Rest In Peace Roddy Piper.

The world lost something special today. TMZ reported today that "Rowdy One" himself, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper died of cardiac arrest last night. Meaning that Piper died in his sleep which is a peaceful way to go.

Piper probably became most famous during the 80's when he feuded with Hulk Hogan for most of his career. He also created a landmark event called "Piper's Pit" which was his own interview show which at that time no one had. Piper's Pit became most famous when Piper smacked "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka upside his head with a coconut (which you can see with the following video)

Thanks to Piper's Pit almost every WWE superstar has to have an interview show to basically show their promo skills. Edge, Christian, MVP, Miz, none of them would have their interview shows without Piper. In 1988 Piper took a break from WWE to do a little movie (not one of those god awful movies that WWE makes that causes emotional trauma. Trust me I know and WWE you still owe me an episode of the Joss Whedon classic "Dollhouse" for seeing one of those god awful films) called "They Live!" directed by John Carpenter. The movie was panned by the critics at the time was a really horrible movie but thanks to Piper it became a cult classic that affected a lot of people worldwide.

(videos you see here come from "They Live" which includes the famous line Piper said in the movie, the famous fight scene, and how Piper's movie influenced people like this scene from "South Park" where Jimmy & Timmy recreate this famous fight)

Piper permanently left WWE in 1996 to hop over to the "hot" WCW at the time to once again be a thorn on Hulk Hogan's ass again. Piper made appearances in WCW and other indie promotions even a brief appearance in TNA of all places. Piper re-appeared in WWE in 2005 for his Hall Of Fame induction. Piper continued to make appearances in WWE for such wackiness like winning the WWE Tag Team Titles with Ric Flair of all people, inducting Wendy Richter in the Hall Of Fame, and occasionally bringing Piper's Pit out of mothballs. It was during this time when Piper was sporadically making WWE appearances is when we came in; or more specifically a couple of Co-Fruitcakes named RD Reynolds & Blade Braxton on some podcast called "Wrestlecrap Radio". On this podcast these Co-Fruitcakes will play regularly around Halloween time clips from Piper giving Halloween Tips to young children out there trying to make them safe.

(In fact videos are here of Piper's Halloween Tips and how Piper used to celebrate Halloween in WWE.)

Piper made also some indy appearances as well sometimes wrestling legends matches. His last ever pro wrestling appearance was earlier this year when Piper watched his son Colt Toombs wrestling for the first time inside a "Championship Wrestling From Hollywood" ring. Piper had a podcast on the PodcastOne network (which RD Reynolds recently did an interview for) until it got recently cancelled.

They said that if you believed the actor for playing the character that he is then he's doing a great job. Piper was such a man that became a legend inside and outside the ring that effected people all over the world. Piper was a man loved by all.

The staff here at (Premier Blah, Farmer iggy, Clarence Mason, R.V.M. Kai, myself Raging_Demons, and Erik Majorwitz) along with the website we support which is the staff at gives our condolences to the passing of Roddy Piper and to Piper's family.

Roddy Piper will truly be missed.

WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #134: Shane McMahon Is On The Loose

It appears that another T-800 Terminator had appeared on The Mike Check Show yesterday to save Mike and his Daughter from...Shane McMahon??? Yes, apparently an advanced hybrid nano-technological human-cyborg model of Shane-O-Mac, known as the "T-0'Mac" is on the loose. Will the T-800 be more successful than the Megatrolla was at fightin' him on this Wrestlecrap Radio Minisode (episode #134)?

And did Mike Check manage to play another song from the original Terminator film to prevent "Judgment Day"? Find out the answer and then have your mind boggled with more confusing questions right here.

Edit: What?! It now seems that Judgment Day may have not been prevented after all? Another T-800 has appeared on The Mike Check Show today to inform Mike that Skynet has re-programmed him so the Terminators can invade WWE 2K16 to commence Judgment Day. Will his mission succeed or will Mike's Daughter cause another "head explosion"? Find out right here.

Edit Edit: Now this is a funny co-incidence. First, WWE steals Mike's Terminator idea, and the day after this WCR Video was posted, "Super Shane McMahon" is the newest Induction on

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Episode 38: The War Of Dan Spivey: July 27, 2015

This episode summarized using "onomatopoeia":
BANG!  Ewwwwwwww!  Whooo!  Ah gyuk gyuk gyuk gyuk!
75 minutes

((( Recorded in echoing fidelity in RD's kitchen )))

RD is watching a (Leaping) Lanny Poffo match for some reason. 

Blade once traded some tapes. He regales the 12 Listeners about how he chased around a kid at school while appreciating John Hughes movies. 

