(272) Mr. Braxton's Neighborhood: April 1, 2018

32 minutes

Coincidentally today's episode is also sponsored by Snickers.
In which Jim is amenable for a change, Sir Alec is out without his music or audience, Mike Check has a proper honest living, Popeye is blown down by a cucumber, Dixie Carter runs the cashier better than she does a company, the Honky Tonk Mailman delivers an Apter mag off podcast, (Sir) Stubby has more wood than paper, RD voices an alley cat, then shills his arcade as Jeff Foxworthy if possible, Nintendo John is NOT summoned despite referencing a Virtual Boy, and all the while (Mr.) Blade Rogers Braxton attempts to stifle his laughter.

I look forward to him being the next TNA correspondent once somebody photoshops Blade's head onto the infamous picture of Will Rogers inadvertently giving the finger (while counting).

WCR Video: The "Lost Episode"

RD Reynolds shocks Blade Braxton, on the April Fools 2008 episode of Wrestlecrap Radio (#98), when he revealed the long last tape of the "actual first ever" episode of Wrestlecrap Radio from 1988.

(Video Title: "WCR Reconstructions: Introducing The "Lost Episode" (04.01.08)" by Greg Diener

And here's the "minisode" version of the same episode:

...And also be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

And speaking of "lost" Mike Check is supposed to be celebrating his "7 Years Of Whackin'" Anniversary month over on The Mike Check Show but it seems that Mike is "lost in space" and...WAIT...This news just in: Mike Check has been abducted by Martians...and...does this mean that there's no more Mike Check Show?...No...He's going to be doing the show from Mars?...But how...? Does this count as parole violation?...I don't care! The Martians can keep him!

271 Marcho Madness: March 26, 2018

Uh Oh!

91 minutes

RD and Blade do not like basketball much. This definitely has nothing to do with their hometown teams sucking. (Or in RD's case following multiple bad teams at once.) Blade brought it up however as an excuse to portray "Marcho Madness" if he were an old western prospector (and possibly owning a mine called The Danger Zone. Motto: "Can you (be able to) dig it?"). RD remembers when Mark Jindrak was an evil basketball player in WCW, though he's missing recordings of it. At least they also have Shaq's surprise WrestleMania appearance, Dennis Rodman in the nWo, and Stan "Kronkie" pissing off old man Vince.

This month it's Patrick Stewart's turn to promotional considerate with the all new Pontiac Montana Del Fantasma with "all new air filters!" (:06)

RD's latest writing, this week of hat wearing ECW Champion Vince McMahon was an excuse for him to post an image of Kristal Marshall. (:10) Blade randomly remembered when she doused herself in blue paint during the Diva Search, then blames others for driving him to drink.

RD took a TRIP to Jungle Jim's (International Market), causing Blade to interrupt him with laughter. (:13) There he bought a (glass) bottle of root beer from Chowning's Tavern, which when taste tested is pungent and tastes like unwanted root beer bubblegum.

Sad News: One time while touring Blade found Bart's Root Beer with no caffeine in it. Sadder News: According to RD's investigative Googling he learns he actually took a sugar free (and caffeine free) one instead. (:20)

Obscure Nestlé News: RD found the connection between the corporation name and their nest logo. Wait till he finds out about Nescafé and Nespresso! (:23) Blade has some "serious business" to complete and wants to auction off some deep frozen Universal Studios crunch bars he found in his folks' fridge 20 years ago.

65 year old Ricky Steamboat whom Blade respected as a child defeated "The Duke" (:27) The Fruitcakes wonder which Duke it was. My money is on Edmund.

Aspiring necromancer Eric Sims wants to bring Doink back, initially confusing RD. Blade has to clarify, further confusing RD. (:31)

Tammy's back in the slammy again. (That sounded better in my head.) (:34) Things have gotten so bad the duo initially think she was jailed for an earlier offense.

