Minisode #081 Piper's Halloween Tips

by iggy

October 26, 2007

Horror movie hosts, including Huey the Ghoul and Crematia Mortem
Rowdy Roddy Piper's Halloween PSAs
Candy, You're a Fine Girl

#terrorized #idiots driving cars

081 Halloween comes to Froggertown: October 26, 2007

Halloween Sing-Off with Roddy Piper
(78 minutes)

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper's Halloween tips are interspersed through the show.

People did not like the induction of the The Pirate for some reason. The Co-Hosts make fun of them for some reason.

Blade's "Katie Vick Fan Club" sign was confiscated by WWE security. He also had an army of youngsters. (:18)

Obscure Wrestling News: Lillian Garcia's album sold 3800 units. (:32) Blade goes to a strip stadium. Horsetrolla: Mickie James broke up with Kenny Dykstra. (:41)

Question of the Week from Seth Drakin (3): Khali's treats and tricks. (:46)

Monster Bash. RD will attend a Pinball Expo. RD vs Blade in a Karaoke candy battle. (:52 - :59) Piper tips encore.

DDP and Kimberly's cat is missing. DH Smith debuted in WWE. Candice's broke her collarbone in a match. (:71)

Seventeen Syllables of Halloween Joy:
Happy Halloween.
Don't trick or treat in Piper's
hood or you will die.

Minisode #080 Trick or Treat at RD's

by iggy

October 19, 2007

Halloween candy aisle

#bow wow wow #courteous

080 Play-D'oh: October 19, 2007

Randy Orton, Soul Man (On the MovieTrolla)
(75 minutes)

Another mention of Don with corn oil. (:09)

RD's Trip to the Grocery (:13): Halloween candy. Giving toys to trick or treaters is generally a bad idea.

Oi. Oi. Oi.
Obscure Wrestling News (:24): Elijah Burke no-showed a house show because he went to the wrong Springfield.

Question of the Week from Jason (:29): Shawn Michaels looks old and should be called the Heartbreak Hobo.

The Trolla Corp has sent a replacement for the Clocktrolla, the Movietrolla, (:35) and it's for wrestling movie news. Khali will be in a children's movie. [I didn't realize Get Smart was a children's movie. - PB] [I can't imagine an adult enjoying it. --Iggy] The Big Nippled Vampire is not appearing in porn, sadly, but will be the subject of a "Betty-Page-style fetish thing". (:42) Blade thought Thor was a woman initially. There are talks of Nicholas Cage to star in a movie called The Wrestler. (:47)

The Diva Search has its 'contestants' saving drowning mannequins. (:52) Katie Vick died because Kane couldn't drive a stick. Blade almost hit storage sheds because he was stepping on the clutch instead of the brakes. Glammannequin. David Arquette might go to TNA with Johnny Fairplay. Sad News: Booker T left WWE. (:64) Looney Tunes Raw.

Seventeen Syllable on Something Which Is Like a Golden Shower:
Hornswoggle with bomb.
Coach should've learned from the past.
Remember Cheatum?

Minisode #079 Lanny Poffo Entertains

by iggy

October 12, 2007

Lanny Poffo interview
Tony Atlas doesn't understand CM Punk.

#choked up #pregnant waitress

079 An Evening with Lanny Poffo: October 12, 2007

An Evening with Lanny Poffo
(75 minutes)

Memories from the Legends show. Pink WCW shirt. Lanny Poffo could recite decades-old poems. WCW paid him for years and he never wrestled for them.

A portion of RD and Blade having dinner with Lanny Poffo as he tells them a funny story. (:20 - :26)

The Clocktrolla has stopped. (:33) Sad News: Candice lost to the Glamazon. Even more Sad News: RD wants his money back.

Question of the Week (:39) from Square about virginal wrestlers. RD reads from the Dusty Rhodes book.

Obscure Wrestling News (:46): Aereola will be in a porno, following fellow vampire Gangrel's footsteps. "A retarded couple" stole Blade's Jay Lethal shirt. Booker T is reviving Halloween Havoc. Will Tough Enough return? TNA Impact now has a second hour, much like WCW's Thunder. (:60) RD wants a DVD called The Worst of Thunder so he can live off the referral percentage. At an OVW show, Tony Atlas told CM Punk not to tape his hands. (:66)

Seventeen Syllables of Curse Words:
Orton won the belt.
He was the last man standing.
Shit, R K O No.

Minisode #078 The Great Debate

by iggy

October 5, 2007

Blade's Trip to the Great Porn Debate
Kelly Kelly gave the teddy bear back to B. Mahoney.
Ric Flair Financial
RD sings Ashley Off Survivor

#bunch of nerds #Ginger

078 The Great Porn Debate: October 5, 2007

The Great Porn Debate
Extreme Teddy...Now With "Balls"
(74 minutes)

Blade's Trip to the Great Porn Debate starring Ron Jeremy, which for some reason requires music. (:11)

Obscure Wrestling News: The Rock was in a Disney movie and now plans to be in a superhero one. (:18) Johnny Fairplay got into an altercation with Bonaduce. The Co-Hosts discuss ideas for an 'awards show' somehow for their progrem. (:26) Jim Bronzell has a tie dye figure that even the face commentators made fun of. Horsetrolla: Sarah Undertaker has filed for divorce while the Undertaker has been seen with Michelle McCool of all people. (:32)

Question of the Week (:35): the intro trumpets are said to be from a Final Fantasy NES game maybe. [They aren't.] Blade would not win Best Host at their awards show. John Nelson (AKA Ultimate Kennedy) (5) wants Peanuts characters in wrestling. Daphne would make a good Lucy from Peanuts. RD sent Blade some cologne.

RD watches another Diva 'episode'. It's so bland he doesn't recognize until too late that it's a week old. (:41) Clocktrolla: 10069 days. (:50)

Playing with B. Mahoney's Balls. (:54) Tommy Dreamer is balding heavily. (:59) Blade wants to see Viscera wear a belt, let alone win one. Ric Flair wants to go into finance. (:66) Val Venus needs a title, according to the Internet Wrestling Community.

RD sings about Ashley Massaro being kicked off Survivor in only the second week.