WCR Video: Midnight Rose Interviewed By French Woman At Cannes Film Festival

In 2013, while the Troma Team was in France filming the Occupy Cannes documentary, Wrestlecrap Radio's own Midnight Rose confuses a French journalist for Mickie James who reluctantly gives the "Strange Man" this interview:

(video by Blade Braxton)

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WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #065: Remembering Miss Elizabeth

It's Valentines' day, and since Mike Check is doing an inadvertent tribute to The "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth's 1991 wedding by playing that cheesy love song "Together Forever", WCR Videos will also pay tribute to Blade Braxton's original Miss Elizabeth impersonation from 2007 by playing WCR Minisode #65...."YOU'RE HURTIN' ME RANDY!"

Also featured on this Minisode:
  • X13D Doritos
  • Jeff Foxworthy Beef Jerky
  • RVD Concussion Syndrome

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