WCR Video: RD Reynolds Dreams of Brooke Hogan

Was it a dream or did Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke make a cameo on last month's Netflix series GLOW?

[*...5 and a half hours of binge watching later*]

Maybe it was a dream?...Wait! Let's check the trusty "Internet"...

[*...5 and a half seconds later*]

...Okay, according to Wikipedia, Brooke Hogan played night club manager Amber Fredrickson in episode 8?

Oh there she is?...AAGGHH!!!
..........Well, speaking of "Dreaming Nightmares of Brooke Hogan", here's a video put together by one of Wrestlecrap Radio's 12 listeners, LannysPermJuice, of RD Reynolds' dream analysis (from WCR episode #7) set to music (more specifically; "Those Good Old Dreams" by The Carpenters...which you can also hear on The Mike Check Show!) and some wacky Photoshops.

WARNING! The following Photoshops my disturb some viewers everybody!

(Video by LannysPermJuice)

...As Mike Check would say; "Fascinating". Well, it could have been worse, at least there wasn't a Photoshop of Brooke's mother Linda lactating or.........THIS!


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WCR Video: Interactive: Crockin’ Robin

It's the 4th of July kids! And what a better way to celebrate than to listen to, former WWF Women's Champion, Rockin’ Robin's rendition of "America the Beautiful" from Wrestlemania V, with added commentary from the ......."brother-hood" of Wrestlecrap Radio, RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton (from episode #158)!

(Video created by FSinWCR, Re-uploaded by rvmkai)

And, since we have to promote The Mike Check Show now that we here at wrestlecrapradio.com own it again, head over there to hear Rockin’ Robin's rendition of "America the Beautiful" in full...you'll wish you didn't!

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