WrestleCrap Fan Fiction Theatre Episode 13: Roman ran his hands through the fur of the German

Roman ran his hands through the fur of the German
As narrated by Sir Alec Heineken

Roman ran his hands through the fur of the German Shepard puppy gently, attempting to calm the scared animal. “Shh.” He whispered. “Seth will be here soon and you won’t believe how excited he’ll be to see you.”

Just then, the front door of their shared home opened. Roman heard Seth kick off his shoes and his footsteps began to echo throughout the house. 

"Seth!" Roman called. "I got you an early Christmas present. C’mere."

"Roman, can’t my present wait until Christmas Eve? I don’t like early presents." Seth said as he came walking to the living room.

"You’ll love this one. I promise." Roman said. As soon as he heard Seth was near the room, he sat the puppy down on the floor. The puppy quickly began to run around.

As soon as Seth walked into the room, the puppy ran toward him and started to try and play with his feet. Seth looked down at the puppy and then up at Roman, his eyes wide. “Roman, did you get me a puppy?” He asked, bending down to scoop the puppy up in his arms.

The puppy happily licked his face and Seth smiled. Roman smiled seeing Seth smiled as he slowly nodded his head. “Yes, I did. It’s a boy. I didn’t name him. I know you love animals so I figured I’d get you one.” He smiled.

Seth walked over to Roman and hugged him tightly, planting a soft kiss on his lips. “You’re the best, Roman.”

"Anything for you, baby." Roman said, kissing him back softly. "So what’s his name?"

Seth looked down at the puppy and then back up at Roman. “His name is Elf.”

The End.

Episode 33: Fun In The Sunny: December 24, 2014

“His name is Elf.”
79 minutes
((( recorded in wavering modularity)))

Blade threatens to summon Mike Check back onto the airwaves.

Having missed Black Friday...again...the Co-Fruitcakes attempt to combine that into this week's proceedings. This results in Blade getting sick. This results in RD wondering about their 200 listeners.

Even in this day and age people listen to the progrem without knowing anything about the site. At least that's what RD claims and Blade agrees to by talking with the mythical contingent that is the "female listeners". (:05)

Blade wants a ChimpTrolla. He also saw a movie where the Mexican Santa Claus played a villainous mad scientist. He repeats his story of finding a knock-off Santa Claus VHS tape where Santa fought dead air. (:08) RD talks about his latest induction of Jingle All The Way where Ahnald had to deal with an annoying young-er Anakin Skywalker. Blade lies by saying he is not drunk in believing that Episode I wasn't that bad and wondering what Yoda's son would be called. [Baby Yoda?...Nah, that won't work. Too unoriginal. - Future PB]

:19 RD can't really go Black Friday-ing any longer due to stores now also being open on Thanksgiving too and being used as an excuse for people to run away from family gatherings. But he and Mrs. Deal went anyway. At Meijer's his traditional Blu-Ray changer costs 6 times the regular price, so he's forced to enter 2014 and do his stuff digitally. While trying to find Man of Steel, he saw a hillbilly family not needing no more Karate Kid Klan, especially not ones starring a 'girl', 'chink', or 'Will Smith'. Or maybe even all three at once. (:30)

The FaxTrolla fires up for some well needed Obscure Wrestling News. Well I'm just glad they still have that plugged in just in case it's ever needed. It may need some servicing though. (:35) Not Obscure Wrestling News: Blade remembers old and random hate mail he accidentally found the other day. Obscure Sad News: Uncle Burt Reynolds is broke and is auctioning off his WM jacket (Well, he was: It sold for nearly $900, a bargain at half the price.). The auction listing site is a literal goldmine for some really fascinating stuff, including a true beauty, his Smokey and the Bandit Pontiac Trans Am. [It sold for $500,000, the highest of all the lots by far and easily above its estimated price.] 

Matt Hardy is an expectant father. (:47)

Trish Stratus is in some ballet adaptation of The Nutcracker doing something or other. (:50) She also sells her own tea for some reason (named after her son Maximus). Also for some reason Mickie James has named her child...Don.

Blade listened to a Ross Report where some listener remarks how close by his angry doppelganger is. (:55) The phone expectantly rings - but instead it's Sir Alec (:58) causing Blade to crack up for some reason. He reads a story about Roman Reigns buying a puppy for Seth Rollins for some reason. This causes Blade to laugh for some reason.

:67 Blade 'gifts' RD with Mike Check music and a segment that he's sure to forget about about having "Fun With Tammy". This just involves the two going through her Wish List. Again. RD gifts Blade a Bossk mask and gloves for Sunny to use.
Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • Black Friday/Christmas
  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 1. WrestleCrap.com
  • SPEAKING OFs: 7. Congested, glory days, Sivi Afi, things you may enjoy, Trish, listening to podcasts/radio programs, Sunny Skype sessions.
  • Dave Meltzer, not talking about: 1. 35 year old wrestler impressions

  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 1. Sir Alec Heineken
  • F-Bombs: 1. Blade
  • Blade Time Outs: 8
  • Entertain the People: 1
  • WrestleCrap Gongs: 1
  • Debut: Fun With Tammy


Return of the FaxtTrolla

  • Erik Majorwitz’s Hindsight Haiku: A Reynolds fallin’ on hard times:
    Poor ol’ Uncle Burt.
    Islanders jacket for sale.
    Son of a scum-bum!

WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #088: Merry Xmas, Johnny Six!

Wrestlecrap Radio's RD Reynolds recently appeared on Episode #35 of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's podcast "Piper's Pit" where (*spoiler alert*) Piper mentions that WWE was almost thrown off the USA network because of complaints from viewers who's children were upset that he had beat up Santa Claus (although it was obviously Bobby Heenan) on National TV.

Although the above paragraph has nothing really to do with this video, RD did bring up Piper's Halloween PSAs on the show, and speaking of "PSAs", this WCR Minisode (from WCR episode #88, December 21, 2007) does feature a few of Piper's PSAs for Christmas. And also relive Chris Engler singing the Trolla Corporation's version of Jingle Bells & the debut of Johnny 6:

(by wcrminisodes)

And be sure to visit here for the archives (or for more "minisodes" go here.)

...And Merry Christmas from wrestlecrapradio.blogspot.com everyone! Ana a "Oh Baby Jesus!"

