Minisode #106 RD Alone

by iggy

May 30, 2008

Blade is not here, man.
Seth Mates was interviewed
Stubby showed up.

#RD #solo

106 Best Mates: May 30, 2008

Seth Mates Interview
Interview with Seth Mates, WWF writer from 1999 to 2002
(103 minutes)

Here is Seth's post about this interview.

RD did the whole interview himself, since Blade was lazy and didn't arrive with Stubby until the taping was almost over.

Minisode #105 Stubby Debuts

by iggy

May 23, 2008

RD has a beef with his Wii.
Stubby debuts.

#buffoonery #chicanery

105 Wii Fat: May 23, 2008

Stubby's Debut, Wii Fat
(81 minutes)

A Crapper asks the forums for help for a WCR-related tattoo. Blade suggests the Trolla logo. More of his singing.

RD's Trip to Wal-Mart: RD was first in line to get the Wii Fit, a game which provides motivational insults (:17). Blade saw an inflatable Titanic slide (:29).

Obscure Wrestling News: Rodney Mack's opponent Broadway Joe Namath has a 3-29 record. (:33) Kevin Nash is selling a play-date on eBay where you can smoke one cigar with him. (:36). [You can find an 'archived' listing of the auction here.] The Big Show is to be starring in a 'comedy'. The Iron Sheik was on a comedy tour. Blade believes he wrestled with an erection.

Question of the Week from Gavin (2): WrestleCrap's new TNA correspondent is Stubby the Hobo Dummy (:54). He's brought his own laugh track. RD supplies some fake laughter of his own.

Blade entertained some WrestleCrap fans who watched Raw this week (:65). RD takes a full minute to set up a Horsey Sauce pun (:70). At Raw, Blade saw Roddy Piper, Ron Simmons, and the other sign guy (:72).

Seventeen . . . Breakfast Cereal Syllables For Your Entertainment:
C Double-U Post
Further proof that Vince is one
of twelve listeners.

104 A Kick in the Taint: May 16, 2008

Karaoke, Cena + Mickie
(74 minutes)

Blade started a vanity project at the Karaoke myspace page. He's ranked high because nobody knows about the karaoke myspace page yet.

Former WWE writer Seth Mates will be on in a few weeks. Blade's first question to him will be: "Have you mounted a cripple?"

In a thousand years, this will NOT be worth something.
RD's Trip to the Grocery after an 11 week absence: Blade tastes a Snickers Adventure Bar which promotes the new Indiana Jones movie with the power of coconut. They certify it as an adventurous kick right in the taint. (:19 - :29).

Obscure Wrestling News: Blade sings Neil Diamond songs and Rodney Mack wants to be an MMA fighter (:34). His first opponent is named "Broadway Joe Namath". RD wants him to enter the ring with the Drinking music. The Iron Sheik will be roasted, so Blade wonders if he can audition for it with Stubby, his ventriloquist dummy (:39). Hulk Hogan got in trouble for not removing his bandanna in court. RD says he wore a do-rag for the first time (:41), which is surprising for a balding man.

MovieTrolla: Shelly Martinez stars in The Porn Shoot Massacre (:44). Horsetrolla: Mickie James claims she's an athlete just like the horse that was euthanized at this year's Kentucky Derby (:53).

Question of the Week from Ed Salo: Kitty Dukakis gets raped for the second week in a row (:58).

The Divas are getting repetitive. (:62) The Deever in particular derives her strength from her hair like Samson. Trevor Murdock got his singing comeuppance by getting punched in the face. (:64) RD guested on Figure Four Daily and was asked to sing Mondo from the Muscle Rock Madness VHS tape. (:66)

Seventeen Miserable, Sad Syllables to Discuss This Week's Raw:
Mickie and Cena--
John better keep his hands off
or die a slow death.

RD: Do me King Vitamin! Do me deep!

103 Beat Meatings: May 9, 2008

Irritable RD
"without hyperbole, worst show ever" (:73)
(80 minutes)

If rumors are to be believed, Ashley Massaro has been busted as being part of an escort service. Blade is reminded of his prostitute roommate who once lactated on someone for money. This causes him to hit the bottle (not of milk).

New Myspace page: WrestleCrap Songs (:16), just as the rest of the world has grown tired of Myspace. Someone has put their Good Times singing from last week to music.

Someone at RD's line of work won a bottle of Crown Royal, while another won a Colts Cornhole game. Blade meanwhile won a smoker. Combined together they may make a "Cornhole smoker" (:22).

