264 Rogue Two: December 23, 2016

Comes with "magic wand" as illustrated.
92 minutes

Blade already forgot what he wanted to say. He did remember when they opened presents after Christmas on their old show. He is once more recording from his bed. RD calls him the Tiny Tim/Blade to his Bob Crotchet. Blade threatens to fall asleep on air.

To get it out of the way the duo follow that hallowed Christmas tradition of debating about Star Wars. (:05) Blade fell asleep while watching Rogue One: A Star Wars (Christmas) Story, though due to his fatigue from overwork rather than Darth Vader choking him into unconsciousness (and not the drink for once, surprisingly).

RD: "Wait woah woah woah woah woah woah wait a minute, woah, time out. I want to make sure I'm following this. You went to drink before you go to the movies because doing such makes you feel like a kid again. So you went and saw the original Star Wars movies drunk? As a child?"

Blade ranks the movie and "Video Game Peter Cushing" below Episodes IV - VII  and higher than Ewok Adventure if that's any indicator of quality, at a similar level to RD. HE also fell asleep initially, though out of waiting boredom on his part. I also agree with them too on their opinion. So there then, that's settled. Yes, for once.

(Someone should really make ordered listings of our favorite Star Wars movies, now that I think about it.)

Blade wants the Browns to go 0-16 (just two more losses as of this writing!), which combined with their preseason 0-4 will beat the legendarily bad 0-16 2008 Lions. (:15) This inspired football commentary almost puts RD to sleep once again before he can shill his site's Black Friday in December special.

Speaking of Black Friday RD is ready to regale the 12 Listeners with tales of things that happened a month ago. (:18) At Target, a guy in a line smelled of mothballs and almost blinded him. Blade enjoys going to Target for their tan pants. A woman in the toys section complained "I ain't paying $80 for Chewbacca! I want Yoda! The one with the magic wand!"

Little Debbie has some delicious treats for the holidays as per tradition. One of them is the Egg Nog Cake Roll which RD is trying despite it being a couple of weeks expired. Needless to say it doesn't go down well with him. (:31) Mike Check is drawn in by it (:37) and by his time in Santa Claus, Indiana's, WRUD Rudolf 1225 AM as Billy "Egg" Nog who together with his lady of the day Candy Throat did the Egg Nog Down Your Throat In The Morning. He's so old he repeat plays a Dolly Parton song he previously did once before. Yes, I remember such random things as this, and I have no idea how good or bad that is. I wonder if I can put it on a resume.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. had a tonsillectomy. RD has to look up and explain to Blade what tonsils are. (:43)

Jesse Godderz and Victoria are on some Amazon Prime show, but you shouldn't get a subscription just/only to watch that. Instead check out The Grand Tour. While an excellent show in its own right regardless of how much you may like automobiles or not, they have a parody segment related to their old show on Top Gear that REEKS of WWCR (which as we just found out smells like mothballs). They bring celebrities on the show supposedly to do racing segments with, only for them to have 'deadly accidents' on the way to the traveling studio tent, causing trio-host James May to ask "Does that mean he's not coming on the show then?" Such a thing isn't everyone's cup of tea of course, but to a perverse and scarred Listener of such things on this here radio progrem I can't help but always be intrigued by what will happen this week.

Mickie James is returning to the main WWE roster. (:48) Blade had to pass up another opportunity to see her perform nearby.

Paige and Alberto Del Rio got into a random scuffle about bad touches down in Mexico with a luchador who uses a bad shortening of Raphael (Rafy). (:51) Meanwhile they have a new Mexican restaurant (!) which isn't doing so well. But of course. RD reads a customer review on it. Blade's friend had a "H Beef K" sandwich with Shawn Michaels' involvement.

Derek Quinn of the Powerhouse of Sound DJ Service (2) asks them about the worst Christmas song. Sadly Mike Check does not return to give his thoughts. (:59) They use it as an excuse to play that Twelve Days Of Christmas song of theirs again once more. Padding? You don't say! ( - :70)

RD thanks friend James Weck for sending him some doughnuts from Anaheim.

Jordan Mishkin sent them some old wrestling videos among other DVDs. He also sent Blade some Cape Cod kettle chips which he tries to his liking. Erik Majorwitz sent RD a 20 year old Tam/my Bend-Em figure, poor guy. Paul Kraft also gave him an "unexplainable" "The Original LightBowl" to stick inside a toilet seat to light it up to prevent falling inside one.

Meanwhile I had sent them both yet another timely ZZ Top album. I think one more gets me Billy Gibbons' beard for free. (:81) RD plays Sleeping Bag and Velcro Fly for old times' sake, and I am now self persuaded to buy a copy for myself.

RD sent Blade a T-shirt with Bossk on it and a Jim Wynorski movie signed by the man himself and starring Traci Lords. (:86)

Sad News: Blade either forgot or was delayed or was too broke to send RD a gift. He punishes Blade by saying this week's Haiku (probably because Blade either forgot or was delayed or was too broke to write one):
Blade sent no present.
You know what? That is OK.
No Fun with Tammy.

Blade threatens his Big Announcement some more in response.

$28.50 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right

WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #130: Mega X-Mas!

For the six of you who probably paid attention to the debacle that is The Mike Check Show's Halloween Hootenanny back in October, the undead Zombie version of Nathaniel was once again killed off by "Broken" Matt Hardy's drone; 'Vanguard One' after it carried a pair of audio speakers onto Mike's doorstep to play the song "Halloween Spooks" (yes, the sound of that song along with "Monster Mash" will kill Zombies by making their heads explode "Mars Attacks style", apparently?).

In the days before being resurrected as a Zombie in wrestlecrapradio.com's "expanded universe", Nathaniel Edward Rodham Davis (aka N.E.R.D) was one of Wrestlecrap Radio's TNA correspondents who would constantly annoy RD and Blade with his over-the-top TNA fandom. He was originally killed off during WCR Christmas Episode #130 on December 19, 2008 by another 'drone', The Megatrolla, that was sent to him as a gift from 'The Trolla Corporation'.

...And you can relive that moment along with; Don and the dwarf, Crown Royal and Egg Nog and Angry Jim recording his Christmas album, right here:

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives and here for more WCR Minisodes!


WCR Video: Rowdy Roddy Piper's Halloween Tips (w/ The Original Footage)

Back in the 1980s on WWFE Television, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper gave a special Public Service Announcement where he provided some safety tips for the "bunches of" kids wanting to go trick or treating on Halloween. (Credit goes to John Gjoni for originally uploading this video on Facebook).

Rowdy Roddy Piper's Halloween Tips (1989) Uploaded by RVM Kai

And ONCE AGAIN, this Halloween, here's the clip of RD and Blade, from Wrestlecrap Radio (episode #081: October 26, 2007), doing commentary on Hot Rod's Halloween Tips:

(Video by J Freek)

Oh, and don't forget to listen to Piper's updated Tips from 2011 (from WCR #201: October 28, 2011):

(Video by R.V.M Kai)

So from Wrestlecrapraio.com, have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN, say "Please and Thank Ya"...and watch out for "Idiots In Cars"!