WCR Video: The "Original" Don...Don Mason Boogie (Interactive)

Since this video was referenced in RD and Blade's 9th Anniversary show, where Deal and Blade talked about wanting to get Tammy "Sunny" Sytch to wear the Scaleface mask and do the Don...Don Mason dance on Skype (and also since I also never posted the actual clip on WCR Videos before), here's the "original" Don Mason Boogie as uploaded by Blade Braxton:

Now you've seen the video; so here's the Don Mason Boogie...with added commentary from Wrestlecrap Radio Episode #133.

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

Episode 32: Nine Years Of This & That, Bro!: November 26, 2014

Cue RD making "tapping noise" effect.
86 minutes

by R.V.M Kai

It's the show's 9th Anniversary (...3 months late) once you get around The Fabulous Freebirds' rendition of Thin Lizzy's "The Boys are Back In Town". [Even weirder, it's not Mike Check's doing. He'll come later - PB]

Blade: "I sit around and, you know, we're getting older, so we forget things and we ramble and we mumble -"
RD: "That never happened in the early days, no."

"Two middle fingers up!"
It also seems that the new and "classic" progrems have merged since into some sort of weird hybrid; the theme songs and sound effects made a return, and Blade tells his Trip To The Grocery Plasma Center where he overheard two marks thinking that that one guy in Guardians of The Galaxy was Steve Austin. (:10).

RD shills his interview sparring session with Vince Russo (or "Vic Bro" as they call him) on his podcast "The Swerve" at pyroandballyhoo.com over his 10 year Anniversary Edition of The Death of WCW (buy it now!) (:13). It was so dramatic an interview that it needed a trailer for some reason, but at least the two parted amicably. Blade cannot shill properly because he is thinking about a random Nitro Girl.

RD DID go to the Grocery to find his old flame: Little Debbie Christmas Cakes. (:23)

Speaking of women on Blade's mind, he managed to speak with his idol and Sharknado 2 star Kari Wuhrer. She eats Honey Combs. (:25 - 30)

[Speaking for myself, I've always had a crush on her for two things. 


There was that old TV show Sliders (alongside John Rhys-Davies, another always memorable legend), and when she was Allied Special Agent Tanya Adams in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. That game was and still is a blast. The arcade style gameplay? Ray Wise as the US President? Udo Kier as an evil Transylvanian psychic? Barry Corbin as a ridiculously charming (even if Texan) general? The always awesome Frank Klepacki's music behind all of it? I could go on and on but you get the idea. It's actually where I got my original username from, it's so fond to me. 

Also, she was a far better Tanya than her successor...Jenny McCarthy. Yes, really. I'm surprised they didn't replace her bullets with vaccine syringes. - PB]

If this doesn't persuade you to
give it a look...I don't know.

The two skip Obscure Wrestling News and get stuck into some Current Wresting News instead; Mickie James liking to have babies (cue the HorseTrolla), Sting returning and doing This & That at WWE Survivor Series (though sadly not bringing his bird with him), and Tammy "Sunny" Sytch hitting a new low by doing nude Skype chats for money. [I like how in that linked article the "editor" is as speechless as I am. - PB] They also wish they could have Tammy do one wearing the Scaleface mask and dancing like Don for 10 minutes [or perhaps six fucking hours long?] a la this famous video (:31).

The naming of Jim Ross summons him on air. He 'shills' his return to wrestling commentary for New Japan's Wrestle Kingdom 9, which is sadly not sponsored by New Coke. He then talks about hiring 80 year old former NWA/WCW announcer Bob Caudle to help sell turkeys from the back of a truck for Trucksgiving. Bob sounds an awful lot like John Thomas. (:49)

The Co-Fruitcakes read emails and tweets from the 12 Listeners concerning their obscure Wrestlecrap Radio memories. They have no recollection of half of them. Speaking of "obscurity", Viewing Booth Bill Cosby calls and mumbles incoherently, as usual, for some reason. At least he has his own theme music now. A few more minutes of airtime and he may actually become a full fledged character. (:61)

Mike Check tunes in and surprises everyone with some Sad News. It seems that ole Mike has fallen on hard times due to his recent lack of success in the radio business, so he now has to drive the "choo-choo train" at Disney World to make a living. [I thought the Sad News was how he was so out of prison the Co-Fruitcakes don't have a proper explanation for it. He just 'is'. - PB] He also, in a throwback to his days as TNA Correspondent, plays the song "Golden Dream" in honor of Impact moving to Destination America (:70).

The 9th Anniversary debacle ends with the return of Blade Braxton's Weekly Haiku.

Let's See Here:
Nine Years of Podcasts.
I still cant believe one thing:
Joyce Dewitt still lives.


Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • 9 Years!
  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 4. WrestleCrap.com, Death of WCW 10th Anniversary Edition, Drive In Movie Maniacs, JCCC Website
  • SPEAKING OFs: 8. Black Friday, Halloween, name dropping, Sunny, flow charts, flow, getting old, class.

  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 4. Kari Wuhrer,  Jim, Bob Caudle, Bill Cosby, Mike Check
  • F-Bombs: 5. Blade, Kari Wuhrer (2), Blade (3), Jim
  • Blade Time Outs: 4 (3 Real Quick)
  • RD Time Outs: 2 (2 Real Quick)
  • Blade Burps: 1
  • Cricket Chirps:  1
The TRIP to the (blank) returns with music as do the crickets, the HorseTrolla, current wrestling news, Mike Check, and the sad news music. 
Mike isn’t in the business anymore.

Wait what, the haiku is back?
  • Blade Braxton’s Weekly Wrestling Haiku:
    Nine Years of Podcasts.
    I still cant believe one thing:
    Joyce Dewitt still lives.
  • Erik Majorwitz’s Hindsight Haiku: A fantasy fulfilled for Blade?
    Celeb cereal pick?
    Kari hates the marshmallows!
    Controls Blade’s remote?

WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #013: Black Friday's Calculator Man

Since The Mike Check Show is playing "Pocket Calculator" by Kraftwerk today, somewhere in this WCR Minisode is RD Reynolds' very first Black Friday story about a man who waited in line at Circuit City for half an hour just to get a $5.00 rebate on a...calculator? So here's "The Calculator Man" story here on The WHACKER!

