046 Lifting the Tail: December 1, 2006

Lifting the Tail (Good Times)
(73 minutes)

Lions are 2-9. WrestleCrap Book of Lists is available for pre-order. Order it now, receive it nine months from now. Blade's authorial information is all wrong.

RD's Trip to African-American Friday II (:18): Bedding Man.

Obscure Wrestling News (:31): Eric Young is in a bikini angle. Nipple H gives RD nightmares. Speaking of the mother from Good Times...Francine is finally gone. (:38) RD was never attracted to her, thinking of her as having a horse face. In response, Blade thinks of Mickie James as a centaur. (:43)

Mail Bag: Grappler Crappler writes to Real Deal Real Deal Reynolds about Ariel and her areolas. (:47) Captain Crow asks about the Hardy Boys together. (:51) A new Archive Disc is being made, hopefully for next year. (:54)
A simple search will yield plenty of pics
of Shelly Martinez's areolas (some featuring clothespins).
The Big Show may be retiring. (:56) The Hardy Boys are seeking challengers. Ashley Massaro will be posing in Playboy. (:61) More people should've been sent in the box with the Spirit Squad to OVW. Eugene is now a heel retard.

Seventeen Syllables for Your Pleasure:
Kramer and Cryme Time.
Hang me from a tree and stick
a fork in my eyes.

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