WCR Video: RD and Blade Interview The Midnight Rose

On Wrestlecrap Radio, episode #154, R.D. and Blade interviewed The Midnight Rose about his experience being in the front row of the Smackdown tapings in Kansas City. He then lists his top 7 favorite "pelicans" and reveals the reason he wears his mask was from having facial scars from eating "pineapple"...

WCR Recon.: R.D. & Blade Interview The Midnight... by skykid3000
(Video Title: "WCR Recon.: R.D. & Blade Interview The Midnight Rose 8-21-09" by Skykid3000)

...And speaking of "pineapple", if you haven't been tuning to The Mike Check Show, you would have missed The Midnight Rose as one of "Mike Check: This Is Your Life's" special guests, where Mike's Check's Daughter may have revealed which particular "pineapple" gave him that "scar".

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WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #149 & #178

Over on The Mike Check Show, it seems that Sheriff Harry Dickwell has crashed Mike's "This Is Your Life" party and has placed the radio DJ under arrest once again...but not before telling his side of the story of the time, back in 2009, of his original hunt for ole Mike for his unpaid child support debts.

One part of the story involves the infamous Wrestlecrap Radio moment, on episode #149 (June 26, 2009), when Mike Check had supposedly died from a Fireworks Factory explosion:

(Also featured in this Minisode: Candice Michelle released, Angry Jim hates Kentucky Grilled Chicken, Blade threatens to paint)

...However, it turned out that Mike had actually faked his own death so he could avoid going to prison and so his "whiz-kid" daughter could sell more of his T-Shirts and bumper stickers. Mike's plan eventually fails as he was found and arrested by Sheriff Dickwell about a year later, on WCR episode #178 (June 25, 2010), and then serves a prison sentence at Folsom from where he uses his phone call privileges to talk to RD and Blade:

(Also featured in this Minisode: Kinder Surprise commercial, C.S. Irwn debuts, Maryse Haiku)

...And stay tuned to Mike Check's "THIS IS YOUR LIFE"! For the next few days, the "untold next chapter" of the "Hunt For Mike Check" saga continues, as today, Mike talks about his past "jailhouse" stint and Sheriff Dickwell talks about resuming his manhunt after Mike's eventual prison escape. And you wont believe what happens next!

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WCR Video: David Lee Roth on Wrestlecrap Radio

RD & Blade have interviewed several guests on Wrestlecrap Radio (as noted here). And here's a video featuring one of their biggest guests; David Lee Roth!...or is it?


(From WCR #133, 01.23.09.)

(Video by Greg Diener)

Oh! And "speaking of" David Lee Roth, don't forget to tune to The Mike Check Show where Diamond Dave is today's guest on Mike Check's: This Is Your Life!

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(259) The WrestleCrap Weekly Top 40: April 1, 2016

(Crap To Crap)
No dogs were harmed during the making of this progrem.
50 minutes

(In yet more time travel related shenanigans) "Kasem Casey" on WTKO The Knockout "counts down" some of the various times the Co-Fruitcakes and their "guest" characters sang on the radio progrem, complete with the full swearing left in! Can you believe it's been 3 years since they last sung with their seductive golden tones over bad MIDI tracks while RD laughed uncontrollably in the background? (Assuming you take it from the RD & Blade Show. Otherwise it's been 5 years since their last song from the original incarnation of the radio progrem. And 10 years since they last did an episode.)

Speaking of singing badly, you may remember when Blade had a WWCR Songs MySpace page that he forgot the password to, followed by having his own singing MySpace page when that was a thing for two whole months.

The songs in questionable question:

There is one new song at least, when the Cast Of Characters & Soundbites & Trolla Corporation products sing that in fact We Are WrestleCrap Radio, featuring an extended guest appearance from Jim which is enough to revive both Johnny 4 AND 6. Don't ask. Yes, again. (:43)

"Stewart Patrick": "I am here to sing my song. I'm leaving now."

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • April Fools
  • WrestleCrap Radio Sponsors: 5. American Florists, Whirlpool, Mike Check bumper stickers, Folgers Coffee, Budweiser
  • URLs not taken: 0.
  • SPEAKING OFs: 0. Magazines, nostalgic, movies, derailing the show
  • Dave Meltzer, not talking about: 0.
America’s Top 40 with Casey Kasem: Top 10 WrestleCrap Radio Songs

10.  The BBQer by Blade Braxton
(to the tune of “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers)

9.  The Good Times Theme (cover) by RD and Blade Braxton

8.  It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Mickie James by Blade Braxton
(to the tune of “So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” by Boyz II Men)

7.   Didn’t Know He Was Sick by Blade Braxton and R.D. Reynolds (featuring Krankor and Mama)
(to the tune of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel)

6.  10,000 Bucks by Blade Braxton
(to the tune of “10,000 Miles” by The Proclaimers)

Long Distance Dedication
Ed “Han” Solo for his dog Snuggles
WrestleCrap Radio 12 Days of Christmas

5.  Dr. Feelgood (Motley Crue) by RD Reynolds

4.  Boob Pop by Blade Braxton
(to the tune of “Mmm Bop” by Hanson)

3.  Goodbye Boogeyman by RD and Blade Braxton
(to the tune of “Candle in the Wind” by Elton John)

2.  Brown Haired Trish by Blade Braxton
(to the tune of “Brown Eyed Girl”

1.  We Are WrestleCrap Radio by WrestleCrap
(to the tune of We Are the World” by various artists)
  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 35. Mike Check, Casey Kasem, Jim, Bob and Weave, Sammy Sugar Daddy, CS John Kelly, Jim (2), Popeye, Satan, Sir Alec Heineken, Dixie Carter, Stubby, Nintendo John, Mike Check (2), Midnight Rose, BM Punk, Suzy Shuffle, Mike Check (3), Blade, RD, Stubby (2), Popeye (2), Bill Cosby, Jim (3), Dixie Carter (2), Midnight Rose (2), Mama, Lord Alfred Hayes, Huey the WrestleCrap Radio Ghoul, Crickets, Debbie Reynolds, Weird Al, Johnny 4, Stewart Patrick
  •  F-Bombs: 14. Blade, Jim, Blade (2), Blade (3), Blade (4), Jim (2), Jim 2 (3), Jim 2 (5), Jim (6), Jim (7), Jim 2 (9), Jim (10)
  • Krankor Laughs: 2
  • RJ Fletcher, Yes Man:  1
  • Weird Al Laughs:  2
  • Huey The Ghoul Laughs: 1
  • Cricket Chirps: 1
  • Mama's Broken Damn Damn Damn Dishes:  3