...Oh and there's also a "Ricky Morton on a stamp" reference in this Minisode also.

(Video by WCR Minisodes)

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: RD Reynolds versus Vince Russo?

(By Raging_Demons)

The biggest controversy to happen on this side of the Mississippi. Former WWE/WCW/TNA writer Vince Russo, who's been a guest a few times on Wrestlecrap Radio & The RD & Blade Show, now has his own website called "Pyroandballyhoo.com" along with his own Podcast called "The Swerve". Russo decided to invite one...RD REYNOLDS HERE (co-writer of "The Death of WCW: 10th Anniversary Edition") for an interview & well things don't exactly go well here in this trailer for Russo's "VIP EXCLUSIVE" video portion of the Podcast. Edit: September 16, 2015: The trailer video has since been removed, however, the full video portion of the interview has now been uploaded for free on Russo's YouTube channel and can be seen below:

Russo's big fact opinion argument on Deal was that he "never was a wrestler & doesn't know about the business". Unfortunately for Russo, he doesn't know that Deal WAS in Indy wrestler & manager

Or the time Deal wrestled in a Blindfold Match:

Or the time Deal managed Mark Henry when Henry went up against Big Show where Show chokeslammed Deal TO HELL! Thus ending Deal's wrestling career.


WCR Video: A Don...Don Mason Halloween

Well unlike Mike Check who just played "Monster Mash" for the 4th year in a row, I won't be posting Roddy Piper's Halloween Tips again for this Halloween. Instead, enjoy this Don Mason (yes I'm talking about Don...Don Mason) double feature:

A few years ago I posted (on the old WCR Videos Tumblr blog, which has since merged with this here site), a video of RD and Blade doing commentary of Blade and Don's 1988 home movie where they act out the epic battle between Freddy Krueger vs. Jason Voorhees (with a Michael Myers run in). Is it a co-incidence that the same concept was made into a Hollywood film 15 years later? Did they rip-off Blade and Don's idea? Well speaking of "rip-offs", feller crapper "LannysPermJuice" (that's spelled with a small "s") put together this move trailer parody...the way "Freddy vs Jason" SHOULD have been made:

And since I love posting videos of Don...Don Mason dancing: "Let's Do The Don Mason Boogie Agaaaiiinnn":

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

Random Thoughts from the Office: October 30, 2014

Believe me. I'm just as shocked as you.

For all those who do not know me, my name is Clarence "Showstealer" Mason. I used to do Random Thoughts on Wrestling columns here. A moment of seriousness in amongst the humor of the site. In other words: I was the Lance Storm of the WrestleCrap Radio site (Sadly without Giant Dong).

I stopped doing them full time about 3 years ago, popping up from time to time when I had a thought to share. I always reserved that right and I thank PB or whoever is now running the show [My evil twin, sometimes - PB] for still allowing me the chance. But to be perfectly honest I didn't think I'd ever be here again, never thought I'd ever do another Random Thoughts column. I really did think I was done. Too much had changed for me personally with my mental health and to be honest I just didn't give enough of a, if you'll pardon the pun, crap about wrestling to get worked up enough to get into a long winded Random Thoughts like diatribe. I didn't really like much of WWE, TNA was a joke and not a funny one and I didn't really watch enough of anything else to comment past a few lines on the WrestleCrap forums.

But something there in the past couple of days got me thinking and I want to kind of expand on it. Specifically I mean this thread, which mentions the pop that Steve Austin got and how that doesn't really happen any more. Why is that? I mean they are different eras and all but people should still get huge reactions to when they come out if they're done properly. Yet right now I can name with all honestly just TWO people who would get even close to the "Austin" pop in Todays WWE. Daniel(son) Bryan and CM Punk (provided he ever came back).

As I thought about this I went even further. One of the biggest knocks on Vince Russo as a writer was his "Shades of Grey" philosophy to booking/writing; There are no "Good" or "White Hatted" guys, there are no "Bad" or "Black Hatted" guys, everyone has a hint of both, a "Shade of Grey" if you will. In "The Rise and Fall of WCW" DVD the WWE pretty much skewered Russo over this. It was the main problem prominent wrestling journalists like Bryan Alvarez had with him. No one could get over because there wasn't a reason to cheer or boo a wrestler because they were neither Face or Heel.

Turn that to today's WWE: Next to NO ONE gets a reaction, besides the tepid "boo" heel heat. In fact in my opinion there are only 5 people that have genuine "Heat" in the WWE, 5 people that have the ability to make fans care one way or another.

Daniel Bryan
John Cena
Triple H
Stephanie McMahon
Paul Heyman

That's it. Now some of you will say "Well, what about Brock Lesnar?". It is true Brock DOES get a reaction as a monster and the Beast Incarnate. HOWEVER almost all his heat comes from his spokesman, Paul Heyman, who being the one guy from the past era knows that the job of any good manager/spokesman/whatever the WWE wants to call it today is to get the Heat on your CLIENT, NOT yourself because ultimately the fans are paying to see your client get beaten up not you.

You may also argue John Cena, but he does still get a reaction, even if it isn't the one the WWE would like it to be. For all the talk of how sick everyone is of Cena "overcoming the odds" again, he still gets some of the biggest reactions on the show, so he's doing SOMETHING right. Even if I don't know what that is at times.

The rest of the WWE? Pretty much silence or the tepid reaction. Again, Dean Ambrose MAY get to the list, but he ain't there yet. No one cares about Randy Orton, or Seth Rollins, or Rusev or anyone else you care to mention, because the WWE has done nothing to make us WANT to care. Rusev shouldn't be looking weak to the Big Show or Mark Henry, he's supposed to be your next monster but the minute he looked vulnerable what happened? The fans stopped caring. Seth Rollins has tried everything to get over, putting Ambrose "On the Shelf", winning Money in the Bank, cutting solid promos, but he's still known more as the Authority lapdog than a genuine star.

And that brings us to another problem and ironically another slight against Vince Russo that the WWE have fallen into. Titles meaning nothing. Everyone still remembers David Arquette winning the WCW title and killing it dead. But let's look at today's WWE and ask ourselves "Are the WWE doing any better than Russo ever did?". Let's look at the current list of Champions and find out.

WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar
This seems like a no-brainer "No Problem Here" on the surface but let's probe deeper. Brock hasn't been on TV since Night of Champions. He isn't likely to be on TV again till the new year and the run up to the Royal Rumble. Remember when the WWE had this problem earlier with Daniel Bryan after he got injured and "How important it was to have the WWE Champion on TV". You may argue storyline and fair enough but you're also asking the fans to buy a double standard and that's not really a thing I see happening.

Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler
Do I even need to explain here? I can explain this one in just one question. I wish I could claim this myself but I can't, I first heard Spoony mention it in his Hell in A Cell review and then went back to confirm it. Ziggler beat Cesaro on the Smackdown before Hell in A Cell. Can you name the last time he won a singles match on TV before then? By that I mean Raw or Smackdown and not on the B-Shows on the WWE Network which you could get for only $9.99 but why the fuck would you bother when you can see most of the shit you want to see for free on YouTube anyway because the WWE won't DMCA because they're retarded and think that if you watch these things you'll buy the WWE Network for only $9.99. It was over 3 weeks before, on September 29's Raw when he won a triple threat match over Cesaro and the Miz. And this is the man who is supposed to be the highest standing champion on TV every week? Can you imagine the Rock not winning a singles match in almost a month in the Attitude Era when he was IC Champ? It's a long standing rule in wrestling: If the Champion means nothing, the Belt means nothing and if the Belt means nothing then why the fuck are we supposed to care?

United States Champion: Sheamus
If ever there was a prime example of the "Shades of Grey" philosophy in the WWE today it's Sheamus, who is supposed to be a Babyface yet acts like more of a Heel than half the Heel roster. Also he's currently in a feud where the most over isn't either of the two guys fighting for the belt, it's the challengers second: Miz-Dow.

WWE Tag Team Champions: Golddust and StarDust
I like the Cosmic Duo but it's hard to take a tag team division seriously when there are only 4 teams in it, again telling us that being a tag champion means nothing more that "Creative has nothing else for you"

Divas Champion: AJ Lee
When the champion of your division isn't in the main feud of that division what does that say about your title? That we aren't supposed to care about it of course. Jokes about the Divas division aside that is not the way to book any champion.

With all this in mind is it any wonder that fans just simply don't care or are fast becoming disillusioned with the product? With TNA looking increasingly likely to fold by the day there's no real alternative out there which means the WWE are in no obligation to try and change things, which means by the time they do it may already be too late.

Time is eternal. The patience of the fans is not.

Clarence "Showstealer" Mason. 

WCR Video: Blade reads Superstar Billy Graham's Evil E-mail

It seems that "Satan" has taken time off from possessing wrestlers on Social networking sites to possesses Mike Check Show's playlist for the next few days. So here's a clip, from Wrestlecrap Radio episode #124, where Blade reads (in a precursor to "Satan" becoming a regular WCR character) the original "evil" email, written Superstar Billy Graham, to an independent wrestling promoter.

(Video by Greg Diener)

 ....oh, and worship the Devil :)

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

Random WWCR Fact of the Day

This site - this very site you are somehow managing to read despite a Japanese invasion - is a footnote reference in the expanded The Death of WCW. (Reference #10 to be exact.)

"Joe's Bar and Grill was run better than that company [WCW], and they've only been open a week. WCW, the 'war'. I never figured it was a war. I wasn't mad at nobody. I just come to fight the guy in the ring. But these guys, the egos got into it...I was like 'stop'!"
- Roddy Piper, as quoted in The Death of WCW, Chapter 2: 1996: The War Begins.

This has been your Random WWCR Fact of the Day.

(Also, buy the book. It's an Amazon bestseller!)

WCR Video: Another Interview with Blade Braxton

In this WCR Video, Eric Polk of Dollar Bin Horror interviews Blade Braxton (with special guest, Director Cory Udler) about his recent Horror film and asks the question that everyone wants to know.....Who would Blade think would win in a fight: Chucky or Stubby?

(Video by Rhonny Reaper)

...And speaking of "Horror", The Mike Check Show's "Halloween Hootenanny" starts today until Halloween. And sources tell this reporter, that a special (hint) "evil" WCR guest may make a cameo on "The Macker" later in the month. So stay tuned.

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: Did Adam Rose & Romantic Touch Rip-Off The Midnight Rose?

Blade Braxton appeared on The AngryMarks Podcast (nothing to do with "Angry Jim") back in May of this year and was asked, by host Stevie J, if he was angry that WWE Superstar Adam Rose possibly stole the "Rosebud" trademark from, Blade's alter ego, The Midnight Rose. And Speaking of rip-offs (not his of this), Blade also brings up that Rhett Titus has also stolen his "gimmick" with The Romantic Touch character in Ring of Honor.

Note: The full interview with Blade can be heard here.

(Video by AngryMarks.com)

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: RD Reynolds & Blade Braxton do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

There have been many videos going viral on YouTube lately of people pouring a bucket of ice water over their head to spread awareness for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis aka Lou Gehrig's Disease) research, and/or also donate to ALS Association & then challenge others to do the same. So it was only a matter of time before Wrestlecrap.com's resident co-fruitcakes; RD Reynolds & Blade Braxton, were challenged to participate in what is called the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge"...with humorous results:

RD Reynolds:

Blade Braxton:

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WCR Video: Gay Popeye's Trip to the Grocery

Well blow me……………………………………………………………DOWN! Ah Gyuk gyuk gyuk!

Since Gay Popeye has just ambushed The Mike Check Show to make an awful "Poopdeck Pappy" reference about the 1980's "Popeye" movie (which starred the late Robin Williams. R.I.P.), today's WCR video is the segment from Wrestlecrap Radio #143 where Gay Popeye was "drafted", in the 2009 WCR Draft, to tell his "Trip to the Grocery" store story...and it seems that spinach wasn't the only "can" that he had his "eye" on?

