happened to Blade, which he labels a "miracle" (:48) He's suddenly found Ashley Massaro attractive, and instead of calling her by her old nicknames (from them or others), wants to call her "Hot Ashley Mess" instead. I give this about a week. Francine has another child. Or should that be foal? (:51)

    Not getting anywhere with his charity work, Jim enters the nearby Dollar General to steal raisins. (:53) Mind you, he does this while still talking on the phone about what exactly he's doing. I don't think that's how it's supposed to be done, is it? Unless people don't actually eat raisins nowadays and the store owner is secretly thankful that Jim is consuming his one year old expired products so that he doesn't have to.

    Paul (McGann?) has a Question about snacks. (:57) They actually answer it.

    The HTMM's off this week. (:61) Well, it's CHRISTMAS. I don't expect him to be working on a holiday.

    You might want the heavy-duty kind.
    :63 Blade tells his Reuben Trashbagging story, which apparently involves this 'Reuben' character of his bringing a filled trashbag inside a millionaire's house. He uses Extreme Music music for this like all the others (Dinner For Two's A Whiff Of Perfume).

    Sad News: Classics On Demand is being future endeavored for WWE's new horrible-looking network. (:72) Blade wants ESPN to 'air' their radio progrem which necessitates the use of Martin Lawrence of some reason. RD doesn't say "Whatup?" though.

    The Slammys suck. (Don't they always?) RD gives Blade 30 seconds to flounder. (:80)

    :83 RD and Blade open up presents.

    • Reverend BSB Brandon Berthelot gives Berthelot pepper sauces.
    • Travie Yak sends $50 to RD to pay for Blade's Swear Jar tally. Noble sacrifice, my good man. (But if you're reading this, you really shouldn't have and now I feel guilty. If you ARE one of those few readers of this site, contact me privately. I'll want to reimburse you for what you paid if you like.) Now Blade just owes that The Price Is Right game for my amusement.
    • Adam Kraznov sends a Lions-Saints game to Blade.

      Now for something completely different: MY present. You didn't expect that, huh? Definitely a Russo-esque swerve, in my opinion. (:94) I had sent Blade the complete first season of Maude, and RD another bad Burt Reynolds movie, Delgo. Even better, I actually sent an audio recording of myself explaining RD's thing (:96) and, yes, my recent purchase of the Trolla Corporation, while trying to spend as much time on air as physically possible. (If you haven't noticed I'm somewhat of a vain MF heel) If you REALLY get turned on by my voice (and if you do, why?), I've uploaded the thing here. And as I promised, my earlier audio submission that I sent a few months back too. I apologize if I speak a bit too fast for some, so I'd be glad to send/post a writing of what I aimed to say up here. (Assuming I can remember and/or find the necessary things.) This takes up time, but it is a productive use of time. When RD & Blade do it, it's just wasteful.


      • "The NFL" sent Blade a Lions wallet and a can cooler, and RD a signed Dan Orlovsky card. (:102)
      • Blade received a very cute gift from RD Junior, a Lego Bossk keychain, and a rather sexual Dutch shirt from RD.
      • RD meanwhile has a Troma movie staring Julie Newmar with music by Quincy Jones which is so obscure I have yet to find it on IMDB ("Seduction of a Nerd") [It was fantastically titled "Up Your Teddy Bear" in 1970. --iggy], and a Mexican Santa Claus poster. Includes free Pitch action! (That sounded wrong.)

      :108 A bitter Jim Ross blames the duo for his 'situation', and accosts old man RD while doing so. Pretty soon the police are on his tail. I'm sure Sheriff Dickwell and a newly reanimated John Kelly are not far behind.

      Seventeen Syllables coming down your chimney:
      The year is over.
      Our Christmas gift to the Twelve:
      Lots more shows next year.

      For some reason I don't believe him.

      [No comment, just: http://www.mst3kinfo.com/aceg/8/816/krankor.wav - Future PB]

      $2.00 (+$4.00 for my message playing. I told you I was vain.)
      ($50.00 and The Price Is Right for $19.99)

      Merry Christmas, one and all!
      - Your friend "that Wrestlecrapradio.com guy" Premier Blah

      WCR Video: WCR (ep. #203) RD and Blade Interview Sin Cara’s Penis

      From Wrestlecrap Radio episode #203. Wrestlecrap Radio's RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton interview the "character" from that infamous T-Shirt.

