Minisode #117 Intro Themes

by iggy

August 29, 2008

One Day at a Time
Edge was slammed to hell.

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117 One Diva a Time: August 29, 2008

One Day At A Time
"worst wrestlecrap ever" (:57)
(79 minutes)

Induction: Will Sasso vs. Bret Hart on WCW. It Came from Youtube: Blade just found out that Brother Midnight fell on hard times at the beginning of 2007. The next WCRadio is scheduled for September 12.

The theme song to One Day at a Time opens the show. (Forgotten Sin has posted this commentary on youtube. Check the sidebar for more.) (B.B.M. had made a gif of Mackenzie Phillips dancing. 1.4 MB) "In this week's new induction, Triple Kelly theorized perhaps that Bruno Sammartino and Schneider should've had a WWF title match in 1977" (:04). RD says the 12 listeners have plenty of free time. I, for one, save nearly five hours a week by skipping through the mediocre parts of WWE programs.

Blade's in a band now, because the best time to start a band with a "metal-Misfits feel to it" is when you're thirty-three (:07). RD wants to call it "Blade Braxton and the Hobo Six." WC Fantasy Football is beginning. It has been 18 years since Blade's favorite gimmick began, so he has reposted the Black Scorpion bunch as the Jobber of the Week (:11). There's still no (:12), despite the fact that Google charges only $10 for domains. Blade dates a Diva (:16).

RD's Trip to the Grocery: RD finds pizza Pringles Stix in the Salty Snack aisle (:21). Blade's obsession of Taco Tico brings the show to a halt.

Obscure Wrestling News: RD says, "Never thought I'd be happy talking about wrestling news" (:24). 4-year old Blade liked getting erections for Sigourney Weaver. RD finds the themes to Maude and Alice (:28). "Wrestler's Rescue is holding TWO, separate events to help raise monies to support the health care needs of Retired Professional Wrestlers due to a career choice in wrestling." Guest-stars include some of The Bad News Bears (:33). Terri Runnels has a food session (:40). RD dates a diva (:45).

Statement of the Week from Double J: In May 2007, someone posted RD Reynolds shoots on Jared from Subway, from the February 23, 2007 show (:50). Jonathan Coachman now works for ESPN. Blade dates a diva (:53). TNA Peter Gazer flakes (:59). I like this gimmick better than him actually showing up. RD dates a deever (:63). Misses Deal gets Jim Ross on the line to talk about his BBQ Sauce (:65).

Blade says, "that overly-critical guy at ... is going to tear this thing a new asshole" (:69). RD and Blade compare the WWE Universe to the Masters of the Universe (:71).

Seventeen Syllables to Get Twelve Listeners Off:
Mick's in TNA.
Wow, golly. His debut ra-
tings? Still 1.O.

Minisode #116 Titanic Redemption

by iggy

August 22, 2008

Titanic Redemption machine
Blade explains Red Beer
wrestlecrap dot blogspot dot com

#vodka #trollastein

116 The Purge Continues: August 22, 2008

WWE's Purge Continues
(74 minutes)

This week's Induction: Jillian Hall's mole. It Came From YouTube: Snitsky's incomprehensible Amsterdam phonebook commercial. Someone Bought This: Nunzio Elf Costume... "signed" in BLOCK LETTERS, as mentioned before. Click here to bid on the part of Regal's suit that was ripped by Jamie Noble and can't be used again.

The show opens with Blade thanking people for synching the interactive parts of WCRadio to video on YouTube, like last week's Tarzan Boy, which was created by Forgotten Sin. RD suggests that this site you're reading right now can be "a little critical" (:03).

Raw beat Monday Night Football last week, which would be impressive if this was before the year 2000 and if it wasn't a mid-August pre-season game (:05). Blade threatens to write ad copy for Angry Marks (:11).

RD met Kofi Kingston and Victoria last Friday night (:13). Victoria talked about custom cycles and Kofi signed RD's BW3 menu that lists the Caribbean Jerk Sauce (:19).