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

263 Headless Centaur: October 27, 2016

Uncle Boo needs that
extra spoonful.
71 minutes

Blade is the ECW Zombie (RIP) to RD's WCW Phantom (also RIP). The former talked to their 'producers' who 'told him' to turn down his mic volume to once again become Jazz Overnight, much to the latter's delight.

RD then abruptly receives a 'certified letter' from the Trolla Corporation. Yes, an actual mailed letter. Recent budget cuts you see. (:05) They are recalling their (one) HorseTrolla 'notification device' due to mythical centaur related concerns. He doesn't believe them; they still need to do some shenanigans since April Fools after all! (Yeah that wasn't an April Fool's Joke. I had Chris Engler send that letter. I mean we did create Zombie Nathaniel. --Raging_Demons) So when it neighs up it sounds slower and fails to deliver any news. Wait, is it a news machine or a breaking down car? Of course RD dismisses the whole thing as mere happenstance, even as he tempts fate throughout by running it every now and then.

Blade: "Are we going to get on with the episode now or what?"

Then he breaks into laughter. (:11) RD then has to explain to him the concept of soaping.

RD self-shills for donations with his Nathaniel impression. Help a brother or two out? (:14) Blade repeats his idea of a pledge drive/telethon with his Stubby impression. Raging_Demons does his part to shill for this here website with his Premier Blah impression. ("I'm officially the voice of Halloween! Also if I knew I was going to be used again I would had updated it with this year's "Halloween Hootenanny on The Mike Check Show where Mike & his daughter have to survive the horror that is...Zombie Nathaniel!" --Raging_Demons)(:19) The eternal Roddy Piper provides his ever useful Halloween safety tips in his Nada impression.

Blade has yet to find some Captain Crunch Halloween Cereal, much to RD's shock. (:21) Blade wishes him a Merry Christmas, as many people preemptively do in October. As this is an election year Monster Cereals allow people to vote on their mascots. Sadly, his Boo Berry is as of this writing currently taking a huge beating from Count Chocula (though at least independent candidate Franken Berry is not posing any challenge to them both, only having Montana and its state population of 5 people to his name.). The duo agree Piper should get his own special Halloween "Please and Thank Ya" trading cards.

The FaxTrolla is still working to RD's pride. Blade wants to run cliffhangers that have no chance in Hades of working. (:33) WWE is promoting TMNT figure variations of their wrestlers superstars. RD is flabbergasted that people would want to spend $15 on them instead of supporting their site. WWE also runs some sort of 'hilarity' using zombified versions of their wre - superstars on their page using jokes from the 90's WWF magazine. RD does his Crickets impression.

RD advises Blade not to send him any Tamm related gifts. RD then has to explain to him (again) the concept of soaping. (:41) Sad News: she's in jail "forever" according to Blade's insights. RD uses it as an excuse to no longer talk about her or listen to Debbie Reynolds sing about her.

Not to be outdone, Blade uses some bad MIDI (which sounds even worse than the standard fare) to talk about Paige. RD's disgust makes Blade break into laughter. (:46) The week prior she had proposed to Alberto Del Rio in the middle of the ring. Blade compares his bad indie wrestling gimmicks to RD's bad indie wrestling gimmicks.

For some reason (and not because it's on the itinerary) Blade persuades RD to call up Jim who also seasons greetings them. (:53) He's doing all the holidays at once to save time and money. Sadly he no longer has his UWF Haunted House running. RD's laughter breaking causes Jim to also laughter break. Bob Caudle messed something up which Jim has to handle, among so many other things going wrong in his life (like hiring an extremely old man as his sole employee).

ECW Press is again wanting RD to write The Death Of TNA, and with the further shenanigans it's going through yet again and once more, he thinks of the 'wrestling' company as the perfect horror movie villain. Just when you think they're down and out they get right back up!...although in their case it's a movie villain no one wants to see. Even more than that time Jason Voorhees went into space to reenact a bad Alien rip-off. (:62)

Piper once more tells Blade to send your poisoned and razor bladed treats to Vince McMahon to transform him into Moolah. (:66)

*Play for full effect.*
Mickie James (now on NXT) confuses Blade with her appearance. This time (of course) the HorseTrolla comes to life and roves around the place (instead of floating like an apparition SHOULD be doing) wrecking havoc like a low rent Thin Man's sphere. That or RD is also playing a Shin Megami Tensei/Persona game for the first time and was caught off-guard by the series' notorious difficulty.

So here we go, Seventeen Syllables:
RD is now dead.
I did not know he was sick.
Headless HorseTrolla.

Then Blade breaks into laughter.

$28.50 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right 

262 Shoot: October 21, 2016

It all began as a wrestling podcast
11 years ago, but...(see above)
95 minutes

This radio progrem is 11 years old. This explains why the Fruitcakes are commemorating it two months late. Blade already thinks of things as a train wreck.

Blade had to conduct early recordings laying on the floor because of his bad phone and NOT because he was too cheap to buy any proper furniture. (:04) He does his "worst" RD impression.

RD has already forgotten that they originally started the show due to their taking over Get In The Ring Radio and killing it off. (:09) Blade was expecting him not to remember it, as he may do many things in the past. RD confirms it.

RD remembers his old shillings. (:11) He reveals he's got good old Greg (formerly of globalinternet.net) to help him maintain his Archives. This derails into them talking about Oz when he was Great and Powerful...and when he was played by James Franco. This derails into Blade worrying things will take six "freaking" hours long. This derails into ME shilling worryingly into how things would take six freaking hours long. Everything is connected! (:17)

RD gives more heck to Blade's Big Announcement using the Apple Newton. They should bring it back as a "special edition" of the iPad and restore their flagging sales. (:20) Blade 'promises' to Big Announce it...next year. Unless he is no longer with us and is sick (which can happen with his shenanigans so it's not unlikely!) so he's already told RD in case as a backup plan.

Blade has returned to his standby Miller Lite and V8. RD has already forgotten about that too, and I don't blame him. (:23) Blade would fall asleep while holding it so he tried Budd Light with Mott's Clamato to see if that would make any difference.

RD makes fun of Blade for wanting to speed up the show before he slows things down by rambling on. (:28) SPEAKING OF Robert Gibson's glass eye, he's been watching a lot of him lately which gives him the ability to do a Robert Gibson impression. He showcases it to Blade's laughter.

Through his sister Don gave Blade some more chips to eat because Don is unable to. (:31) This time he's having Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips with reduced fat which taste pretty good, even if they have expired in July.

RD: "You can't 'time out' the Faxtrolla! What is wrong with you?" (:34)

Believe it or not, this has no relation to that other
70s rabbit-based fiasco, Night of the Lepus.
RD once saw Rabbit Test at a drive in. (:39) What an age that was back in the 70s, when a film with the on screen debuts of Billy Crystal and Michael Keaton and directed by Joan Rivers (the only movie she ever directed in fact) could coalesce into something of an obscure and oft forgotten fiasco. Yes, even more than THIS show.

Anonymous Brooke has given birth (to a child and not a donkey to Blade's relief). RD notes how the radio progrem has lasted longer than Xtreme Xpose.

Blade: "I'm too tired for these jokes."
RD: "So is everyone listening but we all have to suffer through."

Mickie James is going to NXT much to Blade's happiness. (:48) RD shills then calls Diamond Dan's Hotline. For some reason it doesn't work. But if it DOES work you can always reach him at 317 335 4688. Again, that's 317 335 HOTT.

