043 Legends After-Party: October 13, 2006

Legends After-Party
(31 minutes)

Trash Losagain takes third mic, and second phone, for the first time.

The three went to the first WCWA legends show. A drunk Ed Leslie wanted to kick RD's ass. Koko B. Ware's High-Energy pants are no longer baggy. RD still has a crush on Tammy Sytch, who looked alright at the show. Molly Holly was extremely friendly. Jimmy Hart wanted to talk to RD. By request, Shark Boy did the Garvin Stomp and Top Rope Troy Miller did the Earthquake Splash. Johnny Fairplay read the first WrestleCrap book.

RD Reynolds' First-Ever Wrestling Haiku:
Hammer Valentine
Greg has new employment: Ci-
gar store Indian.

Greg Valentine on Transsexuals: "You can't stick it in as far."

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