RD's Trip to The Mini-Golf Mini-Park: Titanic redemption machine (:23).

Sad News: Highlanders released (:27).

Obscure Wrestling News: RD doesn't get Umaga, (:29) who has gone into "FATAL ERROR" business with Charlie and Jackie Haas (:32). Brian Christopher was kicked out of rehab (:35). Horsetrolla: Lillian Garcia is 42 (:37).

Sad News: Colin Delaney released (:40). Tony Atlas "rocked" a sleeveless shirt this week (:42).

Question of the Week from Premier Blah (2): The Blade Hits the Bottle music is discussed [and the segment actually gets an answer, from me no less. PB] (:45).

Sad News: Stevie Richards released and for once, it truly is sad (:50). TNA should hire him and cut Scott Steiner. TNA Peter Gazer no-shows for the third time in four weeks.

Dream Analysis: Blade dreams of Neve Campbell getting sexually assaulted by an assassinated Vince McMahon (:59).

Sad News: Cherry released (:64).

In regards to the "Championship Scramble," RD correctly comments, "what a stupid match that is" (:70). Make that two matches. [...three. Maybe the creative team has been suspended for 30 days. --ed.]

Seventeen Syllables About One of My Favorite Nitro Girls of All Time:
Whisper's big fat lip.
She's had fat lips ever since
she had Shawn's love spawn.

Minisode #115 Blade's Noisy Beard

by iggy

August 15, 2008

Pop-Tart knock-knock
Blade's beard makes all that racket
Peter Gazer Debuts
Baltimora interactive

#berry boo #no longer with us

002-BETA The Lost Episode (Mommy's Milk)

The Lost Episode
Al Capone's Second Vault
((( recorded in over-modulated fidelity ))) (42 minutes)

This is RD and Blade's first attempt to produce the second episode of WrestleCrap Radio. Blade says RD wanted a do-over because of sound quality, but the final version is just as bad.

RD prepares himself for the show by drinking out of his WWE Niagara Falls Cup. This does not help to improve the quality of the show though.

The Co-Hosts receive more love from Get In The Ring for their upcoming appearance.

RD talks about that week's Raw. Hey, I remember these attempts at jokes!

The listener can't help but appreciate the then-future strategy of refusing to talk about wrestling. Big Show vs the Heart Throbs has zero nostalgic value.

RD: "That's the thing I love about those James Bond movies, it's that they're so subtle. You know, we make fun of, like, WWF, WWE, and Beaver Cleavage, you know what I mean? But that is like so subtle compared to 'ummm, yes, what's your name?' 'My name is Pussy Galore.' 'I must be dreaming, nhmm hmm hmm hmm.'"

This year's Diva Search wasn't funny. RD brings up the hot dog eating contest which makes Blade mention what he saw One Night In China. The winner of the Search, one Ashley Massaro, looks like she has a mustache (Their words.). (:17) This is compared to another contestant who looks like an insect and another who looks like a 70's TV character.

RD admits that WrestleCrap Radio is a glorified phone call.

Nineteen minutes in, Tee Hee Tickle Party is in full effect.

SummerSlam will have at least some (Wrestle)Crap: the Eddie's kid on a pole match. Perhaps Hunter can adopt him. RD's PSA (:20): Don't solve parental disputes in the ring. RD also likes JBL's promos.

Blade suggests that Shawn Michaels give Hulk Hogan some of mommy's milk during their match. (I'm surprised he didn't do this during his face heyday in the 80s.) (:22) Blade then hits some 'haiku music'.

Seventeen Syllables of Slobber-Knocking: (:25)
Shawn Michaels, Hulkster,
SummerSlam's big main event.
Will Hulk's Depends leak?

RD laughs so hard he spills milk all over his keyboard.