Blade makes a randomly obscure joke about Mickie in connection to horse meat.

In place of answering a Question (and having to pay shipping for sending off a winning prize) RD mispronounces some names off Facebook as he reads some of their favorite show memories and their congratulations. (:55) Blade remembers guests they've had on the show including the dearly departed John Thomas, and Bill Brown as Dennis Stamp. RD fondly remembers the also dearly departed John Tenta, and his friendship with Blade over the years. He also remarks that while Vince Russo was terrible in the industry he is nonetheless a good friend of his all the same. Blade still enjoys their six freaking hours long show featuring a meat pinata.

RD originally wanted to record their (actually and even funnier) regular phone conversations for the RD & Blade Show, but was limited to do so by how bad the sound quality would be. (:65) The Duo feel forced (coerced?) to apologize for them. Blade recounts how they had to record something for Black Friday a month before they did the actual show proper. As the show was becoming more and more like the old progrem Blade felt there was a tipping point, certainly around the show's 250th, that they might as well just call a progrem a progrem and return back to WWCR. RD responds with a muffled Blade impression. At least it's better than the earlier reversed one.

:69 The Duo finally agree on liking Becky Lynch. However RD is bothered by Sasha Banks' forehead, or "fivehead" as he calls it. Comparisons to Dark Journey's own summons Jim and distractedly causes Blade to break into laughter. (:75) RD plays some bad MIDI of "Memories" for him as he remembers when Blade once did his first mention of him which ended up with him angry and calling in to the show. He finally manages to tell them to go fuck themselves after a year of holding it in (and possibly damaging his prostrate in the process).

Iron Mark Tyson also calls in and distractedly causes Blade to break into laughter. (:79) RD plays some bad MIDI of "Memories" for him as he remembers when Blade once did his first mention of him which ended up with him confused and calling in to the show. His remark on how he thinks bees had stung his tongue distractedly causes RD to break into laughter.

Stubby also calls in (without his theme music or audience for some reason) and distractedly causes RD and Blade to break into laughter. (:82) RD plays some bad MIDI of "Memories" for him as he remembers when Blade once did his first mention of him which ended up with him stiff and wooden and calling in to the show. For all the good that led him into.

Sir Alec also calls in (without his theme music or audience for some reason). (:85) RD plays some bad MIDI of "Memories" for him as he remembers when Blade once did his first mention of him which ended up with him being "found" by Blade and calling in to the show. He admits on behalf of Blade that Ellie was named after the character from Halloween III. Good Lord, lad.

Mike Check also calls in (without his theme music for some reason). (:88) RD plays some bad MIDI of "Memories" for him as he remembers when RD once did his first mention of him which ended up with him being wild for Taylor Wilde and calling in to the show. Sadly for him RD intercepts him with the Radio Quartet and their Haiku music before he can reminisce more about his days on and in the radio markets (and its female workers).

Blade: "How would we have ended the show every week without this?"
RD: "Horribly."
RD: "This is why the shows last so long."
Blade: "Now I'm really messed up."

Seventeen Syllables:
Eleven long years.
It all began with a dream.
It ended at Maude.

RD: "Smiles, everyone. Smiles!"
Blade is laughing too much to continue the charade beyond that. For shame. For shame, boss.

$28.50 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right 

WCR Video: The Black Scorpion Returns!

As Mike Check's Daughter tries to enlist some help in order to make this month's co-host "Zombie Nathaniel" obsolete on The Mike Check Show's Halloween Hootenanny, here's a WCR Video that features today's guest...the return of The Black Scorpion. The last time The Black Scorpion made his return, since his WCW feud with Sting in 1990, was back in the early 2000's when he attempted to intimidate RD Reynolds with his "Black Magic".

(Actually, the identity of the Black Scorpion in this video was Blade Braxton and it won a contest that led him landing a job for Wrestlecrap.com...and the rest, as they say, is history.)

(Video by Blade Braxton)

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: Peter Gazer confronts Nathaniel

Since the "Zombie" version of former Wrestlecrap Radio TNA Correspondent, Nathaniel, will co-host THE MIKE CHECK SHOW for HALLOWEEN HOOTENANNY 2016 (as well as the possibly of either eating Mike's and his "whiz-kid" daughter's brains or annoying them to death...which ever comes first, I guess?), here's a WCR Video featuring the time when (another former TNA Correspondent) Peter Gazer returned to WCR (on episode #128, 12.05.08) to confront the "uber-nerd" himself from annoying RD and Blade with his report on the TNA Turkey Bowl:

(Video by Greg Diener)

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: Don/ Freddy vs. Jason/ Near Dark Music Videos

Today's WCR Video is another two from Blade Braxton's YouTube Channel, which feature clips from Don...Don Mason and Blade's old home movies, from their "The Return Of Don Mason" movie, Freddy vs. Jason '88 and a parody of Near Dark '88. The background music used in the first video is "Beast Inside Of You" by Autograph, from the Fright Night 1985 soundtrack...which also can be heard right now on THE MIKE CHECK SHOW'S HALLOWEEN HOOTENANNY (Cheap Plug!).

(Video: Don/ Freddy vs. Jason/ Near Dark 1989 music video #1 (Fright Night song) by BladeBraxton)

(Video: Don/ Freddy vs. Jason/ Near Dark 1989 music video #2 (Sex Pistols song) by BladeBraxton)

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: Midnight Rose & Mr. Fitness II sing "Friends In Low Places"

It's karaoke time with Wrestlecrap Radio's The Midnight Rose, along with Mr.Fitness II, with their killer rendition of Garth Brooks' song, "Friends In Low Places" (now playing on THE MIKE CHECK SHOW!).

(Video by Blade Braxton)

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: Midnight Rose and Mr. Fitness II Incite A Hand Soap Riot

The Midnight Rose and Mr. Fitness II (along with Rose Garden member Josh Blackwood), seemingly payed tribute to Andy Kaufman by distributing mini bars soap to the crowd, at an OCW Pro Wrestling show on 6/18/11 in Topeka, Kansas, to help with their hygiene. Unfortunately, the idea backfires as the crowd started throwing the soap right back at them (...as well as the ring announcer right in the face):

(Video by Blade Braxton)

Anyway, be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: Minisode Flashblack #108: Hungry Hungry Ken Patera

This WCR video features RD and Blade mentioning (on Wrestlecrap Radio episode #108) the Wrestlecrap.com induction of the "Ken Patera" story. Basically in 1986, the then professional wrestler and former Olympic weightlifter was arrested for allegedly throwing a rock (or was it a boulder?) at a fast food restaurant's window after he was denied service. I guess he just wanted something to eat?! He was HUNGRY, you know!

Apparently, Ken Patera's ordeal was adapted into a "Hungry Hungry Hippo" style game, as shown in FSinWCR's Video below:

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives and here for more WCR Minisodes!

261 Ron: Legacy: August 6, 2016

109 minutes

RD got another episode recorded just so he can talk about jobbers (of the week) returning on air in actual WWE rings. Blade wants to say something but can't.

RD: "It's always good whenever you say 'I can't say it.'"

This radio progrem will soon be 11 years old. RD compares it to a prison sentence.