Despite putting them in the itinerary and having their MIDI music played, Blade is unable to bring his friends back as Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to report on TNA news, of which I can't blame them. (:38) Thus RD instead calls up a Patreon patron by the name of Sean Stein to do so instead. One of the rewards of being a $50 tier WC sponsor is "a one-time guest shot on WrestleCrap Radio", so he appears on what Blade randomly calls "The Stein Line" (Blade reveals he's still stuck on "TV Guide time" where each day starts at 5 am).

Sean tried watching TNA once and found himself stuck watching looping advertising promos for an older and no longer running show. No comment. He went to their YouTube page where a recent upload is for "Christian Cage Theme Song and Entrance Video (2006)". No comment. The trio wonder how similar it is to his old WWE theme, fitting in to TNA's music guy literally phoning it in by making more rip-off themes than Jimmy Hart.

RD: "Keep your Johnson where it is."

Sean is gracious as RD keeps his number in his little black book for future use.

Robert Sternburg asks about Gorilla Monsoon's toilet technique and the Fruitcakes miss the obvious joke about him being in the Gorilla Position to do so in. (:54) Blade prefers his toilet paper to be sturdy. "I don't want to be the Jim Morrison of wiping, right?" he reasons.

Blade wants to hire out (Hungry Hungry) Ken Patera to swing children around in full nelsons. (:57) RD thinks that should be part of the auction. Blade remembers a magazine wondering if Patera would wrestle Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania IV. Also he recently hung out with Frank From LA.

Goldberg will NOT be inducted into the marketing gimmick Hall Of Fame by Braun the Leprechaun or by my guess of Eric Bischoff, but by Paul Heyman. But of course. (:66) Blade is angered into confusion by this. RD remembers when Bobby Heenan was inducted by Blackjack John Lanza and he absolutely hated it.

RD: "Like we know what we are talking about."

The Fruitcakes wonder who should be celebrity inducted into the Hall Of Fame instead. This is not a repeat from last month when they also did this. (:71)

Blade: "I like to come behind you."

RD wants Burt Reynolds with himself inducting him of course, with his actual Smokey and the Bandit theme (confusing Blade again as it is not Jerry Reed's Eastbound and Down); Herb by Clara Peller or the currently reigning Burger King; and Elvira by Jesse Ventura.

Blade wants Bill Fralic by Stone Cold Austin; Cyndi Lauper by Dave Wolff (since Roddy Piper is no longer with us); and Susan St. James by Mike Adamle. The two wonder how little St. James has been on the radio progrem, as well as Lauper playing nearby Blade opening for Rod Stewart, RD going to see Weird Al perform soon, and Blade having gone to around 20 Misfits concerts. All very...fascinating stuff, no?

Seventeen More Syllables (RD: "Mike Check would be proud"):
Kid Rock Hall Of Fame
Bob with the bob the bang to
Bang shitty (shitty).

$31.00 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right

...Uh Oh!

WCR Video: Ghetto Amusement Park He-Man & Skeletor (WCR #63 & #101)

As written by "Blade Braxton" (taken from here):

"If you listened to the radio show (Wrestlecrap Radio: Episode #63. May 18, 2007), you heard my sad tale of the Ghetto Amusement Park Skeletor and He-Man. I went to the park expecting a giant Mattel Toys sponsored event, with neato, bright, and flashy officially licensed costumed characters. What I got, was the nightmare fuel you see below. For your further amusement, behold the horrors...

There's the Lord Of Destruction himself, Ghetto Amusement Park Skeletor, looking a little more flesh colored than usual, looking like he lost a few teeth due to not being able to put down the crack pipe, and he's dressed kind of like Dracula. This was a few seconds before the smurfer started chasing me around the merry-go-round in an obvious cocaine-fueled rage. Who could save me?

Not this assclown, Ghetto Amusement Park He-Man, who looks like he pawned the Power Sword for an ounce of weed. By the Power Of Potheads!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, nice orange tank top underneath the armor there, "He-Man."

And believe it or not, even more frightening than Skeletor, was Ghetto Amusement Park Man-At-Arms. In a sane world, you could count on Man-At-Arms to save the day.