(Video by Greg Diener)

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: Angry Jim Fixes Steve Austin's Barn

In Obscure Wrestling News from Wrestlecrap Radio episode #208, it was reported on TMZ that a violent storm had destroyed Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Steve Austin's barn at his 'Broken Skull Ranch'. Angry Jim calls in to discuss how much of a tool, I mean, tool-man he is after using his carpentry skills to fix the roof:

(Video by R.V.M Kai)

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #005: Some Days are "Smokey and the Bandit" & Some Days are "Stroker Ace"

RD and Blade have talked of having many weird dreams on Wrestlecrap Radio; like the one where Deal was on Happy Days and the theme song ended abruptly at Wednesday for some reason. But since THE MIKE CHECK SHOW is now playing "Stoker Ace" by The Charlie Daniels Band, here's the story of RD Reynolds (from WCR episode #5) dreaming of former WWE Diva Tammy Sytch (unfortunately not Sunny from 1997) haunting him in a dream by quoting movie titles that starred his "Uncle Burt" for some reason:

(Video by WCR Minisodes)

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WCR Video: Don...Don Wunderkind

Since Germany had a "hell of a wicktory" at the FIFA (Soccer) World Cup final in Brazil. Here's a video of Don...Don Mason dancing to, former WCW German wrestler, Alex Wright's theme:

(Video by LannysPermJuice)

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

Episode 31: The Shockboat: June 27, 2014

71 minutes

RD & Blade finally get to talk with Fred Ottman, he of Tugboat, Typhoon, The Shockmaster, and many more personas.

Among other things, the trio discuss Fred's beginnings and literal feats of strength, the story behind The Shockmaster, Tugboat as based on a mix of Bluto and Popeye (fortunately not Gay Popeye), and his dancing skills as "Superstar Big Bubba" (not pictured). Fred also reveals that the Time-keeper who received a 'wedgie' from Alicia Fox on RAW was his son (sadly no mention of Alicia's 'five star' classic with Melina). They then discuss his dear friend John Tenta, and who he would have put in Legends House.

Also his breakfast cereal of choice is Honey Nut Cheerios and he prefers pretzels to any sort of chips. In case you were wondering.

Oh, and feel free to buy a Tugboat Sailor Cap while you're at it. They're even signed!

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 3. WrestleCrap.com, Tuesday Night Titans, USA Network

  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 1. Fred Ottman

  • Legends House booked by Fred Ottman: Jim Niedhart, Doink the Clown, Steve Kern, British Bulldog, Marty Janetty, Bushwacker Luke, Lanny Poffo
  • Erik Majorwitz’s Hindsight Haiku: Gimmick makeover idea:
    Fred’s Shockboat gimmick.
    Perfect manager?  Captain
    Mike Rotunda. Toot!

My Interview With WCR URL Taker: Jimichiro Rosshu

Disclaimer: The characters in this interview are fictional and not intended to insult anyone living or passed away. They are both loosely based parodies of a former wrestling announcer where one is also a parody of bad Japanese stereotypes from Hollywood films and TV shows. And if you're reading this, you are staring too close.

by R.V.M Kai.

Well it seems that this very website will continue to be called wrestlecrapradio.blogspot.com for the foreseeable future. What happened to our wrestlecrapradio.com URL you ask? Well "someone" accidentally let the re-registration lapse in late March 2014 and we lost it. Well, it was no big deal since no content was lost and we could still run with ".blogspot" in the name. So Premier Blah and I agreed to just let the URL be and see who would take it when it became available in mid-June. Although something like that happening would have been unlikely. I mean, who else would want even want to take that URL?

...Or that's what we thought, as the day came and we surprisingly find out that the wrestlecrapradio.com URL was "taken" by someone from...Japan (no joke) of all places? And who was this guy anyway? Was it the Japanese RD Reynolds needing it to start a podcast about Sushi flavored breakfast cereals...and wrestling? PB thought that it might have been taken by Krankor who would probably use it to turn it into a "Prince Of Space" fan site? Yes, the only one!

"I've got your site now, ya scum!"

So I then decided to check the URL for myself. What I found (at first) was that it re-directed to what looked like a Japanese modelling agency site that was basically full of pictures of Japanese girls holding clocks for some reason (surprisingly, this new site already seemed more entertaining than our website). Unfortunately, this didn't last long as later in the day it had changed to a blog with some writing in Japanese which also included some "not safe for work" images.

So, I spent the rest of the day finding out who this "URL taker" from Japan was and tried to contact him via email (hoping that he also understood English). Well, he responded and agreed to do an interview for wrestlecrapradio.blogspot.com. In this interview I found out about some secret meeting he had with Premier Blah, that even I knew nothing about, and that he also happens to be related to a member of this very website who "used" to write some blogs for us. So sit back and enjoy (if you can) this interview with....Jimichiro Rosshu:

R.V.M Kai: Good Evening Jimichiro. Can you give us a background on yourself?

Jimichiro Rosshu: Konnichiwa, Kai-san. My name Jimichiro Rosshu. I am assistant manager, one of 40, of most honorable Japanese company "Fukyu Selfu Robotics". We produce robots and electronics far superior to your Trolla Corporation. I have tried to make deal with Blah-san to purchase most wanted Trolla Corporation but he refuse to sell. I have suffered cut in pay for failure to make deal and now feel dishonor and shame.

R.V.M Kai: So what happened to our domain name?

Jimichiro Rosshu: Honorable manager Selfu-sama very mad deal fail with Trolla Corporation and purchase domain name that used to be owned by Blah-san as revenge. He also give to me this very shameful American URL to produce website as punishment for my dishonor.

R.V.M Kai: Er...yes but that "shameful" URL was supposed to be ours. Can we have it back?

Jimichiro Rosshu: No!

R.V.M Kai: But wouldn’t it perhaps...bring less shame to you if you did?

Jimichiro Rosshu: No!

R.V.M Kai: Why?

Jimichiro Rosshu: Jimichiro also wish to promote Fukyu Selfu Robotics to global market and understand that I need name of related expired American podcast to advertise to Trolla customer. Also FukyuSelfu.com I think already taken. Also your Trolla Corporation produce far inferior robots like Johnny Sixu. Japanese made "Johnny Seven" far more superior technology, it able to clean up itself after explode. Also Clocktrolla product also very weakened, Fukyu Selfu Robotics produce far better clock that count up, not down, and alarm ring only at Infinity. Jimichiro believe that I use, I’m not sure how to pronounce..."resucrapuadio dot comu", to better promote product than Trolla Corporation.