Blade: "You know a lot of shows do really hit their stride in that 11th year, you know what I mean?"

Blade thinks the new Raw logo spells Ron. RD plays one of Ron Simmons' old WCW theme songs in response (which admittedly is a...damn good tune).

Blade threatens his Big Announcement yet again. (:08)

The Duo remember the TNA correspondents they've suffered through over the years.

Fellow Chris Dietrich sponsors the progrem with some sort of Nintendo ROM of his of Basic Championship Wrestling. Sadly neither Nintendo John nor his audience make a run-in. (:14)

Adam Frasier of Strange Kids Club interviewed Blade about wrestling. "I sound like a very intelligent man," he lies.

RD has also been writing a column once again, this time for WhatCulture.

It was Blade's turn to TRIP to the Grocery while RD sits at home in his air conditioned room sipping water. (:23) Although he didn't go to a grocery but to a corner store  (not to be confused with a coroner store or Blade's random Paul Bearer "impression"). There he found (still fresh?!?!?!) Rap Snacks, which had been discussed on the progrem a while back. As he reads the synopsis, Iggy and later me had written that back then he didn't like them. Now after trying a few he changes his opinion and thinks of them more favorably, which is good! To balance that, RD checks their site and is confounded by how "terrible" it is.

:32 The MovieTrolla still works after all this time. So I guess there's no need to send a (free) replacement just yet.

WWE is doing another animated movie with Scooby-Doo because the first one was a success...I think? Also Dusty Rhodes is in it for some reason. RD compares him to Bela Lugosi in an Ed Wood film.

RD remembered when he wrote about their Flintstones crossover which was pretty bad, Office Space reference notwithstanding.

In an attempt to "put himself over" Blade managed to get Don out of movie retirement to star in a horror movie thing with him.

Johnny Nitro/John Morrison is to star in a...Sinbad movie? Huh. (:42) This can play out in one of three ways:

  • My way: He's going to play the traditional heroic character - who is of course Arab. What, whitewashing in Hollywood? Get out of here! And yes, I know they did that with an animated version with Brad Pitt as the legendary sailor. The fact that nobody remembers let alone talks about it shows how successful it was, and how this will be. Hell, just finding its page I found another newer one featuring Patrick Stewart - the real thespian, not our TNA man who enjoys leaving now.
  • Blade's way: He's going to do his best Lou Ferrigno impression. That movie was so awesome in its badness, I'm amazed it hasn't seen more play let alone a RiffTrax/MSTing or two. A remake of that in the same so bad it's good vein? License to print money. 
  • RD's way: He's going to be portraying the COMEDIAN Sinbad. I'd pay all the money in the world to see that, just so long as it's not Jingle All The Way 3.

This of course leads into another Star Wars debate meandering which almost makes RD lose his cool. (:45) Perhaps Sinbad will make a cameo in Episode VIII.

Blade's friend and Troma Films comrade Catherine Corcoran was in a horror movie project (100 Acres Of Hell, not to be confused with the Hundred Acre Wood as RD first thinks) with Gene "Boba Foot" Snitsky. Thankfully before Blade can continue his analogy of how "his inbox exploded" they get her on to talk to her about the experience. (:48 - :66) She had a good time with the shooting and with Gene, although she did not test to see if he still had his foot fetish. As for cereals she loves Reese's Puffs and their new slogan "That is the shit!"

Blade's new TNA "correspondents" call, and the man who was formerly the Honky Tonk Mail Man pulls double duty (though not both at the same time) as...Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. What, was David Lee Roth busy? ("NO!")  (:68)

This whole nonsense makes more...sense, if you keep the following in mind:

  • Things can't get more bizarre with TNA than having the Hardy's fight because TNA is having serious money issues and needed the material no matter how bizarre it was.
  • Blade and some friends were going to see Kiss perform live in concert, and were even on the way while the duo were recording their radio progrem. Hence the band would more than not be on their minds to use for "comedy" in the loosest sense of the word. 
  • Blade's confederate probably chose those two because he could do those voices at least. I don't know how he would do Billy Gibbons for instance.
  • Blade is in the midst of a mid-life crisis and wants to (still) rock and roll all night and party every day like he used to when he was younger.
  • Blade and Don were in that recent movie with someone as the Kiss Demon. (It wasn't Dale Torberg though sadly.)
  • Both Gene and Paul were in the news recently discussing how Kiss would still carry on without them, causing much debate and argument.
  • Kiss did some concert thing for WCW that wasted money for low ratings, a symbol of the similar downfall TNA has been experiencing for the last twenty or so years.
  • No mention is made about TNA, as is the expected custom.
  • "Our" Gene is a much more pleasant character to hear than the current Ted Nugent-lite caricature we have currently. Wow, yet another like that? What a shock. I look forward to Viewing Booth Bill Cosby being his TNA successor.
  • Paul was once seen with a dissatisfied look on his face at a Raw taping.

I know I'm probably reading too much into this but hey - it's what I do, and I do it best.

While RD once again has to suffer another Tammy update this time the news is surprisingly good (for a change and while it lasts); she has been out of rehab and sober for 138 days as of this radio progremming. May she keep that way, in all seriousness. (:81)

Blade's Misfits singing gets gonged.

A Mike with a weird last name that makes me fearful on spelling it wrong, tongue twists Blade, and makes RD reference the recently deceased Peter Shaffer has this week's Question about Matt Hardy and his dilapidated boat. (:85) RD wants him to next hide behind the (dilapidated) Smackdown Fist.

Blade's further Star Wars debating gets temporarily silenced by the power of the Force.

:90 Did Blade ever tell Mike Check about the time he finally figured out how to properly use his bumper stickers? (It's also nice of him to call in without the phone ringing. Perhaps RD once again put his phone on silent.) While Mike was at Raleigh, NC's 92.7 WROL "The Roll" as Big Fred Fingers he tried supporting the (bad) minor league team there by not shaving and calling it "No Trim Till Redbirds Win". His show was titled the equally bad "Raleigh Fingers Afternoon Mustache Ride". He plays some John Anderson, the country musician, not to be confused with JON Anderson, of Brit prog rock icons Yes.

Braun Strowman's new gimmick seems to be as a fighter of jobbers - sorry, I mean "local competitors". What next, are they going to start calling wrestlers "sports entertainers"? (:100)

RD wonders which will show up first next vernal equinox: Blade's Big Announcement, his next Jobber of the Week, or that Parts Unknown Yearbook he keeps talking about.

Time to put this show to bed:
James Ellsworth on Raw.
A "local competitor".
Jobber of the year.

$28.50 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right

WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #143: Draftrolla 2009

Since WWE are holding their brand extension draft on Smackdown LIVE today, WCR Videos will flashback to episode #143 (April 24, 2009) when RD and Blade used the "Draftrolla" to randomly choose a new role for each of their cast of characters (albeit for one night only). Warning: it's a "Kneeslapper!"

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WCR Video: Interactive: Why Is He (Corporal Kirchner) A Car?!?!

On episode #112 of Wrestlecrap Radio in 2008, RD and Blade do commentary on a bizarre YouTube video titled: "Corporal Fagsher", where former WWF wrestler Corporal Kirchner is interviewed by Jesse Ventura (before jumping into a swimming pool from a zipline) and YouTuber MarioWTFdance decided to make the promo "better" by overdubbing Kirchner's voice with 'car sound effects' for some reason?

