WCR Video: Playlist: Wrestlecrap Live 2019

At Starrcast II (May 2019): RD Reynolds, Blade Braxton, and Jordan Mishkin of WrestleCrap.com were joined at The Wrestlecrap Live Panel in Las Vegas, by Bill Apter, The Blue Meanie, Maffew Gregg of Botchamania, and Brian Zane of Wrestling with Wregret for an all-star riff of the 1987 Slammy Awards! Also on the playlist, they discuss The Apter Mags, The Black Scorpion, Abe "Knuckleball" Schwarz, Eugene, WWE's Greater Power angle, and the Blonde Bytch Project, etc!

Note: More clips possibly to be added to the embedded video playlist below, so stay tuned to this space!

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Episode 45: Testing Ground: August 18, 2019

35 minutes
((( recorded in new audio setup fidelity )))

RD is using the opportunity to test something out, in this case a new audio setup. He lucks into playing the right audio file at least. (:02) Blade was talking to a guy who called it Patron. RD thinks of dessert since he was at an Italian restaurant earlier having some infamous spaghetti of theirs.

Blade is inspired to plug in something to his phone to try things out on the behalf of their 'households' each with 12 listeners in them. Thankfully it works, so he can remain "high-def hungover" in his 'professionalism'. RD: "It sounds exactly the same as the old one." Further sound recording discussion follows. Blade tests the soundbites in response.

Naturally this leads into talking about pop music. (:11)
  • Blade and Don almost saw Tiffany and Debbie Gibson recently as part of an 80s-based concert but didn't want to deal with senior rowdy housewives for the boy bands. RD thinks they would make good potential dates for the single 44 year old. At least he can see the two in some random Sci-Fi monster movie. 
  • RD prefers the later "country girl" Brittney more for her antics than her singing, of which Blade agrees. 
  • They also like Mariah and her own non-country girl diva gimmick. 
  • Blade thought Shoeless Joe Jackson once judged American Idol. 
  • RD has a live remote. 
  • RD still likes Stacey Q who had an appearance in Return of the Living Dead instead of a Wikipedia picture.
  • Blade brings up Goodbye to You by Scandal. RD watches it on Blade's behalf to find Paul Orndorff on guitar and Kerry Von Erich on keyboard standing around in an AWA-pink room. (:30)
 Throughout all this, the two beg for suggestions from the paying audience.

Blade has to go "do something". Let's hope it doesn't involve a trash bag.