In this bizarro world I experienced that day, Ghetto Man-At-Arms has shaved his head, put on some mascara around his eyes and on top of his chrome dome, and striked a muscular pose like he was trying to woo a potential customer while he was man-whoring himself out on the point. I don't even want to know about the handcuffs he's wearing. Sigh, what a fraud-filled 1980's afternoon at Joyland, the Ghetto Amusement Park!!!!!!!"

(R.V.M Kai) Thanks Blade. The following WCR Video is taken from episode #63 as well as Blade's retelling of the "Ghetto Amusement Park" story almost a year later on episode #101 (April 25, 2008), which also includes a story of Blade's sister almost being "no longer being with us" after falling out of a ride...Oh, the days before health and safety standards.

(Video by R.V.M Kai)

And "speaking of the word "ghetto", it seems that Mike Check was inspired by this video to play "In the Ghetto" by Elvis Presley on THE MIKE CHECK SHOW!

...And also be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: Song: Brown Haired Trish

On the latest episode of Wrestlecrap Radio (#270), Blade Braxton interviewed former WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus. With only brief amount of time allocated, Blade decided to ask the one most important question of all...What is Trish's favorite breakfast cereal? Perhaps Blade could have used that time to ask her a more important question...does she prefer being blonde or brunette? Well, RD and Blade debated that question back in 2009, on WCR episode #157, where RD was not happy about his beloved "Patty" changing her famous blonde colored hair to "brown", whereas Blade dedicated his preference for "Brown Haired Trish" with a song to the tune of "Brown Eyed Girl" here on...THE WHACKER! (And if you want to listen to another "brunette" related song, Mike Check is also playing "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair"...on THE MACKER!)

(Video Title "Blade Braxton - "Brown Haired Trish" (WrestleCrap Radio 9/18/09)" by Blade Braxton)

And also be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

270 Tee Howard Tickle Party: February 28, 2018

72 minutes

Jeff Jarrett is a sudden (and possibly random) inductee in WWE's nostalgia-based marketing gimmick Hall Of Fame. RD hopes they showcase that time in TNA where he did random MMA stuff. This would all be better with a reporting TNA correspondent, exemplified by having the 'current' people of "Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley" now being the longest tenured despite only one (1) appearance. Other people would kill for such efficiency! (Or in real life Gene's case, be banned from Fox News - yes, THAT Fox News - for forgetting he's not thirty years younger.)

The week prior, RD wrote about Tito Santana introducing Vince to this thing called a 'taco', featuring a "Debra" from Gringos. RD is momentarily conflicted on whether to use the word or not. Gringo I mean, not taco. (:06) Lord Alfred was too busy there (not) sampling the food to appear to promotional considerate. That will come later.

Blade took a "TRISH to the Grocery" as Patty was at a comic convention he was visiting during filming for his TV show. (:08)

Blade: "She really dug me."

Due to the intense security around in Blade's words (which RD feels can be distracted with a Stan Lee cameo) he does manage to get from her that like me, she also enjoys frosted flakes for breakfast. (:14) RD: "Where's Lee Marshall when we need him?" He temporarily forgot he was sick, and nowadays tormenting Bobby Heenan in the afterlife of the Ely-Weasel Fields. (That sounded better in my mind admittedly.) The Fruitcakes are hung up on her temporarily forgetting frosted flakes are available in the US as they are in the old continent.

Blade randomly shills his appearance in another Troma movie. In response RD shills his guest appearance in a upcoming series by the name of Fanarchy TV that will be featured/avaiable on Amazon Prime/Video within the next day or so.

Sad News: Bray Wyatt is late on paying some monthly support to his ex/partner. (:22) He's only been paying $6000 of the mandated $14735. Lest you think he's paying the rest on electric lanterns or purchasing that House of Horrors of his, sources have told that reporter $5000 was spent on "miniature horses supplies and foods", $500 on jewelry "not for his wife", and close to $300 at "Tootsie's Strip Club". Blade immediately wonders if Dustin Hoffman was involved while RD was amazed at how little he spent at the club.