(Video by R.V.M Kai)

But the question still remains: Why is he a car?!?!

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WCR Video: Midnight Rose and Mr Fitness II - My Sacrifice

Remember back in the early 00's when the WWF...oops...I mean "WWE" put out those "Desire" video packages of various superstars such as Steve Austin, Edge and The Undertaker ? Well in a parody that's about 15 years too late, Wrestlecrap Radio's The Midnight Rose and Mr. Fitness II now finally get their careers set to "My Sacrifice" by Creed in this WCR Video:

(Video by Blade Braxton)

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WCR Video: Song: "He Ain't Jeffrey, He's My Brother Nero"

On episode #260 of Wrestlecrap Radio, RD and Blade did a second-by-second breakdown of the insane...crazy (whatever?) YouTube clip starring "Broken" Matt Hardy and Jeffrey "Brother Nero" Hardy. Sean Breeding from The Intestinal Fortitude did a fantastic job in syncing the video with RD and Blade's commentary...But where is Blade Braxton's song parody of  "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" by The Hollies, you ask? I don't know, but I decided to upload the song on Youtube another video upload site and make it into this music video. So, to steal a quote from Mike Check, here's "He Ain't Jeffrey, He's My Brother Nero" by Blade Braxton here on...THE WHACKER!

(Video by R.V.M Kai)

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260 Throwing Babies: June 3, 2016

"I'm crazy but you're insane???
Isn't that what you SAYED???"
63 minutes

(by R.V.M Kai)

In the third installment of Wrestlecrap Radio of 2016, RD and Blade dust off the Tin-Can-And-String to do an (emergency) hour-long second-by-second recap of a TNA Impact Wrestling YouTube clip starring "Broken" Matt Hardy and Jeff "Brother Nero" Hardy.

As you know, for the two of you that have been following TNA this year [that number's way too high - PB], Jeff has been feuding with his brother Matt, who since suffering a storyline head injury had now gone "insane" (or "crazy"? What's the difference?), dyed his hair to look like Pepé Le Pew, and started speaking in a Shakespearean sort of "dramatic" tone [Matt Hardy became the "King Tut" of TNA. Its a "Batman '66" reference go look it up. - Raging_Demons.] [Edit: Is that so? I hope that doesn't mean that Jeff will resort to dancing the BATUSI to beat Matt at Slammiversay? - R.V.M Kai.] So, as shown on the recent episode on Impact Wrestling, Jeff rides all the way (just down the road) to Matt's "humble abode" to sign the contract to their grudge match at TNA Slammiversary 2016...but not before Matt's wife, Reby Sky, enters and throws...


...A BABY???

(Note: For an enhanced experience, we recommend listening to the mp3 link at the top of the page while watching the video clip below.)

(Note Note: You'll also be required to pause and rewind the clip several times as RD & Blade make a 5 minute video feel like six one hour long.)

(Note Note Note: "GO!!!")

Blade then sings a song to the tune of "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" by The Hollies. (:59)

$28.50 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right


Courtesy of Sean Breeding and our fine fellows at The Intestinal Fortitude, a combined and synced version of the above events. Cut out the middle Fruitcake(s) and enjoy this fine and interactive submission for your approval!


The parody videos have started after the airing of "The Comedic Tragedy of Broken Matt vs Brother Nero". Watch as EC3, Titus O'Neal, and Eli Drake make fun of the video. --Raging_Demons

And now, for (another) something completely different.

With the bi-annual updating of the longest running radio wrestling podcast in the history of the entire known multiverses causing Mike Check to have some...fascinating misadventures, regular updates about the wrestling progrem (besides good old flashbacks and reminiscences; of which you can hopefully see a few below on the very page you're reading this) are quite rare, if ever. I mean, how would we know about how the characters and callers-in are doing (if RD & Blade are able to get around to voicing them)?

One point of mystery in particular; RD as the so-called Stewart Patrick Stewart, he of the Pontiac shilling and leaving nows. The whole thing is basically a very stretched 'joke' in the loosest sense of the word based on the real Captain Picard/Professor X/Neo-Nazi leader (if you haven't yet seen Green Room then what are you waiting for? One of the best horror movies of the year by far, and I'm not the biggest fan of them) voicing over some Pontiac car commercials during the 90's back when Pontiac, car commercials, and Pontiac car commercials were still a thing. Sadly, besides he now doing some ads for another car-related company (alongside his fellow Enterprise rival being the Priceline Negotiator), I always thought he was the only Enterprise-D flag officer doing such a thing.


"The Temporal Prime Directive can kiss my ass!"

Yes, that is indeed Jonathan Frakes, IN CHARACTER as Commander William Thomas Riker, on the ACTUAL Enterprise-D Bridge set, doing a corporate commercial for enterprise automation solutions (...get it???) from Boole & Babbage, a systems management company now owned by the mega-corporation BMC. This was actually part of a multi-year deal done between B&B (not Berman & Braga thankfully) and Paramount, also during the heyday of The Next Generation, to use Star Trek licensing as part of their marketing and advertising, and of which Frakes was more than happy to be a part of.

Sadly while there is a lot of mentioning of "data" Brent Spiner does not make a cameo appearance, marketing deal related or otherwise. Though to make up for it, this is one of the few (albeit in the 90's) times where using Cleveland in a business related sense could actually be taken seriously. Perhaps in the 24th century both Cleveland and Detroit are the financial centers of the UFP.

Knowing and seeing this, it's a wonder if Frakes Jon doesn't become a WWCR character in 2020.

However I sincerely hope and pray to the Emperor his catchphrase is NOT "I'm coming now." Save that sort of stuff for Risa, pal!

WCW Video: Song: We Are Wrestlecrap Radio

The "number 1" song from Casey Kasem's Top 10 Wrestlecrap Radio Countdown, as featured on WCR's 2016 April fool's episode #259, was: "We Are Wrestlecrap Radio" by W.C.R. for 12 Listeners (a parody of "We Are The World" by U.S.A. For Africa). And now you can watch the video right here on...THE WHACKER!!

(Video by R.V.M Kai)

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*(NOTE: For more MIKE CHECK SHOW Anniversary specials, click here)

During the month of April 2016, THE MIKE CHECK SHOW celebrated its 5th Anniversary by having former WWE superstar Mick Foley host "THIS IS YOUR LIFE" for the ole radio DJ; Mike Check. Why did this take place you ask? Well basically, Mike once worked the Long Island, New York market and hated it whenever his local Paper Boy, a young Mick Foley, would damage Mike's windows by throwing newspapers at them. So years later, "Mrs. Foley's baby boy" attempts to make amends by presenting Mike with a month long surprise party...that unfortunately didn't turn out the way it was hoped.

