125 RD's European Tour: November 7, 2008

May or May Not Be Mama Deal's Recipe?
RD's European Tour
73 minutes
Written by Premier Blah

A new induction by Triple Kelly graces us this week, of Jesse Ventura interviewing 'Prince', as played by C. Thomas Howell.

RD & Blade are happy about the recent presidential election and how it turned out. Blade philosophically wonders about change and how it leads to money. (Well if you want change I suggest to put out your cup.) He makes a promise that by the end of the show we will wonder why we wasted 60 minutes of our lives listening to it. It's like he's reading my mind! RD once again compares Obama to the Rock, (:03) which means his contender for 2012 has to be Blade, or something. There's some confusion about the band Europe and the continent Europe - but hey, at least they're smarter than Sarah Palin in that regard, who anonymously thought Africa was a country. [That was a lie from a blogger. I'm sure she has heard plenty of jokes involving Niger. —iggy]

RD's TRIP to Europe is revealed to us, (:04) as Blade wonders of the continent's brothels, not surprisingly. In all, Mr. Reynolds visited France, Germany, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands. He did not however meet anybody who smelled like Salisbury steak. (:06) RD further regales us of his taxi ride from Hell (:07 - :23), including him scaring people with his criminal like behavior and his bad German. Perhaps it's secretly his Halloween costume? During this we randomly YouTube the theme to Spider-man and his Amazing Friends (:10)

Blade: "That is one of the glorious things -"
RD: "Of this show? That it doesn't make any sense whatsoever?"

http://bignippledvampire.com/ has been updated. Blade proposes that the site can help show us the proper way to have sex (but is it safe sex?). Mama Deal is promised to be on the show later.

No TRIP to the Grocery/World Food Aisle this week, what with RD being in Europe and all. He did eat some Frosties with vinegar urine milk at his hotel though. (:28) I wonder if the freshness date was in German too. An old hag once fainted in front of Don...Don Mason while at the check-out line.

RD talks with his mother. (:32 - :42) When I initially heard this I thought it was Triple Kelly pretending to be his mother in some strange sort of a twisted joke, but I was glad to see I was wrong on that count. She advises us not to hand out little boxes of pretzels for Halloween. Blade wants Mama Deal's popcorn balls, perhaps with razor blades. It's a lovely sense of enjoyment to listen. (And if you don't agree, what on earth is the matter with you???)

Obscure Sad News (:42) Val Venis/Sean Morley is giving his dog Jupiter away - I hope he has better success than he did with his laptop. Blade's dog once got drunk. The expected Uranus joke is made.

SPEAKING OF anus...Beetlejuice shit his pants in some sort of public outing (:50). Wow, we're really stretching it here. WrestleCrap friend Brother Midnight will make an announcement in the upcoming week - maybe he's going to appear in TNA? (:52) Speaking of TNA, 'Nathaniel' kept trying to call RD while in Europe, perhaps to try and reach his mother. That makes no sense - wouldn't his mother have noticed the large phone bills sent to her and got suspicious by the first day? Needless to say I don't buy it.

Question of the Week from Darth Who (:53) has RD and Blade discussing a WrestleCrap Celebrity Wrestling show, in the vein of Hogan's Celebrity Wrestling mentioned last week. What happened to their Carnival?

Hereeeeee's Nate, and the crowd goes mild. (:57) RD needs Excedrin when he hears his theme. What a coincidence, so do I.  Total on air time: four minutes. Look, if its any trouble, I would personally volunteer for TNA corresponding. Judging by what we get on the radio progrem it would basically involve watching no TNA at all and just wasting time on the air shooting the breeze. The only issue there is what would make it worth the hassle to do so. It's not as if they wasted much time last year trying to find a third Co-Host for an hour's airtime or something.

The HorseTrolla neighs: Mickie James was Tomb Raider Lara Croft on Cyber Sunday, but Blade disapproves of her black shorts due to not seeing her centaur ass; he prefers white. He must seriously be joking. (:64) He also calls her 'Laura'. I didn't realize Lara had a twin.

The 806th episode of Raw (:65) confuses RD and Blade who thought it was the 800th, but was actually the celebration of that (800th) milestone. (Remind you of anyone?) Mae Young's Raw appearance could be an early Gooker contender. DX's actions with Lillian Garcia and her equine face further confuse the co-hosts.

Blade's gonna give you Seventeen Syllables:
Horsefaced Lillian.
CaballoTrolla! That's
Spanish for Horseface.

The newly deceased SD Jones is already rolling in his grave from all this. Why, I didn't even know he was sick!

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