Ric Flair has a "custom suit line" which Blade mishears as a soup line. (:29) Let us hope it lasts better than that time he decided to go into finance. Blade considers putting some of his old suits online.

Paige is back in the 'news' after being out of it for so long. So long in fact that Blade forgot about her Mexican restaurant that had punched a patron before closing. (:32) She got a (not Rick) rude tattoo on her hands, which is slightly better than the Harris brothers sprouting visible and later attempted modified to hide SS symbols on their arms. Blade has considered tattoo ideas for quite some time. RD suggests Miss Elizabeth, which leads to the two losing themselves in laughter over what it would consist it.

Laughter having temporarily woken him up, Blade feels better to get Sir Alec to do some delayed shilling, though he is gracious enough to inform people of what he does before he does so. (:38) The shilling causes Blade some "technical" difficulties via more laughter, but he manages to get through a few lines.

Brian Keith Johnson thinks Ric Flair (without his custom suit line) should have continued using his Black Scorpion powers throughout his career to win more titles. (:45) Back to being tired, Blade (drunkenly?) thinks he still used them regardless.

Coliseum Video on WWE Network is sadly without its theme music, swinging Ken Patera, or RD ejaculating. (:51) Goldberg, the Dudleyz, and Ivory will also be in the HOF, with Bam Bam Bigelow and Kid Rock rumored to join them as of this progrem recording.

In more "Three Counting" RD thinks New Jack, Ahmed Johnson, and Nikita Koloff speaking only in his "Russian" should also be nominated just so they can hear what wild induction speeches they would give. Blade thinks Hollywood should also be nominated due to her own work, as would Scott Steiner if he was accompanied by his Freaks (and potentially asked to do some calculations as part of his speech).

Blade also thinks Demolition should go in. If Vince can forgive Jeff Jarrett (like Bret Hart, Ultimate Warrior, and Randy Savage before him, even if in the name of good business) to enter, he could forgive Bill Eadie too for it. RD apologizes for the wrestling discussion on hand for newer listeners. Blade apologizes in response for making them both lose composure again by thinking about Howard The Duck interviewing Bill Eadie.
*Make your own joke about Ax and Batista tag-teaming here*

Seventeen Syllables Of Fun:
Improved 'Mania.
It's Howard The Duck versus
Demolition Ax.

$31.00 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right

WCR Video: If You Get Don On Me, I'll Get Don On You

Valentine's Day was a few days ago, and what says "love" better than getting "down" with Don...Don Mason? So get out the Reddi-Wip from the drawer and...make sure it doesn't come bubbling back?!

The following video is a parody created by one of Wrestlecrap Radio's 12 listeners, LannysPermJuice, using the song "Get Down" by obscure Canadian boy band "B4-4", which you can also hear on The Mike Check Show!

(Video by LannysPermJuice)

...And also be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: Wrestlecrap Fantasy Football Drag Queen's Debut

Since WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon's announcement (in January 2018) of the return of the XFL in 2020, it prompted the return of another unsuccessful idea on Wrestlecrap Radio episode #269: "The Wrestlecrap Fantasy Football Drag Queen", but now with a new name; "The Wrestlecrap Radio XFL Queen".

For those who don't know, the WCFFDQ made his/her(?) debut on WCR episode #253 (Sept 20, 2015), from an idea sparked by RD Reynolds doing a bad falsetto on the previous episode, where the character called in to sing some fantasy football league advice to the tune of "I Hate Myself For Loving You" by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts (...which you can hear today over on The Mike Check Show's "Love On The Ropes Month"!)

...Predictably; his/her(?) said advice was terrible (edit: and still is!)

(Video by R.V.M Kai)

269 Extreme Exposé Football League: January 27, 2018

Have any info on the whereabouts of the Rosati
Sisters? Call Robert Sack on 1800 876 5353.
82 minutes

Blade: "Happy Show."

