Minisode #094 Drunken Hillbilly Jim Ross

by iggy

February 22, 2008

Blade impersonates Jim Ross as a drunken hillbilly.
Johnny Six
Ed Ge

#pro-gay format #weiners

094 The Heyman Hustle: February 22, 2008

The Heyman Hustle
(60 minutes)

RD's high school nickname was Hitman because of his long oily hair.

Blade says Edge's graphic at No Way Out looked like it said ED GE. (:08) Edge crooned an eighties song by Brian Adams for Vickie.

WWE 24/7 (Week 3) is featuring weddings. (:10) Mike Adamle from the old American Gladiators is now a WWE reporter and called one superstar "Jeff Harvey." Trolla Corp is now on CafePress. RD mimics Colonel Parker at a Taco Bell. (:17)

Obscure Wrestling News (:19): The Maestro is accepting gifts for his birthday. Blade imitates Crispin Glover for some reason.

You should skip from 23:30 to 35:50, because in between is The Heyman Hustle, featuring Johnny Fairplay being thrown about and Jesse Ventura cameoing as a homeless man. (Here is the Heyman Hustle Episode 1 with this 7-minute WrestleCrap commentary.)

Question of the Week from Gavin Langdon and Emmer Provost (:36): a Greg The Hammer and Nailz tag-team pun. RD responds with Ric Flair at the Big Wheel.

Johnny 6 hands RD a paper that says TNA is gay-friendly. (:42) "Weiners. Are. Good," he says. Apparently WrestleCrap Radio is also gay-friendly.

49 minutes in, Blade mimics Jim Ross reading his blog about Lindsay Lohan and her freckles. RD proposes a celebrity battle royale at WrestleMania.

Seventeen Midget-Bashing Syllables for Your Enjoyment:
Hornswaggle's beat up.
Bradshaw stole our idea: car-
nival midget toss.

Minisode #093 World's Strongest

by iggy

February 8, 2008

World's Strongest Men
Boner Juice
Johnny Six
World of Fetish

#no longer traveling #hot scoops

093 Boner Juice: February 8, 2008

Bill Kazmaier Carrying Giant Globe Hippity-hop
Boner Juice
(68 minutes)

World's Strongest Man #2834, Bill Kazmaier, was inducted this week. He's the one with the giant globe hippity-hop on his shoulders. Blade and RD watched the Super Bowl together. The halftime show was Tom Petty and the Cryptkeepers. RD sings a Bill Cosby and Bob Dylan duet. Blade offered to be with Katie Vick in a porn movie.

24/7 Week 3 (:21): Blade's birthday. He wants King Pedophile. Tom Petty at a fast food counter. Wrestling weddings. Dr. D. Seahawk.

Obscure Wrestling News (:37): JBL was on Opie & Anthony and called mamajuana "boner juice" and promised eight hour erections. Blade Braxton's Anal Invasion, and his amateur porn film.

Question of the Week from Seth Drakin (5) (:42): a wrestling chef and talk of Ludvig Borga having better luck as a Swedish Chef (Ludwig Borka?) Rachel Ray is still a victim of Smile-X.

Blade: "Johnny 6 wiped me." Johnny 6: "I. Love. Skank. Hos." (:48) The Big Nippled Vampire is in a porno to be released February 11th, involving a 'World of Fetish'. (:53) RD says, "I thought you said Teddy Rumpskin."

ECW had a Gulf of Mexico match. (:56) RD wants an H2O champion who dunks his opponents into water. RD mimics Glass Joe. 2007's Gooker Hornswoggle just keeps rolling along.

Seventeen Syllables to Commemorate That:
Leprechaun bites ass.
At the end of the rainbow:
Vince's brown horseshoe.

Mang Mang.

Minisode #092 The Defiled Katie Vick Outfit

by iggy

February 1, 2008

Trash Losagin is on the line.
Johnny Six
The Katie Vick outfit, defiled

#Curry Man #very spicy

092 A XXX Parody: February 1, 2008

Third Co-Host?
The one where RD leaves early
(57 minutes)

RD says The Crappy Awards will happen in the near-future because RD has a 'cold'. Despite this, he sounds just fine. You don't suppose he's making up an excuse to cover not actually doing that segment, did you...?

Trash Losagain takes third mic, and second phone.

24/7 Week 2 (:10): Memories of the first WCW Monday Nitro, The Mall of America, and WWF Raw are shared. Raw had ring girls, who were rentals.

RD reads the press release for JBL's Mamajuana. (:19) Blade makes a clever joke with timing. WWE will launch a children's magazine in April as well as a clothing line which means...

Blade found a use for the Katie Vick outfit. (:27)

Question of the Week (:29): The Dusty Rhodes book has a myspace page. From Big Sexy Stupid: Snitsky's Foot Fetish vs. Torgo's Peeping Tom.

Johnny 6 rolls in. "Curry. Man. Is. Very. Very. Very. Spicy." (:35)

WWE HD is sometimes gross. (:42)

RD 'abandons' the show. The plan backfires because the show remains just as entertaining. (:43)

What wrestlers would fit in classic movie roles?

John Cena won the Royal Rumble and wants his shot at the next PPV, not WrestleMania.

Seventeen Syllables for Your Orgasmic Listening Enjoyment:
Cena's title shot.
You can't see me...ordering
No Way Out next month.