070 Late Night with RD Reynolds: July 20, 2007

Late Night with RD Reynolds
(52 minutes)

Late taping this week, so no Co-Hosss Contest (Week 17). Khali, world champion. Michelle McCool is lovin' life. (:06) Misses RD writes a Women of Wrestling induction and labels the rest of the staff hacks. The Crickets have names now. Apparently Misses RD killed one of them off.

Clocktrolla: 10145 days. (:14) Faxtrolla (:19): DDP and Jay-Z settled the diamond cutter hand gesture lawsuit. Sci-Fi wants to make a TV series based on They Live and want Roddy Piper involved. This will not work unless they make space to have him fight Keith David for five minutes on every episode. (:22) WSX went out of business because they had to keep rebuilding the arena. Big Daddy V debuted, with suspenders and giant breasts. (:33) Miz, the ladies man who manages to only attract mannequins. (:37) If someone replaced Anonymous Brooke with someone else would anyone notice? John Morrison won the ECW championship. (:44)

Fifteen-Second Haiku:
No time for losers,
Khali is the champion
of the world. ARGH ARGH.

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