RD is happy Old Man Vince is (attempting to) bring back the XFL. Blade compares him to his ventriloquist dummy. Maybe next they'll think of him as a cigar store Indian.

The Fruitcakes are attempting to go monthly due to some promised Patreon milestone. They are now (as of recording) 62% on the way to do fortnightly progrems. Remember when they used to do weekly shows for free? Ahhh how times change. RD calls for any drug addict listeners to help out and aid in the support. Blade would be a (horrible) maid for more funding, or so he says.

RD thinks they should explain their shows to newer listeners. Perhaps use a glossary? (:07) "It's kind of a variety show. If you're clicking on this and you think you're going to get for the next hour and fifteen minutes, hour and a half, whatever we run. If you think it's going to be non stop wrestling news and I'm going to be talking about the women of SHIMMER or what happened at Wrestle Kingdom 12? SPOILER ALERT! You're going to be very disappointed."

Promotional Consideration is paid for by...Mike Check! (:09) Blade makes him explain his "gimmick Brad". He then reads my ad copy for a change. Excuse me. The ad copy of a "mysterious benefactor" named Premier Blake. (Funny thing is that Mike Check promoted us here at wrestlecrapradio.com but not his own show that we produced. A little show called "The Mike Check Show?" --Raging_Demons) He sounds like my mirror universe counterpart. Does he have a goatee? Mike then complains about his own royalty checks. He was once in Macon Georgia as Bobby Peach.  "If you shake my peaches you'll see my cream!" was his slogan there. He leaves with Mary McGregor. Blade breaks out laughing.

:15 Gayle's Root Beer has a Peeping Tom dog, "Oh rudie!" and tastes like awful cough syrup. Blade does his disgraced former comedic icon impression. RD remarks how far ahead they were with him. It is also really remarkable how much of a portent he was leading to a bigger revelation of sexual crimes and the fallout from all that.

The Faxtrolla signals "nothing but the most obscure wrestling news imaginable" according to Blade. (:21) Christy Hemme who RD considers wild has given birth. The BabyTrolla cuts off Blade's catchphrase. Christy Hemme who RD considers wild has given birth. The BabyTrolla cuts off Blade's catchphrase. Christy Hemme who RD considers wild has given birth. The BabyTrolla cuts off Blade's catchphrase. Christy Hemme who RD considers wild has given birth. Blade thinks her short but RD discovers she's taller than his Patty and equal to his Mickie. "HeightChecker34" disputes that. "Sam Rick" had a video game one time. Blade thinks people should discuss and debate their heights. Also one of the newborns seems to has a double name. Blade does an Alabamian David Bowie.

Tammy has been discussed a hell of a lot lately notes RD. She's now on OfferUp as Tamara. Now with 50% less chance of nudes stealing! (:37) The listings include some love furniture for sale. Sir Alec reads one of her Facebook posts extolling her love for her new boyfriend...and rather creeping asking for a marriage. Oh well. (:42) Speaking of love Alec's been happy with Ellie of late. RD is temporarily stopped by laughter.

Blade called up an "associate" voice of his to debut Unsolved WrestleCrap Mysteries with Robert Sack. (Any relationship with Robert Stack is highly coincidental.) (:48) This week: where are the Rosati sisters? Perhaps they're with Cheatum. This causes Blade to burst out laughing. (Called the phone number that Robert Sack mentioned, call was suspended and did not connect. Then the line sounded like Blade's stomach at Taco Tico, growling for some odd reason. --Raging_Demons)

Chris McGinnis thinks the Boogeyman should have been more stealthy. (:55) Like me RD is not a big fan of stealth games. Blade is too distracted by 15+ year old bad movies.

Colliseum Video may return to WWE Network at a later date. Good news: without RD ejaculating. Bad news: potentially without the famous theme music. (:58) Blade remembers CV's parent company also released some X rated stuff which sadly he did not own.