:16 Blade: "Hopefully there's not a listener out there saying 'Ahhh those guys are just bringing back Trip to the Grocery rubababababa.'"

Blade's Cheddar Ranch Doritos are an enigma in taste. RD's Seadog Old Style Root Beer tastes better. He floats the idea of marketing Old Detroit Tap Water in glass bottles. 

RD did another video podcast with Vince Russo who called him attractive. Sadly Popeye wasn't on that show. Ah gyuk gyuk gyuk gyuk. 

The Co-Fruitcakes shill about how each radio progrem only costs 7 cents. They're literally a steal for a podcast that's free to download in the first place. From this very website in fact. Assuming the URL is not taken again. (:28)

:30 Tammy fell. Again. Blade does his Sunny impression. 

Tammy also doesn't like the NXT hopefuls due to them taking the spotlight from her or something. RD actually agrees with her for once, thinking that one of them looks like a goon Popeye fought. Sadly he doesn't call in to tell about how he blew that guy...down. Ah gyuk gyuk gyuk gyuk. 

Blade thinks former Diva Kaitlyn should return in a transgender gimmick as Bruce on the grounds that Vince might do such a thing. I don't know, that sounds far too modern for him. 

Sad News: the guy who bought their Good Friends cereal box sold it off for $6.

:42 More old bad impressions crack Blade up. Diamond Dallas Page remarried to another brunette. Blade remembers messaging him on MySpace. RD looks up a random movie of DDP's that took like 20 years or something to complete.  

Also Andre the Giant had some funny looking pants. 

"Sad" News: the Deever got engaged, leaving Blade still forever single. (:52)

Virgil has a GoFundMe for some reason because he needs to get laid for some reason. (:56) As of this writing it's gone up to $350, assuming the pledges are all authentic. No, I'm not going to link it here. Go look it up yourself.

:60 RD fondly remembers watching old Dan Spivey matches. The man is currently in a 'personal' battle with some other random wrestlers over something or other, as revealed on his social media postings. Sadly Satan does not call in to read them so RD has to do so instead.

:70 The Hulk said something stupid as is his custom, but in this case of such magnitude that WWE removed him and made him persona non grata faster than you can say 'Chris Benoit'. But then how now can he support Brooke selling "beach records", Nick crashing cars, and Linda having sex with a younger man? Maybe he can go back to TNA oh wait. 

To 'honor' the kayfave heel turn the duo play some smooth jazz from Blade's "cousin" Anthony Braxton
Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 2. Skyline Drive In, Skycade  
  • URLs not taken: 2.,
  • SPEAKING OFs: 8. Old school video games, nostalgia, nostalgia(2), things, divas, people who might be drinking PBR and celebrating, Superman, people that aren’t nice

  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 2. Mean Gene, Gorilla Monsoon
  • Blade Time Outs: 7 (1 Real Quick)
  • Blade Burps: 2
  • RD Time Outs: 2 (1 Real Quick)
  • Entertain the People: 1
  • Erik Majorwitz’s Hindsight Haiku: I’m gonna kill it with...nostalgia!
    What is nostalgia?
    Vince uses it against us
    to sell ICOPRO!

WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #101: Johnny Sixplodes

On The Mike Check Show the T-800 has requested that Mike Check play songs from Arnold Schwarzenegger movies every Wednesday in July to prevent "Judgment Day". And unlike what's most likely in TNA's not-so-distant future, hopefully the T-800 won't face he's own "Judgment Day" in similar fashion to, WCR's first TNA Correspondent, Johnny Six did in this WCR Minisode (from episode #101)?

Edit: Cue the sad news music. The T-800 is no longer with us due to an explosion. If only Mike Check's Daughter saw this Minisode before accidentally programing the "Cybernetic Organism" to recite the beginning of "I Feel for You" by Chaka Khan?!

Other topics featured in this WCR Minisode include:

  • Mickie James beat the Glamazon
  • Red Beer
  • FCW Arena lacks plumbing

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WCR Video: Johnny Six's Debut

Last week on The Mike Check Show, the T-800 Terminator was sent back from the future to protect Mike Check, for some unknown reason, and will "be back" today (July, 8 2015) to fix the front door that he had damaged last week.

Well speaking of robots performing menial tasks; this WCR Video features the debut of Wrestlecrap Radio's (from episode #88) original Robot character; Johnny Six (aka The Trolla-Tron 5200). Who's Johnny Six you ask? He was a robot created by the Trolla Corporation and modeled after "Short Circuit's" Johnny Five to be RD Reynolds' house cleaner. Unfortunately, he also became WCR's first ever TNA Correspondent until he exploded five months later (Teaser: But more on that next week!).

WCR Reconstructions: Johnny Six's Debut (12.21.07)
(Video by Greg Diener)

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