Minisode #032 The Kurt Angle Filibuster

by iggy

June 30, 2006

RD doesn't like the new Brawny man.
Jake Roberts in a fishing tournament
Kelly's Expose

#like forty minutes now #old bitey

032 An angle on Angle: June 30, 2006

Ode to Kurt Angle
(45 minutes)

Blade promises the ECW Zombie will be on next week's show. RD promises the return of the Mailbag on next week's show.

RD's Trip to the Grocery (:06) has been voted the most popular segment on this wrestling podcast. Superman has been invading the grocery of late.

Obscure Wrestling News: Kurrgan is going to be in a movie (300). (:11) Jake Roberts caught a 45-pound fish. (:14)

Sad News: The Pirate was fired because McMahon is behind the times. (:20) Even more Sad News: Diva Search 3 has begun. (:25) SPEAKING OF bitches RD and Blade discuss their favorite animals in the WWF. WWE loves poop and male ass. ECW's Kelly strips every week down to the same bra that she can't seem to get open. (:30)
Arrr! 'is ship 'as sailed.
RD tries some wrestling analysis and Blade gets bored. (:32) The majority seems to think RD gushes over Kurt Angle. [Which is certainly NOT going to be ironic in the next few years... - Future PB]

First Ever WrestleCrap Tanka:
Kelly's Expose.
The only thing that's been ex-
posed is the simple
fact that Mr. Laurinai-
tis sucks as a talent scout.

Minisode #031 Food Pyramid versus Food Groups

by iggy

June 23, 2006

The Trip to the Grocery gets Ray Stevens.
RD and Mrs. Deal disagree about nourishment.

#twice #oh yeah

031 Double Trouble: June 23, 2006

Say everything twice. Say everything twice.
(38 minutes)

RD's Trip to the Grocery now has an intro. It's a sped-up intro to The Streak by Ray Stevens. (:06) RD discusses organic macaroni and cheese. Speaking of bizarre pastas...

Obscure Wrestling News: Volkoff's Maryland delegate election opponent is airing old wrestling footage on TV in his ads, so Volkoff responds by getting his own Myspace page and the Iron Sheik to help him. (:14) Lex Luger is a (drunken) idiot. (:18) Blade relates how he was in a strip club where Gorgeous George was a stripper. (:24) The new OVW booker is (Rambo) Greg Gagne. (:26)

So many people on Smackdown have gone. ECW's fortune teller actually tells the past, but is no good a replacement for the vanishing Zombie. WWE should've fired the midgets . . . out of a canon. DX are homoerotic.

Speaking of things that will make you poop with joy:
Too much bare male ass.
Was that Raw or the World
Wrestling Enema?

Minisode #030 ECW's Relaunch

by iggy

June 16, 2006

ECW relaunches with the zombie
Kamala sells spears
Haiku with intro

#exhibitionist Kelly #SFW

030 Zombie Radio: June 16, 2006

Zombie Radio
(40 minutes)

John Tenta died last week. If you're interested, you can donate to his family through

RD could talk about the ECW Zombie for the entire show.

Obscure Wrestling News: Randy Savage is going on the Surreal Life. (:08) Kamala is selling plastic spears for $25 each. RD used to manage Kamala Junior. (:15) Paul Ellering now offers a workout program. (I hope it doesn't involve him exercising in the frosty Adirondacks.) (:19) RD suggest the On A Pole Workout Program. Sad News: El Gigante is in a wheelchair. (:23) ECW's Sci-Fi premiere is summarized, and RD calls it a 'license to print money'. This show has "jumped the Zombie."

Seventeen Syllables of Joy:
DX reunion.
What does DX stand for now?
Depends eXtra strength?

Minisode #029 Now Sponsored

by iggy

June 2, 2006

Global Internet
New and Improved Chcken in a Bisquit
Mean Gene is being sued by Hot Stuff Foods.

#cracker aisle #unnecessary carbs

029 "New and Improved": June 2, 2006

"New and Improved"
(43 minutes)

This show has a sponsor, (:02) After twenty-eight episodes, the audio has been set up properly.

RD's picture in Fighting Spirit magazine is Koko B. Ware's for some reason. He likes it. (:05)

Blade informs RD about Myspace. It's very coincidental that they get onto it just as it begins to die. (:10)

Still contains chicken parts.
RD's Trip to the Grocery (:13): it's impossible to improve Chicken in a Biskit. They took out the dairy.

Obscure Wrestling News: Mean Gene Okerlund was sued by Mene Gene Burgers' parent company. (:17) Eric Watts' booking for Great Championship Wrestling is making crowds flee. (:21) The Stu Hart mansion should be leveled. (:23)

Question of the Week from The Buzzkill 411: Khali's teeth are as big as your thumbs. (:28) Erik Majorwitz still hasn't received his prize yet, so Blade plans to frame a haiku for him.

Sci-Fi will push sci-fi angles on ECW. (:30) SmackDown gets a host, The Miz, while Ray Mysterio is constantly getting buried. (:35) SD and Raw suck.

Blade Braxton's Weekly Wrestling Haiku:
There's another Kane.
He looks like a tard in drag
him off my tee vee.