Minisode #091 Skillet Hands

by iggy

January 18, 2008

Alex Wright music
Mr. Yuck asks about Big Show
Johnny Six

#fyba belt #can we move on

091 High Defecation: January 18, 2008

WunderKind Radio (in HD)
(67 minutes)

RD asks Blade if he'd like to be lassoed by Ric Flair's penis. Gay Transformers.

RD has been hawking the Book on real radio shows. The Book was viewed by one airport as a security threat.

WWE 24/7 (No Trip Week 1) (:21): Ron Bass vs Junkyard Dog, with RD's new favorite commentator team Lanny Poffo and Don Muraco in a Subterfuge match.

Obscure Wrestling News (:30): Mae Young's 100th birthday match would have her wrestling a minor. RD pictured Blade riding the Sybian while avoiding her urine in her eyes. Victoria is selling ejaculate-catchers on ebay. (:38)

Question of the Week from Mister Yuck (:44): Big Show is coming back.

Johnny 6: "Pac. Man. Jones. Ain't. A. Bitch. Hater." (:51) [I originally thought he said Pinch Hitter, which would have been far more funnier.]

Raw held a mini rumble. (:55) Blade and RD discuss who will fare well and who won't in WWE HD. Vince McMahon has aged decades in the last five years. HHH's sledgehammer toss through the Raw Tron can only mean that the set re-design is ready.

Seventeen Syllables That Will Never Make You Go Deaf Because They're So Soothing:
Bye-bye, Titantron.
Hunter, How could you do this?
Snitsky in High-Def.

Minisode #090 Dragging a Fuel Line

by iggy

January 11, 2008

Johnny Six has many pornstar friends on myspace
Blade was dragging a fuel line.
Johnny Six talks TNA

#gas station #pooch

090 2 Hosts and a Johnny: January 11, 2008

2 Hosts and a Johnny
(79 minutes)

Something about Colin Delaney.

One of the crickets is dead, or has been for a while. Johnny 6: "I. Like. Porn." Shockingly, those two are not related.

RD and Blade will hold a telethon-party to celebrate their 100th show with John Thomas manning one of their phones. (:13)

Blade wants to know who is the mystery guy on the Book of Lists? RD wastes time telling us what we already know. He then compares the show to 3 Men and a Baby. (:18) Johnny 6 is interested.

RD can't report on his Trip to the Grocery because he doesn't go to the grocery anymore. (:21) Neither can Blade, who once had a Simon LeBon shirt. So instead we have Blade's Trip to the Gas Station (:23): Blade was dragging a gas nozzle and hose for fifteen miles. His excited tone of voice about the trip reminds RD of Rambo Greg Gagne.

Obscure Wrestling News (:29): Joanie Laurer and Brooke Hogan could appear on Dancing with the Stars, in an attempt to recapture lightning ala Stacy Keibler. That assumes they could be considered 'stars' like her though, even in the most obscurest of terms. Virgil is touring with World of Wheels. RD says WrestleCrap will have a wrestling show, in which Blade will face Nicole Bass.

Question of the Week from ThatGuyTheSam08 (:38): more time is spent on a lesson on grammar than the actual question.

Maria is in Playboy. Xtreme Xpose's recent Dance Off reminds RD of an Adams Family-style trainwreck.

Johnny 6: "I. Saw. Big. Nippled. Vampire." (:42)

Sad News: Blade missed meeting the Deever. (:47) Lena Yada. (:55) RD didn't like Raw's Lingerie Pillow Fight. Ashley Massaro wore a tail. (:62) Raw Roulette. Stevie Richards needs five throat surgeries. (:66) Blade wants to own a trailer park. (:68)

UWF has returned.

Seventeen Syllables:
U Dubya F's back.
That's not just super.
That's super-fuckin'-duper.

Minisode #089 Khali Claus

by iggy

January 4, 2008

Happy New Year
Johnny Six cleans and cleans
Khali Claus

#hit the bricks #Gooker time

089 Easy for a Listener to resist: January 4, 2008

Hooray For "Khali" Claus!
Easy for a Listener to resist
(78 minutes)

It's a new year. Time for weight-loss resolutions and fresh starts and Blade's "Big Announcement", which he announces that he cannot announce until a date that has yet to be announced. (:13) Johnny 6 doesn't care, he's still Blade's enemy: "Fuck. You. Braxton. ... I. Will. Kick. Your. Ass." he threatens. Big Daddy V in HD. Hurray for Khali Claus. (:19)

The WrestleCrap Book of Lists has hit #1 in wrestling books on Amazon. On March 31, 2008, it was #4, The Death of WCW was #52, and WrestleCrap was #82. However, THE DUSTY RHODES BOOK WAS #37. [On April 4, 2009, the Book of Lists was #5, Death of WCW was #19, WC was #57, Dusty was #87, and the overall rank for the Book of Lists was #41,723. Nobody ever said wrestling fans can read. --Iggy]

RD asks Blade what celebrity he resembles. Bill Cosby-ness.

Obscure Wrestling News (:25): The Mountie got married in a wrestling ring. Torrie Wilson has opened a clothing store, assuming her site actually works. (:30) Lacey Von Erich's daughter was released from a WWE developmental contract. (:35) The Lions suck. Joanie Laurer is now stuck on Celebrity Rehab. Christy Hemme has a new band: the world's nerdiest bowling team. (:41)

For no particular reason RD wants to listen to their first episode again. He barely lasts a minute before he can take no more and cuts it off. (:48)

Question of the Week from Primetime (:51): Could New Jack work as a wrestling analyst? RD wants him to talk about the Deever and her blackface figure.

After WSX folded, RD was ready to walk away from wrestling. But now, there's WWE 24/7. Blade and RD discuss the first Prime Time Wrestling show, from 1985. (:56)

RD announces the 'existence' of The Crappy Awards. They are scheduled to be handed out, on February 1.

The WWE Gooker nominees are discussed: (:63) Hornswoggle as Vince's son, Rosie vs. Donald (where the fans chanted "TNA" during the match), ECW Champion Vince McMahon, The Diva Search (again), and John Cena vs. Kevin Federline

Johnny 6 'apologizes' to Blade; "I. Am Sorry. Too. Bitch," before he gives the TNA nominees: Eric. Young. Versus. Robert. Roode., Pac. Man. Jones., Stomper. The. Kangaroo., Black. Reign., and T. N. A. Blindfold. Steel. Cage. Match.

Seventeen Syllables We Call The Weekly Wrestling Haiku:
It is Gooker time.
Lots of shitty nominees.
No Dubya S X.