So while we at wrestlecrapradio.com now have the job of having to "clean up the shrapnel" that this debacle of a show caused (which included explosions, fights, heart attacks, lawsuits, etc); you can re-live your favorite special guests (all invited and "uninvited") and "fascinating" moments by checking out the guest-list below:

[NOTE NOTE: The hosts/guests on this show are ALL FICTIONAL or FICTIONALIZED PARODIES of real-life people. I.E. It's NOT really Mick Foley and Ringo Starr is NOT really a jerk...that we know of??? :) ]

(*For those interested; some related songs that were played for the show's lead-up included: Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town by Fred Astaire, Silver Bells by Twisted Sister, The First Noel by The Supremes, Once In A Lifetime by Talking Heads, Stuck With You by Huey Lewis and The News, The Byroad To Glenroe by Mick Lally, Together Forever by Rick Astley, The Villain by Mel Tillis, and Winter by Tori Amos.*)

Pre-Show with Host: Mick Foley: (Song: Happy, Happy Birthday Baby by Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson)

Day 1: Ric Flair Ringo Starr (Songs: Also Sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss / I’m the Greatest by Ringo Starr)

Day 2: Mike Check's Daughter (Song: The Stripper by David Rose and His Orchestra)

Day 3: RD Reynolds (Song: Wrestlemania Rap by Men On A Mission)

Day 4: "Angry" Jim Ross (Song: Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top)

Day 5: Cassius Weave and Suzie Shuffle (Song: Thunder Island by Jay Ferguson)

Day 6: Wink Martindale (Song: Black Land Farmer by Wink Martindale)

Day 7: Billy Ceps aka "Hulk Hogan" (Songs: American Made / Beach Patrol by Hulk Hogan And The Wrestling Boot Band)

Day 8: Ringo Starr returns (Song: If You’ve Got Trouble by The Beatles)

Day 9: Gay Popeye and Ringo Starr (Song: Yellow Submarine by The Beatles)

Day 10: Pierce Noble aka "Sir Alec Heineken" (Songs: Concerto No 1 in E Major (Spring) Allegro by Antonio Vivaldi / Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel)

Day 11: Mick Jagger (Song: You Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones)

Day 12: Dixie Carter (Song: A Spoonful Of Sugar by Julie Andrews)

Day 13: Blade Braxton (Song: We Are 138 by The ;Misfits)

Day 14: David Lee Roth (Song: California Girls by David Lee Roth)

Day 15: The Midnight Rose (Song: She’s on Fire by Amy Holland)

Day 16: The 12th Doctor and Clara (Song: Gallifreyan Buccaneer by Colin Baker)

Day 17: Jake Lloyd Sr and Jr [featuring: Huey Foley] (Songs: Anakin’s Theme by John Williams / Problem Child by AC/DC)

Day 18: Chin Shima aka "Angry Jim's Japanese Cousin" Jimichrio Rosschu [featuring: Ringo Starr] (Song: Cherry Bomb by The Runaways)

Day 19: 'Sheriff' Harry Dickwell (Song: Back On The Chain Gang by The Pretenders)

Day 20: Harry Dickwell returns (Song: I Fought The Law by The Clash)

Day 21: Harry Dickwell...again (Songs: Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley / I’m a Lonesome Fugitive by Merle Haggard)

Day 22: Harry Dickwell and Angry Jim (Song: Informer by Snow)

Day 23: Harry Dickwell...yep, he's still there! (Song: Dirty Harry by Adam Ant)

Day 24: Harry Dickwell and..."Sir Alec"??? (Song: I Shot The Sheriff by Eric Clapton)

Day 25: Ringo Starr and Iron "Mark" Tyson (Song: I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince)

Day 26: Cactus Jack (Song: Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by Dionne Warwick)

Day 27: Dude Love and Mankind (Song: Have Mercy Baby by Billy Ward and The Dominoes)

Day 28: Yurple The Clown (Song: Be A Clown by Judy Garland)

Day 29: Noelle Foley and Ringo Starr [featuring: Mister Socko] (Song: Sock It To Me Baby by Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels)

Day 30 (The Finale): Ringo Starr and Angry Jim [Featuring: The Boogeyman] (Song: Back Off Boogaloo by Ringo Starr)

Post Show with Jimichiro Rosschu, Ringo Starr, The "T-008 Model" Terminator and Gay Popeye. (Song: Octopus’s Garden by The Beatles)

(*Edited in April 2017:*)
On Christmas Day, December 2016, Mick Foley attempts to make amends for the disaster that his "THIS IS YOUR LIFE" celebration had caused and sends Mike Check a Christmas song. He then spends the rest of the month (in-between his WWE RAW General Manager duties, I guess?) celebrating his "Festival Of Friendship" with Mike (before Jericho and Owens did it on RAW the following year):

Dec 26: Thank You For Being A Friend by Andrew Gold
Dec 27: You’re A Friend Of Mine by Clarence Clemons with Jackson Browne
Dec 28: Friends by Dragon Sound
Dec 29: Friends by Whodini
Dec 30: With A Little Help From My Friends by Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band

WCR Video: RD and Blade Interview The Midnight Rose

On Wrestlecrap Radio, episode #154, R.D. and Blade interviewed The Midnight Rose about his experience being in the front row of the Smackdown tapings in Kansas City. He then lists his top 7 favorite "pelicans" and reveals the reason he wears his mask was from having facial scars from eating "pineapple"...

WCR Recon.: R.D. & Blade Interview The Midnight... by skykid3000
(Video Title: "WCR Recon.: R.D. & Blade Interview The Midnight Rose 8-21-09" by Skykid3000)

...And speaking of "pineapple", if you haven't been tuning to The Mike Check Show, you would have missed The Midnight Rose as one of "Mike Check: This Is Your Life's" special guests, where Mike's Check's Daughter may have revealed which particular "pineapple" gave him that "scar".

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WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #149 & #178

Over on The Mike Check Show, it seems that Sheriff Harry Dickwell has crashed Mike's "This Is Your Life" party and has placed the radio DJ under arrest once again...but not before telling his side of the story of the time, back in 2009, of his original hunt for ole Mike for his unpaid child support debts.

One part of the story involves the infamous Wrestlecrap Radio moment, on episode #149 (June 26, 2009), when Mike Check had supposedly died from a Fireworks Factory explosion:

(Also featured in this Minisode: Candice Michelle released, Angry Jim hates Kentucky Grilled Chicken, Blade threatens to paint)

...However, it turned out that Mike had actually faked his own death so he could avoid going to prison and so his "whiz-kid" daughter could sell more of his T-Shirts and bumper stickers. Mike's plan eventually fails as he was found and arrested by Sheriff Dickwell about a year later, on WCR episode #178 (June 25, 2010), and then serves a prison sentence at Folsom from where he uses his phone call privileges to talk to RD and Blade:

(Also featured in this Minisode: Kinder Surprise commercial, C.S. Irwn debuts, Maryse Haiku)

...And stay tuned to Mike Check's "THIS IS YOUR LIFE"! For the next few days, the "untold next chapter" of the "Hunt For Mike Check" saga continues, as today, Mike talks about his past "jailhouse" stint and Sheriff Dickwell talks about resuming his manhunt after Mike's eventual prison escape. And you wont believe what happens next!

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WCR Video: David Lee Roth on Wrestlecrap Radio

RD & Blade have interviewed several guests on Wrestlecrap Radio (as noted here). And here's a video featuring one of their biggest guests; David Lee Roth!...or is it?


(From WCR #133, 01.23.09.)

