Minisode #035 Life Savers Tizzy

by iggy

July 28, 2006

RD complains about Life Savers changing its basic flavors.
The Big Nippled Vampire was first named Areola

#no pineapple #no lime

035 Real Angry: July 28, 2006

Real Angry
(54 minutes)

RD's Trip to the Grocery (:06): RD's favorite flavor of Life Savers has been replaced.

Obscure Wrestling News (:12): Vince has bought an indoor tennis facility for his mother's hometown, which the sources have no idea what state it is in. Kanyon was dropping the puck at the Gay Games. Sad News: Spirit Squad was sent back to Triple A. (:17)

Mail Bag (:21): Insecticidal Andy Duke thinks the Deever is a secret Kryptonian. (:26) Speculation ensues on whether JBL is a secret third co-host of the show. 'Damn' asks about combined bad gimmicks. (:30) RD is worried his son will one day find out about and listen to the show. He also wanted to be the next Weird Al at one point; Blade meanwhile wanted to play Jason at a donkey show. Bob Dhalstrom has his own ideas for the company to follow on, one of which involves Gene Snitsky and Stephanie McMahon. (:34)

J.T. Tinny with unnamed person
Random people fell victim of the Wellness Policy, including Thumbnail-toothed Great Khali-Collie. This angers RD for some reason. (:35) The Diva Search made Blade hit the bottle this week. (:44) Blade talks loudly, unaware that the talky end of the phone receiver acts as a microphone. JT Titty should tag with Areola, the tarot card reader. (:47)  ECW has DQs in "Extreme Rules" matches. Mike Knox, Mr. Charisma. I can't hear RD beneath the music.

Seventeen Syllables of the Weekly Wrestling Haiku
Flair, Undertaker,
then Kane. E C Dub, Extreme
Crossover Wrestling

Minisode #034 Blade Hits the Bottle

by iggy

July 14, 2006

Blade Hits the Bottle when CM Punk tells him not to.
RD doesn't understand gift cards.
Blade envies RD's Trip to the Grocery and jumps on the bandwagon.
Krankor debuts.

#the deever #jt titty

034 Diva Debacle: July 14, 2006

Krankor hits the Bottle with JT Titty
(63 minutes)

RD's Trip to the Grocery: Wal-Mart has restaurant gift cards. (:09)
Blade's Trip to the Grocery: "pasta in sauce with beef and chicken hot dogs with beef."

Faxtrolla semi-exclusive news (:14): boo-rah. The Miz wants Johnny Fairplay to come to ECW. DDP is taking his Yoga for Regular Guys on tour.

Mail Bag: Smash Bradley asks how to actually implement Siamese-twin wrestlers. (:23) Krankor's laugh is used in response. Extreme K of Fort Mike Knox thinks of putting The Great Collie in a dog outfit and placing him in dog shows. (:27) Sausagesandwich is one of their 'many fans, of whom I know none', who has a thing for punching the Miz. (:30)

SmackDown is looking retro, with Tatanka and caskets and midgets and kings. (:34) A Punjabi Prison match was announced and Michael Cole said it would be in the jungle. (:36) Candice Michelle was sent to ECW to teach Kelly Kelly how to strip. (:39) Big Show's hands are now cannonballs and his head is a bowling ball. CM Punk doesn't like drinking, so Blade hit the bottle. (:44)
Miz's hosting of the Diva Search segment was pure wrestlecrap. (:48)  Hopeful Layla said she wanted to be the Deever, so she will now be called that. Another candidate (Maryse) used her impenetrable Quebec accent to be an 'air-flying diva', another (Robecca) tried to pepper spray the ring, and another (Molina) looks too much like Ashley Massaro.

Miz called one contestant JT Titty.

The Haiku:
Moronic Divas.
How will this class top last year's?
Leave it to Deever.

Minisode #033 Fake Laughs

by iggy

July 7, 2006

Johnny Ace steals RD's ideas
WWE commentators' fake laughs
The Nathan Jones rumor
Exterminator gimmick
The Mail Bag
Mike Knox, Mr. Bodyslam

#goof or somethin' #give it a squeeze

033 Hapenis is a Warm Pun: July 7, 2006

Hapenis is a Warm Pun (The Terrible Twelve Listeners)
(55 minutes)

True love...has yet to be found.
RD thinks someone is using his ideas because Kelly is now Kelly Kelly. Speaking of Joey and Joey Joe Joe Taz Joe Joe Taz... RD hates the WWE broadcasters' fake laughter.

The ECW Zombie couldn't make it.

Obscure Wrestling News (:08): It's spelled FAXTrolla not FACTSTrolla. Rumored-lactator Nathan Jones is going to be in a movie. RD has man-boobs. Sad News: a former centerfold has dropped out of the Diva Search before it's even begun. (:17) RD suggests WWE sell blow-up dolls of the contestants.

Premiere of the Mail Bag, with music (:21): Blade would replace his head with Shawn Michaels' head thanks to a question from Barnes. Big Show has skillets for hands. Cris asks about combining favorite bad angles. (:24) RD wears a Dungeon of Doom shirt. Questioner Yens is searching for Brian Clark. (:26) Nitro Hollick, who likes the show, asks something about the Fabulous Rojeaus. (:30) Sad News, thanks to The Disciple of Bruti: bottom-feeder Johnny Parisi has been released. (:36) Speaking of hiring someone's penis...

According to Blade, the podcast loses 2 listeners every week from their original pool of 12, and now half of them are going to be offended and lost to them.

RD wrote an open letter to Trish Stratus. New induction: Norman Smiley, backyard champion. Next week's induction is WWF's million dollar chance.
Ms. Stratus kicks a woman in the face.
Shawn Michaels: Degenerate with morals. At that point in Raw, Blade turned to the bottle. (:39) Vince knows who Darth Vader is, which is not Barry White. ECW sucks. Mike Knox can body-slam like nobody's business. (:45)

Seventeen Syllables of Love:
RVD's busted.
Robby should've just said no.
Now we're stuck with Show.