156 Flashback: September 4, 2009

77 minutes

The RAW match between Big Show and Mark Henry gives RD flashbacks to the last time they fought, when the Co-Host was heel managing the World's Strongest Man. His wrestling career ended that very day when Big Show used his mighty skillet hands on him, dooming him to radio progrems like this one. Co-Host Blade Braxton, professional comedian, has no sympathy for him, seeing as he still has a tailbone injury from St. Louis. He wants talking animals on the show. I thought Stubby was one? Sad News though: (:09) Good Friends cereal is no longer being stocked at Blade's grocery. Average news - that old and decayed Gymini figure is still hanging on for dear life.

:14 As expected from last week, Stevie J of Angry Marks calls, and immediately mocks RD reading their ad copy as Jeff Foxworthy. They mix it up for a while as Blade falls in love with Stevie. Mr. J then taunts Damien Demento, asking him to go after his site instead of WrestlingCrip.com. I don't know; knowing the man, I fully expect him to attack us next. SPEAKING OF Demento, Blade will have yet another Big Announcement concerning him. Because of course he will. RD of course does his Gay Popeye, continuing his schizophrenic trend.

No TRIP to the Grocery, Celebrity or otherwise (:24) so Blade is forced to fill in the gap with Sir Alec calling in. This week, can John Morrison and Jeff Hardy bake a cake together?

Obscure News. (:32) Sadly Wrestlicious has yet to get a TV contract, even though it's supposed to debut right about now. RD looks at Oxygen's schedule on the earlier Thursday. Don Mason used to watch womens' operations on Lifetime. Gay Popeye has no friends. Shane Helms was Twittering while drinking. Meanwhile the Lions manage to barely defeat the Colts. SPEAKING OF drinking Candice Michelle is Captain Morgan's Morganette of the Month. She's hosting a bra & panties match "in the near future if it hasn't happened already." The two try to check the Captain at his site for more information. The HorseTrolla lifts the tail for Mickie James' 30th birthday.

The Inglorious OTG has this week's Question (4) (:49) but he just uses it for bad jokes. Hydrox cookies are no longer with us. (I did know they were sick.)

Based on the terrible Atari 2600 E.T. game
Mrs Deal knocks on RD's door with something for him (:55) which turns out to be the new TNA correspondent. Somehow Blade had the time to go to a garage sale to buy something for him (most likely while drunk). Say hello to the TrollaTron 2600, Johnny Four. (It's an older model.) RD predicts disaster already. What does he have to say about Traci Brooks not being in Playboy Magazine? "No sticky pages it's going to be a sticky keyboard." Then he becomes stuck and just rolls over. So Stubby is summoned (:64) just to give RD an excuse to call him a rascal.

Current News. (:67) WWE's Rise and Fall of WCW DVD isn't so good. (It's no The Death of WCW after all.) RD collects Midnight Express scrapbooks from Jim Cornette. We Librarians and this very here site are again fine young eggs. (I prefer to be scrambled though.) The Shockmaster was on RAW.

Seventeen Syllables to Fred Ottman:
Shockmaster returns.
How will Fred Ottman respond?
Tugboat in a dress.

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