The first ever 30 Women Royal Rumble is just around the corner. RD reads some names, including Mickie James. "Good to know." One possible woman contestant premiered at the same show as the Midnight Rose.

:67 "Three Count with RD & Blade" has a bad bell sound. The two think on which remaining three women will complete the roster. RD thinks it would be the Deever, Anonymous Brooke and Kelly Kelly - AKA an Extreme Exposé run in. Blade has Kimberly Page (who's been MIA, speaking of mysteries) (No mystery at all. SOURCES HAVE TOLD THIS reporter that Kimberly Page took out those breasts implants of her and is currently in Park City, Utah working in marketing and does interior decorating. WAIT A MINUTE! That's close by to where I live, kinda. --Raging_Demons), Daisy of GLOW who threw around a dead blow up doll of an opponent one time, and two of Scott Steiner's ladies.

RD got his Draft Queen voice back to cover the XFL (assuming it'll actually return). (:78) She still thinks Tim Tebow will make a comeback to football there when he gets tired of the glory that is Minor League Baseball with the Mets.

A seventeen syllable sausage casing of wrestling news:
XFL is back.
Not a good decision Vince.
Backwards lateral.

$31.00 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right

WCR Video: Interactive: Hatin' Life

Yesterday's WWE RAW's 25th Anniversary marked the return appearance of some former WWE Divas women, one of which was of former WWE Diva's champion; Michelle McCool. What's this have to do with WCR Videos you ask? Well about a decade ago, RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton happened to do an Interactive segment on Wrestlecrap Radio (episode #120, September 26, 2008) on one of the multiple WWE Smackdown vignettes, by the "then" future Mrs Undertaker, performing various recreation activities like playing tennis and going clothes shopping? In this particular video, we learn that when the former 2004 Diva search contestant is away from the ring, she apparently loves spending her days outdoors riding roller blades and..."LOVIN' LIFE"!

(Video recreated by R.V.M Kai)

...And after watching this are you "hating life"? Well be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: Interactive: Ted or Alive

Former professional wrestler and power-lifter, Ted Arcidi, apparently had starred in a low budget movie in 2010. The "excitement" of this news prompted RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton to do an Interactive segment of the film's trailer (on Wrestlecrap Radio episode #175). And if that wasn't "exciting" enough, RD and Blade then search for some more Ted Arcidi YouTube videos and come across an "LJN action figure" wrestling match featuring Arcidi vs Ted DiBiase...I think?

(Video Title: "WCR Commentary: Season 3, Episode 7: Ted or Alive" by FSinWCR)

...And also be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

The 2017 Gooker Nominations: We've Just Gone Plaid!

Raging_Demons here once again boys and girls, [Taking a break from your Pit I see. - PB] and you all know what time it is?

Yes it's time for The Gooker, The award given to the worst character/gimmick/feud on the year by pro wrestling that's decided by you, the people.

This year we got a whole bunch of crap.

And your nominees are:

*phone rings*

AW come on now!

*picks up phone*


RD Reynolds: Hey fellow Crappers it's RD REYNOLDS here once again! I'm calling to let the world know that we are going to let "The House Of Horrors" match which was already inducted earlier this year be part of The Gooker nominations but in a whole different way. We're having the whole feud being nominated.

That's great Deal. By the way when are you going to take Mike Check

*phone click*

OK then. Back to the nominees!

This year they are...

1. The Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton Feud:
SPEAKING OF MILD AWKWARDNESS! We have your typical "I don't like you, hey I don't like you either" feud but things got really out of hand here. Bray Wyatt's, let's say it rhymes with find-duckery, really goes off the charts here with maggots on the ring apron. If that wasn't enough you can include arson on this list and of course the infamous "House OF Horrors Match" that this feud created. Dear God The Humanity.

Bray Wyatt did not have a good year because in 2017 he didn't have one Gooker worthy nomination. He had TWO!

2. The Bray Wyatt/Finn Balor Feud:
Bray Wyatt versus the former leader of "The Bullet Club" was sure to be a great feud right? It was...until this happened.