(Video by Greg Diener)

Oh! And "speaking of" David Lee Roth, don't forget to tune to The Mike Check Show where Diamond Dave is today's guest on Mike Check's: This Is Your Life!

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(259) The WrestleCrap Weekly Top 40: April 1, 2016

(Crap To Crap)
No dogs were harmed during the making of this progrem.
50 minutes

(In yet more time travel related shenanigans) "Kasem Casey" on WTKO The Knockout "counts down" some of the various times the Fruitcakes and their "guest" characters sang on the radio progrem, complete with the full swearing left in! Can you believe it's been 3 years since they last sung with their seductive golden tones over bad MIDI tracks while RD laughed uncontrollably in the background? (Assuming you take it from the RD & Blade Show. Otherwise it's been 5 years since their last song from the original incarnation of the radio progrem. And 10 years since they last did an episode.)

Speaking of singing badly, you may remember when Blade had a WWCR Songs MySpace page that he forgot the password to, followed by having his own singing MySpace page when that was a thing for two whole months.

The songs in questionable question:

There is one new song at least, when the Cast Of Characters & Soundbites & Trolla Corporation products sing that in fact We Are WrestleCrap Radio, featuring an extended guest appearance from Jim which is enough to revive both Johnny 4 AND 6. Don't ask. Yes, again. (:43)

"Stewart Patrick": "I am here to sing my song. I'm leaving now."

WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #024: Peaches and John Thomas

In this Minisode Flashback from Wrestlecrap Radio episode #24; we celebrate the 10 year Anniversary of Wrestlecrap Radio's very first April Fool's special from 2006.

This video is also a tribute to the late Harry Simon who in this episode portrayed the voices of; Lee Marshall, the "debuting" John Thomas and Peaches (...well maybe not Peaches?)

...And speaking of anniversaries (and April Fool's), head over to "The Mike Czech Show" where the real Mick Foley will host a very special "THIS IS YOUR LIFE" for The Mike Chalk Show's 50th anniversary (throughout the month of April). And his first special guest is none other than...Ric Flair! Whooo!

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WCR Video (Twitter Edition): Shane-O-Trolla Fires Up...Again?

The Shane-O-Trolla has once again fired up (during this week's WWE Monday Night RAW) and a fellow crapper on Twitter known as "L.M." has somehow captured the visual that RD Reynolds (possibly) viewed on the video screen of the Trolla device's opened up fist when Shane attacked, his Wrestlemania 32 opponent, The Undertaker.

For those who don't know, the Shane-O-Trolla is a device shaped like 'a fist' that alerts Wrestlecrap HQ when Shane McMahon goes on a rampage by opening up and playing "Fighting My Way Back" by Thin Lizzy . It previously fired up the time he attacked Randy Orton on a 2009 episode of RAW and the time he vanquished the Megatrolla on Wrestlecrap Radio (episode #134).

WCR Video: Honky Tonk Mailman and Midnight Rose In A Bowling Alley

It was three years ago when Blade Braxton (on episodes 10 and 11 of The RD and Blade Show) mentioned his participation in the Tecmo Bowl tournament in Madison, WI. So here's a clip that Blade uploaded of himself The Midnight Rose and the Honky Tonk Mailman messing around in a bowling alley back in 2013.

Thank ya very much!

(Video by Blade Braxton)

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: Midnight Rose Interviewed By French Woman At Cannes Film Festival

In 2013, while the Troma Team was in France filming the Occupy Cannes documentary, Wrestlecrap Radio's own Midnight Rose confuses a French journalist for Mickie James who reluctantly gives the "Strange Man" this interview:

(video by Blade Braxton)

...And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #065: Remembering Miss Elizabeth

It's Valentines' day, and since Mike Check is doing an inadvertent tribute to The "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth's 1991 wedding by playing that cheesy love song "Together Forever", WCR Videos will also pay tribute to Blade Braxton's original Miss Elizabeth impersonation from 2007 by playing WCR Minisode #65...."YOU'RE HURTIN' ME RANDY!"

Also featured on this Minisode:
  • X13D Doritos
  • Jeff Foxworthy Beef Jerky
  • RVD Concussion Syndrome

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives and here for more WCR Minisodes!

258 Apter Crap: January 14, 2016

Pictured: RD Reynolds & Bill Apter (Note: Not holding his new book)
54 minutes

RD & Blade fondly remember John Thomas/Harry Simon. (:00 - :04)

They then get straight to interviewing legendary wrestling icon Eddie Elner Bill Apter. He has a new book out you see.

Some highlights of the conversation:

  • Many people at Pro Wrestling Illustrated were in fact real folks and not someone with a badpun pseudonym. Sadly he had yet to 'meet' Liz Hunter in person or remember Rita M. Budda.
  • While working in the WWE the idea of a physical Hall of Fame was brought up. Blade still wants to loan his Katie Vick outfit to it.
  • When he talks with Jerry Lawler he always has to do a bad Stubby impression. He demonstrates it to the progrem's 15 Listeners.
  • He still didn't know why Haku didn't come with crown as illustrated. At least he's not scared of Harley Race who he considers a good man when they were on the road.
  • He HATES the term "Apter Mag" as it discounts all the other good men and women he worked with back in the publishing office.
  • He relates his entry and first few days in Stanley Wesson.
  • He and Paul Heyman (when he was still a wrestling photographer with them) would often get into arguments about their work. According to Bill Paul got bald thanks to the intense wrestling lights.
  • He really wanted to interview Antonio Rocco but he sadly never got the chance to.
  • RD teases Bill's book by mentioning his (Bill's) penis.
  • Larry Holmes once told him: "I didn't know you could make a kid with a stick."
  • His favorite cereal is Cheerios thanks to The Lone Ranger.
  • He discusses more about apartment wrestling than anyone should healthily talk about it.
  • He was once a carnival barker. Shilling ensues.  

Then he pulls a Commander Shepard and goes.

$28.50 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right

[Side Note: One of the Wrestlecrapradio.com crew met Bill Apter a long time ago. When I was writing for another website I went to one of these conventions Bill Apter mentioned. Ran into my buddy Christy Hemme. Also that's where I met Wrestlecrap Radio's favorite Becky, Becky Bayless (Cookie in TNA) and started my hatred for ODB. I ran into Bill Apter by accident. We talked for a bit and he was exactly like the interview. Apter asked for a business card which sadly at the time I was stupid enough to bring. Aw the potential that could had been done there. --Raging_Demons]

WCR Video: Blade and Stubby at the WrestleCrap Roast (Alternate Take)

Since our fearless leader, Premier Blah, has been shilling this here website; wrestlecrapradio.com (note: we also can be found at wrestlecrapradio.blogspot.com, but not at "wrestlecrapradiodotcomslashdotblogspotdotcom" as advertised) over on the Wrestlecrap Radio podcast. Today, we're returning the favor by advertising wrestlecrap.com's archive site where you can get the entire WrestleCrap archives for the discounted price of just US$9.99...I mean $12.95!

One video that you can download from the archives is The 2010 WrestleCrap Radio Roast (originally only available on DVD). As a preview, here's an unused alternate angle clip where you can now see the view of 'Stubby The Hobo Dummy' roasting the co-fruitcakes with Blade's hand up his posterior (he must have been searching for some hidden contraband perhaps?):

(Video by Blade Braxton)

And be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

You Can't Stop The Gooker, The Gooker Lives On!

