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WCR Video: A Tribute To Don... Don Mason

No...don't cue the sad news music, Blade's friend Don Mason (and yes I'm talking about Don...Don Mason) is not "sick"...well, not in "that sense"? But since the "uncharismatic enigma" recently made a rare appearance on Wrestlecrap Radio, it's now time for WCR Videos to bring you a tribute video that would bring a tear to a glass eye. So get out the "Corn Oil" and the "Reddi Wip", because here's a collection of Don's most "un-enigmatic" moments as told by Blade Braxton:

(Created by one of Wrestlecrap Radio's 12 listeners; LannysPermJuice)

...Fascinating. And if that wasn't inappropriate enough, here's a BONUS clip of Don...Don Mason's name being dubbed over the theme song of a "1970's blacksploitation movie"....I'll just leave it here:

(Video Title: "They Call Him Don... Don Mason" by LannysPermJuice)

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