      WCR (ep. #203) RD and Blade Interview Sin Cara’s Penis (by rvm619)

      WCR Video: Midnight Rose and Stubby’s Black Friday Adventure

      "Join WrestleCrap Radio's Midnight Rose and Stubby, along with their wacky magician sidekick, the Black Friday Scorpion, on a wonderful journey to the Best Buy parking lot on Black Friday." -Blade Braxton

      Midnight Rose and Stubby’s Black Friday Adventure (by BladeBraxton)

      203 Erectile Misjunction: December 2, 2011

      81 minutes

      Random musical discussion plagues us on this "Wrestlemania" of the progrem, so Mike Check calls to join in. (:05) RD Strongbows him. "There's no one listening to this show now," he says before he begs (to no one listening to this show now) for gifts (get them in before the 13th, kids!).

      RD on Blade's rowdiness: "Sometimes we have creative differences."

      Tom Cruise in Born on the Fourth of July really likes his penis. (:11) An interested Popeye calls. (:14) No no no Popeye; TRAVOLTA is the closeted Scientologist, not Cruise. He calls out Blade on his bisexuality.

      If all that excites you, their annual Black Friday Sale is still on. Call now, pain later.

      :21 RD's Black Friday was different this year; more and more stores are having Black Thursdays, which is really missing the point of the whole thing. His nearby Toys'R'Us seems to be in Roddy Piper's Neighborhood. At Wal-Mart a girl in a shopping cart was pulling herself along and throwing things on herself. Blade was too tired to make fun of cripples. What has this world become?

      :39 Hell's frozen over as the Midnight Rose and Stubby and "The Black Friday Scorpion" went Black Fridaying and got called out by a well meaning lady with supernatural hearing. The "deal of the night" to Blade was flirting with a mother and daughter. RD calls him out on his "Wrestlemania moment".

      :43 Dusty Rhodes is naked in an upcoming Christmas movie...available January 17th. Popeye wants a starring role. So too does Jim Ross. (:47) He's stuck having 'fun' with Dark Journey erotica and being out on Black Friday being arrested for selling meat in a Wal-Mart parking lot. He thinks working with Dusty would help him with...something. RD doesn't know what he wants. Neither do I. Has Jim been hitting the turkey beer lately?

      :52 Matt Hardy's random Giants lady girlfriend wants an 'honest, sober boyfriend'. This is Sad News to Blade, another lost opportunity to no longer be single. Even more Sad News: Blade's not 'drinking'. I still don't believe him. Even more more Sad News: RD's fantasy football team is failing (He's 9th of 12 as of this writing).

      :57 "Satan" has dieting tips for the season. He also has some sort of 'feud' with the Ratings Reaper because he won't loan him $15,000. "You don't know the value of the dollar in Hell," he protests. And I thought the feud was because the two sound so similar...He narrates New Jack's refusal of Sunny's alleged desire to kill her boyfriend.

      :64 Blade is too lazy to answer any Question of the Week.

      So too is the Honky Tonk Mailman lazy to appear. I can't blame him.

      :66 Remember when RD was supposed to do the Crappies in 2008 but forgot about them entirely?

      The big news this week is the brouhaha over Sin Cara's phallic shirt. In what definitely seemed like a good idea at a time, 'Sin Cara's Penis' calls. (:72) I have no idea of half of what he's saying because he sounds an awful lot like a Stubbed Ratings Reaper.

      RD: "Our Wrestlemania show, you're to tell me!"

      Seventeen Syllables for us:
      Penis on T-shirt.
      Greatest Christmas gift ever.
      Too bad it got yanked.

      $5.00 (I'd use that to buy Blade condoms for his pleasure) ($44.00 and The Price Is Right for $19.99)

      Random Thoughts from the Office: December 2, 2011

      The holiday season brings a load of new cases and fun, merry, and goodwill towards all men, which means only one thing; more paydays for me. So yeah....I kinda missed the last update. Sorry about that. [At least I pay well, I'm happy for that! A well paid man is an honorable one - PB]

      This week though I'm going to look at two talents that have had very different ways of trying to get over and get something going for them. One has kind of worked, one has been a hopeless failure in my personal opinion. One of them works for the WWE, one for TNA.