R.V.M Kai: Well thanks a lot!

Jimichiro Rosshu: Welcome.

R.V.M Kai: Actually I was being...never-mind. Come to think of it, I did originally see something on your new website that looked to me like a blog just of pictures of Japanese girls holding clocks? Did you make those?  And, while I'm at it, did you happen to take those photos yourself?

Jimichiro Rosshu: Hai, to first question. No, to second. They are as you say "photo-shopped". Jimichiro is married man.

R.V.M Kai: So is that why you changed your website now? Because it’s now showing something written in Japanese and while I can’t read Japanese I did notice that there's nothing even there about your clocks, or even robots for that matter, anymore...but there seems to be something written in Japanese including a few pictures that are, let’s just say, "Not safe for work". Does your wife approve...

Jimichiro Rosshu: Dishonor yourself! I am too shamed to write about Mr. Selfu-sama honorable company right now! I don’t know how say in English but throbbing thing with wife is gone ten years and married a lot already! I'm suffer from sexless and feel like write about that! Jimichiro also suspect that wife is have sex date once a month with evil former Gaijin wrestler from All Japan Pro-Wrestling, a company who I also once commentate for before being fired!

R.V.M Kai: That's funny, this former wrestler that you mention, it didn’t happen to be Johnny Ace by any chance?

Jimichiro Rosshu: Aggggggghhhh! Ace-san! You disgrace me by mention that name! I sit at front of house with katana each day waiting to choppy choppy his pee-pee!

R.V.M Kai: Okay calm down, we don’t want...come to think of it you remind me of someone I know, but I'll get into that later. So...you worked as an announcer for All Japan? How was that like?

Jimichiro Rosshu: I work for best puroresu company in world! Best time in career was working for honorable Giant Baba and commentate matches for very gooood American talent, Dr. Death Steve William! Every time I announce him in main event I shout Doctooooorrr Deathhhhhhuuuuuu! Doctooooorrr Deathhhhhhuuuuuu! Doctooooorrr Deathhhhhhuuuuuu!

R.V.M Kai: Then why were you fired then?

Jimichiro Rosshu: Giant Baba very good boss but when die and Mitsuharu Misawa take over company, it not same! Misawa-san want to make Jimichiro join "Kiss my ketsunoana club"! So I challenge him to Karate showdown....and lose! It make me dishonored with shame! But it all Johnny Ace fault! He put extra sake in Jimichiro soy sauce when I not looking before fight! I know he even steal Jimichiro love! You heard of beautiful "Lioness Asuka" of famous "Crush Gals" tag team?

R.V.M Kai: Well, no but...

Jimichiro Rosshu: Dishonor yourself! She most beautiful joshi girl! And when search on Internet, still sexy today! But have not seen her in many years! All Jimichiro can do now is look at Saffle site and pound something nostalgic in basement!

R.V.M Kai: (*Almost vomiting*) I don't think I wanted to know about what you do to "dishonor yourself" in the basement. That's almost as bad as Angry Jim's obsession with Dark Journey...

Jimichiro Rosshu: No you baka! I refer to other side-business I have...but who’s name did you just speak of?!

R.V.M Kai: Er, you mean; Angry Jim Ross?

Jimichiro Rosshu: You speak of that redneck American cousin of mine!? You also bring me dishonor by mentioning that name!

R.V.M Kai: You're cousins?

Jimichiro Rosshu: Hai! My Mother and his Uncle, who was American Football player for Sooners, met at Karaoke bar while on vacation! They then conceive me with drunkenness and never see him again! She still live with dishonor and shame for 60 years! I also renounce family relationship to that baka Jim because we do not share opinion on cooking method! Jimichiro believe that Soy Sauce is far superior to redneck BBQ sauce and robotic powered Stir Fry is better than inferior propane fueled BBQ! I almost mention before that I also run Stir Fry and Soy Sauce side-business to supplement lost income due to unfortunate pay cut from Selfu-sama! I also program employee Steve William robot to help beat my pulled pork with rapid action! My Robotic Stir-fry and Soy sauce company more successful than failed redneck BBQ sauce company!

R.V.M Kai: Oh, so that's where Doc ended up....or the cyborg version of him anyway? Well I guess...

R.V.M Kai: Hello?

How ya doing tonight Kai?!

R.V.M Kai: JIIIM! I wasn’t expecting...

Ah, **** yourself! What are you talking to this son of a ***** about?!

R.V.M Kai: Well originally we were talking about his company taking our URL and...

Yeah yeah yeah, I don’t care about your ****ing story! What's this **** about this ****head saying that my BBQ sauce is ****!? Your Soy sauce Jimichiro is like a government mule p***ing acid!

Jimichiro Rosshu: With all honor and respect you can, as you say, blow your BBQ out of your propane ***hole!!

Go **** yourself! I'm gonna sue your robocop *** for copyright infringement you rat b****rd!

Jimichiro Rosshu: No you go fook yourself! I get "Ace Attorney" Naruhodou-san to sue you! And then I kicka your ***!

R.V.M Kai: JIIIIIMM!....JIIIMMICHIAAARRROOO!!!.... That's inappropriate! I give up! Thanks for your time Jimichiro, or should I call you "Angry" Jimichiro? *sigh*

WCR Video: The Gillman Incident aka "Six F'N Hours Long"

The moment, from WrestleCrap Radio episode #103 (5/09/08), where RD dropped that infamous "F" Bomb" because Blade (obviously drunk as usual) takes what feels like "six hours" to tell his "Creature From The Black Lagoon" mask story.

(Video by Blade Braxton)

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

Episode 30: Snack Time: June 9, 2014

Translation: "We Eat Them Up"
aka: Practically this whole show!
42 minutes

The Co-Fruitcakes discuss old (and terrible) wrestling themes for some reason.

Blade remembers the Zombie. (:06) RD shills his site.

Sad News: WWE Network does not work in the Netherlands. (:11) RD fake laughs.

:14 - End: For the rest of the show the Co-Fruitcakes try some snacks, and to do so RD manages to rope in Mrs. Deal, who was last seen putting Stubby in stasis. There's some Dutch "XXL" "American" "Chios" that taste like dry Styrofoam, Dutch Lays "We Eat Them Limited Edition" Chilli are more greasy than spicy, their "Mexican" flavor has a weird smell to it, and their "Garlic & Sour Cream" look a bit green and divide the couple on their opinions. Blade tries some "Dynamite" Doritos that have no flavor, but the Habanero ones make up for them (by flavor more than hotness).