Blade says there's no information on the internet about CW Post cereal (:25). Internet sources have told this reporter that it's Great Grains: Raisins Dates & Pecans. By the way, one cup of it provides 420 calories and 28 grams of sugar. [Irritable Blade writes: That cereal is not CW Post. As a kid, I hated pecans and dates, and I still do. There wasn't any of that shit in CW Post. In fact, I've tried most of the cereals morons on the internet have said "taste just like CW Post," and they're all wrong. That cereal sadly does not exist in any form today.] RD had a granola problem with his Fiber Ones (:30).

Faxtrolla: Obscure Wrestling News is obscure (:31 - :59). Blade made a poem for Don Mason about masturbating. Victoria will soon open her Automobile store in Louisville and will host a party. RD and Blade want to go and beat their meat with sticks there in the presence of Hooters Girls and Obama. I hope she approves of their activities. Rob Conway has PayPal. It's all his fault for some reason. (:42) Fabien Kaelin is advertising for Ab Rocket. (:46) The Great Khali is going to be honored by the Indian government. Sadly Topeka, Kansas does not want to honor Blade in any way, shape, or form. A "Greg Valentine" was defeated in an Indiana district election. (:57) Blade wants Kitty Dukakis to be raped. Can YOU smell what Barack is cooking?

Question of the Week from Austin Gilliam, the Creature from the Black Lagoon (2): RD gets irritated because, four minutes after the music was played, he still hasn't gotten to the question (:63). However he has no one to blame but himself, for enabling Blade's practices and not having enough patience for such. And also not apparently knowing about a 'mute' button. (But less for Blade than for his own silent laughter.) Blade doesn't have an answer for his first drunken experience (the Gillman's question, in case you had forgotten).

Johnny 6's on-air demise is discussed (:66). Chris Engler of Trolla sent a letter revealing that the robot was in fact made from Pinto parts. He has has a dream for Dream Analysis, where he was in a speedboat with Hulk Hogan. (:71). Blade is again useless.

Trevor Murdock is still serenading Trish Stratus (:74)

Blade sings about Ashley in lieu of a haiku.

Minisode #102 Mexican Hat Dance

by iggy

May 2, 2008

Mexican Hat Dance music, nonstop
Frank in LA gets a Cap'n Crunch milkshake
Josh gets a Cap'n Crunch milkshake

#get down #josh

102 Cinco de Captain Crunch: May 2, 2008

Stinko de Mayo, Live from Carl's Jr
(105 minutes)

RD has a touch of bronchitis, so Blade will be talking more than usual. This is despite him being too drunk to remember to be interviewed recently. Psicosis was deported for having invalid paperwork (:12).

Blade's Trip to the Grocery: Johnny Six's death means there's time for this segment to 'return' (:14), although this show is 25 minutes longer than last week's. Boo Berry is back at Blade's local supermarket. Blade dislikes Starosaurus, the mascot of some sort of generic Lucky Charms.

Obscure Wrestling News Good Times: Robecca DiPietro made a potato chip commercial contest entry, which she'll sleep with you for if you vote for it. (:23) Somehow this fact eats up sixteen minutes of the show.

Horsetrolla: Mickie James is in a music video alongside the Deever. Seven more minutes expire because RD is speechless. Sad News: Balls Mahoney was future endeavored. (:46)

I don't want to know what they
mean exactly by 'hand-scooped'...
Question Trip of the Week: Frank from L.A. is called. He tries out the Cap 'n Crunch Milkshake at a Carl's Jr (:54 - :71).

The former Big Nippled Vampire Shelly Martinez's name wasn't Spanish enough for TNA, so she's now called Salinas. (:76) Her Myspace page proclaims, "I LOVE boys with long hair and I have an eye fetish. I love them there eyes!!"

RD wasn't satisfied with Frank's eighteen-minute Cap 'n Crunch Milkshake segment and gets Josh Van Meiter to eat it. (He strangely sounds like Lee Marshall.) He runs into Weird Al as Rambo in his attempt. (:81 - :87)

More usual nonsense fills the last fifteen minutes. Hulk Hogan gets frisky with his daughter. Warrior wants to fight Vince at Wrestlemania. He too has a Myspace page. Trevor Murdock is stealing their gimmick of singing. Blade is 'inspired' to sing on his own Myspace page.

Seventeen Syllables on My New Favorite Wrestling Personality, Mike Adamle:
Adamle walked out.
Know what? That's a wonderful
fucking idea.