Yes, Bray Wyatt hinted that Sister Abigail, his motivation and personal deity, was alive and that he was going to show "her" to Finn Balor. While Finn Balor "showed" Bray Wyatt his "demon", which personally to me it looked like a white guy in dreads trying to look hip at a Halloween Party, Bray Wyatt...well, let me show you.

Yup. That. Sister Abigail is basically Bray Wyatt in drag.

It was so bad that most fans want to retcon this and replace it with TNA's Rosemary as actually being Sister Abigail. Thankfully Bray Wyatt got sick around the time that the resulting planned match was both of them dressed up. Yeah, just let that seep through as we nearly dodged a bullet there. Bullet, hah!

3. Jinder Mahal's Push From Hell:
A "Push From Hell" can be defined as when a promotion gives a wrestler major hype, and possibly major career hype, to make the wrestler look awesome ,but they keep continuing the push to the point of ad nauseam.

Enter this guy.

That's Jinder Mahal. For those of you that don't know him his career highlights included being The Great Khali's manger/interpreter who had a pathetic feud with the guy, and along with Heath Slater and current NXT wrestler Drew McIntyre formed the Air Band "3MB". He was released but he returned in 2017...as a roided out wrestler.

Granted WWE does not follow their Wellness Policy at times, only if the have to (*cough* Roman Reigns *cough*), but not only was the guy brought back, he became Smackdown's WWE World Champion! All of this was for business as India is slowly becoming a great source of business for Pro Wrestling. Heck TNA tried to do business there. Jinder's title reign was something that no one could believe nor stand. And most of the matches he was in as champion was downright horrible. There hasn't been a champion this bad since Kevin Nash!

[That's a bit harsh...to Kevin Nash. Even in the dying days of the NWO and with both of his knees shot he would still be a more believable champion. Hell, even if he wore a bad McMahon outfit he would have been more believable! - PB]

4. LaVar Ball on RAW:
You may be asking yourself who the hell is this guy? The guy is basically a nobody, but he did father three talented sons. Lakers rookie-star Lonzo Ball, former UCLA College Basketball Star LiAngelo Ball (who Daddy LaVar had yanked out of university where his son had a basketball scholarship so he could become pro) and LaMelo Ball.

LaVar Ball got famous pretty quick claiming to be BETTER than NBA legend Michael Jordan and confronted...*sigh* President Donald Trump over on Social Media. When he did so and was thus covered by the National News, WWE thought it would be a brilliant idea to have him and his sons on RAW.

And by brilliant I mean a complete cluster of an idea. As soon as he was on RAW, LaVar and his kids took over in ways that made WWE regret having him on. [Although the Miz was admittedly game about the whole thing afterwards. - PB]

(Note: There's video out there where LaMelo on RAW...dropped the N-Bomb on TV. Oh GOOD!)

5. Dolph Ziggler's Wrestlers Impersonations:
Poor Ziggles. Already a Gooker winner/participant in 2015 for "The Rusev-Ziggles-Lana-Summer Love Love Triangle of Eternal Torment", now he's trying to tie Hornswoggle, the current and only wrestler who has twice 'won' The Gooker.

For some unknown reason Ziggles did entrances of famous WWE wrestlers like Shawn Michals and The Ultimate Warrior. Then all of a sudden, like he's currently doing right now, he vanished. No rhyme nor reason why he did those entrances in the first place and it really amounted to a whole lot of nothing.

6. Kurt Angle. YOU ARE THE FATHER! And It's Jason Jordan?:
Jason Jordan made the move from Smackdown to RAW because WWE believed he's pushable so he deserves it. Unfortunately Jordan's tenure was a long dragged out secret to reveal that Kurt Angle was his daddy. For longtime WWE fans this kind of made sense because of (the already inducted) Kurt's "love for the black booty". Since most fans of WWE are of a newer generation who BARELY remembered Kurt's last WWE run though, they hated the idea that Jordan was his son.