Some things happen for the next fifteen minutes. In honor of Dusty Rhodes in talks with WWE RD is planning to give away his autobiography to anyone who submits a good Question of the Week. The first question, from Andrew is Good, asks about wrestlers RD has met in person. Blade once met Coach at a bar. RD doesn't believe him. Crazy Rose's question is read and promptly discarded.

While wondering about potential WCR guests, Dennis Stamp is explained. Tony Atlas wanted money to appear in the WrestleCrap book. RD doubts Vince would call him up to return to WWE (:37), and we all are glad RD was incorrect. A Tee Hee Tickle Party closes the show as it just falls apart.

To improve the quality of this recap, here is the intro to Heathcliff, as well as Gummi Bears. Listen to those vocals!

I want to hear Blade sing the chorus of St Elmo's Fire.

115 Purge Roulette: August 15, 2008

WWE Purge Roulette
(88 minutes)

Can you term calling into the show 'crashing'?
The bizarro Lost Episode has been posted in celebration of the third anniversary of WrestleCrap Radio. Poor old Glen Jacobs is the subject of another induction, Fake Kane. This one puts him in the Five Timers Club with Hulk Hogan, Sting, Jake the Snake, and the Ultimate Warrior.

The show has a new sponsor, the HOTT line (:12).

Sad News: Nick Patrick was released (:18).

RD's Trip to the Grocery: Blade got sick from blue milk (:24). RD implies he could replace Blade with knock knock jokes printed on Pop Tarts (:27).

Obscure Wrestling News: Blade wants for Xmas. She'll be on this fall's America's Sex Symbol (:31). Trevor Murdoch changed his name to Trevor Murdock after being released by WWE (:36). Ashley Massaro will return to stripping. Blade asks, "What is that phrase where you know like you never stray too far from something?" (:39) I think it's "You can't go home again." [Wasn't it "how the mighty have fallen?" - PB] Blade forgot his Myspace log-in (:40). Matt Morgan will have his DNA sent into space (:44), presumably so that aliens can produce an army of stuttering clones to conquer Earth. RD and Blade will be in a comic book (:45).

Sad News: Nunzio was released (:48), and Braden Walker (:51), and Shannon Moore (:53). WWE should announce the next batch of releases during Raw like draft picks. Question of the Week from Terry Brass: Blade's beard makes noise (:55). TNA correspondent Peter Gazer exists (:60). Unfortunately, this dusty character stopped being edgy twenty years ago.

Sad News: Domino released (:71). RD YouTubes Tarzan boy (:73). Randy Orton estimates he bounced and rolled off his motorcycle for the length of a football field (:78). (Big Daddy) Viscera released and made to be a cannibal (:80).

SummerSlam is this Sunday and here's RD and Blade's entire discussion about it: (crickets).

Third Anniversary Haiku:
We've made it three years--
The age kids get potty trained.
We'll still piss our pants.

114 Hot or Not: August 8, 2008

Talking Wrestling with Mom
(74 minutes)

Despite being posted for months on the WrestleCrap Radio myspace, the live appearance listed below was never booked:
August 8, 2008 at 8 P.M.
Burt Reynolds Dinner Theatre
Kissimee, FL

It's gonna be one dandy of a jam-up time. All your favorite Cher and Hall & Oates songs will be performed live onstage by RD & Blade. Just added to the bill!!!!! A poetry reading by John Thomas from Meridian Chase Mastercharge, and a special inspirational spoken word performance from B.M. Punk.

This week's blurb for WrestleCrap update:
Because you demanded it...PAUL CHRISTY IS BACK! This time our favorite wrestling magician-hypnostist-rapist is featured in It Came From YouTube. Thrill as he deep throats a microphone! Plus...New Induction! New Someone Bought This! And a Brand New WrestleCrap Radio...but Blade is missing! Never fear, though - RD and Triple Kelly are on hand to tackle all the news AND give our long lost hobo a musical tribute!