Oh, and Legends' House is so bad it makes Mrs. Deal walk off. I don't blame her.

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 3. WrestleCrap.com, He-Man, USA Network
  • SPEAKING OFs: 3. Wonderful presence, death, things people don’t like

  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 1. Mrs. Deal

  • Entertain the People: 1
  • Erik Majorwitz’s Hindsight Haiku-ish: Send in the cleaner!
    Didn’t Mrs. Deal kill Stubby?
    Send her to Legends House to
    prevent a season 2.

WCR Video: Angry Jim's Boxing Commentary Audition

On Episode 29 of The RD & Blade Show, Angry Jim calls the show to talk about his debut as a Boxing Announcer. He also gives RD & Blade a sneak preview of what his Boxing commentary might sound like by commentating the classic "Iron" Mike (not Mark) Tyson vs Michael Spinks fight. Warning: It's Bowling Show Ugly, BAH GAWD!

(Video by R.V.M Kai)

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

Episode 29: Test Flavor 29: May 26, 2014

You know what that means?...
70 minutes

Blade remembers Colonel Bob Parker, called by his friend "worse than Fantasy Booking Island".

RD threatens us with more guest appearances. (:05) He makes it for it by being troubled by thinking about Scott Steiner on "GrapplePoop Radio".

Sad News: RD does not have an Instagram page. (:10) He's not missing out on much.

Blade has found a third Co-Hosss. He is also in another 'horror movie'. I believe I may have mentioned it earlier. He promptly forgets about that to talk about an old and terrible Survivor Series and Sunny misspelling his name that one time.

Blade humors the masses with more Doritos. He is worried by some competition they would be having for Star Wars Episode VII involving lots of balls. (:18 - :25) He is trying their three "Jacked" flavors today. Test Flavor Red 855 (not toll free) taste like spicier Taco Doritos. Test Flavor Yellow 404 (file not found) taste like Japanese Mountain Dew Doritos. And Blue Flavor 2653 (nursing home's laundry room) smell burnt and taste terrible. RD terms them Factory Floor flavored.

RD went to an HD drive-in to confuse Blade about his age and Marathon Bars. (:35)

RD is no fan of Legends' House. (:39) He pitches ideas for other (better) shows. The lady named Ashley (not Massaro) on the show intrigues RD greatly. (And no wonder, she's a Pussycat Doll.



You know Blade is drunk when he ruins his own jokes. (:46) But at least it's more entertaining than TNA and its "Clown Show", according to RD. SPEAKING OF Clowns, Bray Wyatt has an LED lantern. (:49) Perhaps he's being environmentally friendly.

Sad News: Mickie James is pregnant. (:50) Sadder News: The Sad News Music does not work. Even Sadder News: Blade cannot count. Saddest News: Blade does not make his requisite joke. You know what that means...

Blade: "This is making me look really bad."

Velvet Sky is of an indeterminate age, as is a bunch of other women. (:55)

Jim Ross calls in to make Blade laugh some more. (:57) They are sadly not going to this year's Days of the Dead so he distracts them with his new venture of perfecting his meat beating through boxing commentating or whatever it is he usually does. He gives them an example of his work. Sadly at no point does Iron MARK Tyson call in, which is all you need to know about this little bit.

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 7. PyroandBallyhoo.com, YvonneCraigBikiniParty.com, Girl Who Played With the Dead movie premiere, Skyline Movie Drive In, Tuesday Night Fights, USA Network, Child’s Play 3
  • URLs not taken: 2. GrapplePoop.com, FourDoinks.com

  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 1. Jim
  • F-Bombs: 1. Blade
  • Blade Time Outs: 9 (1 Real Quick)
  • RD Time Outs:  1
  • Jim Time Outs: 1
  • Entertain the People: 1
  • Erik Majorwitz’s Hindsight Haiku: Legends House is Must Not See TV:
    RD reviews Legends House.
    Network not worth it without
    Tuesday Night Titans!
Or: Mickie’s with child, Blades hog not wild:
Mickie is pregnant!
Who will Blade lust over now?
Vel Sky’s the limit!

WCR Video: Take on Don...Don Mason

Did you know that Don...Dona Mason was in a a-ha music video? ...Well not quite. But here's the uncharismatic enigmas' "take" on "Take On Me" here on (to quote Mike Check) THE WHACKER!

(Video by Blade Braxton)

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Episode 28: Vince Russo 3D: May 5, 2014

This says it all.
97 minutes

[Note: Seeing as how there wasn't much from my end to write and I was too tired to think up anything for this particular progrem, Kai picked up things from there. For fun, try to guess which parts are his and which are mine.]

Vince Russo is on the show on his own volition for the third time despite Blade's attempts to chase him off. Unlike the first time (all about wrestling), and the second (all not about wrestling), this go about is more in the middle.

The Co-Fruitcakes first talk to Vince about his Big Announcement.........that he apparently has a website of his own now. (Which is also taken under THIS URL too.) Yep, that's it. Were you expecting something else?

In light of Vince's new nostalgia website, the Co-Fruitcakes talk wrestling nostalgia for the first half hour, where Vince mentions that he would only order the WWE network if Tuesday Night Titans was available, especially the episodes featuring Fuji Vice. (:5). They also talk about the time he wrote for WWF Magazine and almost left to go to WCW in the mid-90's after he found out that there were plans for Jim Neidhart's alter-ego "WHO" to get a tag team partner called "WHAT". Yes, really. (:30)

To appease the 12 listeners, current wrestling is briefly mentioned where Vince talks about his opinion of Bray Wyatt (not "WHAT") and Daniel Bryan (feel better now?) (:48). But talk then turns to Vince's time when he and his cop buddy would shake down people for their late returned video tapes. Good times! (Except for the customer.) He then spends what seems like 6 hours talking about his love for the the VHS and 8-track tape (especially his Barbra Streisand one) (:54).