A little Tenacious D to stomach what's about to happen.

Raging_Demons here and once again kiddies we here at WrestlecrapRadio DOT Com as we take a look at the only award that most places recognize as the "WORST" In Pro Wrestling today as the 2015 Gooker Award Nominations are out today.

2015 was...was...Basically horrific in train wreck epic proportions. There wasn't particularly a lot of good that happened that year (I'm looking at you New Day). Instead it was piles upon piles of utter pile of monkey-flinging poo that I rather go hide out in my cave than watch any of it. In fact I literally did that in 2015. Everything pro wrestling wise in short of a Joey Ryan Penis Slam turned me off as a fan & unlike Road Dogg who thinks I'll be back to WWE one day just shows how at times pro wrestling promotions are SO out of touch.

How bad was 2015? Well lets take a look at the nominations and hear the opinions from us over here at WrestlecrapRadio.com

The Nominations are....

1. The Divas Revolution: In 2015 WWE's farm system NXT were at times even better than WWE. While WWE went off to do "sports entertainment" NXT did what some fans actually wanted. A little concept called...PRO WRESTLING! NXT had legit women wrestlers, an occasional Un-Diva that was from Ric Flair's loins (Charlotte), & Snoop Dogg's cousin (Sasha Banks) to do things and wonder that WWE could never do with its craptasitc roster of Divas like The Bella Twins & Alicia Fox. Seriously if you type in "Alicia Fox Botch" on YouTube there's a couple of pages of her botching all over the place. So what did WWE do? Well they left them alone to continue to build the NXT Brand of course. KIDDING! KIDDING! WWE exploited the hell of the NXT Divas and brought then to the RAW/Smackdown roster. Next thing you know the NXT Divas were regulated to mini-factions, given the usual dumbass storylines, and most of them were buried to Super-Whore herself Nikki Bella. Mick Foley tried to spread the gospel of The Divas Revolution on Social Media and that failed. If Mankind himself couldn't do it then YEESH!

[In a rather unexpected coincidence, this comes around the news of Linda McMahon creating a new company for..."promoting leadership opportunities for women." 

No, really. I can't make this stuff up if I tried. 

I know what their first teachable lesson would be to the fine ladies: don't work for WWE. - PB]

2. Roman Reigns in 2015: And you thought John Cena was too cartoonish. 2015 saw WWE literally AND figuratively cram Roman Reigns down our throats so we like him. A little observation here but when you try to force people how to think and act most of the people do not like that. Reigns wins Royal Rumble (BOO!), Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson tries to get people to cheer for Reigns (BOO!), Reigns versus Brock Lesnar (KILL HIM BROCK!), and it just goes on and on and on. WWE even had Reigns basically quoting Looney Toons quotes while Bray Wyatt basically said "Anyone but you". It had to take an act of Vincent Kennedy McMahon to actually make him not loved or even liked but more like apathetic towards him. Oh yeah and "Tater Tots".

3. Throw Mickie James from The Train: Unfortunately this doesn't have Danny DeVito or Billy Crystal in this one. We here at WrestlecrapRadio.com have kept track for over a decade of Blade's obsession to do UNGODLY things to Mickie James. Hell the Fruitcakes made a word up for Mickie's ass (Centaur's Ass or Centaur-licious). So in 2015 when TNA decided to pull off something stupid in having James Storm kill off Mickie James by chucking her in front of a "moving train" it wasn't bad. It was REALLY BAD! It was so bad that TNA had to say that Mickie James was ALIVE after it aired!

[What's funny is that not only did TNA bungle this up while showing it, but James Storm was even called to the police for the angle. I think the bigger crime is that TNA is still "on the air" in the loosest sense of the word. I think that's punishable by the electric chair, no? - PB]

4. Sting's Road to Wrestlemania: It was every wrestling fan's dream from the early days of WWE to the "Monday Night Wars"/"Attitude Era" WWE. After years of anticipation Sting finally debuts in WWE. So WWE decides to give him the epic storyline of WCW versus WWE. Such an epic storyline from 15 years ago! That's almost a generation of fans for Christ Sake! Not only was the storyline bad but Sting's Wrestlemania match was so bad from beginning to end you think Vince Russo scripted the whole thing while drunk and on acid. How bad was it? Over on our sister website "The Mike Check Show" made fun of the entire storyline and Wrestlemania Match.

5. The Rosebush: Take one Adam Rose, who was formerly the life of the party and last year's Gooker Nominee versus a feud with a Bunny so what do you do with him? Well after a heartwarming story from ESPN you give him a mega push right? Or...you give him a very lame TMZ rip-off show that was written by 6th Graders. Take your pick.

6. Jon Stewart Turns Heel: For years Jon Stewart was hated by Politicians, Arby's (*cough* Mickie James *cough*), and FOX News as host of "The Daily Show". Now Jon Stewart has added another bunch of people to hate him, Pro Wrestling Fans. Yes you can all blame Jon Stewart for costing John Cena the match versus Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania but after that...geez! Well at least he had a nice segment with Seth Rollins on his show.

[Now, if WWE had got Stephen Colbert for their show, leading to him taking things over and becoming the new RAW GM  and delivering his own promos in his signature style? License. To. Print. Money. - PB]

7. Mahabali Shera's Dance Party: Take one giant Indian, make him do a dance, make said dance "addictive", and what do you got? The first ever storyline that was ripped off from "The Harlem Shake".

8. The Lana-Ziggler-Rusev Love Triangle of Eternal Torment: With help from Vince McMahon because he thought Rusev "didn't deserve someone as hot as Lana" this love triangle was the result. I mean it's not petty jealousy or anything like say...Lana leaking it out on Social Media that she and Rusev were getting married or whatever Dolph Ziggler did just to piss WWE off that day (I say cutting in line in front of Triple H for Hot Cocoa Day. Gotta get the whipped cream and Marshmallows). A very painful thing to watch especially with the whole "if they did it" deal or not.

9. Authority Kane: Kane getting a job performance review, Kane "leaving" on vacation to become regular Kane, Kane "outwitting" Seth Rollins when the whole point of Rollins in WWE right now is that he's Emo Triple H. I know I like my wrestling rivalries when its like my job. AND SPEAKING OF The Authority!

10. The Authority WILL NOT DIE: Just like "The Metal" The Authority, no matter how much you put it that they need to go away, WILL NOT DIE! Fueled by the prepubescent egos of Triple H (World Heavyweight Title Reigns of Hell anyone) and Stephanie McMahon (like giant ego filled father, like giant ego filled daughter) who wants to have more screen time than anyone in the history of TV; and not even letting the good guys win just ONE thing - it has to be shown that The Authority wins in every way. Entertainment 101 here is if you let The Villain win every single time then no one cares at all. Same for The Hero (and I'm looking at you John Cena AND Roman Reigns). Whether its Triple H's ability to bury Mother Nature and Father Time to Stephy Bear's ability to make everybody on the WWE roster look like crap (yes even the timekeepers). YET thanks to these two they think they are the ratings draw when the honest truth is that they are the opposite.

10 Nominations, HOPEFULLY One Winner. Who do you think was the worst of 2015? Only one way to find out.