Are your expectations lowered yet? Well, it's still summer, so go outside or something.

As always, WrestleCrap Radio's recommended play speed is 2x.

Blade is passed out so in his place 3Kelly plays Hot or Not (:05). RD implies that the Brooklyn Brawler is gay (:11).

RD's Trip to the Grocery: RD searched for Peanut Butter Toast Crunch (:13). 3Kelly's Weekly Trip to the Goodwill to Search for LPs and VHS: Jumpin' Jack Flash soundtrack (:23) and Trees Talk Too (:30).

Happy 75th, Cap'n Lou!
Obscure Wrestling News: Stacey Keibler is on a publicity tour for her role in the miniseries Samurai Girl. (:32) The Sandman went to Captain Lou Albano's 75th birthday party and got arrested (:34) while his son has begun wrestling as Twisted Sand (:38). I guess if he teamed with Lance Storm's kid, they could call themselves Sandstorm. Torrie Wilson is getting back into wrestling (:43). Glens Falls, New York, is celebrating their resident son Hacksaw Jim Duggan. (:44) A 101 year old woman won tickets to a WWE showing. (:48)

Horsetrolla: Someone spotted a Mickie James Roast Beef sign at SNME (:51). Question of the Week happens (:54). Primetime (3) thinks Santino should be women's champion. The Divas Belt has a vagina on it.

The new TNA correspondent, Pete, is, perhaps, a myth. 3Kelly watches Urkel rather than Impact (:59) -- URKEL . . . . IN 2008. COULD TNA SUCK THAT BAD?!?

TNA has a game for mobile phones. The CableFAX Program Awards are all a work. (:61) Ric Flair has left WWE. (:64)

Long lost hobo "musical" tribute.

Minisode #113 Paul Christy

by iggy

August 1, 2008

Paul Christy
RD camped out at Chick-Fil-A
Honky Tonk Man cut his finger
Superstar Billy Graham channels Satan

#woman #sexual #alright

113 Christyanity: August 1, 2008

Paul Christy Owns Shopping Centers
(74 minutes)

Prolonged discussion of magician and wrestling talk show participant Paul Christy. Buy his apartment buildings book!

Paul Christy's One Ring prepares to consume Gene.
RD's Trip to the Restaurant: Blade misses the music compilation commercials (:09). RD won one year of free Chick-Fil-A by waiting in line outside overnight for twelve hours (:12), during which RD did some more corn-holin' (:20). Don Mason worked at Hooters one time and was once stung by a centipede.

Obscure Wrestling News: Blade is 33 but wants to be on American Idol (:25). Honky Tonk Man's finger was injured doing a stupid guitar smashing thing with dopey teenagers in a parking lot (:28). Blade reads an email by Superstar Billy Graham (:33). A cop involved in the Even Colder Mike Austin case was fired after he stole evidence money. (:38) Brooke Hogan is an idiot when it comes to the presidential election. (:41)

Sad News: WWE went to Texas yet had no ZZ Top cameo (:45). Fear not for their health, they seemed to be touring Europe at the time, and you can probably catch them at a state fair near you. HorseTrolla: Mickie James has odd nude photos (:47). Ricky Steamboat Junior, who once rode a pony at WCW Wrestle War '89, debuted for Premiere Wrestling Showcase (:53). His father's song on that one WCW album is questioned. Question of the Week from Primetime (2): The Lions last won a championship in the 1950s (:55).

TNA News: A no-show for the new TNA correspondent (:61).

Freddie Prinze Junior is on the writing staff of WWE (:63). WWE Films is now WWE Studios, so RD & Blade suggest sitcoms the studio can produce. This Week's Someone Bought This is Vickie Guerrero's wedding dress (:68), and next week's could be Nunzio Signed/Worn Elf Costume. Mike Adamle is Raw G.M.

Seventeen Syllables For Ya:
G.M. Adamle--
What on earth could be better?
G.M. Paul Christy.