The gloves are off when Vince and Blade "debate" over KISS's induction in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Vince thinks that the current line-up is a "cover band" and that only the original four should be inducted (:76). The show finishes off where Vince plugs his website pyroandballyhoo.com again and talks about 1966 Batman, Kimye and Tiny Tim (:86).

Oh, I almost forgot! There may have been a mention about Vince NOT currently working for TNA and NOT currently being under contract with any wrestling company (:43), but nobody wants to know about that, eh? [Edit - July 15: Oops! -RVMKai] [Edit Edit - July 31: Well, I guess it's now true as of today at least? -RVMKai]

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 2. WrestleCrap.com, PyroandBallyhoo.com
  • SPEAKING OFs: 2. Big, being an old fart

  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 2. Vince Russo, Tiny Tim
  • RD Time Outs:  1
  • Erik Majorwitz’s Hindsight Haiku:
    Russo interview.
    A fight with Blade over KISS?
    That’s money right there!

WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #146: Mike Check at a Star Wars Convention

With today being "Star Wars Day", did ole Mike Check ever tell you fellers about the time he did a remote at the Star Wars Convention for Wrestlecrap Radio where he unfortunately met Jake Lloyd Junior (from episode #146; 05.22.2009)?

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Episode 27: Generic Music Wrestling: April 23, 2014

In Stereo Where Available
47 minutes

((( NOT recorded in high phone-buzzing over-modulated fidelity )))

RD searches for more Betsy Russell, much to Blade's happiness. (He's friends with her on Facebook, you see.)

RD's mute button doesn't work. (:08)

The two have been podcasting for close to 9 years now. This makes Blade call himself George Washington for some reason, if he was working construction instead of chopping down cherry trees. (:11) RD has ideas for on-the-job ear protection which does not involve sticking paper in the ear like Blade does.

Blade: "I'm a piece of garbage."

RD is a fan of Steve Austin's (new) podcasts because he thinks he's doing an impression of Blade. (:16) Meanwhile their Jim Ross has taken over the OG JR's podcast (The Ross Report). (:19)

Blade had a bad experience with the WCW Hotline AKA Late Night With Jim Ross.

RD calls Diamond Dan's Hotline. (:24) Remember, that's 317 335 4688. Again, 317 335 HOTT.

TNA has a TV deal...in Italy. Because it's definitely a wrestling powerhouse country that can't show WWE over there or anything. (:26) Things have gotten so bad that Jeff Jarrett had abandoned it to create "Global Force Wrestling" (:28) RD wants Global Internet Greg to hack into their 'Database'. Blade would rather watch Captain Planet, poor bastard.

RD admits that Blade was right for once, in that he cannot watch Generic Music ECW on the WWE Network. (:36) He's 'watching' Legends House though and can't believe how fake it all is. (:41)

Vince Russo is to make a three-peat appearance next week because he has a Big Announcement to make. (:45)

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 2. Tomboy, Diamond Dan Hotline

  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 4. Diamond Dan, Vince McMahon, Chris Beavers Jr., Tito Santana
  • Entertain the People:  1
Erik Majorwitz’s Hindsight Haiku:
TNA in Italy?
Looking forward to Dixie’s
Euro Trash Wrestling.

WCR Video: Wrestlecrap vs Demento (Part 9: FYBA Championship Showdown!)

This was the final showdown that Damien Demento threatened wrestlecrap.com never to air. So sit back and watch the epic battle for the FYBA Championship between WrestleCrap's Blade Braxton and Damien Dem...I mean "Dependo".

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: Wrestlecrap vs Demento (Part 8: Blade's [Pipe]Bombshell)

By early 2010, Damien Demento announced that he had apparently retired from making anymore YouTube videos. Which meant no more nonsensical rambling in Youtube shoots...like this one (the only one of Demento shoots that we could find) for instance:

And although Demento had threatened legal action & even violence against the Wrestlecrap crew against the airing of their secret climactic battle, Blade Braxton "breaks kayfabe" & announces that he would show the secret footage to the entire world:

...So don't miss the final installment, that's Part 10 of "Wrestlecrap vs Demento", for the epic boxing showdown between Blade Braxton & Damien "Dependo" next time on "this here wrestlecrapradio site"!

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(Episode 26/427:) Hobo On The Range: April 1, 2014

Something tells me that I don't want to smell what Blade is cooking?
21 minutes

This week, echoing cooking maestro Blade Braxton entertains Stubby's, Nintendo John's, and Sir Alec's audiences as he shows the proper way to make a five layer Parmesan cheesecake, ramen noodle chicken tacos, and Capri-Sun popsicles.

This Week's Guest: Wrestlecrap.com's RD Reynolds has a new book coming out this year. He loves cheesecake, despite his initial reservations about Blade's cooking skills. "Do you have any idea what a cheesecake actually is?" he asks before attempting to gulp it down. The majority of his throwing up is (thankfully?) covered by a tornado warning. (:17)

Don Mason Fact Of The Week: Don used some of his signature Cock Sauce to put that special kick in his recipes.

Blade: "You can't spell OH BOY without spelling HOBO."

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • April Fools
  • Hobo On The Range Sponsors: 4. Old Milwaukee Beer, The Death of WCW book, Kroger, Capri Sun

  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 4. R.D. Reynolds, National Weather Service, News Anchor, Peter
  • Erik Majorwitz’s Hindsight Haiku:
    Hobo on the Range.
    How do you get salmonella
    from ramen noodles?

WCR Video: Wrestlecrap vs Demento (Part 77 & a 1/2 : Wrestle-MAT Radio)


...Now back to our WCR Video:

In Part 10 of WCR Videos 88 part series: After Damien Demento defeated both R.D. Reynolds and Blade Braxton in a "Shoulder Pads On A Pole Match". The victorious Demento earned the right to take over Wrestlecrap Radio, Deal and Blade were never heard from again...

...okay, that didn't really happen. But Damien Demento did in fact host the 2010 "April Fools" edition of Wrestlecrap Radio (episode #171), which he re-named "Wrestlemat Radio". Here it is in it's entirety...

...or not?

(by wcrminisodes)

Edit: Wait! But there was a boxing match? And this was supposed to be part 8 you say?!? Well, stay tuned for (the real) Part 9 next time on wrestlecrapradio.com...or wrestlecrapradio.blogspot.com....or whatever it's called the time that you're reading this!

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