      Want to guess where the failure is?

      But let me first begin with the positive - and it may surprise you a little bit to hear this - but this whole Daniel(Son) Bryan thing has me intrigued. It's mostly because it does have all the trappings laying in place for one hell of a heel turn here, one that could make the IWC spontaneously combust when they see it.

      The seeds were sown on this weeks Raw with his interview with Michael Cole. Cole basically called him a hypocrite for trying to cash in his Money in the Bank against Mark Henry when he told everyone he was waiting till Wrestlemania to do so. The accusation was essentially correct and Bryan essentially agreed with that, but then turned into Babyface Fire against Henry by giving the reason that Henry tried to put him on the shelf, and when he saw the opportunity he took it.

      Now one of the main complaints of the WWE is the man calling the action, Michael Cole who at best could be called "schizophrenic" in his calls; one moment acting like the shocked babyface/neutral announcer, the next becoming another heel commentator (and not a very good one at that). However Cole has one thing a lot of the people on the WWE roster don't have. Heat.....Lots of it and the ability to generate heat onto himself and the people helping him. Just look at the temporary pick up Jack Swagger got. Okay, being the WWE nowadays they fucked it up but for a brief moment Swagger was over and that was the result of Cole.

      Now let's parley this into one Daniel Bryan, who if anyone has watched his indy work would know he works better as a heel than a babyface anyway. One of the key things that a heel needs to be effective is to feel justified in his actions, to feel like he's right. Cole's interview could theoretically be used as the catalyst for a heel turn....possibly involving stealing the belt from Randy Orton once he gets it back. The reason is simple: When Cole berated him he looked inward and realized the only person being honest with him...was Michael Cole. Oh sure all the nerd jibes and such were only because Cole didn't like the direction he was taking when he could be so much more; he's spent a year and a half doing what the company told him or what the fans told him and what did it get him? Almost having his career ended, losing his job with the company, treated like a joke most of the time when he was the best in the world. No, Cole was honest and he sees that now and from now on he's going to do things for himself, he asks Cole to be his backup because he's the only one he can trust, and with that you kill two birds with one stone; you get another hot heel when you desperately need one and you get a chance to start fresh in the announce booth. Win-Win for all!

      Now to the other guy...you know for all the talk of changing after Vince Russo left the head writing job, TNA can still screw things up on a monumental level. Only in TNA the screwups become your world champion.

      Yep, I'm talking about Robert Roode, who had the perfect buildup, the perfect run, the perfect backstory going into this year's Bound for Glory pay per view. He was built like the next big thing, given an emotional video package and given a main event slot against Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Title in what everyone thought would be the perfect time to pass the torch and restart the company.

      Now fellow readers let's play Fantasy Booker: The Home Game.

      You have this great buildup for Robert Roode, preparing the torch to be passed to him to kick-start a new dawn, a new era for TNA after Vince Russo finally steps down as Head Writer. Do you as the new Head Writer

      A) Put on a 30 minute wrestling clinic, filled with emotion, near falls and Roode fighting to survive at every turn, taking Angle's best moves and somehow kicking out time and time again till at last he hits the one big move, one big move that ends it and nets him the World Title he's been chasing all these years?


      B) Have the same 30 minute match, deflate the crowd when Roode jobs, show up on Impact the next night and say he was tricked into signing a contract that had no rematch clause, have his tag team partner substitute for him and get the big emotional win.....and the next week turn Roode heel against his own partner and not even put the blowoff match between the two partners on pay per view because God knows we can't go through a relaunch without AJ Fucking Styles in the main event of our first pay per view?

      If you answered B: Congratulations, you're an idiot and are thus qualified to write for TNA.

      You know I've said this before but sometimes being predictable is GOOD. If you sell the backstory enough we as wrestling fans will accept things even when they're obvious. You don't need SHOCKING SWERVES~! to keep our interest and most importantly when you're launching a new era for your company, sometimes having a strong babyface champion does work for you.

      Just ask the WWE. They did the same thing with John Cena.

      Clarence "Showstealer" Mason

      Minisode #203 How Was Your Black Friday?

      by iggy

      December 2, 2011

      Sin Cara's Member
      Angry Jim's Black Friday
      RD's Black Friday
      Blade's Black Friday

      #lawnmowin' #barbecue