Not only it was that bad but it also created weird pauses in the storyline showing Angle being heavily biased towards Jordan because of his parentage, that literally takes the entire show nowhere.

7. Emma Becomes Emmalina:
Emma debuted on WWE as a quirky sidekick to Santino Marella and it worked out great for her. Then she was caught in controversy with her firing-then-rehiring for charges of shoplifting. Then she was reassigned to NXT and suffered an injury.

Here's where things got interesting. During her recovery time she was on social media, particularly Instagram, to post hot sexy pictures of herself. It worked. Emma got herself over like a 20 year old girl who posts pictures of herself to get attention. When she was ready to go back WWE decided to give her a new gimmick as "Emmalina". That didn't work. Emmalina Youtube videos by WWE were considered the most disliked videos they had, and to make things worse Emma said she was ditching the "Emmalina" gimmick.

One match with Asuka later and Emma was "future endeavored" from WWE.

8. The Jeremy Borash/Josh Matthews Feud:
TNA only has one nomination this year. I wished either Anthem's legal games with Matt Hardy over the "Broken" gimmick or Jeff Jarrett's 2017's return would qualify but instead we (unfortunately) got this.

Jeremy Borash is well respected among fans and wrestlers over the years so what happens to him? He gets into a feud with "Mr. Audio Diarrahea" Josh Matthews. TNA does get accused from time to time of stealing from WWE but to steal The Gooker Winning "Heel Michael Cole" gimmick?!? To make matters worse they had a match where Scott Steiner returned. Yes the Scott Steiner who was last seen getting into a court case by TNA (which was dismissed with prejudice), returning to have one of the crappiest matches TNA has seen, and from me saying that it's not just a statement, it's just fact.

9. Ancient Mickie James:
Mickie James is basically the Rodney Dangerfield of Womens' Wrestling, in that she never gets any respect. Aside from going "Fatal Attraction" on Trish Stratus she never got any good storylines. There's "Piggie James". She went to TNA and ended up 'Thrown From The Train". Now this, with the help of that bitch Alexis Bliss. (that's not an insult by the way, it's more of a compliment, as you will see next entry.)

Alexis Bliss called Mickie James "old". That's it. And since then WWE's Creative ran with it the whole concept of Mickie James being older than time. YET the reason she's back in WWE is to put over the younger generation! YEESH!

10. The Alexa Bliss/Bayley Burial--I Mean Feud:
This one is going to be hard for me to write about so lets break this down.

Alexa Bliss has zero wrestling training at all before she was employed WWE thus making her an "Un-Diva" (A woman wrestling talent in WWE who wasn't hired due to job experience or skill, but hired for her looks. In WWE's case they changed their strategy to hire for looks AND athletic skill.) She was critiqued at the time as not having any skills at all, there were rumors around her that she slept to the top, and personally her wrestling skills were quite questionable. Yet in interviews she "always wants to be the heel" and she thinks of herself gimmick wise as Harley Quinn's shirt from "Suicide Squad" (Daddy's Little Monster). This explains why my calling her a bitch is a compliment, she's one of those women that loves to be called one.

Bayley on the other hand is a complete opposite. She wrestled for years in the Indy Circuit which included wrestling in NWA and SHIMMER, and most fans agree that she is a great wrestler. Thus her currently serving as WWE's version of Barney The Dinosaur.

You see the difference so far? It's not the first time these two feuded since both were on NXT. Then they went to RAW and had a typical feud at first.

So what happened that changed things? This:

That's right, a "This Is Your Life" segment. It had been previously stated that most of them are god awful except with The Rock, but this was the worst version ever. It was so bad even Booker T admitted it was painful to watch.

During this feud it was Bayley on the rough side of things, until things got way worse! You want to have a Kendo Stick match between Bayley and Bliss? SURE WHY NOT! When I heard that this match was going to happen I thought this was completely stupid. It was like putting Elmo into Mortal Kombat.

So what happened? Bad booking? A burial of Bayley by Bliss? Blame Canada? There's only one way to find out.

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